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A Very Cheesy Asylum part two


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Published in: Self Improvement, Technology
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A Very Cheesy Asylum part two

  1. 1. A Very Cheesy Asylum
  2. 2. I just noticed how well made that loaf of bread is for being a base game item, while also noticing that pot of pickles? Mustard? Butter? Some weird and wonderful invisible American spread? (Cause it sure ain’t Vegemite) is totally empty! I’m thinking it’s mustard, but eww, mustard on grilled cheese? ....I think I’ll just tell my simself it’s Vegemite since she has to down 198 more to ever get out of here!
  3. 3. Yes, the game had only recognized two of those sandwiches because I hadn’t eaten the last crumb. What’s strange is that Ashley from my legacy only has to take about five bites to get a memory. Dr Jo Cheese had to do a lot more digging to get that cheese counter painting as it cost around$800. If my simself wasn’t so lousy at digging it would help! This session she got 3 bones and one water pipe. I got a map in another dig session and bought the counter painting.
  4. 4. Also there are bills to pay.... ohw nice looking mail man for a change. Plus I know with the way the groceries are being eaten I will also have to restock the fridges soon.
  5. 5. Yep fridges plural, if my last Sims 2 asylum taught me anything it was to start with two fridges!
  6. 6. Because honestly eating...
  7. 7. Guzzling....
  8. 8. Complaining...
  9. 9. And whining about their hunger is a major pastime!That is alien Esme’s nightwear, that crash course book she read on blending into the earthlings had some pages glued together. It went from ‘The average female bed clothing is’... to ‘obtained from the cloister of St Simston’ So we’ll forgive her for the slip up.
  10. 10. “Aye, I’d rather eat me parrot then see one more plate of happy jelly!” >squawk!”
  11. 11. Well it was the major pastime apart from the piano until certain people....
  12. 12. Decided to turn this whole thing....
  13. 13. Into a framming bachelor challenge!
  14. 14. Can you feel the love tonight?
  15. 15. Crunchknuckles The peace the evening brings The world, for once, in perfect harmony With all its living things.
  16. 16. So many things to tell her But how to make her seeThe truth about my past? Impossible! Shed turn away from me
  17. 17. Angry Gem is angry Hes holding back, hes hiding But what, I cant decideWhy wont he be the king I know he is The king I see inside?
  18. 18. Pianoaccompaniment >Pound Pound!< Can you feel the love tonight? The peace the evening brings The world, for once, in perfect harmony With all its living things
  19. 19. Can you feel the love tonight? You neednt look too farStealing through the nights uncertainties Love is where they are
  20. 20. Sawyer and ....? And if he falls in love tonight It can be assumedHis carefree days with us are history In short, our pal is doomed
  21. 21. Did you saysomething Err no, didFuzzy? you? How it all started... “It’s time you all stopped beating around the bush and started playing racket ball!” “One hot lonely pirate...Where’s the girl power in this place. If I was taller...” Jess” Must have been the parrot.” Fuzzy “yeah that must have been it...”
  22. 22. Watch thehair! Honestlythis is notwhat I meant! “This is fun!”
  23. 23. >Whisper,whisper,whisper< think so...okay!
  24. 24. So Fuzzy hit on Chewy.
  25. 25. Then she went all out and pulled a caress.I checked their relationship scores (I know you’re not supposed to!) I can’t believe he let her do that as they weren’t that high.
  26. 26. Very satisfactory. See now this is what I was talking about!Darn it! They actually make a really cute couple. This breaks my no loving between simself rules! Just as well I have no ACR.
  27. 27. However they weren’t the first to start it! No they were just the pair to get on with things! The wall: “Sawyer is hot!”
  28. 28. Scribbles and Ani-mei started stalking Sawyer right away.
  29. 29. While Scribbles plan of attack was mostly tickles.
  30. 30. Ani-Mei went right on in with the heavy flirts.This however did not win her Sawyer’s favour.
  31. 31. They ended up with so many double negatives that Sawyer decided to start picking on her instead. Meanwhile Scribbles waited...
  32. 32. Until Ani-Mei had dug herself into a hole.
  33. 33. In fact I’ve lost count of the fights.
  34. 34. The one of the roof was a doozy.
  35. 35. Ouch?
  36. 36. They finish one to start another.Scribbles “Hey I can’t see to stalk Sawyer for all this dust!”
  37. 37. “Some privacy please!”Don’t you love the little monsters that can watch you take a bath here? ^_^
  38. 38. So what about Gem and Chewy? Well while it may have looked like jealousy, it isn’t. That is something else entirely and has nothing to do with Fuzzy. Chewy pranked Gem on the first day and it escalated from that. *As an aside do did you notice who is outside the window?
  39. 39. This is my downloaded playable Mrs C, I had her in my nursing home challenge and she’s as mean as a snake.
  40. 40. But I’ve never seen a sim steal an old paper before. *Back to our regularly scheduled program.
  41. 41. “Swine!”
  42. 42. “Freak!”
  43. 43. “You haven’t heard the last of this Chewy!”
  44. 44. “I have my knife now Chewy!”
  45. 45. “You don’t mess with Gem!”Err I think you might want to remove the knife from your side Gem.
  46. 46. Fuzzy and Gem actually get on very well.“Congratulations on beating my boyfriend to a pulp Gem!” “I do my best!” Sawyer *Women are strange*
  47. 47. “ “Congratulations for falling in love with that leech Fuzzy!” “Aww thanks Gem!”
  48. 48. Hehehe, don’t you love the outerwear.
  49. 49. >sniff sniff< How could he like Scribbles and not me!It’s only been a few days, but worry hands and crying over aspirations are starting.
  50. 50. “Maybe I should put an ad in the classifieds’. Desperate romance sim will take anyone who still has a pulse.” “So if I kill Sawyer you won’t want him anymore?”
  51. 51. “Waah! Being a knowledge sim is so hard!”Oh come on Sawyer, knowledge should be one of the easier aspirations to keep happy. He’s earned creativity and body points but got no aspiration points for them.
  52. 52. No it’s Fuzzy who is pleasure here, who gains the points for earning a creativity point.
  53. 53. I don’t knowwhat to dowithout my fairyadvisor. So I was surprised. She must go to bed herself when Fuzzy does.
  54. 54. Ani-Mei was nearly the first sponge bath, but for whatever reason Esme and Gem didn’t leave. Esme “I already pressed my finger on the silver disk, but it hasn’t opened!”
  55. 55. Gees Gem, burn my eyes why don’t you. We have a bathroom for that!So Gem decided to show her how it should be done.
  56. 56. We also had an invisible ‘tree’ fire. So much for there being ‘no trees’ in this place. Luckily it was raining.
  57. 57. My simself isn’t too happy with Chewy either. “Chewy that was my grilled cheese! What do you think you’re doing eating it?!”Something stoped my simself eating, Chewy came and stole it from under my nose and would not give it back.
  58. 58. “Well I think we should all keep the peace and not mention Jo’s expanding waistline.” “Yeah, thanks Sawyer” *Adds Sawyer to dog house*I already had two empty fridges and could only restock one. I planted some tomatoes to try and grow some food too; I just need to dig up something expensive so I don’t have to dig so much.
  59. 59. >Grumble, mumble< “Men, blocked toilets, a large butt and only 12 sandwiches eaten!”Now then sim me, just invest in a bra with a bigger cup and keep eating! Because yes it’s been I think 5 days and only 12 eaten is way behind schedule!