The White Legacy--Generation 4, Chapter 2


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Life continues on for the White family.

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The White Legacy--Generation 4, Chapter 2

  1. 1. U and I The White Legacy: Generation Four, Chapter Two
  2. 2. Alright, welcome back to the White Legacy! I‟ve got a masterful recap all laid out for you. Here goes. In the last chapter, Sun was bald. Also, Jade and Sun‟s two children, Andi and Hyde, were born, and Dez died. *sniff*
  3. 3. But we begin this chapter on a much happier note: Andi‟s birthday. She gets to become a child today. Any thoughts, Grandma Isis? Isis: “This kid better not glitch.” Very warm birthday congratulations indeed.
  4. 4. Andi: “Daddy, aren‟t you going to have any cake?” Sun: “Hmmm… you know, it‟s sounds groovy, but you can, like, have my piece. Happy birthday, flower. Like, have the whole cake if you want.” Andi: “Yippee!!”
  5. 5. Isis: “Sun, please don‟t give her any ideas. We want her to eat right.” Sun: “A few slices of cake isn‟t going to, like, hurt her.” Andi: “And it‟s yummy! When we go to Three Lakes, will there be cake like this there?” Isis: “Three Lakes? Who said anything about Three Lakes?” Sun: “…”
  6. 6. Toro: “BOO!!” Andi: “WAAA!!” Jade: “Grandpa Toro, please don‟t scare my children.” Toro: “Sorry, Jade. Old habits die hard, you know.”
  7. 7. What you don‟t see behind that stall is Jade having morning sickness, because I decided two children was not enough (and I‟m really hoping to get triplets or quads, now that I‟ve installed the hack… *whistles innocently*). What you also didn‟t see was that she just got out of bed and walked to the stall. Apparently, she didn‟t feel the need to run.
  8. 8. Now there‟s something you don‟t see every day: an empty cake platter. The family ate the entire cake. This has only happened to me once before. Isn‟t the decoration on the empty platter pretty? Note the absence of crumbs and bits of frosting. They must have really been hungry.
  9. 9. And there‟s the first pop. This is going to be the last one, right Jade? Jade: “Oh, I don‟t know. We love children.” …you‟re going to make me test out my new larger households hack, aren‟t you? Jade: “Maybe not that many… we might try for four or five. We would love a large family.”
  10. 10. Isis: “There, there, pumpkin. Sleep well. It‟s the middle of the day, but I can forgive you that because you‟re half vampire. Have a good day‟s rest.”
  11. 11. Isis: “Jade, please—” *cough HACK* Jade: “Are you okay?” Isis: “Agh, fine. As I was saying, please put your neat points away for a moment and sit and talk with me.”
  12. 12. Jade: “What do you need?” Isis: “Well, sweetie, my time is going to up in a few hours, and I wanted somebody to know.” Jade: “…oh.”
  13. 13. Isis: “Oh, don‟t make that face. I just wanted to say, I‟ve been very impressed with how you‟ve handled the stress of what happened to you and haven‟t let it get to you. I couldn‟t have done that. You make a very good heiress, and mother. My grandchildren are lovely, and though I initially had doubts about your choice in marrying a vampire, he‟s turned out to be a very good husband. You‟ve done wonderfully, sweetie. I can most assuredly rest in peace now. But first, I think I‟ll go snuggle Hyde. I love you, Jade. See you at the Luau, in a very, very long time.”
  14. 14. Jade: “…”
  15. 15. I thought you were dying, Isis. What are you doing out here, in the middle of a snowstorm? Isis: “I‟m locking the magic shed. Dez left me the key, and I want to keep this little piece of the estate closed off forever as a memorial to his memory.” Well, alright. I don‟t entirely understand it, but alright. Whatever floats your boat.
  16. 16. Isis: “There you are, Hyde. Grandma loves you.” This feels like as good as any other time to point out the saga of Hyde‟s nickname. I was quite at a loss for what to nickname him when I named him Hydrus. Everyone pitched in with ideas, and one of the most popular suggestions, and one that I liked, was Hyde. So, Hyde it is. Thanks to everybody who suggested names!
  17. 17. Oh good, she‟s finally gone. … Oops. She didn‟t die in platinum. My bad.
  18. 18. She stepped on the baby on the way out. Nice.
  19. 19. Her lousy regular stone gravestone was placed next to Dez‟s pretty platinum one anyway. You know, she was in gold, and had practically filled her lifetime aspiration meter. I‟ll bet that if she had lived one more day, she would have had a platinum one, too. Mumble, grumble, grr.
  20. 20. Hmm. Something nice to say about Isis. … I‟m at a loss here. To be completely honest, I never really liked her. It wasn‟t an outright hate, but she just never seemed to take on a real personality. In a family full of quirky sims, she was just annoyingly average. I seriously considered killing her off and having Dez be a single father. Oh, well. I guess she was a good mother, and she donated some pretty good genes to the family. Good job, Isis. *pats back*
  21. 21. “I’ve been very impressed with how you’ve handled the stress of what happened to you and haven’t let it get to you. I couldn’t have done that.”
  22. 22. “You make a very good heiress, and mother.” “I can most assuredly rest in peace now.”
  23. 23. Jade: *gasp*
  24. 24. Sun: “Hm…?”
  25. 25. Jade: *gasp* *gasp* *gasp*
  26. 26. Sun: “STAR!!” Jade: *gasp* *gasp* *gasp*
  27. 27. Sun: “Babe, are you okay?” Jade: *gasp* *gasp* *gasp* Sun: “Are you okay? Can you hear me?” Jade: *gasp* *gasp* *gasp* “yes” Sun: “Okay. Let‟s get you to that chair.”
  28. 28. Jade: *gasp* *gasp* *gasp* Sun: “Okay, Star, can you take your hands down? Take them off your face, okay?” Jade: *gasp* *gasp* *gasp*
  29. 29. Jade: *gasp* *gasp* *gasp*
  30. 30. Andi: “Daddy, what‟s going on? Why is Mommy breathing like that? Is she going to be okay?” Jade: *gasp* *gasp* *gasp* Sun: “Everything‟s going to be just fine, Andi. Can you please go to the kitchen and get Mommy a drink of water?” Andi: “Okay…”
  31. 31. Sun: “Star, try to breathe deeply. In through your nose, out through your mouth. Nice and deep. You can do it.” Jade: *gasp* *gasp* *gasp* Sun: “In through your nose, out through your mouth. Come on.” Jade: *breath* *gasp* Sun: “Good. That was good. Try it again, one more time.”
  32. 32. Jade: *gasp* *gasp* *breath* Sun: “Good! In through your nose, out through your mouth. I love you, Star.” Jade: *breath* *deep breath* Sun: “There you go. You‟ve got it.”
  33. 33. Andi: “Daddy, I can‟t find any clean cups!! We used them all!! What should I do!?” Sun: “That‟s alright, Andi, don‟t freak out. Everything‟s just fine. Why don‟t you go check on Hyde?” Jade: “No… come here, Andi.”
  34. 34. Andi: *sniff* “Mommy, are you going to be okay?”
  35. 35. Jade: “I‟m j-just fine, sweetheart. Everything‟s going to be fine.”
  36. 36. Jade: “Thank you.” Sun: “That was, like, totally scary, babe. Don‟t ever do that again, cool?” Jade: “Cool.”
  37. 37. Sun: “Birthday time!!” …mood whiplash, anybody?
  38. 38. Awww, look at him, with his smile and his ears and his almost-bald head… He‟s so cute…!
  39. 39. You know what? I like this kid. I see Dez‟s brow, Jade‟s eyes, Sun‟s nose and mouth… I don‟t know where those cute little sticky-outy ears come from, but I like „em. Plus, he got the nice points Andi didn‟t get. Andi‟s personality points dictate that she‟s mean as a snake, and in comparison, Hyde is about as mean as cotton candy. At least they‟re both neat. I‟d be rather disappointed if I ended up with a bunch of messy kids again.
  40. 40. OMG!! Possessed, floating toddler!! You know what? I never get tired of not seeing Sun in the mirror. Especially when he‟s holding his children.
  41. 41. And there‟s another pop! Hyde: {Mother, I appreciate that you are expecting my younger sibling, but would you kindly finish teaching me to walk? We were almost done when we were so rudely interrupted.}
  42. 42. Andi: “Oh, I‟m so tired!” And no wonder, it‟s past midday! Get to bed, young lady! Andi: “You‟re not my mom, Author! Go away!”
  43. 43. Sun: “What are you, like, doing still up, little man? Come on, let‟s get you into your crib, huh?” Hyde: “No!!” Sun: “Nobody likes to be put in a cage, little man, but you just gotta go to sleep, and you know, the crib is the only place we‟ve got for you. So what do you say? Will the crib, like, be groovy enough for you?” I will fire that butler someday. I mean it.
  44. 44. Sun: “Hey babe. What‟s happening?” Jade: “Hi Sun. Mars is especially bright tonight.”
  45. 45. DEZ!! How are you buddy!? How‟s the Luau treating you!? How‟ve you been!? How‟s the food!? How‟s the Grim Reaper treating you!? How are you feeling!? Dez: “…”
  46. 46. Andi: “Family bonding time is, like, a lot funner when Mommy‟s not pregnant, Daddy.” Sun: “The baby is, like, almost here, flower. Mom will be back soon. Come on Hyde, say something.” Hyde: “...shoop.” Sun: “…‟shoop‟ is, like, cool, little man, but could you say „Daddy‟?” Andi: “It‟s no use, Daddy. Come play chess with me!”
  47. 47. Jade: “No~oo!! Not in the middle of the day again!! I want the father of my children present during at least one of their births!!” Poor Jade. That‟s rough. Jade: “Shut up, you!!” Grouchy.
  48. 48. Another girl. I was hoping for a boy, but okay, I can work with this. Meet Lyra, another cute-as-a-button little baby.
  49. 49. Hyde: “Bwock go in hole!!” Congratulations, Hyde! That‟s great! And holy cow, isn‟t that little smile of his precious!? Hyde: “Smile?” That‟s right, Hyde! Keep smiling like that for the camera and you‟ll be a shoe-in for heir when you grow up! Hyde: *hic* “More bwocks? Want more bwocks.”
  50. 50. Repoman: “We deeply regret to inform you that we will have to repossess some of your things. Hehehe.” Yeah, sure. It‟s not like they can‟t afford the bills, you know, we were just too lazy to actually get up and pay them. Think we can strike a compromise? Say… a bribe? Repoman: “Too little too late, lady, there ain‟t nothin‟ you can say that could convince me to—did you say bribe?”
  51. 51. Sun: “So you‟re Lyra, huh? You know, your mommy let me have it when I wasn‟t awake to see you born, so I‟m going to, like, make it up to you now, huh?” Hyde: *smile* We should‟ve named him Sun.
  52. 52. Andi: “Mommy, if I do allllll of my homework, can we get a basketball hoop? Pleeeease!?” Jade: “Basketball? Wouldn‟t you rather study?” Andi: “Ew! No! Please, Mommy!?” Jade: “Hm… do your homework first. I‟ll think about it.” Andi: “So does that mean „yes‟?”
  53. 53. Sun: “Come on, Andi, it‟s almost dawn. Time for bed.” Jade: “Andromeda White, are you trying to cheat?” Andi: *giggle* “Nooooo…”
  54. 54. I love chance cards. And I don‟t mean that sarcastically. Jade: “Author, I hired the campus sorority to take down the fraternity, and have been promoted to Education Minister. I still needed ten friends to get there on my own effort, but now I have completed my lifetime want.” I really love chance cards.
  55. 55. Andi: “Daddy!! Daddy!! Look!! I got an A+, even though I sleep through class every day!! See!?” Sun: *yawn* “That‟s great, flower… Andi, would you, like, close the lid to my bed again? The sun is just not my bag…” Andi: “But Daddy, isn‟t your name Sun?”
  56. 56. I sure hope that smile of his continues into his childhood. Happy birthday, Hyde!
  57. 57. Hyde: “Whoa, I‟m like Alexander Goth!” Jade: “My son is going to be a fortune sim!”
  58. 58. Sun: “…let‟s, like, go shopping, huh Hyde? No son of mine is going to, like, dress like the Man.” Andi: “Daddy, who‟s the Man?”
  59. 59. But before we get to that… Hyde: “Yaaaay!! Happy birthday, little sis!!” Sun: “You won‟t, like, grow up into a suit, will you Lyra? No you won‟t!”
  60. 60. Very cute. Sun: “And no suit!” Hey, that rhymed. Sun, you and I should go into poetry together.
  61. 61. Honestly, Jade, what is it with you and birthdays? Jade: “I don‟t plan this.” Sure you don‟t. Jade: “You can‟t prove it.”
  62. 62. Hyde: “Boo!!”
  63. 63. Lyra: “WAHAHAHA *snort*!!”
  64. 64. Andi: “Astronaut Andi has entered her shuttle! This is the defining moment of her career! Launch into space in five… four… three… two…” Jade: “Andi.” Andi: “Uh… there has been a complication in the rocket launch, folks. Take-off will be delayed until this evening, after Astronaut Andi has woken up, because it‟s past her bedtime, and she loves her mommy very much?” Jade: “Better.”
  65. 65. Is that a good warlock glow? Why yes, I do believe it is! Hooray for quirky ghosts! I‟ve got Dez here, in this lovely picture, with his aura, and then we have the scariest ghost in existence, Brie the cow mascot. I think the only way to one-up her on scary ghosts would be to kill a nanny, don‟t you think?
  66. 66. Andi: “Go away, puppy. I‟m trying to concentrate here.”
  67. 67. Jade: “…Sun.” Sun: “Babe, I am, like, not missing this one‟s birth for anything. Woodstock couldn‟t keep me away this time.” Jade: “I appreciate it, but must you hover over my shoulder like this?”
  68. 68. Sun: {I am, like, a totally groovy husband. A+ for me!} Jade: {That‟s really not that much better…}
  69. 69. Sun: “Okay, Lyra, let‟s see if you can, like, get this faster than Hyde did. Can you say „teddy bear‟?” Lyra: “Mommy.” Sun: “Groovy, Lyra! That‟s right, Mommy is standing right over there! But can you, like, say „teddy‟?” Lyra: “Mommy.”
  70. 70. Sun: “Star is in pain and I didn‟t notice she was giving birth and I‟m a horrible husband and I don‟t know what to do!!” Jade: “Relax. It‟s over.”
  71. 71. Whoa, he‟s not skin four. Meet Eridanus, the newest member of generation five. I think we shall call him Dane. He will be the Great Dane of the legacy. … I‟m not the only one who finds that funny, am I?
  72. 72. Hyde: “…” Andi: “…”
  73. 73. Andi: “This is boring, Hyde.” Hyde: “Shh! Larry Lemon is about to come on!” Andi: “Who the heck is Larry Lemon, and what kind of name is that? It sounds stupid. Come on, let‟s go have some real fun.”
  74. 74. Hyde: “You call this „real fun‟? What‟s so great about throwing a ball at a hoop?” Andi: “Shh! I need to concentrate!” Hyde: “I can‟t believe I‟m missing Larry Lemon for this!” Andi: “Shush!!”
  75. 75. It‟s about time we go check on the spares, but before we leave the house, I think we have time for another double birthday, what do you think? It always amuses me how the family half-circles around the cake like that when it‟s put in the middle of the room like that. The symmetry, it pleases me.
  76. 76. Andi: “Hey, I match! Now get me some new clothes, Author!” What if I don‟t want to go out to a community lot, huh? Is the plaid skirt not good enough for you? Andi: “Do I look like the daughter of Goopy Gilscarbo to you? Do I?” Well… Andi: “If you make one single crack about my father‟s face template…” Was I going to hate on Sun‟s face template? No, no, of course not! Why would I do a thing like that? It makes such pretty children!
  77. 77. Sweats, Andi? Andi: “So I don‟t have to change clothes when I go to work out.” And what happened to your cute, long hair? Andi: “It‟s still long. It was, like, getting in the way. And by the way, if you haven‟t noticed, I am holding a toddler, and we are in front of a cake. Does this mean anything to you?” Oh, right. Happy birthday, Lyra.
  78. 78. Lyra: “Yaaay, happy birthday, me! I‟m so awesome! You know, I like these clothes, but I‟ve got, like, something even better in mind!” Uh-oh… why do I feel the need to brace myself…?
  79. 79. Lyra: “Do I look pretty, Author?” Yes, you sure do. And boy, am I relieved… Lyra: “Do you think Mommy would let me use her lipstick?” Um… no. Thankfully. You are much too young for lipstick, kid. Lyra: “Am not!”
  80. 80. Andi: {Hmm. Curls and pink dresses.} Lyra: {Hmm. Sweats and no make-up.} Hyde: {Mmm. Cake.} Now then. I promised spares, right?
  81. 81. Thank you for being so kind as to kick off the spare update portion of this chapter, Aquamarine. Aquamarine: “Oh, anything for face time, Author. Have Josh and I introduced our poor, ignored Tigris to you yet? You know, she‟s an awfully bright, beautiful little girl. Too bad no one has ever seen her before.” What I wouldn‟t give for sims who don‟t snark back. Yes, this is Cygnus‟s daughter Aquamarine, the only one of his six to actually get married so far, with her husband Joshua and their new daughter Tigris, who thankfully takes after her mother. And that‟s all you really need to know about this branch of the White family. Aquamarine: “Wait! Have I mentioned that—” I‟m moving on, Aquamarine. Maybe I‟ll pop in again someday. But don‟t hold your breath.
  82. 82. Meanwhile, it seems Arie, Callie, and Gizmo have gone out for dinner… Gizmo: “Not that I don‟t appreciate the free meal, Aunt Arie, but remind me what we‟re doing out here again?”
  83. 83. Arie: “Hey, whoa! Who ever said this was a free meal? You girls trying to freeload off of me or what?” Callie: “…” Arie: “I‟m joking.” Gizmo: “…” Arie: “Gosh, you two sound like your father.”
  84. 84. Arie: “We are here because this is the new restaurant in town and, as you may have noticed, the three of us all happen to be beautiful, single spares.” Callie: “Oh, no. You‟re not trying to get us dates, are you!?” Arie: “Sure am. Pay attention to your dear, old great aunt, Callie. It‟s not going to hurt you to go out and have a good time. We‟re all going downtown next week on a group date, so suck it up and find a man to go with or you‟re going to feel mightily awkward.”
  85. 85. Arie: “I wonder if this place serves cake?”
  86. 86. Callie: “So Aunt Arie, do you mind explaining what kind of men you expect us to find in a poker parlor?” Arie: “Lucky ones, of course.”
  87. 87. Townie: “Hey, ladies. Mind if I sit in a few hands?” Gizmo: “Mm, mm. I‟ll deal you right in.” Callie: “Gizmo, was that innuendo?” Gizmo: “I don‟t know, you tell me. You know, I think this is going to be a good game.” Callie: “Was that innuendo? Egads, my sister is going to the dark side!”
  88. 88. Callie: “Aunt Arie, we‟ve been here all night, and the only one with a date is Gizmo.” Townie Whose Name Is Apparently Lawrence: “She‟s also the only one with any money left.” Gizmo: “Heh heh heh.” Callie: “Can we call it quits yet?” Arie: “No way. Not until you and I have dates, too.”
  89. 89. Lawrence: “So did you three really come downtown just to find dates?” Gizmo: “Eh, we‟re legacy spares. It‟s kind of what we do.” Lawrence: “Legacy spares? Really?” Gizmo: “Hey, Aunt Arie… is that guy coming towards us?”
  90. 90. Arie: “Hey there. What‟s up?” Sweatered Townie: “Only the ceiling. So, do you believe in love at first sight, or should I walk by again?” Arie: “…what.” Callie: “Ooh, this is just too good. Talk about retribution.” Gizmo: “Shh, I‟m trying to hear what they‟re saying!”
  91. 91. Sweatered Townie: “If I could rearrange the alphabet, I would put U and I together.”
  92. 92. Arie: “Hahaha, you‟re so funny. Buzz off.”
  93. 93. That‟s it for this chapter, folks. Gizmo: “These are mine, thank you.” Callie: “You filthy cheater.” Thank you for that. Happy simming, everybody!