Yakko's World OWBC - Chapter Nineteen


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The prom is over, let the after

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Yakko's World OWBC - Chapter Nineteen

  1. 1. So I’m back.Are you surprised? Or are you groaning that you’ve got to read yet another chapter from me? Because too bad. You do. Ha!Anyway, prom happened. It was full of teenage angst and moving song lyrics. Not really a whole lot happened.Okay as a reminder, these chapters contain adult concepts and themes. I mean it. Stuff will be happening. Lots and lots ofstuff. Really. Seriously. Got it?Good.Let’s get started.
  2. 2. Birthday party, cheesecake, jelly bean, boom!You symbiotic, patriotic, slam book neck, right? Right.
  3. 3. Its the end of the world as we know it. Its the end of the world as we know it.Its the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine... fine… “It’s the End of the World” by REM
  4. 4. “Joss, why are we just sitting here?”“Because this is the moment! This is it! We’re done. Done with high school. Done with living with the ‘rents! Done! Tomorrowwe graduate and go to college. We need to take it in. Savor it!”“And that means sitting on a hard piece of dead wood?”
  5. 5. “Dude, Kor, back me up here.”“I don’t know, I’m kind of with Liz here. This is kind of boring.”“It really is,” Lily added.
  6. 6. “I mean, watching other people dancing is not my idea of a good time.”“Sell out,” Joss muttered.
  7. 7. “And then he said ‘What’s that sound?’ and I answered ‘What sound?’ and that’s the story. Isn’t that hilarious?”“What is? I stopped paying attention ten minutes ago.” Erin said.Wil sighed. “I suck as a storyteller. Don’t I?”“It’s okay. My dad’s worse.”“That makes me feel better. I need some punch. You want any?”“Sure!”
  8. 8. “You know, you don’t have to hang out with me.”Muscat tilted her swing to look at Reed. “But I want to.”
  9. 9. “You don’t mind that I’m not feeling up to hanging out with the people who didn’t vote for me?”“I don’t mind. ‘Sides I’m sure some of them did. You heard Mrs. Doran, Quinn only won by four votes and the race was tight.”“Yeah, you’re right.”“So you totally shouldn’t feel bad for taking second.”“So you voted for me, right?”
  10. 10. “Me? Heck no. I didn’t want you to end up with Romania. I voted for Uncle Israel. That would have been funny. Can you imagineit? Uncle and niece as prom king and queen it’d have been hilarious!”
  11. 11. “So you were going to show me off to all of your family?” Reed asked, changing the subject awkwardly.“Yep!”“So why aren’t we hanging out with your family?”
  12. 12. “Maybe I want to keep you to myself. They can see I’m with you. That’s enough.”“Oh. I’m never going to understand you, am I?”“Nope!”“I guess I’d better get used to that.”
  13. 13. “Woo hoo!!!”“This is way better than dancing!”
  14. 14. “Wait, didn’t you like dancing with me?”“Of course, I did. But seriously, you can’t spin me round quite like a merry-go-round can.”“I can try.”
  15. 15. “Sure you can. But you’ll have to wait until college to do that.”“Oh man!”“What, did you expect me to put out on the first date? What kind of girl do you think I am?”“I don’t know. But I’m learning you’re one of a kind.”“Damn straight!”
  16. 16. “Can I sit down?”“If you wish.”“You seem a little not yourself.”“I am not quite sure I am myself. Your world is very different from my own.”
  17. 17. “How so?”“The ways of man and woman. It is very confusing.”“You’re talking about what happened between you and Palau aren’t you?”
  18. 18. “How did you know of that?”“Guess who got influenced to clean up the mess you two made? Which let me tell you, ewww. Never doing that again, thank you.”“I am sorry. I beg your forgiveness.”
  19. 19. “I’ll give you my forgiveness if you can tell me what you’re the most sorry about? Messing around with my little sister? Obviouslyfailing miserably in pleasing her? Making a mess? Or the fact that I know all about it?”“I think the last one is what I regret the most.”“And it’s the one thing you shouldn’t be sorry about. We aren’t dating. So I don’t hold any claim on you. You can do whatever youwant. Just like me.”
  20. 20. “So you really aren’t upset that I did what I did with your sister?”“I didn’t say that. I don’t like it. And if we were dating, I’d have your heart skewered over this campfire for my dinner forcheating on me. But you didn’t cheat on me, so all I can be is disappointed that you didn’t wait until I could ask you out.”“I regret upsetting you. I really do regret my actions. I feel that if we were in my own universe nothing like this would happen.”“You don’t know that. Besides, thinking about what might have been is stupid. Live for today, I say.”“Still. This is not how I imagined things to go.”
  21. 21. “Well you can’t fix the past,” Lebanon said getting up and walking around the fire. “You can only work on the future.”“Yeah,” Henry said morosely.“So you want to start practicing on our future?”
  22. 22. “Oh yeah!”
  23. 23. ~*~
  24. 24. ~*~
  25. 25. “Hey, you just get home?”“Yeah, Prom got over at ten but with the clean up and stragglers I didn’t get to leave until about eleven. Tell me again why Ivolunteered to do this?”
  26. 26. “Because you’re the best mom and wife ever.” Oz leaned in for a quick kiss.
  27. 27. Kiss over, he stepped back. “So where are Will and Joss? I didn’t hear them come in.”“Let’s step away from the stairs.”
  28. 28. “Why?” Oz asked but did as asked.“Because you’re going to get mad and shouty at me and we don’t need Aubrey and Davan to wake up.”“Why am I going to get shouty at you? Don’t tell me you let the kids go off on their own?”Silence greeted his remark.
  29. 29. “You let Joss and Wil go off on their own.” It wasn’t a question.“They’re not totally by themselves. Most of the kids there went over to that old park in Bluewater. They’re in a group. A largegroup. A really large group.”
  30. 30. “I thought the whole reason you had me making robots was because we weren’t safe. That we were supposed to keep on our guard.Please tell me how letting two of our kids out of our sight and go off to a wild after party is a good idea?”
  31. 31. “Lark’s letting her daughters go.”“Lark’s daughters are no substitute to us!”
  32. 32. “I told you, you were going to get shouty.”“I’m not shouting!” Oz shouted. “Alright, I am. But it doesn’t mean that I’m not right!”“So we’re quoting Clue and being sanctimonious. Great combo.”“Stop changing the subject! I’m going to go get the kids.”“You can’t.”“How are you going to stop me?!”
  33. 33. “I’m going to appeal first to your reason and second to your penis.”“I’m listening.”“First, despite what you think, I did think about this a lot. Joss is almost an adult. He’s going to college in a few days. We’ve gotto let him go some time, and now’s as good of a time as any. I trust that they’re going to look out for each other. I’ve got to. Idon’t have your father’s ability to be multiple places as once.”
  34. 34. “And your second appeal?”“I think you know what I can do…”
  35. 35. “Oh yeah!” ~*~
  36. 36. ~*~
  37. 37. “Hey, honey. How was prom?”“Awesome! I have to go email Maia and tell her about everything she missed.”“That’s nice, sweetie. Don’t stay up too late.”“I won’t!”
  38. 38. “Hey, hun. Hello, Sakura.”“Hey, babe.”The girl mumbled something in response but continued trudging up to her room.
  39. 39. “What’s up with her?”Rhys settled into his chair with pleasure. “Who knows. Probably boy trouble.”
  40. 40. The loud sound of Taylor Swift’s music came from upstairs along with the startled wail of a toddler jolted awake.Drea glanced over at her husband. “I’ll take the cranky toddler if you’ll take the angst-ridden teenager.”Rhys sighed. “Deal. But you’re getting the easy one.”“I know.”
  41. 41. “What’s wrong?”Sakura looked up at her father. “He stood me up! And at the prom too!” she wailed.
  42. 42. “Oh baby, I’m so sorry. Teenage boys are pigs.”Sakura wailed louder.“Horrible, nasty pigs,” Rhys expounded. He gave his daughter a quick hug. “Now, let me turn down the music so your little sistercan sleep and why don’t you tell me all about it.”
  43. 43. “You’re still up,” Rhys said about thirty minutes later. “Good.”“I was waiting for you,” Drea answered from the bed. “So what seems to be the problem.”
  44. 44. “Boys. What else? Her boyfriend stood her up. Naturally she’s a little depressed.”“Should I do anything?” Drea asked, a sharp edge to her voice.“Nah, I got this. I got Sakura calmed down and she’s sleeping. Annie’s in the shower, so she should be heading to bed soon.”“That’s good.”“God, I’m beat. I can’t wait to get out of these clothes.”“Mmm hmm?”
  45. 45. “Oh, that is so much better! I am never chaperoning a prom again. I bet I still smell of teen spirit. Yuck!”
  46. 46. “That’s nice,” Drea said absently. “And what about Lily and Rose?”“They’re out at some after party with their boyfriends and friends.”
  47. 47. Rhys sat down on the bed. “That reminds me. One of us is supposed to pick them up at one at the old seaside park in Bluewater.”“It’s twelve-thirty.”Rhys groaned. “I don’t suppose you’d be up for getting the girls. I’m beat.”
  48. 48. Drea put her book beside the bed and reached over to grasp Rhys’ hand. “Don’t worry about it. I got this.”“Really, babe? You’re the best!”
  49. 49. “I know,” Drea said as Rhys got under the covers. ~*~
  50. 50. “Hey, cuz, didn’t see you at the prom,” Gracie Regacy greeted Palau.“That’s cause I wasn’t there.”
  51. 51. “So why are you here?”“Do you really need to ask?”Gracie rolled her eyes. “Considering I just asked you, yeah, I do.”“It’s a party. I like parties. I especially like parties with spiked punch.”“The punch is spiked?”“Yep!”“Move over.”
  52. 52. “You missed a good Prom,” Gracie said getting herself a drink.“Oh?”“Yeah, lots of dancing.”
  53. 53. Palau rolled her eyes. “I would hope so since it was, well, a dance.”“It was fun. So were the games.”“Was there booze?”“No.”
  54. 54. “Were there chaperones?”“Yes.”“Then it wouldn’t have been fun.”“Mmm… but there were games and dancing. And lots of eye candy. Lots and lots of eye candy.”
  55. 55. Palau shrugged. “Not like that matters. I’ve already got a fiancé.”“What?”“I’ve got to marry some arrogant simself. It’s the rules.”“That sucks. But that doesn’t mean you can’t look.”
  56. 56. “But what’s the point of looking if you can’t taste or touch. Nope, self-torture isn’t my thing,” Palau said taking another drink.Gracie looked confused. “Why can’t you? I mean it’s not like you have to marry him as soon as you get back from college. Andthen there’s college. What happens there stays there, at least that’s what I’ve heard.”
  57. 57. Palau seemed to give it a little thought. “Hey, you’re right! Nothing in the rules about when I have to marry Very Arrogant Guy.I just have to marry him at some point in the future!”“So have fun! Ogle some guys! You’re engaged, not dead.”“You’re right!”“Live a little!”“I will. Bring me the boys!”
  58. 58. “You can’t have him, he’s mine,” Spica said.“Are there any guys here that aren’t claimed or family or gay or any combination of the above?” Palau asked.Gracie looked around. “I don’t think so.”
  59. 59. “Damn.”
  60. 60. “You sure you won’t share, Spica?”“Nope, you no can has.”“I need another drink,” Gracie groused.“So do I.”
  61. 61. “You still have your old one.”“Nah it’s empty! Give me another one.”
  62. 62. “How many have you had?”
  63. 63. “I’ve lost count.”
  64. 64. “Yeah… I’m going to go over here away from the drunken cousin now.”“Your loss. I’m going to have fun tonight if it kills me!”“Watch out, it might. There is such a thing as alcohol poisoning!”“Spoilsport!”
  65. 65. “I’m sure your cousin was just teasing.”“Mmm-hmm…”“I’ve never even talked to her before.”
  66. 66. “Quinn, I’m not mad at you. I’m not mad at Spica.”“You’re not?”“I know it’s just the punch talking. She’s under a lot of stress.”“Then why—”“Why was I acting like I was? She might not mean anything by it, but not every girl is like her. You’re cute, popular, nice. Whatgirl wouldnt want to steal you away from the unpopular freak?”
  67. 67. “You’re assuming I’d let them steal me. I won’t.”“But you’re a Romance sim.”
  68. 68. “I’m a one woman kind of Romance sim.”“Oh.”
  69. 69. “Ere, is that your brother making out with my cousin?”“Yep! I am so going to threaten her later with bodily harm if she breaks his heart. Wanna help?”
  70. 70. “Threaten my cousin? I’d rather threaten your brother. Family sticking together and all.”“Works for me!”“So when were you thinking of doing the threaten-age?”
  71. 71. “Oh, I don’t know. I was thinking someplace embarrassing and public.”“So like in the middle of the lunchroom when everyone’s eating?”“Yeah, that’d work.”
  72. 72. “Spica’s sister will be pissed!” Wil said with a smile.“Why’s that?”“She’s had a crush on Quinn since she was a little girl and she and Spica, to say they don’t get along is putting it mildly.”
  73. 73. “That’s really sad. Family should be there for each other.”“Yeah, but that’s Uncle Frank’s family for you. They’re not exactly the most typical family in the neighborhood.”“Sounds like you know them pretty well.”
  74. 74. “My dad and Uncle Frank are pretty alike in some ways and they’re pretty close. We get together a lot.”“I think your cousin Latvia’s heading off to one of the tents with a boy.”“Not my problem. Wanna take a break from dancing and get a drink?”“Sure!” ~*~
  75. 75. “Crap,” Oz said, glancing at the clock next to the bed which read twelve thirty five. “I didn’t mean to nap so long.”“Mmmph?”“Go back to sleep. I’ll go get the kids.”“Mmmkay. Gottatellmmmrestfammph.”“I’ll tell the rest of the family to pick up their kids too.”
  76. 76. “Who to call first?”“I guess start at the top. Burundi didn’t let her kids go. So that leaves…”
  77. 77. “Hello?”
  78. 78. “Oh hey! I’m glad you called, Oz. Cee and I were starting to get a little worried. Rowan and Cecily made it home after the danceand they said that their brothers and sister were going to some party but didn’t have a lot of information. Cee and I weregetting dressed to go out to look for them.”
  79. 79. “We need to pick them up in twenty minutes? Nice warning. Yeah, I’ll go pick them up. I’d rather have Cee stay home. You knowshe’s about to give birth. You didn’t know? Oh. Well now you do. Thanks for the call.”
  80. 80. “Hey Fuzzy! I hope I didn’t wake you.”
  81. 81. “No, you didn’t wake me.”
  82. 82. “Orkney and I are waiting up for the girls to come home. Oh? That’s why you’re calling? Yeah, short notice.”
  83. 83. “Yeah, we already knew about it since Palau got picked up on their way to the park. It was a big group of kids, I don’t know howthey fit everyone in that Smoogo.”
  84. 84. “But yeah, one or both of us will be there. Assuming I can get Orkney to stop shaking his ass and moving it instead.”
  85. 85. “Who and the hell are you and why are you calling at such an obscene hour?”
  86. 86. “Oz? Why are you calling? Picking up our kids from the prom after party? But none of our kids went. They were grounded! Iknow Spica was really disappointed. She wouldn’t...”
  87. 87. “Hello? Hello?”
  88. 88. “She did!”
  89. 89. “I’m going to kill her! She’s so grounded that her passport’s going to read Australia. No, not her name! But her country oforigin. I am going to ground her until she’s old and grey! Where did you say that park was?”
  90. 90. “I didn’t. I’ll come by and pick you up. I was going to wait until the coffee was done brewing, but I can come now. For both yourand Spica’s sake. I don’t think you’d forgive yourself if you killed her.”
  91. 91. “I don’t know. I’m pretty pissed off right now. You’d better be quick but this’ll give me time to tell my wives what our daughter’sdone and start planning appropriate punishments accordingly.”
  92. 92. “You know, I am still not used to you calling my brother your wife. But I’ll be there in a few.”
  93. 93. ~*~
  94. 94. Wake up in the morning And I raise my weary head I got an old coat for a pillowAnd the earth was last nights bed
  95. 95. I dont know where Im goingOnly God knows where Ive been Im a devil on the run A six gun lover A candle in the wind, yeah!
  96. 96. When youre brought into this world They say youre born in sinWell at least they gave me somethingI didnt have to steal or have to win
  97. 97. Well they tell me that Im wanted Yeah, Im a wanted man Im a colt in your stable Im what Cain was to Abel Mister catch me if you can
  98. 98. Im going down in a blaze of glory Take me now but know the truth
  99. 99. Im going out in a blaze of glory Lord, I never drew first But I drew first blood Im no ones son Call me young gun
  100. 100. You ask about my conscience And I offer you my soulYou ask if Ill grow to be a wise man When I ask if Ill grow old
  101. 101. You ask me if I known loveAnd what its like to sing songs in the rain Well, Ive seen love come Ive seen it shot down Ive seen it die in vain
  102. 102. Shot down in a blaze of gloryTake me now but know the truth
  103. 103. Cause Im going down in a blaze of glory Lord I never drew first But I drew first blood
  104. 104. Im the devils son Call me young gun
  105. 105. Each night I go to bedI pray the Lord my soul to keep
  106. 106. No, I aint looking for forgiveness But before Im six foot deep
  107. 107. Lord, I got to ask a favorAnd Ill hope youll understand
  108. 108. Cause Ive lived life to the fullest Let the boy die like a man
  109. 109. Staring down the bulletLet me make my final stand
  110. 110. Shot down in a blaze of gloryTake me now but know the truth
  111. 111. Im going out in a blaze of glory Lord I never drew first But I drew first blood
  112. 112. Im no ones sonCall me young gun “Blaze of Glory” by Bon Jovi
  113. 113. “What the hell!” Joss exclaimed. “Who are you!”“Mother?” Rose asked in shock. “Wh-what’s going on?”
  114. 114. “Step away from my daughters, Onslow and no one else will have to get hurt. I thought you were dead, clearly my hirelings wereincompetent. Well, I’ll just have to finish you myself like I did your wife!”
  115. 115. “You’ve murdered someone?” Rose said.At the same time, Joss exclaimed. “You’re that psycho-maid who’s been terrorizing my family!”
  116. 116. “How very astute of you, boy. Now get out of my way. I have no quarrel with you.”
  117. 117. “I have a quarrel with you!” Joss retorted.“Yeah, Mother,” Rose added. “Why do you have a gun? You know Daddy hates violence.”“He’s not the only one,” Lily interjected. “What are you thinking? Threatening my boyfriend like this! Killing people! Who areyou?”
  118. 118. “Boyfriend?” Drea said slowly. “I see. So that’s your game, is it? It wasn’t enough that you had to break my heart, Onslow, butyou had to go after my daughter. It’s a good thing I arrived when I did.”
  119. 119. “What are you talking about?” Kor asked. “Why are you talking about Uncle Onslow? What’s he got to do with this?”“I think she means you, Kor.”“What? She thinks I’m Onslow?”“Yeah.”“Fuck.”
  120. 120. “Come over quietly and no one else will get hurt, I promise.”“How about fuck you?” Palau said from the edge of the group. “You need a fucking therapist and a damn straight jacket.”“Yeah, what she said! You ain’t getting, Kor. So fuck off!” Joss added.Both Rose and Lily nodded their heads grimly.
  121. 121. “You’re siding with them?” Drea asked her daughters. “You don’t know what he’s like! He’ll hurt you!”
  122. 122. “You’re the one who’s about to get hurt, bitch!”“What?”
  123. 123. Drea turned slightly to see Star aiming a kick at her lower back.
  124. 124. The gun went off.
  125. 125. The kids all screamed.
  126. 126. “Palau!”“It hurts… Hurts…”
  127. 127. “No! Quinn!”
  128. 128. “Take that, green bitch!”
  129. 129. “Now where was, I when I was so rudely interrupted. Oh yes, getting ready to kill you, Onslow.”
  130. 130. “Why?” Kor cried with a catch in his voice as he watched Palau breathe one final breath before going still. “Why are you doingthis?”
  131. 131. “Why are you so cruel?” Kor asked Drea.
  132. 132. “You know why, Onslow! You’re the one who started it twenty years ago.”“Look, crazy bitch, but that ain’t Onslow. For one, he ain’t even an adult. And two, isn’t twenty years a bit of a long time to beholding a grudge?”“What’d you say, boy!”
  133. 133. “You heard me, psycho bitch. Or are you deaf as well as blind and stupid?”
  134. 134. “Oh for plumbbob’s sake, get out of my way, boy!”“Make me!”
  135. 135. “That can be arranged.”
  136. 136. “No!”
  137. 137. “Rose?”
  138. 138. “Oh, fuck. Rose!”
  139. 139. “Rosie? Baby? Get up. Get up!”“She’s dead, you bitch! You killed her. You killed your own daughter!”
  140. 140. “No. This is your fault, Onslow if you’d only just died like you were supposed to. None of this would have ever happened and Iwouldn’t have been tricked into killing my beloved child! Now get away from my daughter before I have to kill anyone else!”
  141. 141. “Fine. Just don’t hurt anyone else.”“Kor!”“I’ll be okay, Lily. I don’t want anyone else to be hurt because of me.”
  142. 142. “Good you’ve finally gotten some sense, Onslow. It only took you twenty years.”“I’m sorry.”
  143. 143. “Not good enough. So any last words before I put a bullet in your head, Onslow?”
  144. 144. “Hello, Drea.”“What?!”
  145. 145. “Drop the gun,” Onslow said in an odd voice.To the surprise of everyone still alive including Drea, she did.
  146. 146. “Now call your father, little girl,” Onslow said in that same voice.Lily complied.
  147. 147. “So now what, Onslow?”“Oh, I think you can guess what’s going to happen next.”
  148. 148. “So that’s your big plan? Make me a vampire? I suppose you’re going to hold me here until the sun rises. Too bad that’s hoursaway.”
  149. 149. “Dawn is closer than you think.”“What?!”
  150. 150. “Sethour 7.”
  151. 151. Onslow released Drea and fell to the ground vomiting and shaking. “It… it worked.”“What’d you do!”
  152. 152. Onslow clasped his side and winced in pain. “Hurts. Creator, it hurts. Didn’t think it would hurt this much.”“Answer me, Onslow! What’d you do!”“I’ll never tell,” he gasped out.
  153. 153. He never did.
  154. 154. “What happened!” several voices asked all at once.Silence and sobs answered them. ~*~
  155. 155. ~*~
  156. 156. “Oz?”
  157. 157. “No answer… Let me try Wil.”
  158. 158. “No answer… Let’s try Joss.”
  159. 159. “Hello, Joss? Where are- What? Slow down. What happened?”
  160. 160. “No. No! NO!”
  161. 161. “You summoned me?” ~*~
  162. 162. Um… hi…So, I’ve had this chapter planned for a very, very long time. Like almost 4 years long. I’m sorry if it upsets you, but Drea wasnever going to go quietly off into the night.There was always going to be fallout from her being allowed free reign. As for Onslow, yes there is something up with him. No, Iam not telling you what it is and what it means right now. It will all be explained soon. But I really welcome your guesses as towhat is up with him.
  163. 163. Special thanks go out to Orikes for loaning me Star and letting me kill her. Special thanks also go out to Peasant007 for lettingme kill Quinn. Trust me, it needed to happen this way.Very special thanks go to RoseFyre. She knows what she did. Or at least I know what she did. *Smiles evilly*Thanks also go out to DocSupremeNerd, FireFlower314, SmoothieQueen, RegacyLady, FuzzySpork, and Ndainye for the use oftheir sims and simselves.And thanks again go out to Peasant007 for being the sounding board to most of my ideas. Seriously, some of this stuff wastalked out with her years ago.So thank you for reading. I really look forward to seeing what you think.Until next time, happy simming!