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The Superfrog ISBI: Chapter Eleven


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The Superfrog ISBI: Chapter Eleven

  1. 1. The Superfrog ISBIChapter Eleven: Reapers Return
  2. 2. Welcome back to the Superfrog ISBI!Last time, we saw the family lose their sanity. Okay, most of them hadalready lost it, but Sketch seemed to lose her sanity as well. Goopywas worried about losing his awesome. Duck had a birthday. Knightwas born.Onto this chapter!
  3. 3. Upon returning to the lot, I quickly got irritated because Goblin andDuck werent leaving for school.“Lalalala, would rather play violin instead...”I then realised it was Saturday. Doh.
  4. 4. And so begins another normal day, where stinky babies can be foundsobbing because they stink – and stink is no longer cool.Sketch knew what was wrong but couldnt get him to the changingtable before he burst out crying. Leo had been standing in thedoorway.
  5. 5. Duck also seems to hold the family ability for tantrums.“Who let Vyn into my bed?! I demand to know!”
  6. 6. Sketch knows how to deal with tantrums, too, though.“Chill! I always find Vyn or Leo sleeping in my bed, its all good.”It does look like Sketch does everything around the house. Its true,she does. Everyone else runs around without their sanity, or a care inthe world, while Sketch looks after everything.
  7. 7. Sketch also takes care of birthdays.Yay, another toddler! :)
  8. 8. Also, yay, genetic diversity! Theres some of Sketch in there, I believe!Although Knight is genetically different, he seems to want to be thesame as everyone else, and grew up into Ducks hairstyle. Easilysorted out.
  9. 9. Now you tell me that he isnt adorable! Look at his little face!He definitely got the awesome genes from his parents. Then again, allthree of the kids got those.
  10. 10. “THIS CAKE IS AWFUL!”Ducks tantrums. Forever amusing, mostly because of his pink teddybear pyjamas and angry face. Such a combination!
  11. 11. On the subject of Duck, he is a clone of Goblin, other than the facthes a boy. Even their personalities are the same. They also bothadore kareoke.But then again, all three of the kids are creative.
  12. 12. Knight spends his time drawing at the activity table. Well, I saydrawing. That involves chewing on the crayons.
  13. 13. Goblin, meanwhile, is the only one of the three kids to play the violin. Iknow Knights not old enough to yet, but Duck doesnt ever play theviolin.
  14. 14. I wonder where they get it from...Sketch is so creative shes maxed creativity during those days whenshe lived with Makoto and no one else.
  15. 15. I love it when sims play in puddles. But not so much when thosepuddles are in the bathroom.
  16. 16. Though I wouldnt argue with Duck. If he wants to play in indoorpuddles, I say let him play, just so we can avoid a tantrum or anargument or something.
  17. 17. This blanket is one of the greatest things Ive ever downloaded. I knowtheyve been around for ages, but I only just bothered to download it.Its like toddlers sleeping in dog beds, but it doesnt knock their needsdown. :D
  18. 18. Meanwhile, outside, Goopy and Sketch were heading to hot tub whenit started to hail.“Oh man, Goopy, its hailing!”“Hail, what hail?”“Ouch! My head! Goopy, Im going back inside.”I swear, if Goopy gets hailed to death, I will not be happy. Ivemanaged to keep the Reaper away for so long this generation. :(
  19. 19. “Oh man, its hailing out here!”Im serious, Goopy, get back inside! We do not need to kill off the thirdspouse in a row!Regardless, Goopy still waited until his thumbnail was green-y yellowin colour before wandering back inside.
  20. 20. Inside, the clones are singing. Well, Duck is singing. Goblins juststanding around in the background, with that kind of “Look! ImOutgoing!” expression on her face.Still, theyd make a good stage act.
  21. 21. “Bang! Bang! Ill shoot you for interrupting my solo!” Duck declared.“Not if I dodge the bullets by through the window!” Goblin leaned toavoid the imaginary bullets, accidentally impaling herself on the glass.No damage was done.“Blast! I hadnt counted on you being able to do that.”
  22. 22. “Hey, Goblin, Im sorry I made you walk through windows.”“Its fine, Duck. It was cool!”“Do you have superpowers? You didnt get hurt at all!”
  23. 23. Later that day, Knight was just crawling past during Goblins drawingtime, minding his own business.Goblin pulled one of her patented for-my-namesake expressions.“Haha! Ill draw a picture of Knight!”
  24. 24. According to Sketch, Knight is a woman baking bread or cake orsomething.Which is fairly nice. Judging from Goblins expression, I thought it wasgoing to be a terrifying picture.
  25. 25. Elsewhere in the house, Vyn was unable to make it to the toilet intime, despite the fact she was standing right next to it.“Vyn, even I know how to use a toilet!”
  26. 26. Leo sniffed, “Ew! Vyn, stink was sooo two chapters ago!”I dont think Vyn really cares about whether stink was two chaptersago or not. I think shes worried that shes stained her grey pyjamas.
  27. 27. Vyn, meanwhile, didnt stay in the bathroom while Leo and Duckcomplained that she smelled, and instead, headed out of the room tohang out with Knight.“Is it you that stinks, or is it me?”
  28. 28. Pretty soon, Goblins birthday rolls around.“Birthday hug?”“Ew, Duck, no! Go away!”They seem like best friends. I have no idea why she turned down hisoffer of a hug.
  29. 29. After that, the sparkles came to claim Goblins childhood.Ominous. I merely mean she grew up.
  30. 30. Goblin rolled knowledge, and decided that she was going to spend herteen years in a leopard-print catsuit.Hmm. Well, I wouldnt have chosen that for her, but apparently, thatswhat Goblin wants to wear. I also had Sketch give her daughter amakeover, but that doesnt change the catsuit.
  31. 31. Goblin spends her birthday night mopping up a massive puddle in thebigger bathroom.I have a feeling Goblin will either spend her teen years mopping up ormaking puddles.
  32. 32. Outside, a random townie girl (whose name escapes my mind),decided it would be relaxing to hang out in the hot tub.Only Goopy and Sketch beat her to it.“Dammit, why cant I get in the tub during their couple time?!”
  33. 33. Leo has decided to stand and watch people a lot now. Im not entirelysure why, but I quite often find him just staring at people.Vyn, however, is great with the kids, and probably always will be.
  34. 34. Awesomeness runs in the family. Goblin is set to prove that.
  35. 35. Q: How many people can you fit into the smallest bathroom in the housewithout it being awkward?A: Not many.I do not understand the draw of this bathroom. Its everyones favouritehang-out, and a total nightmare to take pictures in.
  36. 36. The next day, Goopy remembers he has work and gets dressed for it.Apparently, hes a mime now. And I have no idea how that happened.Regardless, Goopy rocks the mime costume.
  37. 37. That night, Knights birthday rolled around. Only Vyn showed up for it.
  38. 38. And here he is! Complete with a faux hawk, because I think hesawesome enough for one.Hes definitely different to his siblings.
  39. 39. Alan came out to join the celebrations.Which is great, because Alan is the ghost who comes out the least.Even Makoto can be found wandering the grounds from time to time.That said, I havent seen ghosts for a while, but I think the hood isslightly broken......but Im not rebuilding at this stage. Im just going to deal with theglitches.
  40. 40. Goblin, meanwhile, was inside, celebrating the birthday in her ownway. By singing in her underwear!Theres no doubt shes related to this crazy family.
  41. 41. Knight is also undoubtedly a Super. He throws tantrums, thats a keysign.So much aspiration failure.
  42. 42. And the violin playing.Duck may have ignored the violin completely, but Goblin and Knightseem to keen to follow in their mothers footsteps and play violin untiltheyre in the zone.
  43. 43. When I was sorting through my pictures for this update, I saw this oneand immediately thought “Oh my, what was happening in my game?!”The Reapers back. And he decided to shove his scythe through Leo.
  44. 44. “LEO, IT IS TIME FOR YOU TO LEAVE THIS PLACE.”“I dont want to go. Who will take care of my flour-sack baby?!”“ABOUT THE FLOUR-SACK BABY, THE THING ABOUT THAT BABY IS-”“If youre about to tell me hes not real, I dont believe you. Everyone istrying to telll me hes not real, and thats not really fair.”“WHAT IF I TOLD YOU THERE IS FLOUR IN THE AFTERLIFE?”“Not interested. In fact...”
  45. 45. “OH, FOR LLAMAS SAKE, WHY DO THEY ALWAYS TRY THIS TRICK?!”Goblin wandered into the room, and found Leo and the Reaperfighting over an hourglass. Most people would be terrified.“Go Almost-Granddad! Beat the Reaper!”
  46. 46. After stealing back the hourglass, the Reaper composed himself andsighed, pushing open the door of the Haunted Room.“COME ON, LEO, ILL EVEN OPEN THE DOOR FOR YOU. LETS GO.”“I honestly thought I was going to win that fight.”“MORTALS ALWAYS DO. STOP YAKKING AND GET MOVING, I HAVE MANYSOULS TO REAP AND YOURE WASTING PRECIOUS TIME.”
  47. 47. The Reaper was already gone when Sketch arrived – which heprobably planned. This being his fifth visit to her family in her lifetimeand all that.“Dammit, Reaper! No one takes my family and leaves my daughtersobbing! I demand revenge! Or an apology! Or something!”
  48. 48. Vyn, meanwhile, had only just woken up.“I had such a refreshing sleep! What did I miss? Hey, why is everyonecrying?”
  49. 49. Sketch and Knight headed outside, to the new grave in their garden.“Mum, were running out of room.”“Dont worry, Knight. We have enough space for Vyns headstone.Though if anyone else dies, theyll have to be shoved on an end tableinside.”
  50. 50. “Theyre planning where theyre going to put my grave? Im not evendead yet!”“Its okay, Almost-Grandma. They just need to know if they have thespace.”“That makes me feel so much better, Goblin.”“Glad to hear it.”
  51. 51. And thats it for this time!Leo will be missed, Im sure. He was fun to have around.Join me next time for more insanity!Thanks for reading! :)