The White Legacy--Generation 6, Chapter 3


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More part-alien children are born to the current heiress of the legacy, and Peter meets his people.

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The White Legacy--Generation 6, Chapter 3

  1. 1. Matters of Great Importance The White Legacy: Generation Six, Chapter Three
  2. 2. SimMe: “…”
  3. 3. SimMe: “…I’m bored.”
  4. 4. Sam: “Work on your legacy, then.” SimMe: “Hmm…… naaaaw. I think I’ll just keep laying on the couch and complaining.”
  5. 5. Ani-Mei: “Pony, get my poking stick.” Pony: “Hey, you know what I just realized we’re holding?”
  6. 6. Ouch! Ow! Fine, I’m writing, I’m writing!!! Anyway, this is the White Legacy, and it’s back from hiatus! Yay! When last we met [more than a month ago], the members of the legacy, in particular Arie, worked very hard and were able to reunite Ella and Peter. They then got started on generation seven, having two daughters: Pepper and Laurel. Hyde is still around, as is the servo butler Pennyworth, and also Ella’s little brother Vis, who just had his adult birthday. As you can see, he is no longer wearing stripey shorts. Moving on!
  7. 7. 21: “Hey! 10! 98 is mature! We need to go pick him up and invite him to the PARTY!” 10: “Okay, 21! That sounds like a GREAT idea! Why are you yelling?” 21: “You can hear me over the PARTY!?” 10: “Duh! What do you think these ginormous ears are for?”
  8. 8. SimMe: “Oh no, you don’t.”
  9. 9. 21: “6, there’s, like, something interfering with our locator beam!” 6: “What’s wrong, 10?” 10: “I don’t know! Hey, want to get some Trmint cranberry juice?” 6: “You bet!”
  10. 10. 21: “I guess I’ll just… stay here and try to get this to work, shall I? …At least bring me back a cookie?”
  11. 11. SimMe: “Phew. That should keep Vis on the planet a little longer. Man, alien technology is easy to hack.”
  12. 12. So, Vis. How are you? I don’t think we ever got a close-up of you post-birthday… since you were upstaged by Laurel’s birth and all. Vis: “I am feeling positively EVIL this evening, Author, thanks for asking. How are you?” Good, good. Vis: “You’re feeling ‘good’? Oh Author, I’m so sorry… here, let me do something evil to make you feel better.”
  13. 13. Vis: “Hey. Bust of Tylopoda. I think the bust of Platsim is smarter than you.” Ooh. Insulting inanimate objects. Very evil. Vis: *whispering* “I’m really sorry, Tylopoda. I don’t really mean it. I’m just trying to make the Author feel better. I think you’re smart.” *headdesk*
  14. 14. Apparently, the “no baby harassment” mod doesn’t count for servos. Or maybe the baby was just hungry. Pennyworth: “Beep. You need me!” Yes, Pennyworth, we need you. No need to worry about your job security. Pennyworth: “Boop. Pennyworth’s a doll.” Great. Just don’t impale Laurel with your arms, okay?
  15. 15. Hyde: “Peter! Smustle with me!” Peter: “Uh… I have t-to… um… w-water the garden. M-maybe another t-t-time.” Oh come on, Peter, smustle with your father-in-law. Peter: “The… uh… plants n-n-need me. Yeah.”
  16. 16. Wow, look at all the people. There’s actual a couple more people here than just the immediate family! I went to the effort to invite Sun and Arie! Imagine that! Okay then, happy birthday, Pepper! The oldest of generation seven is officially becoming a child!
  17. 17. Pepper: “Hey, coolio! I like this outfit! It’s all green and stuff!” Good. You wouldn’t mind keeping it, then? Pepper: “Keeping it on what, Author? A clothesline?” No… just, keeping it. Wearing it. Not going shopping for more clothes. Pepper: “Oh! Sure! I’ll wear it! No problem! I’ll wear it forever!”
  18. 18. Oh, no. What are you doing here? Useless Cop: “What am I doing here… oh, I know! I sense fun going on at this child’s birthday party, and that is not allowed past seven o’clock at night!” We can’t hold the party any earlier; her great-grandfather is a vampire! Useless Cop: “I’m afraid I’m going to have to take the kid to the station. We have very strict laws regarding party infractions!”
  19. 19. Sun: “No worries, little dudette. I’ll, like, take care of this.” Sol: “Hey, Grandpa? Before you go, mind helping me get Pepper’s head out of my arm?” Pepper: “I had a star party! That’s so awesomesauce!”
  20. 20. Hyde: “Something the matter, princess?” Pepper: “Grandpa, this cake is brown.” Hyde: “Yes?” Pepper: “The table is brown, and it’s made of wood. The floor is brown, and it’s made of wood, too. So is the couch. So does that mean that this cake is made out of wood? Am I eating wood? Is wood good to eat?”
  21. 21. Ella: *muted* “Hey Sol! How are you? I’m doing great, thanks for asking. Peter? He’s good, too. Yeah? Hm, I’m going to have to think about that—”
  22. 22. *CRASH* Ella: “Waaaah!!”
  23. 23. Plantsim in the Center: “Greetings. We are the Greenman Plantsim Tribe. Bring us Peter White.”
  24. 24. Peter: “W-what’s g-g-g-going on!? I heard a c-crash—” Plantsims: “PETER!!”
  25. 25. Plantsim in Arie’s Chair: “I am Azolla. I am the Elder of the Greenman Tribe. We have travelled Far and Long—” Plantsim on Azolla’s Right: “—actually just a few hours—” Plantsim in Arie’s Chair: “—let me talk, Quercus. Ahem. We have travelled Far and Long to find Thou, Peter of the Tribe of White, for we have Read the Portents. They say that there will be Matters of Great Importance occurring soon in this Place, that Thou will be Central to them, and that We must be here for them. Verily, we are Quite Certain that it is the Will of the Portents that thou must join our Tribe.”
  26. 26. Ella: “Wait, wait, wait. What?” Plantsim on Other Couch: “Verily, the Portents are Never Wrong.” Peter: “B-b-but I’m h-happy here…”
  27. 27. Azolla: “Behold, we shall leave Tomorrow. We have Time to Train thee in the Ways of Plantsimkind before the Matters of Great Importance of which the Portents speak. Afterwards, we shall continue our Nomadic—” Peter: “No.” Azolla: “—Ways, travelling to Pleasantview to meet with… wait, what?”
  28. 28. Peter: “No. I’m h-happy here. This is m-m-my wife, Ella, and w-we have t-t-two d-daughters. I w-won’t l-l-leave.” Plantsim Making Sour Face: “But… the Portents said—” Ella: “Get out of our house.”
  29. 29. Plantsim Arguing with Ella: “Thou shalt NOT speak that way to Elder Azolla!!” Ella: “You shall NOT attempt to steal my husband!!” Azolla: “Enough, Syriaca. Peter, we will not Force you into Submission. However, know that these Matters are not to be taken Lightly, and we believe that Everything may go Terribly Wrong if thou dost not join us. Verily, we shall place our Camp nearby, and we shall not Give Up.” Peter: “I und-d-derstand. But I st-still d-don’t want to j-join you.”
  30. 30. Peter: “W-w-weird…” Ella: “I wonder what these ‘Portents’ are, anyway…”
  31. 31. Ella: “Whoa! I’m in the pink pajamas again!” I forget. Are there any pajamas available for maternity wear that are not these pink ones? But, yay! Another baby! Maybe this one will be green? Please?
  32. 32. <obligatoryportraitshowoff> I think this is my favorite couple’s portrait so far. The green couple, everyone. I love that their wedding rings are sort of front and center, too. </obligatoryportraitshowoff>
  33. 33. The following night is Laurel’s big birthday. We just did a birthday party, so… I think we’ll keep it down to the bare minimum of people who need to be here. Arie: *toooot toot toot* That includes Arie. Arie: *toot!*
  34. 34. Ella: “Oh, wow!” Peter: “W-what? W-what is it?”
  35. 35. Ella: “She has my eyes after all!”
  36. 36. Admit it. The frog hat is uber cute.
  37. 37. Ella: “Aunt Arie, is now really the best time…?” Arie: “Ella, when you’re as old as I am, you can do whatever you want. And no one asks questions. Right?” Ella: “…um…” Arie: “Right?” Ella: “Right…?” Arie: “Right!”
  38. 38. Hyde: “You like toddler pic spam, don’t you, Laurel?” Laurel: “Goo.” {Yes, Grandfather. I find spamming with pictures of adorable toddlers such as myself to be a superior method of overloading one’s faculties with cuteness such as mine. Behold my panda pajamas and be overloaded!}
  39. 39. Peter: “Aw m-m-man…” It’s okay, Peter. Bad chance cards happen to everyone. Peter: “I can’t b-believe they f-f-f-fired m-me over that…”
  40. 40. Peter: “Isn’t the outdoors b-beautiful, Laurie?” Laurel: *smile!* “Dada!” Peter: “Awww…”
  41. 41. Pepper: “Ghosts are scary. Very scary. You can see right through them, which means you should be able to see their hearts and their stomachs and their livers and stuff. But they don’t have any. So if they don’t have stomachs, what happens when they eat some wood cake? What happens to it? Where does it go? I don’t know. I don’t understand. Ghosts are so scary…”
  42. 42. The sunlight desperation crew. Don’t worry guys, only two more hours to go until sunrise.
  43. 43. Peter picked a really bad time to be passed out on the sidewalk. He still hasn’t been present for even one of his children’s births. Unless you count taking a shower in the stall behind her as being there. Come on, green, green, green, green… Ella: “Shut UP!!” …green?
  44. 44. Nope. Dang. I guess the green is staying in Sol’s branch of the family for now. Still… IT’S A BOY!! Ella: “I think I shall call him Oleander! Ollie for short.” Good choice.
  45. 45. Ollie’s got blue eyes, too. Sigh. No alien eyes for us, either. Oh well.
  46. 46. Vale: “Dad.” Sol: “Slow down Peter, I can barely understand you…” Vale: “Dad? Dad!” Sol: “Really? Ella’s had her baby? … Really!? You named him Oleander!?” Vale: “Dad Dad Dad Dad Dad Dad Dad Dad Dad Dad Dad Dad Dad Dad Dad—”
  47. 47. Ani-Mei: “Sol, answer your son.” Vale: “Dad Dad Dad Dad Dad Dad Dad Dad Dad Dad Dad!!”
  48. 48. Sol: “Guess what, Vale?” Vale: *sigh* “Did Chryse do something funny again? Because I want to—” Sol: “No, your sister Chrysanthemum didn’t do anything funny. Your aunt named your cousin after me!” Ani-Mei: “Didn’t they name him Oleander? That seems a far cry from Sol…” Sol: “Solander, Oleander; Sol, Ollie. Don’t tell me you can’t see the similarities. I’m a namesake!” Vale: “Dad, can I play ‘Pouch Monsters’ on your portable? Please!?”
  49. 49. Oh dear. Uh, sorry Pennyworth. Pennyworth: “BEEP HI FIVE GENERATIONS GOOD SIGNS BOOP MY STOMACH HIGH-A ROBOT BUTLER!! BEEP!!” I’m really not very good at working with servos…
  50. 50. Laurel: *hiccup* “Nigh’ nigh’, Unca Vi.” Vis: “Goodnight, my evil little sweetheart. Now, I’ll be right back—I just need to go do a favor for the Author.” Hurry it up. I’m feeling sort of guilty I let it happen. Vis: “Oh good. Guilt is good. It leads people to do evil things.” And good things, too. Vis: “Ew.”
  51. 51. Vis: “Hey, Author? Since I’m here anyway, can I install an EVIL chip into Pennyworth?” No. Vis: “Author, I need a minion!” I said no. Pennyworth is our butler, not your minion. Vis: “You’re no fun… in a friendly and loving kind of way.”
  52. 52. Peter: “W-were those t-t-trees there b-before…?” Ella: “I don’t think so…”
  53. 53. Plantsim: *shouting* “Hi, Peter and Ella! Want to come Hang Out with us? Then Peter can Join our Tribe and we can train him up for the Matters of Great Importance!”
  54. 54. Ella: *shouting* “The answer’s still no!” Peter: “B-but you have to adm-m-mire their p-persistence.” Ella: “If you say so.”
  55. 55. On a random note (as if most of my chapters don’t entirely consist of a constant barrage of random notes), I have never had to “greet” Arie. She just walks right in, whether she’s invited or not, whether or not she has a high relationship with the people in the house, no matter what time it is. I love her.
  56. 56. Pepper: “You know what, Uncle Pennyworth? I think I’ve figured it out.” “Uncle” Pennyworth? Pepper: “You went swimming in a pool of mineral water and made yourself a metal suit to wear all the time, right?” Pennyworth: “Boop. How’re you doing? Any short circuits?”
  57. 57. Ella: “Oof. It’s been ages since I worked out like this. Sensei would not be pleased.” Ferocious Wolf: {Treats?}
  58. 58. Pepper: “Daddy, how do voices come out of the phone like that? Did you shrink Uncle Sol and Aunt Ani-Mei down and now they live in the phone except for when they come out to come to my birthday party?” Peter: “N-no, precious, Uncle S-sol and Aunt Ani-m-m-mei are at their house. S-sorry, Sol, go on…” Pepper: “But how come we can hear them all the way over here, then? Are they just shouting really, really loud? Why can’t I hear them, then?” Peter: “G-go ask G-grandpa, sweetie. Yeah, Sol, I know w-what you m-m-mean…”
  59. 59. Laurel: “Moo-sic! Hehehe!” I’m really kind of disappointed that I didn’t get that many pictures of Laurel in her frog hat. Ella: “We couldn’t get her to keep it on her head. She kept taking it off.” Laurel: “Hehehehe!!”
  60. 60. Must… resist… Eye of Sauron… joke… Pennyworth: *out of character* “I see you… beep.” Okay, couldn’t resist. Anyway, take a good look at that frog hat, because this is probably the last you’ll see it in a long time. This is Laurel and Ollie’s double birthday! First up, Laurel comes to the cake.
  61. 61. Verdict? Very cute, but needs a new outfit STAT. Laurel: “Oh no. Do not look at me! I am indecent!” Indecent? You’re pretty well covered up… Laurel: “I am wearing shorts! My legs are exposed! This is so improper!” Improper? Huh?
  62. 62. Laurel: “Thank goodness I was able to find a proper dress in my dresser. That was very nearly a most horrifying disaster. You do not think anyone will remember that ghastly, indecent outfit I transitioned into, do you?” Um… no, Laurel, I don’t think they will. I’m sure you have nothing to worry about. Laurel: “Lovely. I can then enjoy my little brother’s own transition with peace of mind.” This one’s going to drive me bonkers, I can already tell…
  63. 63. Arie: “Dance like this, Kevin!” Toro: “Photobombing…!”
  64. 64. And now it’s Ollie’s turn! What will he look like? The suspense is palpable in the room! Don’t look so excited, guys. “Palpable,” remember?
  65. 65. Ella: “What, again?” That’s what happens when you and your husband are affectionate, Ella. Don’t you like children? Ella: “Of course, but I’ve already got three, and I’m a Pleasure Sim, and he’s a Fortune Sim… we’re not exactly Family material. Why all the kids?” No reason. *innocent whistle*
  66. 66. Scary glitch scary glitch scary glitch… Ollie’s birthday cake glitched twice, once with the cake still thinking it was “in use” and all the guests eternally cheering around it. Guys, we’ve made it through six and a half generations in this house with very little trouble, let’s not implode now, okay…?
  67. 67. I tried all night to get Ollie to grow up with cakes, without success. So, I finally just boolpropped him up into toddlerhood. Not cheating. Anyway, he’s very cute. Let’s get him his own unique hairstyle (he doesn’t need to be ripping off Great-Great- Great Grandpa Toro) and then we’ll get a closer look.
  68. 68. He’s a carbon copy of his mother, minus the alien genes. Blah. Oh, well. He’s very, very cute, effeminate features aside.
  69. 69. The Dance of the Thousand Bottles. Coming soon to a dance hall near you.
  70. 70. Hyde: “Do I really have to retire? I like being a game designer…” Sorry, dude. You’re getting to be an old man. Besides, I thought you didn’t like working? Hyde: “I don’t… I like designing games, though…” Hey, look on the bright side. You know what retirement means? Hyde: “What?”
  71. 71. Nothing getting in the way of this! Hyde: “Sweeeeeeet!! I like retirement!”
  72. 72. Peter: “Any p-particular reason why you’re p-p-practicing your t-tai chi out h-here in your und-d-erwear, honey?” Ella: “Who says I’m practicing tai chi? I’m doing a ritual dance to make sure our pepper plants survive the winter.” Peter: “S-sure.” Actually, she stepped into the greenhouse from outside… and was suddenly naked. Luckily she changed into her underwear, and started making some very awkward photo ops.
  73. 73. Guess who has matching outerwear with his grandfather? I just died of the cute.
  74. 74. Pepper: “Okay, computer. Turn on. …turn on. Turn on now. Turn on.”
  75. 75. Pepper: “Author, I think this computer is broken. It’s not working.” Sweetie, I think it’s already on. Have you tried using the mouse? Pepper: “Mouse!? Ew!”
  76. 76. Whoa. Something the matter there, O Nephew of Vis? Ollie: “Bwock not sanitiz-ized. Yucky.”
  77. 77. Peter: *whistling*
  78. 78. *plonk plonk plonk* Hyde: “Right on, Laurie. Rock that Mozart!” Laurel: “Grandfather, my parents named me ‘Laurel,’ not ‘Laurie.’ In addition, Mozart is not meant to be ‘rocked.’ Or danced poorly to, for that matter.” *plonk plonk screech* Are we sure that’s Mozart? Hyde: “Meh, she’s still learning.”
  79. 79. …wow. Those are some lips. Pepper: “Yeah… you’re right, they’re my lips. What about them?” Don’t worry about it, Pepper…
  80. 80. Is that EVIL spaghetti you’re making, Vis? Vis: “Made from the finest noodles, produced from the oppressed workers of the spaghetti mines on the planet Grg! I sent the workers thank you cards!” Carry on.
  81. 81. Laurel: “Furthermore, I move that from now on, gentlemen will always open doors for ladies, and that all courting rituals are to occur in the parlor and with proper supervision. Also, that lights are always turned on in rooms in which young ladies are practicing their charisma.” Oops. Sorry, Laurie. Laurel: “My name is ‘Laurel.’”
  82. 82. Uh… uh… where did all of my graves go!?
  83. 83. Crisis averted. Luckily, after I started having problems with Dez’s grave disappearing, I went and got a mod that kept character data intact after the grave disappears, and also the urnstone spawner. Unfortunately, the spawner doesn’t recognize pets, so Maugrim’s grave is lost forever. Still, at least all of my sims are back!
  84. 84. Guess where Peter is? If you guessed “not here,” congratulations, you win! He’s out in the greenhouse, taking care of plants and absorbing sun lamp rays. Ella: “And he’s sleeping in the dog house tonight. Possibly for all WEEK. Ow!”
  85. 85. At last Hyde took a break from SSX3 to come help Ella. Hyde: “Sweet. My sixth grandchild. Too bad that’s not my lifetime want. Hey, is it six grandkids or ten for that one?” You were right the first time. It’s six. Hyde: “Is it too late to change my lifetime want?” You’ve already met one; I don’t see what you’re worried about.
  86. 86. So yeah. The last of Ella and Peter’s kids (yes, this will be the last one) is another girl, minus green skin and alien eyes. *sigh* I was hoping the alien genes would last longer than that. Oh, well. She’s cute anyway. Her name is Primrose… mostly because I can’t have a flower generation without a Rose.
  87. 87. Rosie: “Aww, you named one of your sims after me!” Uh… yeah, yeah! I sure did! Rosie: “I’m a namesake!”
  88. 88. Guess what? First teenager of generation seven! It only took us three chapters to do it! Ella, Vis: “You were not invited.” Party Crasher: “…wheee?”
  89. 89. The legacy’s newest Popularity Sim, everyone. Pepper: “Yay friends! I like friends! I want lots of friends! Hip hip hooray!” Great! Now go change your clothes! Pepper: “Why?” I’m not answering that.
  90. 90. Next! Pepper: “I see you… hehehe!”
  91. 91. Happy birthday, Ollie! Ollie: “Yay! I can wash my hands now!” …yay? That’s all you can think of to be excited about on your birthday? Ollie: “Author, I’ve never washed my hands my whole life. They’re filthy!”
  92. 92. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the birthday kids.
  93. 93. Whoa. He’s wilted. I knew they could do that, but I have never actually seen a wilted plantsim. Even when I was trying. So, uh… oops. Sorry, Peter.
  94. 94. Peter: “Ugh… th-thanks, Hyde.” Hyde: “Anytime, Peter.” Mailman: “I’ve seen weirder things on my route.”
  95. 95. We’re about to get our last toddler of the generation, everyone! Everyone: “Yaay.”
  96. 96. Holy cow.
  97. 97. Arie: “That’s a cute one.” Hyde: “She looks just like me!” I’m pretty sure she doesn’t… but that’s okay. We’ll let that one pass.
  98. 98. Hyde: “See? Perfect resemblance!” Rose: “Goo!” Whatever you say, Hyde. Seriously, this is one adorable kid. I can’t wait to see her growing up!
  99. 99. Laurel: “Ee-yuck. Peppermint has been neglecting her duties to practice the piano.” Pepper: “I don’t get it. How does pressing one of these keys make a sound? Are there a bunch of little animals inside the piano that sing whenever I play a note? They’re awfully good at staying in tune. And they must be pretty crowded in there, since there are so many keys and all…” Laurel: “I am sure that is exactly how it works in your world, dear sister. You must be right.”
  100. 100. Plantsim: *muted* “That’s a Very Impressive Garden, and I see thou art growing it Without Magic! Verily, we could use your Talents in the Tr—” Peter: “No.”
  101. 101. Hyde: “Say, Ella, my darling, apple of my eye, sweetest daughter—” Ella: “What do you want, Dad?” Hyde: “Mind making a few phone calls for me? I’ve got some important stuff to do that can’t be interrupted before the big family meeting this afternoon.” Ella: “Eh, sure. This is the last time though, Dad.” Hyde: “Yup, it sure will be.”
  102. 102. These are your “very important things”? Hyde: “Well, sure. What else would I be doing?
  103. 103. Sol: “Ella! Long time no see!” Ella: “Sol! How are ya, bro?” Sol: “Tired. I don’t know how you manage four kids. Ani-Mei and I have our hands full with just the two. So, family meeting? This isn’t… that family meeting, is it?” Ella: “Probably…” Ferocious Wolf: {WHOA! That lady’s an alien!}
  104. 104. Hyde: “…and this is how you do a Force Choke. This is very important. You have to keep your fingers no more than an inch apart, or else you won’t close the windpipe properly and the victim will still be able to breathe. Remember: pinch an inch and they won’t snitch.”
  105. 105. Ella: “Pinch an inch… sensei never taught me that.” Sol: “That’s because your sensei doesn’t work for the forces of evil.” Vis: “This is awesome. But I think I’ll make sure to pinch an inch and a half; I wouldn’t want anyone to die, you know?” Hyde: “Furthermore, Great-Great-Great Grandpa Toro’s recipe for his famous blueberry pie goes like this…”
  106. 106. Arie: “Alright, Hyde. What’s up? Why did you call a family meeting? Here I was, thinking you were going to the Luau…” Ferocious Wolf: {Now that the butler’s gone, us wolves have to pick up the photobombing slack!}
  107. 107. Hyde: “Well, actually I am going to the Luau tonight. I figured you guys would want to have my most important wisdom passed on before I went, though. I guess not.” Sol: {Wow, they’re being rude.}
  108. 108. SimMe: “Oh no, not Hyde…”
  109. 109. Ella: “But Dad, I don’t want you to go…! I’ll miss you too much!” Vis: {Ha. I’m so evil. I’m not going to watch my dad’s final family meeting. I am atrociously evil.” Sol: {If I don’t look straight at it, it’s not happening… right?} Peter: {Wow, they’re being rude…}
  110. 110. Sol: “Love you, Dad. We’re going to miss you around here.” Hyde: “Take care, son. And always let your kids jump on their beds and eat cake for breakfast.” Sol: “I’ll see if I can get that one past Ani-Mei.” Ella: “Just tell her it was your father’s dying wish. I’m sure she’ll let it slide.”
  111. 111. Hyde: “Hugs aren’t all that evil, you know.” Vis: “I don’t care. I’m not missing out on a last hug from my dad. Besides, I’ll just call it an evil hug, and it’ll be one.”
  112. 112. Vis: “This is such an evil hug.”
  113. 113. Grim Reaper: “Here’s your complimentary tiki punch with umbrella, Mr. White.” Hyde: “Thanks, man. I think I’ve earned it.”
  114. 114. Snow: “What’s everybody so sad about?”
  115. 115. Hyde gets his own place in the graveyard. That spot next to him will be forever empty.
  116. 116. Hydrus “Hyde” White held a handful of unique distinctions. For one thing, he was the fifth generation heir—the halfway point. He’s also the only heir in this legacy so far not to get married. He had all three of his kids (Ellesmere, Solander, and Vesuvius) via alien abduction. He really loved video games and movies, and hated physical activity (except for a bit of dancing now and then). Up until his kids changed his mind, he was pretty laidback and lazy. Despite this, he was a pretty good father and grandfather, and did it all in a red Hawaiian shirt. He is survived by two of his siblings (Andromeda and Eridanus), his children, and his six grandchildren (Peppermint, Laurel, Oleander, Primrose, Valerian, and Chrysanthemum). I really enjoyed playing him; he’s certainly up there with my favorite sims in the legacy. He was eighty-three when he died, but he feels older than that because I went on both hiatuses while he was alive. Seriously, he’s been around for months. So, rest in peace, Hyde. You were a blast.
  117. 117. SimMe: *sniff* “Nooo… I can’t believe he’s gone…” *sniff*
  118. 118. Vis: *innocent whistle*
  119. 119. 21: “It’s working!! Finally!!”
  120. 120. Vis: “Eh?”
  121. 121. SimMe: “NOOO!! How could I let myself get distracted from interfering with the locator beam!? Stop! Don’t take Vis! Leave him alone!”
  122. 122. Vis: “AAAAAAAGH!! This is so evil…!!”
  123. 123. Peter: “He w-would choose to c-c-come b-back, right? He wouldn’t w-w-want to st-stay on the sh-ship forever, w- would he?”
  124. 124. Ella: *sob* “I… don’t know…”
  125. 125. SimMe: *headdesk*
  126. 126. Romi: “Yeah, who’s this? Oh! My apologies, Gabriel. Is everything alright? How’s the search for the traitor Kali going? … No, we haven’t been able to subdue the legacy. They have an infuriating habit of not being outside at night, and the Count chases us off whenever we get close. We were going to try again tonight. …Orders from the Contessa? Of course.” Fricorith: “Orders? Do we finally get to…?”
  127. 127. Perseus: “HAHAHA!! Blood! HAHAHAHAHA!!”