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PowerPoint design

  1. 1. PowerPoint Theme
  2. 2. What is a theme?• The background• The type font, colour, size, placement (titles and other)• Animation (if any)• Any other stylistic choice that runs through the file (e.g. slide numbering)
  3. 3. What themes are there?• Built-in choices (in Design tab)• Downloadable files made by Microsoft and fellow users (e.g. on Microsoft Office website)• Your own!
  4. 4. Why make a theme?• Customize for your presentation• Show your creativity• Share with others• Practice graphic design
  5. 5. Some simple guidelines1. Match design to purpose2. Keep it simple3. Be consistenthttp://desktoppub.about.com/od/microsoft/bb/powerpointrules.htm
  6. 6. Match design to purpose• Whether to inform, entertain, or something else, make the tone and appearance matchE.g. To persuade people torecycle more (a serious issue),use more formal colours, fonts,and images than in a presentationto make people laugh
  7. 7. Keep it simple• Limit to two fonts• Choose a colour scheme of only a few colours or a range within the same family of colours• One image/graphic per slide is enough
  8. 8. Be consistent• Keep the fonts the same throughout• Use the same font sizes for all headings, all lists, etc.• Align titles and other text boxes (e.g. will everything be aligned to the left, centre, or right? Top, middle, or bottom?)• Use similar graphics (e.g. all cartoons or all photos)
  9. 9. Example From http://presentationzen.blogs.com/presentationzen/2005/09/whats_good_powe.htmlAbove (left) is the original slide. The clip-art used does notreinforce the statistic, nor does it fit the theme of women inthe Japanese labour market. The background is an overusedtemplate. The text is difficult to read. And its ugly.Above (right), the large text at the top can be easily seen. Thetext reads more like a headline, rather than just a title orcategory.
  10. 10. And keep in mind…• How will colour blind people perceive it?• Can everyone read the font? Change size and style for clarity• What mood does the theme set?
  11. 11. And also consider…• How will it project? LCD projectors generally have less contrast and darker colours than seen on screen• Is anything important close to the edge? It could be lost!
  12. 12. How to design a theme1. ViewSlide Master2. Make changes to the top slide3. To see how it looks, go to ViewNormal
  13. 13. Assignment: Step 1Design a PowerPoint theme. You must startfrom scratch. Use your own images orimages that are guaranteed to becopyright-free.Use the program’s Help areafor step-by-stepdirections, if needed.
  14. 14. Assignment: Step 2Make a presentation of at least three slideswith your theme. On each slide, discuss oneelement of your design, including:Its name (e.g. Colour)Why you used itHow you made itThe effect it hasYour evaluation of its effectiveness
  15. 15. Assignment: Step 3Upload your file to the wiki page “Design”before class starts on Friday.During class, you will bepresenting your theme. Beprepared to answer questions!