Google Analytics - Advanced Segmentation


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This presentation outlines how advanced segmentation, one of the most powerful features in Google Analytics lets you isolate and analyze subsets of your traffic.

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Google Analytics - Advanced Segmentation

  1. 1. Advanced  Segmenta-on    June,  2013  
  2. 2. What is Advance Segmentation?• Advanced  Segments  allows  you  to  separate  and  analyse  different  forms  of  data  from  Google  Analy?cs.    – For  example,  you  can  create  a  segment  that  only  includes  visits  that  resulted  in  a  transac?on.  • Advanced  Segments  allows  you  to  do  many  different  types  of  data  comparison  through  many  types  of  website  variables.  This  helps  you  to  find  any  areas  of  improvement  on  your  site  that  will  help  lead  user  to  conver?ng.    
  3. 3. Difference Between Advanced Segmentation and FiltersWhat’s  the  difference  between  advanced  segments  and  filters?  Well,  They  act  in  similar  ways,  but  there  are  some  clear  differences  between  the  two:  – With  Advanced  Segments  you  can  view  data  from  the  past.  – With  Filters  you  can  only  view  data  from  when  you  start  the  filter.  You  can  see  and  compare  mul?ple  Segments  at  the  same  ?me,  where  in  Filters  you  can  only  view  one  at  a  ?me.  So  why  use  Advanced  Segmenta-on?  It  helps  you  beKer  analyse  different  data  ranges  that  simple  filters  arent  capable  of  segmen?ng.  
  4. 4. How To Setup Advanced Segmentation?•  Sign  into  your  Analy?cs  account  •  Go  to  the  upper  right  of  the  dashboard  •  Click  the  Advanced  Segment  buKon  •  Create  a  new  custom  segment  •  Click  on  the  type  of  segments  you  want  to  create  •  Define  the  Segment  v  Include/Exclude  v  Dimension/Metric  List  v  Containing/Exactly  Matching/Begins  With/Ends  With  v  Text  Field  v  Combina-ons  Restric-ve  and  Inclusive    •  Click  on  the  create  new  advanced  segment  buKon  to  start  the  segmenta?on.  
  5. 5. Benefits of Advanced SegmentationBounced  Visits  – To  single  out  what  type  of  users  have  the  highest  bounce  rate,  and  what  pages  they  visited.  Non-­‐bounce  Visits  – See  what  the  users  that  stay  on  your  site  visited  and  compare  it  to  those  who  bounced  from  the  site  Visits  with  conversions  – See  what  parts  of  your  site  lead  to  conversions  Visits  that  dropped  out  of  the  funnel  – With  this  you  can  set  up  funnels  and  see  where  users  dropped  out  of  the  conversion  process,  and  what  page  they  go  back  to.    Brand  keyword  visits  – This  can  help  you  understand  how  users  who  search  for  your  brand  are  using  your  site.  
  6. 6. Non-­‐brand  keyword  visits    –   With  this  you  can  see  the  behaviour  of  users  who  come  to  the  site  through  non-­‐branded  keywords  act  and  compare  that  to  users  that  came  through  branded  keywords.    Visitors  from  Country  X    –   This  segmenta?on  allows  you  to  see  how  users  from  different  countries  use  your  site.  First-­‐-me  buy  visits  – You  can  see  what  paths  first  ?me  users  take  before  making  there  purchase.  Return  visit  buys  – This  feature  allows  for  you  to  view  the  behaviour  of  returning  users  and  what  paths  they  take  that  lead  to  conversions.  Benefits of Advanced Segmentation
  7. 7. Advanced Segmentation with Event TrackingThis  can  only  be  used  if  you  are  tracking  events  on  your  site.  ̶  You  can  create  an  event  for  any  ac?on  on  your  site.  ̶  For  example  an  event  can  be  videos  being  played  on  your  site.  • Once  you  have  started  tracking  certain  events  on  your  site,  you  can  segment  them.  • ASer  you  have  defined  events  on  your  site  you  can  use  the  segments  to  observe  user  behaviour  and  find  areas  of  improvement  that  will  lead  to  higher  conversion  rates.  
  8. 8. Need Help Using and Understanding Google AnalyticsGoogle  Analy?cs  is  not  the  easiest  soSware  to  use  and  understand.  If  you  don’t  know  what  you  are  looking  at,  it  can  be  confusing  and  that  means  it  loses  value  to  you  and  your  site.      What  can  Digital  Jungle  do  for  you:  –   We  will  analyse  the  data  for  you  from  Google  Analy?cs  &  DJ  Reports.  –   We  will  advise  you  on  op?mizing  your  site  to  gain  the  most  performance  from  your  users.  –   We  will  setup  advanced  segments,  filters,  events  and  the  rest  of  the  enhanced  features  for  your  site  to  have  a  full  detailed  outlook  on  your  sites  performance  and  how  to  improve  it.    Come  and  talk  with  one  of  Digital  Jungle’s  many  trusted  consultants  and  see  what  we  can  do  for  you  today!  
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