Pokemon legacy chap 3


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Pokemon legacy chap 3

  1. 1. Chapter 3
  2. 2. Welcome back to the NEW Pokémon Legacy. Not that this thing is really new anymore. It’s been goingish sinceChristmas. Anyways, sorry it’s been absolutely forever since I’ve updated. I get in these funks where I don’t play or even I get on Boolprop for awhile. But the funk is over for now and on with the show.
  3. 3. To briefly recap, Anna Pokémon married Cleve and gavebirth to four daughters; Bulbasaur, Ivysaur, Venusaur, and Charmander. Anna had a brief fight with Pony over the naming of the girls, but relented to Pony’s wishes, after having some rather pointed dreams. *whistles innocently*
  4. 4. Ani-Mei was happy, not even the cool rain falling in their morning tea could bother her. Reias was by her side again even if he refused to put on some clothes. It wasearly yet so maybe he didn’t need to put on clothes right away.
  5. 5. After awhile Ani-Mei went downstairs to join Pony and Thai for their morning meal.“’Morning Ani-Mei.” Pony greeted her with a sly smile, “Did you like my present?” “Very much.” Ani-Mei grinned.
  6. 6. “You didn’t get me a present!” “Of course I did Thai.” “Well where is it?”“You know, she lives on the edge of town, has green skin and black hair.” Pony snickered. “Oh.”
  7. 7. “Geez Thai, forgetting about Hollie already.” Ani-Mei chuckled. “Not forgetting, do you guys even realize how early itis.” Thai protested, “Especially since you and Reias were up all night.” “They went to bed, eventually anyways.”
  8. 8. “Alright, enough. What Reias and I do is our own business.” Ani- Mei blushed, “Pony are you going to set handicaps yet?” “I was thinking One Way Street, well except for ten kid gens.”“You’ve just gotten to generation 2 and you’re already planning on breaking handicaps.” Thai shook his head. “Well that’s what they’re there for right? To break?”
  9. 9. Across town, the legacy house was silent, dawn had yet to come.
  10. 10. Well it was mostly quiet, Cleve woke up to Venu playing tub-pirates. “Young lady, do you realize was time it is?”
  11. 11. “Awww, but Dad. Treasure Island is just over the horizon.” Venu complained.Cleve chuckled, how did kids find out about these things. The girls haven’t even been to school yet. Pony must be tampering with things again. She was as subtle as bulldozer at times.
  12. 12. “You can find treasure tomorrow Venu.” Cleve said softly, “Go to bed you have school tomorrow.” “Yes Dad.” Venu said sulkily and gave him a kiss before flouncing off to her bed.
  13. 13. Cleve slipped in as quietly as he could beside his wife. Anna looked so peaceful while she was sleeping. It’d be the last the last night of sleep they would have for awhile. Their fifth child was due soon. His heart still flutteredsometimes, he couldn’t believe that Anna chose him. Plain ole’ Cleve over Andrew.
  14. 14. Six o’clock came all too soon for the girls.Their parents still asleep when Bulbasaur, Ivy, Charrie climbed out of bed. “Good morning!” Bulbasaur yawned cheerily bouncing out of bed. “Do we really have to be up this early?” Ivy scowled at her sister, was five more minutes too much to ask.
  15. 15. “Aren’t you going to make your bed Ivy?”“Why bother, I’m just going to get it messy again tonight.”
  16. 16. Ivy settled down on the floor to play, and Bulbasaur made her sister’s bed. She wasn’t as compulsively neat asCharrie, but she had some sense of needing to be orderly.
  17. 17. Anna got up slowly, she felt as big as house. This was definitely going to be the last baby. She could hear thegirls giggling and playing in the other room. It was going to take time to get used to that, they sounded more like a herd of elephants than four little girls.
  18. 18. Before long the school bus arrive as well as Cleve’s carpool.Anna sniffed back tears as the girls ran out to meet the bus.
  19. 19. “Are you sure that you’re allow to drive this thing?” Charrie demanded. “Yep, I’m a certified bus driver.”“Well, if it crashes, I’m telling everybody that it’s your fault.” “Seems fair to me.” The bus driver shrugged, “You coming or not?”
  20. 20. Luckily Anna’s day wasn’t doomed to bored. As soon as the bus drove off Ani-Mei appeared over the hill.A/N: Ani-Mei has a better relationship than I do with my founder… -is jealous-
  21. 21. “Having another?” Ani-Mei cooing at Anna’s distended stomach. “Yeah, Cleve and I didn’t think four was enough apparently.”“Hopefully you’ll just have one more. You could always give one to me.” “Nice try, come inside I’ll make us some breakfast.”
  22. 22. Ani-Mei ended up staying for more than breakfast. Anna couldn’t help but be glad for the company.
  23. 23. Ani-Mei even helped out around the house. Anna and Cleve just hadn’t had time to garden much.
  24. 24. Almost too soon the kids returned from school. “How was your first day Ivy?” Cleve. “Fun, the teacher brought her dog to school. Can we get a dog?” Ivy asked. “They’re a lot of work kiddo.”“Oh…” Ivy thought for a minute, “Let’s just get a fish instead.” “I think your Aunt Pony would let us borrow one of hers.”
  25. 25. The girls settled down to play, their first day of drained them of energy and left them feeling strung out. Anna felt she needed to say something about their homework but Cleve motioned to her to let them play. “Let them play, they spent all day learning.” Cleve said plopping down next to Venu, “Homework can come after dinner.”
  26. 26. “Alright, let’s get your homework out of the way.”“Awww… We were treasure hunting.” Charrie protested, “Ivy was the governor’s men. Who’ll my pirates fight now?” Cleve just shook his head, he really needed to talk with Pony, this was a Pokémon legacy, not pirates.
  27. 27. So they taught the girls how to do homework quickly. Luckily school hadn’t change much since they were kids.
  28. 28. Anna had finally gotten the girls tucked away in bed when she felt the familiar pains in her belly. “CLEVE!” She shouted, “It’s time.”
  29. 29. No sooner than she gave birth to another baby girl, her stomach lurched again. Quickly she handed Charmeleon to Cleveand gave birth to her twin sister, Charizard.
  30. 30. Charmeleon- Charizard-In the rocky mountain where It is said that Charizard’s fireCharmeleon live, their fiery burns hotter if it hastails shine like stars. experienced harsh battles.Kinda romantic isn’t it? Charmeleon favors Anna, while Charizard favors Cleve, except for the blue eyes of course.
  31. 31. With some quick rearranging Anna and Cleve were able to squeeze two of the older girls’ cribs into the living. Thankfully they had a contractor come expand the kitchen before the babies were born.
  32. 32. “What’s all the yelling about?” Charrie demanded opening the bathroom door.“Say hello to your new sisters Charrie.” Anna smiled, “Charmeleon and Charizard.” “Are you going to call them Charrie too?” “No, sweetheart you’re one of a kind.” “Alright then, new sisters are cool.”
  33. 33. The girls were all up at the crack of dawn, they played quietly intheir room. Charrie had told them about the new arrivals, soundlysleeping in the living. Ivy and Venu wanted to see them, but Bulba insisted that they try to have some fun before going to school. “We’ll probably have chores to tonight, let’s play while we havethe chance.” She insisted. The middle girls exchanged glances, but Bulbasaur was the eldest and right on some score.
  34. 34. Both Anna and Cleve had to work that day, lucky Elle was to the rescue. “I see you had more babies for me to play with.” Elle smiled fondly, once again resuming her place in the household.“Yes Elle, the girls have missed you.” Anna smiled, “They wanted to wait around to see, but the bus driver had more kids to pick up.” “I’ll get to see them this afternoon.” Elle sound wistful.
  35. 35. Elle went straight to the oven and began to warm up some toaster pastries. Then Charmeleon began to cry, the grandmotherly nanny rushed over to see what was wrong, leaving the oven untended.Luckily Anna saw the whole thing and was able to get the food out of the oven before the house caught fire. Though she loved Elle very much, she began to worry about the dear nanny.
  36. 36. Anna didn’t get much time to consider Elle, her carpool honking at the street. Boy she was glad to finally be back at work, even if it meant wearing a clown suit.
  37. 37. Elle was oblivious to her blunder, but no more were made. She was having too much fun with the new babies.Charmeleon and Charizard were pleasant babes and easily taken care of. Elle just wished her grandchildren would have this pleasant.
  38. 38. “DADDY!” Charrie screeched in delight rushing to greet Cleve. He loved that the girls got home the same time he did.Unexpected hugs warmed his heart. His girls were going up so fast, he wouldn’t be able to get them much long.
  39. 39. Despite Bulbasaur’s doubts the girls were allowed time to play before doing their homework. Sulky she played by herself in their room, but her sisters found other amusements.
  40. 40. Soon Anna returned from, Bulbasaur leaping into her arms. “Mom why aren’t dressed so weird?” She asked wrinkling her nose at the gaily colored clown suit. “All part of my job, have you finished your homework yet?”“Aww, Mom….” Bulbasaur managed to look sheepish and wiggle free. “Hop to it, can’t have you failing now can we?” Anna chided, “You too Charrie, I see you sliding away.”
  41. 41. “One game of red hands first?” Charrie begged, “Please Mom.” “Oh alright, one game.”
  42. 42. Cleve woke up late in the night. Charizard crying her heart out. There went any chance of sleep the next few nights,Cleve mused comforting his daughter, Anna and he would have to take turns getting up with the twins every night.
  43. 43. Unable to go back to Cleve used his sudden spare time wisely,getting the little chores around the house finished. With his lackof mechanical experience he was lucky the computer didn’t light him up like a Christmas tree.
  44. 44. Everyone got early, spending the quiet hours of themorning together. It was the twins birthday today, and the quiet would not last long.
  45. 45. Anna had the day off, but Elle came anyway. She was workingoff of Cleve’s schedule. Anna got a rare moment to paint, butshe discreetly watched Elle. Though she couldn’t bring herself to admit she didn’t trust the nanny anymore.
  46. 46. Cleve came home early nearly jumping with joy, a lucky choice to help out the senator resulted in a sudden promotion.
  47. 47. He and Anna took the chance for some alonetime. Since Elle wasn’t due to leave until three.
  48. 48. The girls came back from school with all A+. Ivy and Venu were the most excited, their parent couldn’t be more proud.
  49. 49. Six quickly rolled Anna and Cleve hauled out the bright birthday tables and laid out cakes.
  50. 50. Charmeleon- 8/10/4/6/5 Charizard- 6/4/7/4/10 TEN whopping nice points woot. And no more slobs, double woot.
  51. 51. And this is where I leave you for this half of Chapter 3. Iwasn’t going to split it into two, but I’ve ended up takingwaaay too many pictures. I should have the second half out soonish.
  52. 52. ~At the Beach House~
  53. 53. Pony and Thai were idly watching TV. Ani-Mei and Reiashad already gone to bed, leaving the other two simselves to their own amusements.
  54. 54. “Thai!” Pony exclaimed abruptly breaking the relaxed silence, “I’ve got it.” “Got what?” “Extra rules!” “Well quit bouncing around and tell.” “Evolution, Pokémon evolve so all the children must be born insets.” Pony exclaimed, “Like there’s already Bulbasaur’s evolution chain and Charmander’s. It can just keep going like that.
  55. 55. “Stick One Way Street and Story-teller on top of that aswell as your little Sunday thing from Arbor Watch and you got a rule set.” “Glad that’s over with, I bet I can beat you in SSX 3.” “Bet you can’t.”
  56. 56. On a side note… Ani-Mei started a fight with Cleve randomly and made allthe poor kids cry. I couldn’t figure out where she and Cleve had met to start hating each other. Anyways I like to think she was warning him to never hurt Anna. She’d unleash Dalen on him.