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Caveman legacy one


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Caveman legacy one

  1. 1. This is only picspam not a story! I just find it easier to insert the pictures into Word rather than upload them all to photobucket. Plus it does my spelling as I go. Do you like this lot? Out of all the cave type/wilderness lots I’ve made this is my favourite. Hood mountains in the background help too.
  2. 2. Last time I played this legacy was before I knew what my antivirus was doing I got so scared by the vanishing baby I deleted the whole hood. Down there is Og in front of his house/cave.
  3. 3. Inside the front room/kitchen/dining room/utility room. Rules: No jobs everNo selling the computer or networking gifts. Give them away. I have allowed date gifts flowers to be sold. No electronics, so no phone (except to quit job) no smoke alarm, no burglar alarm, no car.
  4. 4. The lot has two harvestable paw-paws, two coconut trees, two banana trees and two coffee been tress. These are the only source of food until they have some fish or crops. The fridge is simply a pantry but it does have bottles. They have to stock it themselves. No grocery delivery. Also no food delivery, no books or any kind of modern item.
  5. 5. “Uuh?!”They use a rock to break it. Climbing the tree takes some comfort, actually everything here does. Low comfort is the bane of their life.
  6. 6. “Snuffle glomp”Thing with these trees they can run out and then you have to wait a day until they produce. I should not of had Og eat bananas (just in case they run out) as they are the only tree pregnant sims can eat from. The peel gets tossed down but needs to be cleaned up or it goes stinky. All good compost.
  7. 7. I downloaded this castaway hot coal walking pit from MATY and seeing the lot was a bit cheap (from the sims living here before) At $3,000 it’s one expensive pit. I wanted to see it in action.
  8. 8. “Ooga booga!”
  9. 9. “Rarrr-ya-bagabar!!”What can I say; Og is not talented at walking on hot coals. Oh well I left it smoking it adds ambience. Lol
  10. 10. Poor Og, he was getting the mail and got struck by lightning. At first I was going to make him earn a bed (hay) by fishing, but I felt sorry for him and sold a bush and an invisible baby change pad I had left behind. The bed has low comfort, he has no chairs at this point, getting food and fishing put his comfort down, it’s constantly red or orange.
  11. 11. The lot has two invisible ‘pee anywhere’ spots. They shower in the waterfall. That raises comfort a little.Paper girl can’t believe her eyes. Og can’t believe he’s being given free compost (paper) they can’t read.
  12. 12. She likes to stare.
  13. 13. I kept a lookout all week until this vision of loveliness walked past. I thought she would-she always does.One other time I did a prettacy with Og (I’ve remade him each time so each ones a little different) But I’ve noticed by the fourth generation kids tend to look pretty normal, so this time I will marry in the ugliest walk by. *Hopes game makes some ugly townies* Later on when they get enough money they can have a horse and go to the beach.
  14. 14. “Ogga ba Og?” “You want what?”Shelby Bartlet (or close to that) Romance with a numbered LTW- sorry darl’n not here. It’s hard enough without trying to sneak in aspiration fodder. They had no chemistry.
  15. 15. “You want me to live in a cave with no modern amenities! Well why didn’t you say so! It’s for a movie, right? I’ll be famous!” First time I’ve married her in. She has a few skills and a robotics badge-lol that will get you far here-not.
  16. 16. “Why do I feel the urge to grunt all of a sudden?”So I took the chance when she had no engagement or wedding fears. Og being family was very happy. His LTW? Have 6 grandchildren-that will be doable.
  17. 17. Shelby did bring in $7,000. They bought another fruit tree, some lady bug houses and this sewing machine while saving the rest.Sewing machine is one acceptation to modern items. At least it’s ‘oldish’, plus making their own clothes goes with the theme I think. Right now I’m using the hacked dresser.
  18. 18. Wouldn’t you want to wake up next to that wonderful hairy specimen?
  19. 19. Finally amid the comfort protests Og managed to catch a fish he could cook over his hot coal barbeque. Shelby caught a cat fish but only has one cookingpoint-not enough to grill catfish. Of course with my harder modes Og has no skill points and I know fishing and sewing were really whammed with it-takes four.ever. We need that sparkly food as baby Og is on the way and bananas only go so far.
  20. 20. Also they now have two bolts. Good for them!