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The Mobacy Chapter 20


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The Mobacy Chapter 20

  1. 1. Very early Monday Morning Salvatore!Last time we left off, Tamara had been admitted to hospital for premature labour and Salvatore was on the phone telling his mother that the labour had been stopped.
  2. 2. “Ah nurse” said the Dr throwing his gloves in the bin “Is this the father?” At her nod he said “Too late I’m afraid.”
  3. 3. “What?!” yelled Salvatore.“Too late for the birth. Your twins have already been born and arebeing wheeled down corridor C to intensive care.” Salvatore stood with his mouth open. He had not one but twobabies and they were in intensive care! “Tamara?”“She will be going back to her room shortly. How about we step out in the waiting area?” Nurse Margaret went off to doother things, leaving Salvatore with Dr Evan’s.
  4. 4. The Dr and Salvatore went out to the waiting area.Salvatore sat down rather shell shocked.“You have to understand MrMobacy that premature sim labour is much faster than normal labour and delivery.”“But it had been stopped.”“Only momentarily; once a baby or babies decided to be born that is it.”
  5. 5. The doors opened and Tamara came out on her bed with theAlderley pushing, he paused for them to greet her. She barely opened her eyes to mumble “Drugs...good, no triplets.”Salvatore leant over and kissedher “You did really well Tams.” “Come we will walk down tointensive care together” said the Dr watching Salvatore. Salvatore looked back atTamara unsure of what to do. “She will sleep, don’t worry.”
  6. 6. After washing his arms up to his elbows Salvatore was allowed inside the intensive care unit. They passed a rather tiny baby; Salvatore couldn’t help but stop and stare. Dr Evan’s seemed to read his mind. “That baby was born a whole day early; your boy’s are considerably larger and stronger.” “Boys?”
  7. 7. “Yes, here they are.”Salvatore stared at the two little babies lying on thewarming beds. He had two sons! “How can my boy’s be so much larger?” “Your wife had them only five hours earlier then full term.” “But the sizes, I don’t understand how they canbe so different to that other baby.”
  8. 8. “Sim babies gestate at a very rapid pace over the three days of pregnancy, so the few hours difference between the little girl over there, to your boys, to a full term baby is quite immense in terms of growth.”“That’s incredible; I had never really given it any thought.” “Most people don’t, which is why Ilike to explain this to new parents.” “Now they are born their growth will slow down considerably, but you will see by about lunch timetoday they should be large enoughto take home and from there they should grow and age normally.” “Thank you so much Dr.” “The pleasure was all mine MrMobacy. Obstetrics is a fascinating field to work in. I never tire ofseeing them grow, literally before my eyes.”
  9. 9. Salvatore knew he should go to bed; it was now 4am and he had only had about three hours sleep the entire night, but how could he leave the boys alone? The boys? The poor mites didn’t even have a name that he could tell the nurse when she had asked. They had only settled on one boy’s name, Riccardo; as they had only expected one baby. He guessed the eldest should be Riccardo, but which one was that? He gently touched one of the baby’s soft warm skin. “What shall we name you hmm?” He jumped back as the baby gave out a soft grunting sound.
  10. 10. “They do that.”“What?” asked Salvatore startled.“That grunting sound, it’s normal” said the NICU nurse smiling.“Oh good!” Salvatore was quite relieved. “I wasn’t too sure if...” “If you had done something wrong?” “Yeah.”“You are allowed to touch them, they aren’t thatfragile. Just be gentle and quiet and they will be fine.”
  11. 11. The nurse got a bottle and deftly picked up one of the babies. “I was here to feed and weighthem, would you like to feed the other one?” “Oh no” said Salvatore his eyes going wide. The very idea of picking up one of his tiny son’s filled him with trepidation.“I was just off to bed, if that’s all right?”“Of course it is, you look like youcould do with a good sleep. Someparents like to help others don’t; it’s quite alright if you don’t.” Salvatore relaxed, the nurse seemed genuine and notjudgmental so he thankfully went to bed and left her to it.
  12. 12. The hospital bed might not have been the most comfortable, but Salvatore was asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow. Waking up, he looked out the window. It was obviously quite late in the morning. “Darn.” He hadn’t intended to sleep so long. He quickly threw on his clothes and went to Tamara’s room.
  13. 13. But it was already empty and her bed made.
  14. 14. He hurried down to the ICU and stopped. In the right crib was a little girl, probably the one from the incubator the day before and in the left was a large pale looking boy. “Excuse me Sir!” said a sharp voice behind him.
  15. 15. “Hands must be washedthoroughly and non familymembers must wear a mask at all times.” “But I’m_” “Not a family member ofeither of these two babies.”“Sorry, I’m looking for my wife and twin sons, theywere in here last night, the other nurse knows me.”“I’m the day nurse, nurse Michaels left four hours ago. Now what is yourname?” she asked sharply without trace of a smile.Salvatore felt like he was in the principal’s office. Not that he’d ever been sent,but he was sure this is what it must feel like.
  16. 16. “Salvatore Mobacy.” The prune faced nurse whipped out a folder and quickly glanced down her list.“Your son’s were taken for their neonatal exam at Dr Evan’s office half an hour ago.” She looked at himdisapprovingly. “They mayhave even been discharged by now.”“Where do I go?”“You will find Dr Evan’soffice down the hall and toyour left.”“Thank you!”
  17. 17. “And don’t run!”But Salvatore had already gone.
  18. 18. He knocked on the doorwith Dr Evan’s name on it and barely waited for a reply before coming in. “Thank goodness I found you all.”“You’re just in time to take your family home MrMobacy” said the Dr with a smile.“Sorry I’m late. I overslept and then I couldn’t find anybody...” Salvatore trailed off as he stared at both babies. Joanne was holding one while Tamara picked the other one up off the examination table.
  19. 19. He couldn’t believe how large and plump they both looked.
  20. 20. “They are both really fine?” “Perfect health. Take yourboy’s home and enjoy them.” Salvatore shook Dr Evan’s hand. “Thank you so much.” “They may be a little bit smaller than average, but nothing noticeable.” Salvatore nodded and gazed in wonder at his son’s again. Thechange over the last nine hours had been tremendous.
  21. 21. “Say hello to Papá, Romero.”“Romero, you thought of another name.” “Do you like it?” “Yes, that’s a greatname, they go together well.”
  22. 22. Turning to his mother he said,“So this must be Riccardo. Hi there little guy.” “We were just about to get them dressed; your father is searching the hospital for you.” “Sorry about that. So who’s watching the girls?...Not Alice?” “I trust the servo more than your father now Salvatore. I was hoping Dr Evans could see him, but he needs a Drwho specializes in such things, plus he has to be willing, which he isn’t.”“Well you two get the boysdressed and I’ll go search forPapá. I hope he hasn’t gonetoo far and gotten himselflost.”
  23. 23. After checking the more obvious places upstairs, Salvatore went downstairs to check the front desk and cafeteria. He’d had no breakfast and the smell of apple and cinnamon pancakes made him feel even hungrier. “Aw Papá, why couldn’t you have been down here drinking coffee.” He quickly grabbed a bottle of iced chocolate and guzzled it while continuing to look.
  24. 24. Salvatore went back up to Tamara’s room. They were ready to go home. “So he hasn’t come back then?” “No, and I’m worried” said Joanne. “Could he have gone up stairs?” asked Tamara.“I shouldn’t have thought so,but I’ll go check. It’s not like it’s a huge hospital, we canalways ask them to page him over the PA system.”
  25. 25. Salvatore got to the top of the stairs and looked around. Down the far end he could see large glass windows overlooking the general maternitynursery. The nurse Tamara had seen yesterday was in there talking to a mother. Perhaps he could ask her if she had seen an older man wearing a green shirt. He didn’t get the chance to as a loud scream came from somewhere to his left.
  26. 26. “My breast milk!” Screamed Samantha.
  27. 27. “Aarrggh! Breast milk!” Luigi would have spat the coffee out, but unfortunately he had already swallowed that mouthful and two before that.
  28. 28. Salvatore and some of the nursing staff quickly arrived on the scene. “How dare you!” “What?” said Samantha taken aback "Come osi lasciare il latte nel frigorifero dove le persone ignare potrebbero usarla. Tu sei una madre inadatta donna!" “Now you just wait a cotton picking minute!“ said Samantha. She had no idea what had just been said to her, but she didn’t like it one bit. “We all know about you and your twins.” Samantha’s eyes flashed, she’d had it with people calling her trailer trash and the rumors that Brandy Broke was the father of her twins or worse a stray dog!*Basically Luigi is saying "How dare you leave your breast milk in the refrigerator where unsuspecting people might use it. You are an unfit mother!"
  29. 29. “Now you look here! I don’tcare what rumors you haveheard they are all untrue! Haveyou people no brains? Howwould that even be possible?!I’m a teacher and arespectable married woman.Also, what do you expect tofind in the kitchen of amaternity unit? Whiskey?!Luigi made a dismissive noiseand waved her off like she wasa pesky fly.“Mr Mobacy we can’t haveyour father upsetting thepatients, please take himhome” said nurse Margaret.“Yes, of course.” SaidSalvatore, who was bewilderedby what exactly had happened.The other nurse gentlyremoved Samantha Ottomaswho was now ranting aboutBrandy Broke and dogs, backto her room.
  30. 30. “Papá what were you doing?”“I was trying to have a quiet cup of coffee! Can you believe thatwoman just leaving her breast milk in the fridge?” “Papá this is the kitchen of the maternity unit, women do leave their milk in the fridge. You’re supposed to go to the cafeteria.” “Well I couldn’t find it.”Salvatore sighed and wondered ifhe would be getting his father out of constant jams now. “Look thenurse said if we clean up nothing more will be said.” “About what? Her causing a scene?”Salvatore just shook his head andwent to rinse out the coffee cup. Ithad been one heck of a day and it was only lunchtime.
  31. 31. Monday Morning main house Rosa bounded down into the kitchen and stopped short. Alice was cooking, which was most unusual. Normally it would have been her Nonie cooking up omelettes, waffles or pancakes. “Where’s Nonie?” “The hospital, your mother had the baby early.” “ she okay? Is the baby alright? Is papa there? What about Ari?” The servo made a metallic sound which could be taken for a growl. “I don’t >beep< know. Your sister is still asleep.”
  32. 32. “Oh fricken >beep< said theservo as black smoke arose from her omelettes. Alice was not the most domesticated of servos. “Papa says friken is a naughty word.” “Then you >beep<shouldn’t say it. Now I willhave to >buzz< make some more!”
  33. 33. Rosa watched the servohunt around for some fresh ingredients for the omelettes, all the whilegrumbling about not being a domestic servant. Rosa wasn’t altogether comfortable with Alice, but at the same time she was fascinated in how she sounded and how she hadbeen put together. Not fullyrobotic and not fully simlish, but something in-between. It fascinated her. “What? Is my butt running oil?!” snapped the servo. “No!” The last thing Rosa wanted was to get into trouble with Alice. “Shall I go check on Ari?” she added in quickly.“If you like. Don’t wake her up!”“I won’t” Rosa called as she ran out of the kitchen andleft the grumbling servo to her cooking.
  34. 34. Rosa ran to the nursery, she wasn’t in her toddler bed. Next she ran to her parent’s room, but Ari wasn’t sleeping on her napping mat either. What was that splashing sound she heard coming from the bathroom?
  35. 35. “Oh Ari! Not the toilet, that’s gross!” “Hehe it’s fun!”So much for Ari being asleep, her little sister was sopping wet!Rosa wondered what she should do. She was too young to giveAri a bath, but maybe she could get the wet nightie off. She did not want to tell Alice that her sister was playing down thetoilet, she might blow a gasket!
  36. 36. “Hold still Ari! It has these tricky buttons down the back.”“Sorry Rosa, I didn’t mean to get wet.” “But why the toilet? “Because it’s fun!”Rose frowned and struggled with the tiny buttons.Sticking your hands down atoilet sure didn’t sound likefun to her. Her sister might be having her big kid birthday tonight, but for now she was still just a toddler who liked doing toddler things. Afterundoing two of the buttons, Rosa managed to tug andpull the nightie off over hersister’s head before tossing it into the bathtub.
  37. 37. Just in time too, as Alice came bustlinginto the bathroom looking for them.“Rosa your breakfast is_ buzz-a-beep-beep! What is going on in here?!” Alicewas very good at sniffing things out andthis smelt very fishy indeed.“Oh see you don’t have to worry Alice, Itook Ari’s wet nightie off myself. I wasjust going to get her some clothes.”“You need to >buzz< eat breakfast andso does your sis_hang on >beep< whywas her nightie wet?!”“She was just having some water play”put in Rosa quickly. No need to tell theservo just where the water was if shedidn’t ask. She didn’t want Ari to getinto trouble.“Water play?” The servo gave off ametallic rattling sound which was herversion of a shiver; she hated water.“We don’t have >buzz< time for waterplay! It’s 7 o’clock, and you have to>ping< get ready for school!”
  38. 38. Thinking about school madeAlice forget about the wetnightie.“Quickly now!” >buzzbeep<! She picked up Ariand shooed Rosa back tothe kitchen.“Are you okay Alice?” Rosawas nervous about howmany buzzes and beepsAlice was making. Whatwould happen if she ranamok with no adults athome?“I’m >ping< fine! Or I will be>beep< once you are >buzz<at school!”
  39. 39. Both girls sat and ate theirbreakfast, but not nearly fastenough for the servo’s liking.Rosa liked to cut off smallpieces while Arianna demandedto use her spoon. Watching thetoddler chase chunks of fruitaround and around her bowlquickly made Alice impatient.“Can’t you >beep< hurry italong? Just use your hands and>buzz< shovel it down!”Rosa screwed up her nose andstared at the servo. “Yuck. Alady should always use her forkor spoon.”“Oh fricken >beep<!”
  40. 40. “Naughty Alice!” saidAriannaDon’t you mind her Ari,you’re doing really wellwith your spoon. ““Rosa you need to >beep<get dressed now.”“But I haven’t finished.”“Too bad! We’re going tobe >beep< late on you firstday if we don’t hurry!”“Okay, okay. I can be reallyfast you’ll see!”
  41. 41. If it was one thing Rosa did wellit was run quickly. She sprinted upstairs, got dressed and ran back down again.“Come on Ari it’s time to stopdancing and get you dressed.” “No >beep< we must get into the car now” Alice said, scooping up the toddler. But Ari can’t go to the schoolwith us in her underwear!” said Rosa shocked. But Alice was already hurryingto the car with the complaining toddler tucked unceremoniously under one arm.
  42. 42. It was futile trying to get out of Alice’s grasp; the servo could easily hold a grown sim undereach arm if she needed to. This however, didn’t make dealing with an angry toddler in a car seat much easier. She stillneeded her two hands to do up the buckles. “Just hold >beep< still!” demanded Alice.“No! I want my clothes!” criedAri. At four and a half she knew you didn’t go places in your underwear. Rosa sat glumly on the other side of the car, she didn’t likeseeing her sister upset. Maybe it was her fault, maybe if shehad left Ari’s wet nightie alone,Alice would have changed her. She just knew this would be the start of a horrible day.
  43. 43. To Rosa the school loomed up as large and frightening. No matter that there were plenty of bright colours and that there was a playground in front of her, the school seemed massive and it went up it seemed nearly to the sky. She stared up to the small level at the very top and wondered if it might be the home of a dragon that swooped down and ate children. She didn’t have long to think as Alice came around with Arianna in tow and grabbed her hand. >Buzz beep!< “Hurry up, we are already late!”
  44. 44. Alice hurried her into the front office.There were already a few children there, who turned and looked at them as Alicepushed the glass doors open with a bang.Rosa wished she could have sunk into the carpet.“Wow!” Said the blond haired boy his eyes as big as saucers as he looked up at Alice.“It’s only a servo” shrugged the blond girl. “Our father has hundreds of the things.” The black haired boy gave her a quizzical look. “The Mobacy family I hope?” said the woman. Rosa gulped, the woman had a disapproving mouth and her eyes looked pale and scary. Maybe the school didn’t need a real dragon when it had her. “Sorry we are late.” Said Alice. “School starts at 9 o’clock sharp and weexpect students to be punctual” she said, her lips a thin line. Arianna clung to Alice, not making a sound. Maybe if she was really, really quiet no one would notice she was there in her underwear.“The other parents have already left, but you may as well stay until the childrenleave the office.” The stern faced teacher turned back to the other students.
  45. 45. “Now as I was saying; we havetwo primary classes. Class one is for those who don’t know how to study and class two for those that do. Does anyone know how to study?” She looked at the blond haired girl. “No Miss Trotter” said Simone. “But I’m sure I will learn very quickly.”“I’m sure” said Miss Trotter looking unimpressed.The black haired boy had excitedlywaved his hand around the entire time saying “me, me, me.” As soon as the teacher looked at him he burst out “I know how to study!” Miss Trotter regarded him coldly. “Mr Landgraab the fifth, please lower your voice and wait quietly to be called upon.”“Yes Miss” he said more subduedly. “Anyone else?” The blond boy said No, his eyes never leaving the servo.
  46. 46. Rosa just silently shook her head when the lady looked at her. “You should say, no Miss Trotter.”Rosa tried to repeat what the lady said, but her voice came out like a squeak which made the blond girl giggle; and not Rosa noticed, in a nice way.
  47. 47. Miss Trotter just shook her head andturned to the teenage girl sitting on the couch.Rosa breathed a sigh of relief that she could go back to not being noticed. “Miss Cooke, could you take this young gentleman to primary class two.” “Sure thing.” The girl didn’t seemfazed by the stern teacher at all. Rosa wished she could be like that. “No it is not a ‘sure thing’, it is yesMiss Trotter” said the woman in theaggrieved voice of someone who has repeated herself many times. “Sure_ I mean yes Miss Trotter.”
  48. 48. “Miss Mobacy say goodbye to your... caretaker.” Rosa swallowed nervously, so far the school seemed rather horridand full of very proper rules. If this was her teacher she was going to be very miserable indeed. She hugged Arianna for longer than normal and wished her mama would suddenly appear. But she didn’t; only Alice was there and even if she had been close to her, cold hard steel could not replace warm arms. “Goodbye Rosa. >beep< I’m sure you will have fun” said Alice. “I don’t think so” sniffed Rosa. “Are you crying?” asked Simone. “You are a baby.”But Rosa didn’t have to answer as the stern lady had clapped her hands for silence. “Right, class one form a line and follow me.”
  49. 49. Rose looked around, the classroom she had been led to was bright and cheery and it even had a hamster against one wall. The young teacher looked up from helping a boy with a warm smile, although it dropped a little as she saw the three children. The three already in the class started whispering, but immediately stopped as Miss Trotter frowned at them.
  50. 50. “Three?” said Miss Philipscoming over. “You said there would be two.”“No it’s three; surely you cancope with one more child. Ordo you need me to stay?” said Miss Trotter frowning in displeasure at the thought. “No, that’s fine Miss Trotter, thank you for the offer, but I can mange six just fine.”“Good, I would hate to have to tell Principal Cooke that he needs to hire yet another teacher. I will let you get on with it then.”
  51. 51. Miss Trotter’s eagle gaze sweptover the classroom before leaving.Miss Philips felt like making a face behind her back, but with six children watching her she couldonly sigh softly. The last thing she wanted was help from Miss Trotter, however challenging having six children might be.James had just learnt to study so it was certainly doable if she used the afternoon to teach the Butler twins. The older woman’s disapproval of her was obvious;she was probably looking for ways to show her up. Telling her to expect two and getting three children was no doubt done on purpose. Well she wouldn’t give the sour woman the satisfaction.So long as all the children had their work done by going home time everything would be fine; hectic, but fine.
  52. 52. She gave the three new children a sunny smile. “Welcome to class one children, I am Miss Philip’s and today we will be doing some arts and crafts as well as learning how to study.” Yes there was no need for Miss Trotter to find out that the craft and painting would be done on a rotating roster, with study happening at the same time, not at all.Miss Philips was such a warm enthusiastic teacher that Rosa couldn’t help but smile back. Maybe school wouldn’t be quite so horrid with this lady as her teacher.
  53. 53. Monday Morning at Vincent, Ray-Ray and Bernardo’s House Bernardo ran in waving Monday morning’s paper “Have you seen this!”
  54. 54. His father Vincent quietly looked up from his eggs and continued eating. He was used to his sons sudden outbursts, probably the price of watercolour paints had gone up or something else trivial. “You actually went and bought yourself some new clothes!” exclaimed Ray-Ray excitedly.“No Mama! I couldn’t care less how my clothes look.” “Well I know that!” said hismother. “You never even changed what you grew up in!” “The creator went and put something in called a default.” “Well thank plumbob for that.” “That is not what I am talking about. Have you seen this?!”Bernardo stabbed his finger at the paper while waving it under his mother’s nose.
  55. 55. “Berni I can’t focus if you do that, hold it still.” Ray-Ray squinted and peered closer.
  56. 56. Monday September 5thEredita Prep School “Hot Norwegian blond. Call Frida Townies needed for at_” scientific experiments. “Not that! The one beneath it, doMake lots of money! you know anything about this?!” No skills needed.Apply 15 Death Road “Handsome black haired, blue Eredita. eyed family orientated 27 year old Hot male, who enjoys watercolour Norwegian blond. Call painting and bees; seeks family or Frida for a knowledge seeking female for a good time at 047 Spring Sale! serious life long relationship. Only 655333 apply if you are willing to have On seedlings at Cromer’s Nursery lots of children.” Handsome black haired, blue eyed family orientated 27 year old male, who enjoys watercolour painting and bees; seeks family or knowledge seeking female for a serious life long relationship. Only apply if you are willing to have lots of children. 5 Maple Lane Eredita or call 477321910
  57. 57. “Oh dear” said Ray–Ray looking up. “Oh dear?” “Yes, I told them 26, really I did.” “Madre! You wrote this?!”“Well how else are you going to findyourself a girl? Please don’t be upset, I just thought you could use a little help, what with the way you havebeen moping around the house since the shrinks visit.”“I don’t need my mother’s help infinding a girl!“Plus I have these big wants forengagements, weddings and grandbabies going unfulfilled! I’m an elderand not one of my three children hasgiven me even one grandchild!”“Madre! Ma sei pazzo?! Go andbother my brother then! Or should Ipay some female to carry my sporn?The gardener is outside, her mouth islarge but I’m sure she is fertile.Would that make you happy?!”“Show some respect” growled hisfather from the table.
  58. 58. “Sorry mama.”Berni tossed the paper on the table and sat down heavily. “Did you have to say, handsome? One look at my snozzle and they will be fleeing for their lives.” “Don’t.” Said Vincent stabbing his fork into the table. “Don’t you ever diss the nose son. The nose is what sets us SimItalian Ausimtralian’s apart. Your nose is something to be proud of.” “Yes Papá” sighed Berni. Heknew the quickest way to get his father off his back was simply to agree.
  59. 59. His father somewhat placated laid down the fork. “What you need to do is get a job.” “I have_’” “Not a job! I know you don’t want in on the family business, I can respect that-Ithink. You know if you change your mind they can always use a hand down at therestaurant. It helps the familyand it’s totally >cough< legit.” “Papá!” “Hey there are plenty of legitthings you can do down there, it’s no shame to wait tables and it would pay more thanthat.” Vincent had once again picked up his fork and waved it the extremely large jar of Honey sitting on the table.
  60. 60. “Selling jars of $10 honey on theroadside does not constitute a job. Now if we slapped a label on it saying it had healing properties and flogged them off at $50 a jar you might be on to something.” “Papa’ we have already talked about this at least three times! I am not turning my bees intocrooks. It’s against their religion!” Vincent just shook his head and went back to eating his eggs. He was at a loss to understand all three of his overly nice children,but his middle son was in a league all of his own.
  61. 61. Bernardo turned back to hismother “You need to cancel this ad, monks do not marry.”“Berni I noticed you ditchedyour gown a week ago and I can see your hair growing back.” Berni sighed and put hishead into his hands “Being a monk of the order of the bees was just too hard! Icouldn’t take being the daily sacrifice; I’m a failure all around!”Ray_Ray put her hand on hisshoulder. “Just you wait son, soon you will have piles of mail and lots of lovely girls ringing the door bell!” “Mumma mei save me.” Vincent snorted, retrieved the paper and went to readthe obituaries. It was best to keep up on such matters.
  62. 62. By the time the school bus dropped Rosa back home it was five o’clock, a long day for a six year old. What she really wanted was to go to her roomand stay there, but the balloons outside reminded her that it was Arianna’s birthday party, which meant seeing even more people. She sighed anddragged her feet up the few stairs to the entrance way of their house.“How was school sweet heart?”
  63. 63. “Mamma! You’re home!”Rose tossed down her bag andflung herself around hermother’s neck.“Papa and I are so sorry wecouldn’t be there with you atschool for your first day.”“That’s okay” said Rosa. Thebig hug made her feel lotsbetter and she would rathernot think about school at all.
  64. 64. “Is the baby here?” she asked eagerly.“They are”“They? There’s more than one?!”Tamara gave her a happy smile. While twins were not something she had wanted, she would not be without either one of her baby’s now.
  65. 65. Tamara led Rosa into the nursery. Her sister’s toddler bed and the chair had gone to make room for the new cradles. Rosa quietly peeked into eachone. She would have loved to play with the babies, but both were fast asleep.
  66. 66. “Look at their tinyfingers!”“I know” said Tamarasmiling. “Hurry and getchanged now, everyone isin the living room. Yourpapa has been making asurprise for Ari’s birthdayout in the back garden.”“Ohh what is it?”“You will just have to findout after Ari blows out hercandles!”
  67. 67. Rosa got a big hug from her Papá when she entered the lounge room and held his hand while her Mamma brought her sister to the cake. Her auntAlisa was there as well as a boy who must be her cousin Adriano. Like her he was now a big kid. He gave her a shy wave across the room and shewaved shyly back. She liked her cousin; he was quiet like her. His younger brother’s Bru and Sarbello were there as well, but they were rather noisyand boisterous.
  68. 68. Arianna eagerly blew out her candles. She couldn’t wait to be a big kid like her sister.
  69. 69. Arianna looked around the room, she hoped everyone was watching.
  70. 70. “Yah! Look at me! Look how tall I am!”
  71. 71. Arianna quickly grabbed a slice of cake, followed by Rosa and Adriano. “Can you believe the girls are already six and five?” asked Salvatore stroking Tamara’s cheek. “It seems like only yesterday we got married.” ”Let’s not think about that,otherwise I’ll have to think about turning thirty and I don’t want to!”“Thirty, sixty, it won’t matter so long as we have each other.” Salvatore and Tamara danced slowly while everyone else danced the traditional birthday smustle.
  72. 72. “Don’t you want to get changed” asked Rosa“That can wait; I want to see what Papa set up in the backyard!” “Oh yeah!” said Adri “Let’s hurry.”
  73. 73. Both girls turned their heads at a snuffling noise and watched their cousin in horrified amusement as he shovelled the cake into his open mouth.
  74. 74. “Mmm good cake Ari!” he mumbled with his mouth full. “Yuck!” said Rosa. She hadbarely had a mouthful while her cousin licked the remaining icing off his fingers.“You’re so gross Adri!” said Arianna screwing her face up. He gave a loud burp and giggled. “Last one out back is a rotten egg!” “I haven’t eaten my cakeyet!” complained Rosa, butthe other two had already run off.
  75. 75. They soon found out what the surprise outside was, a jungle play tower!
  76. 76. “This is so cool said Arianna and then she laughed. “Look I can see Nonno doing the smustle through the window!” “Hey Ari, what’s over there?” asked Adriano. “Through that gate?” “I don’t know. Rosa what’s in there?”
  77. 77. “Just the grave yard.” “The grave yard!” exclaimed Adriano.“Yeah, that’s where our great grandparents are buried.” “Gee Rosa; you don’t seem scared at all.” “I’m not, should I be?”“Well yeah! Ghosts are scary!” Adri frowned and staredtowards the fenced off area as if a ghost might suddenly appear.
  78. 78. Rosa shrugged. “They haven’t scared me. Great grandfather waved at me one time when I was little.” “Wow.” Adriano stared for a moment longer and suddenly looked scared again “what time is it?!” “I don’t know, I don’t have a watch and I can’t tell time very well yet, can you?” “Not really, but I think it’s getting late.”
  79. 79. “I’m going back inside!” yelled Adriano jumping on the pole. He knew ghosts came out after dark and if it was about to get dark he wanted to be inside the house!
  80. 80. “Should we tell him great grandfather likes to float around downstairs?” asked Ari.“Nah better not, boys are easily scared by such things.” Both girls giggled together before heading back inside to play with their cousin.
  81. 81. Down in the basement at Angel’s and Ashley’s House Why am I sitting in this?” “Because it’s more comfortable” said Angel. “You might want to close your eyes while I do the spell.” “I don’t think I can go through with this” said Ashley wringing his hands. “I mean, what if something goes wrong? This is death we are talking about Angel! I’ll try some more potions, whatever you like. Anything is better than this!”
  82. 82. “I understand Ashley.” “You do?” “Well of course I do.” “Gosh! Thanks honey! You know I really thought youwould tell me to man up and grow a pair.” “No need for that.”
  83. 83. “I already did it for you!” said Angel flipping the remote control switch.
  84. 84. “WHAT HAVE YOU DONE NOW?”“Tricked my husband for his own good is what!” >Cackle<
  85. 85. “You can expect a call for him shortly.” “BETTER WAIT AWHILE, THE PROCESSING GRIM IS RATHER BACKED UP.” “How many of you are there?”“NOT ENOUGH IN THIS HOOD THAT’S CERTAIN.” Said Grim before disappearing with Ashley.
  86. 86. Two hours later.“So is he processed yet?” ..... “Good, I’ll pay top dollar to get him back.” ..... “He did what?! I’ll kill him!”
  87. 87. Generation Four Birthday photo shoot Arianna Mobacy (Ari) Neat: 7 Outgoing 7 Very lazy 1 Very serious 1 Very Nice 9“Yahphotos!” Hobby: Science Al-Luigi-Salvatore-Ari
  88. 88. Adriano Rosi (Adri) Cousin Neat 5 (So why did you eat your“Ones cake like that?!)enoughisn’t it?” Shy 2 Somewhat lazy 4 Playful 8 Nice: 6 Hobby: Tinkering. Al-Luigi-Alisa-Adri
  89. 89. Francesca RosiCousinYes Alisa had anotherbaby.Al-Luigi-Alisa-Francesca
  90. 90. Leo GarthCousinLottie’s little rocker.Al-Luigi-Lottie-Leo
  91. 91. Luisa Mobacy Second cousin (Nic’s daughter) Neat 5 Outgoing 7 “I got the Very Active 10 crummy game camera!” Very Playful 10 Very mean 0! Hobby: sports Al-Angel-Nicoli-Luisa.“Oops?” Also she loves to follow the camera!
  92. 92. Massimo Mobacy (Mo) Took awhile to grow this one up due to the plot last chapter, but here he is finally. I think he has an interesting face. Neat 7“Dats all Outgoing 8folks!” Active 9 Serious 3 Mean 1 His personality is close to generation two’s. (Angel, Vincent and Luigi) Hobby: sports Al-Luigi-Tony-Mo