Fair dinkum flamingoes chapter 8


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Fair dinkum flamingoes chapter 8

  1. 1. “Attention!” said a very plummy English accent. “Who are you?” “And what have you done with our Norm?”
  2. 2. “I am brigadier Ronald Rooster of the Royal British Rooster army. It appears I have arrived just in time. You call this a formation? Why this brigade is a disgrace. A disgrace I say!” “We want Norm!” “I was told that Norm has gone on ‘Walkabout’. A deserter if you ask me.” “Yeah well we didn’t ask you.” “We don’t want some limey pom telling us what to do!” “Let’s get ‘im!”
  3. 3. “Oh I say, this is worse than I feared! Not only is this brigade of stretched galah’s a disgrace, but so are the authors notes. Instead of a regular chapter you get the founders family scrap book. Put together no less from the scraps she could find after something called a re-build. Very lower class if you ask me.” HQ figured it was time to send in a replacement. So the Brigadier it is.
  4. 4. “Tell me the family story Grandma!” “One day in an old gum tree, Blinky Bill sat down with Nutsy_” “No Grandma not Blinky Bill’s family, our family. From Granddad’s family scrap book.”
  5. 5. Grandma Tina pulled out the completed volume* “Once upon a time there was a family that lived in a beautiful castle- say what?!” “Did they have knights and princesses and lots of toys Grandma?” “Well...” *One novel done by the founder towards the Family Scrapbook mini challenge.
  6. 6. “Actually they or rather we; lived in a shack, without proper plumbing. But we did have a lot of flies.” “That’s silly Grandma!” “No that’s the real story. Granddad and I raised three children in that shack.” “Uncle Blyth, Aunty Olinda and Mummy!” “That’s right.” 15 minutes later: “And Opal had three children named Laura, Peachester_” “That’s me!”
  7. 7. Smash you wabbit! >BANG BANG!< >b “Yes, you and Rolleston. Everybody loves Rolly, even if he isn’t the easiest toddler.”
  8. 8. “I’m sure your little brother is the most doted on toddler in all of Woop Woop.” Shameless toddler spamage follows...
  9. 9. “Even Kali has been known to go in and see to him of her own accord.” I really would not want that green face to be the first thing I saw on waking up...I want to play ‘Jaws’ music here.
  10. 10. Please don’t drop him! I have no idea what that blue blobby stuff on the ceiling is. Kind of looks like someone did a sloppy paint job when they painted this room.
  11. 11. Don’t you love the hair Rolly chose after I fixed my glitch?  He looks like a little Elvis elf. I added the one and only picture of him I have in his day wear, just so you remember that the overalls and cow boy hat were what he should have worn! He was hardly left alone as his favourite pastime was...you guessed it, the toilet. Which is why some of those shots were taken in the bathroom. Just as I did with Opal I placed the bunny head in front of him, but unless I find my notes from 6 >cough< months ago I have no idea how many skill points he has. He learned all his toddler skills and did very well with his aspiration.
  12. 12. “And that is it” Said Tina shutting the book. “But what happens next?” “You all have a happy life playing with your toys. The end.” “But Grandma what about when things went weird... What happened with Kali?” “Oh you know about that?” “Ah huh, I remember some things, but not everything.” Well its bedtime now Peachy and that is a long story. How about I tell you that part tomorrow?” >sigh< “Ok, but promise not to leave anything out?” “I promise.”
  13. 13. Next arvo “Now where was I up to?” “Where kali got zapped by the mother ship and strange things started to happen.” “Ah yes, kali...” Strange things, including creators who mistakenly put the wrong hair on the wrong child. Let’s just say Peach wanted her hair up, righteo! >cough<
  14. 14. “After Kali got zapped, she got very moody. Sometimes she was just sad and quiet. We didn’t like her being that way, but at least when she was sad she wasn’t ‘doing’ anything.” “Doing anything?” “When Kali got mad things started to happen.”
  15. 15. Why do I feel a sudden draft? “Some things were rather amusing...”
  16. 16. Haha! You should see yourself Bazza!
  17. 17. What do you mean? I need the mirror too?
  18. 18. “Other things were a bit more frightening, such as a roach infestation and fires.”
  19. 19. “The day she hit me was the last straw. Your Grandfather and I are just too old to take care of such a high needs teenager. I have my hands full just keeping your little brother occupied. We didn’t think your mother being a bad apple or Chewy being a nearly uncontrollable simself spouse could handle her either. She isn’t their child after all.”
  20. 20. “So it was decided that she would go live with her father and stepmother.”
  21. 21. Crab cakes! What am I wearing?! “Not that there haven’t been some small incidences over at your Uncle Blyth’s”
  22. 22. “And slightly larger ones...
  23. 23. Blyth is so hot giving birth to alien sporn! Although we are unsure if we should blame Kali for that one or not...seeing that she is not on speaking terms with the mother ship right now. Although Blyth did get abducted off the sphere the night after she arrived...”
  24. 24. “The Little baby has been named Zane as it was the only name your uncle Blyth could come up with. It’s quite startling to see your Grandad’s eyes in that little green face.”
  25. 25. “Maybe it’s just coincidence, but Kali seems to have quite a fascination with her new little brother. I’ve been told she hardly leaves him alone.”
  26. 26. “Apart from that kali certainly hasn’t turned into a ball of sunshine.”
  27. 27. “But her step mum Fuzzy knows how to keep her in line.” “There will be no casino for you young lady until all that homework is all done!”
  28. 28. So, same again? You’re on. “On the whole everyone has been much happier. Kali has even been known to smile on occasion.”
  29. 29. “I guess no family scrap book would be complete without some birthdays.” “Yah I love birthdays!”
  30. 30. “Your older sister Laura had her birthday in the hallway if you remember. Poor girl had to rush right off to the bathroom to change her hair and clothes. I am thankful she isn’t this generation’s bad apple.” Oh yeah, me too! >lol<
  31. 31. Sawyer: “I must say you grew up pretty cute. If your heir how would you like to marry me?” Sawyer your simself is getting into lots of trouble at the Wonglepong house.
  32. 32. That went down well... Laura 10 neat, 10 outgoing, 9 active, 3 serious and 1 mean. Romance/knowledge LTW To be a Celebrity Chef.
  33. 33. Don’t even think about it Sawyer!
  34. 34. “No way Mister! Not even if the bomb dropped and you were the only guy left, would I marry you!”
  35. 35. Hi Peachy, hi. Remember me? >crickets< Now I am wondering what is that down the far end of the road? It looks like a bird of prey or something... O_o
  36. 36. “Gah! I might have him as a son in law one day?”
  37. 37. “Your brother Rolly had his child birthday next.”
  38. 38. “It was a very quiet day, just with us, and Shadey who had been walking by.”
  39. 39. “He really seems to have a thing for the Elvis hair.”
  40. 40. “Although we made sure to have him wear his hat when he started going to school.”
  41. 41. Bye Miss bus driver! Should I tell him the bus vanished and he’s waving at the house? Nah.
  42. 42. “Being the bad apple means Rolly gets to do whatever he pleases when he isn’t at school.” “Like no homework! I wish someone would do my homework!”
  43. 43. “But while he does have a lot of fun there was that one time he nearly passed out and well... left my bedroom carpet a little damp.” “Yuck!” “Shh better not mention that again, he does have a bit of a temper.”
  44. 44. Must.Make.Beds. Don’t need school. “While he may not do any homework he does help around the house. He’s a tidy little boy and enjoys washing the dishes and making the beds. Unlike someone else I could mention...” “Grandma!”
  45. 45. “His tidy nature even gained him some aspiration points...apparently?” “Aspiration points for putting away my toys, lalala as easy as falling off a log.” This is the total opposite of Opal who would take toys out, not even play with them and take out some more!
  46. 46. “Now it’s time for one last birthday before Grandad and I go out for dinner.” “Whose birthday Grandma?”
  47. 47. “Yours!” Well don’t look so excited. Peach: “You forgot!” Um oops?
  48. 48. Mirror pronto!
  49. 49. Peach: 4 messy, 10 outgoing, 2 lazy (trying to raise that) 5 playful and 6 nice. Knowledge/Family. LTW to be a Prestidigitator.
  50. 50. “Ready for our date?” “I can’t wait.”
  51. 51. “Hi mum, hi Dad, having a date I see” >wink wink<
  52. 52. “What do you think Marylena? $20 says they use the booth again.” “Well what kind of bet is that? How about I bet you $50 they use the booth and the car.” “Heh you’re on. They’re way too old.”
  53. 53. “To us, the town talking about us, and this strange vegetable bake which looks like green lobster.” “To us.”
  54. 54. “Time to give them something to really talk about.” “Hehe! Good idea!”
  55. 55. “Time to pay up Joe.” “Ah man! Here I was hoping I’d win enough to cover our dinning bill...” One guess who rolls all the purple wants. They match her shoes.
  56. 56. Of course there was a reason for that date. Grim turned up right on the dot of six and they didn’t even get their ending date kiss. Louse! “Just doing my job.”
  57. 57. “Tina Wonglepong your time has come.” “Do I get clam chowder to go with my drink?” “Yes and no Vegemite.” “Oh boy count me in!”
  58. 58. It was very sad. 
  59. 59. I figured it was time to take the girls and Bazza back down to the club house. Bazza only has a few days left so I thought it would be nice to get the Club House up to level ten before he passed on too. Also give him a chance to show off his flamingo stretched galah swimming trunks!
  60. 60. The Club House has had a couple of upgrades since the last lot of the money perks. Now they have a stack left from Tina so I will be able to do a major upgrade. These pictures range from before and after the most recent upgrade. Does anyone know how to get rid of that bright green glitch near the pool? I can’t place tile over it and burninating it with the stuck object box does nothing.
  61. 61. I’ve covered it in plants now, but it looks a bit odd.
  62. 62. “Weee! Our new club house is ripper!
  63. 63. Goopy: “Strangely compelling” Ivy: “Yes, yes he is.” >drool< That is Julian Cook, that rather annoying looking Maxis pre made after a makeover.
  64. 64. I had some interesting looking simselves turn up... The three from left to right are actually Gillian, Ashley and Jilly.
  65. 65. “Something just doesn’t seem right Jilly.”
  66. 66. “I know what you mean Gillian.” I may have to remake you Jilly as you lost every bit of cc you had including your eyes.
  67. 67. Outside now has a sandpit with a buildable sandcastle, a toddler water play bucket and paddling pool as well as that stylish elephant seat that Bazza is trying out. That was meant for the kids Bazza. >boingy boingy< “hehe I’m in my second childhood.”
  68. 68. I had Caitlyn and Cooper try out the kids activities. Now I just need a toddler to come and try out the toddler things.
  69. 69. “Hey everyone! Watch me! I’ve had no swimming lessons and I am swimming unsupervised while my mother plays poker cards!”
  70. 70. I just love what Sims deems as appropriate or not for minors.
  71. 71. “So... >cough< Interesting game on the telly up there.” “Gillian I am trying not to turn my head here.”
  72. 72. >hehehe< You may be happy to know I did away with the croc loo’s when I built the upstairs.
  73. 73. “Peachester you need to do better.” “Yes Aunt Fuzzy.” “Plates left on the table for five whole seconds! Try to get that down to three.” >sigh< “Yes Aunt Fuzzy.”
  74. 74. “I even saw a chip packet on the ground! I’m so upset that I’m happy about it!”
  75. 75. “The conversation about my best friends might not be THAT interesting Lisa, but I don’t think it’s so bad you need to drown yourself!”
  76. 76. “This place needs a health inspection!”
  77. 77. “At least you can wash yours off!”
  78. 78. “Come on fella’s buy a ticket. There’s a whole new upstairs with a bar now.” “Well I don’t know, I’m still fat.” “Yeah and I’m still single.”
  79. 79. “Ah the smell of freshly picked ticket.”
  80. 80. Shirtless Sawyer pic because...umm, it’s a shirtless Sawyer pic? It was taken because he used the pool autonomously and we don’t get many of those. Notice Gerry in the background reading our poster?
  81. 81. “What’s wrong with some wee floating things eh? They need love too!” He viewed it, booed it and laughed at it before throwing us a star.  It may have had something to do with our new bar.
  82. 82. “So want to try our new martini? We call it ‘Fried Hot Tub’ it’s got quite a bang.” “How old are you kid?” My teen sims can happily tend bar but not act as the DJ. The option is there and just disappears. Is that normal on an owned lot? I’m thinking about renaming this place glitchville. Aussie facts: You can buy and serve alcohol in Australia from 18 years of age. A report has shown that Northern Territorians drink 15 litres of pure alcohol each year - three times the global average. The only nations that come close to matching Territorian’s at the bar are the Irish and Czechs, who drink 13 liters of alcohol (World Health Organisation figures).
  83. 83. Upstairs we have a dance floor and a bar. Just needs some tile in the bathrooms and a dance sphere and it will be finished. Poor Lilly, I think she wishes I had put a room or two on as well.
  84. 84. “Hannng loooose!” “Shadey how many times have you been back to the bar?” “Barr wha barrr?”
  85. 85. Nicole still works here, but I have re-assigned her as DJ. I’m sure that was a relief for her, and the two I put on mammoth duty are perfect for the job...
  86. 86. No not Jilly and Pixx.  “Buzz-a-beep?!” (Why am I the only one mopping?) “Buzz beep buzz?” No Mingo, kissing mammoth butt won’t stop production!
  87. 87. I decided to make this super easy to run, so we only have a BBQ and vending machines, no restaurant. Peach stop shovelling chips, you’re sitting next to a celebrity! Go and great Sad Old Guy! “Err ugher uergh” (“He’s not Kernel Sanders you know.”)
  88. 88. The most popular past time here remains the bowling and cards. “Now watch as I demonstrate how it’s done Gillian.”
  89. 89. >splat!<
  90. 90. Not that Ashley was deterred. “Yes!”
  91. 91. “Yeah well, I’d like to see how well you bowl.”
  92. 92. “You’re meant to hit those white pins down the end Lynda.” “Oh shush!”
  93. 93. The family sims sit around playing cards and talking about how hard done by they are. “She sticks us in a house and doesn’t even try to get us married.” “All I want is six kids.” “Yeah, me too.” “Getting three through college would be good enough for me.” *Bang head on keyboard*
  94. 94. “I think we are here just to fill her club house.” “Which simself are you again?” Ivy: “Urrr”
  95. 95. This is how the place looks now.
  96. 96. Ground floor
  97. 97. First floor.
  98. 98. Back at home one little boy is ready for his birthday.
  99. 99. So I decided to throw him a party. I had Opal do the inviting so this is everyone who knows her well enough to turn up.
  100. 100. Mostly rellies, out-laws, in-laws and a few sim selves. Flo is going to guard the Brigadier. Looks like she is onto your gnome napping ways already Fuzzy!
  101. 101. But you know how these gatherings go... “Eww your parents are so embarrassing!”
  102. 102. “Oh you’re a fine one to talk. At least my parents aren’t conducting weird genetic experiments.” “What’s that supposed to mean?” “You figure it out.” Huckleberry you really don’t want to annoy Laura. She’s as mean as a rattle snake with 10 outgoing points and 10 body points.
  103. 103. Rolly decided the bathroom was just the place to grow up in.
  104. 104. And he grows up into a sports uniform. Guess it could be worse...
  105. 105. I Sent Rolly off for some new hair at this suddenly appearing vanity >cough< And noticed Blyth looking rather devious.
  106. 106. He was easily distracted and I didn’t have to do a thing. Thanks Chris. “How dare you talk about capitalisms’ filthy lucre to me!” Blyth’s hot spot is money. Guaranteed to start an argument every time.
  107. 107. Not so easily distracted are Fuzzy...
  108. 108. And kali. But wait there’s more!
  109. 109. Ichange is out there too! Stone the flaming crows, how am I supposed to keep a party going with you lot trying to knock off my rooster.
  110. 110. “Buzz buzz beep!” “Who me? Steal a rooster? Never! I’m out here to um… check on things. You can’t be too careful Flo.” “Beep-a-beep buzz beep!” (“What do you think this is, bush week?”)
  111. 111. “I’m the good out-law Aunt In-law who stands the pinkies back up.” Fuzzy went back inside after her little chat with Flo.
  112. 112. Ichange however... “Buzz-a-beep beep!” Brigadier: “Stand and cease young sir.” Too late, he pocketed the Brigadier. Even the British upper-class are not immune to being pilfered.
  113. 113. He and Kali then kicked a few of the stretched galahs over for good measure.
  114. 114. Luckily for me the party was still going great. Then...
  115. 115. Aww bullocks and rat tails. I had totally forgotten that Bazza was due to go any time. Kali did not stop.
  116. 116. “Bazza Wonglepong_” “Grim it’s about time. Gimme my drink already.” “Err, ok mate” >scratch head< “I have a date kiss that’s been waiting three whole days and that Sheila of mine will be mad as a gumtree full of galahs.”
  117. 117. “Fair dinkum, with a send off look’n like this, it’s a shame a bloke can’t die again.” “Roxie! Trixie! This is not the special addition package!”
  118. 118. Well that's another Wonglepong party down the gurgler. It went from Good time to disaster. No amount of 40 second on the timer jokes could fix this one.
  119. 119. Everyone but Chewy cried, I just didn’t think you would want to see it all again.
  120. 120. Here is the newly teened Rolly after a hair change. His ears were poking through the cowboy hat. He rolled Knowledge/Grilled cheese. LTW to be a World Class Ballet Dancer. Doesn’t matter, whoever becomes heir will get wished platinum on the genie lamp.
  121. 121. A bit about each of the kids as I am having the heirship poll after this chapter. Laura enjoys dancing in the living room, kicking the stretched galahs, and giving her younger brother as many noogies as she can get away with. 10/10/9/3/1 Romance/knowledge She has Bazza’s blue eyes and Chewy’s elf ears.
  122. 122. Peach is the good girl of the family. She is this generation’s bug nut, makes friends easily and gains aspiration points for skilling. 4/10/2/5/6/ Knowledge/Family She has Tina’s brown eyes and normal ears.
  123. 123. Rolly the bad apple can usually be found cleaning, playing punch you punch me with his sister for as long as she will allow it or serving up grilled cheese. Knowledge/Grilled Cheese. Stats unknown, but neat, mean and likes to finger gun. Similar to Laura I think. He has Bazza’s blue eyes and Chewy’s elf ears.
  124. 124. He also likes to hang out… “So you know what it’s like not to be understood don’t you? Being the quiet one of the family and all.”
  125. 125. …with imaginary friends and inanimate objects. O_o
  126. 126. On the challenge side of things I can finally report that Opal has maxed her nature hobby enthusiasm! That has only taken her, her entire life. O_O Due I think to her being very messy. Apparently neatness and nature enthusiasm is connected. Now she can focus on getting her gold robotics badge. She recently made it to silver.
  127. 127. Chewy maxed his enthusiasm in music and dance the day after. He also has his gold robotics badge.
  128. 128. Which means he is now free to peruse his other love, 200 grilled cheese sandwiches.
  129. 129. Farewell Bazza and Tina. You were a great couple.
  130. 130. You now reside out the back in this small cemetery. Even though neither of you achieved your LTW you both became platinum due to the huge amount of grandchildren you had. You leave behind three children and twenty grandchildren.
  131. 131. Walkabout: A type of quest where aborigines’ go into the wilderness at age 13 for six months as a rite of passage. Limey: An old nickname for the British believed to come from the Royal Navy’s practice of giving their sailors lime juice to prevent scurvy. Pom or pommy: Another nickname given to the British. This may have originated from a shortening of ‘prisoner of his/her majesty’ given to the convicts. Gum Tree, also known as Eucalypts: These trees dominate the Australian landscape. Particular varieties are eaten by Koala’s. Blinky Bill: A well known fictional Koala. The Adventures of Blinky Bill was first published in 1933. It is still in print today. Nutsy: Is Blinky Bill’s adopted sister. Woop Woop: Slang for the middle of nowhere. Also an invented name for any small unimportant country town. The kind where you sneeze and you miss it. Arvo: The afternoon. Vegemite: I assume everyone knows this is our wonderful, scrumptious, magnificent National spread. Ripper: Really good. A good time.
  132. 132. Croc: Crocodile. First Floor: I only just found this out. American call the ground floor of a building the first floor while any Aussie knows that the first floor of a building is the first floor up from the ground floor, or what American’s would know as the second floor. Stone the flaming crows: Exclamation of surprise or annoyance. Rellies: The relatives. Knock off: To steal something or make a cheap copy. What do you think this is, bush week?: Do you think I’m a fool? Or I’m no fool. Sheila: A female. Mad as a gum tree full of galahs: Pretty mad. Fair dinkum: true, genuine. Down the gurgler: Down the drain, no good.