05 formatting paragraphs


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05 formatting paragraphs

  1. 1. Paragraph Formatting
  2. 2. There are a number of tools you can use to apply paragraph formatting options:•Alignment buttons (align left, center, align right, and justify) allow you to set thealignment of a paragraph.•Line spacing button allows you to easily reset your spacing between lines of text.•Numbering allows you to set automatic paragraph numbering for paragraphs.•Bullet allows you to set hanging indents with bullets for paragraphs.•Indentation Buttons (Decrease Indent and Increase Indent) enable you to change leftindentation for paragraphs.•Character scaling allows you to stretch or scale text horizontally.•The shading tool allows you to highlight behind the paragraph.•Border allows you to set borders for a paragraph. The Paragraph group is found on the Home tab
  3. 3. Alignment Refers to the way text appears between the indents.Click anywhere inside the paragraph you want to align. then Click the Align Left, Center, Align Right, or Justify button in the Paragraph group
  4. 4. Line SpacingLine spacing refers to the amount of blank space before and after each line in aparagraph. It often determines how easy it is to read a document.Line spacing is measured in lines or points.You can quickly change the line spacing by using the spacing button in the Paragraph groupOr by pressing Ctrl+1 forsingle-spaced, Ctrl+2 fordouble-spaced or Ctrl+5 for1.5 spacing.These commands affectthe paragraph whereyour cursor is currentlylocated. To spread thechange wider, selectseveral paragraphs orthe entire document.
  5. 5. Bullets and NumberingEveryone makes lists. Word lets you make two types of lists: bulleted andnumbered.A bullet is a dot or other symbol used to highlight items in a list. Use bullets to listitems that do not have to be in any particular order. Like a shopping list.Numbers (or letters) are used when information has to be in a certain order, like arecipe. Recipe: Shopping list: 1. Preheat oven to 350 •Eggs 2. Grate 1 cup of cheese •Milk 3. Dice ¼ cup of onions •Bread 4. Slice ½ red pepper into strips •Orange juice 5. Add ingredients to meat sauce •Peanut butter 6. Bake for 20 minutes
  6. 6. Creating Lists If you dont care about the style of bullets or numbering used, you can turn on Bullets and Numbering by clicking on the appropriate command in the paragraph group on the home tab. To create a bulleted or numbered list: • Make sure your cursor is set to type the first item in your list. • Click the bullet or number button in the paragraph group. • Enter the first item on your list and press Enter. • The next line will begin automatically with a new bullet or number. • Enter the next item on your list and press Enter. • When your list is complete, press Enter twice to turn off bulleting. Click for bullets Click for numbersIf you want to get fancy with your bullets, use the drop down arrows to customize them.
  7. 7. IndentationThe indent feature sets temporary left and right margins for paragraph text.To indent one or more lines of text: Use the Increase/Decrease Indent buttons in the paragraph group This is the most convenient way of setting a left indent. Clicking the Increase Indent button once indents text to a default .5"
  8. 8. Setting Indentation With the RulerThe indent settings appear on either end of the white part of the ruler. Bydefault, theyre set at the same position as the margins and the area between themargins is indicated by the white area on the ruler.The indent markers are kind of triangular in shape. On the left, there are two of themfor controlling the left indent: the top one is for the first line of a paragraph and thebottom one is for the remaining lines in the paragraph. On the right, theres only onefor controlling the right indent.You set indentation by dragging these little markers along the ruler. The left indentmarkers can be moved separately to achieve different indentation effects. If you wantto set both left indents identically, drag the little rectangle beneath the indentmarkers, it moves both markers together.The text you need to change must be selected before you make changes on the ruler. The top triangle The little square below The bottom is the location for the "hourglass" is the triangle sets the the First-line Left Indent. This one location for Indent. The first will move both of them Hanging Indents. line of text in a simultaneously, This is where all paragraph will allowing you to set lines of text— start at whatever them at the same place except the first— location you put without having to do it begin in a this on the ruler. twice. paragraph.
  9. 9. Simple BordersAdd a border to a paragraph in your document to draw attention to important information. 1. Select the paragraph you want to enclose. 2. Click the command in the paragraph group on the HOME TAB
  10. 10. Customize Your Borders The borders and shading dialog box gives to a lot of options to choose from. To display this dialog box, click on the option at the bottom of the border options menu. The “Page Border” tab is for placing a border toThe “Borders” tab frame a page.will give you toolsto place bordersaround paragraphsand sections of textwithin your page.
  11. 11. Shading You can emphasize an area of text by shading it in color. This can be used with or without a border.