Rolley's BC Days 8 and 9


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Rolley's BC Days 8 and 9

  1. 1. Day eight and it’s the last chance for scores to improve.Also I just noticed something-Rolley is wearing togs and did so last hot tub date when he has ten outgoing points... must check the settings on that choose to go naked hack.
  2. 2. Rolley invited Song, Ani_mei and Lark to a one hour hot tub date to try and improve things with them. All three got in...
  3. 3. And all four got out.And it wasn’t because someone did something unmentionable in the spa.
  4. 4. No they got out because of Cyd Whatshisface. Song does rather like spying on him.But why they all felt the need to evacuate I don’t know.
  5. 5. So I restarted the hour and they talked mainly about spatulas
  6. 6. Or Rolley and Song did, the other two look a bit nonplussed.
  7. 7. And naked violin playing didn’t go down to well with Ani_mei either.
  8. 8. Rolley: “What’s that? Sounds like a truck or something pulling up out the front.”
  9. 9. Surprise! No that would be three taxies with all the eliminated contestants plus my simself.Got to let them have one last chance to crack onto Rolley and give Holley a run for her money. Crack onto - To pursue someone romantically
  10. 10. I decided that Rolley would have a quick ‘date’ with whoever’s thumbnail was at the top and work his way down, skipping the furious three until the end to give them more time to cool off...or you know to poke at each other. I used maxmotives seeing there would be so many ‘dates’ to get through.
  11. 11. First up was Amylu who was still wearing her nightie. Amylu: “I was going to shower! But somehow I found myself in here!” I love moveobjects. :DSo the plan is to start with the lowest flirt I think will be accepted and then try for a higher flirt or a kiss. Rolley: “You want me to sweet talk her? Do I have too” >Whine< Yes!
  12. 12. By the look on Amylu’s face I think she is happy to be there. Sweet talk- accepted.
  13. 13. Kiss tender –accepted.
  14. 14. Which gives us friends and crush hearts.
  15. 15. Jess- Charm accepted.
  16. 16. Kiss tender –accepted.
  17. 17. Cee- Charm accepted.
  18. 18. Sweet talk-rejected.
  19. 19. Jessie –charm accepted
  20. 20. In that adorable shy sim way.
  21. 21. Suggestion –rejected.
  22. 22. Scribal – Charm accepted.
  23. 23. Sweet talk –rejected. I was surprised.
  24. 24. Esme –charm accepted.
  25. 25. Suggestion –accepted.
  26. 26. A few of the early eliminated simselves are now at a 0/0 relationship with Rolley. This includes karima, Mystery and Ashley. Karima –charm rejected.
  27. 27. Mystery –Charm rejected.
  28. 28. Ashley-charm rejected.All three rejected the charm so I left it there.
  29. 29. Jo13 actually came between Mystery and Ashley. Sweet talk –accepted.
  30. 30. Kiss tender –accepted. Another surprise, you can be happy Jo. :D You also made friends.
  31. 31. Somehow I didn’t take notes of Jill’s date. But I think it was a charm.
  32. 32. And a suggestion. –Both accepted.
  33. 33. I got distracted seeing these two talking. Somehow Song and Ani_mei have patched things up which is good.
  34. 34. We then had Holley and the furious three left. Holley of course accepted the butt grab.
  35. 35. And the smooch.
  36. 36. The furious three all had an apology and then a chat.
  37. 37. They all went well.
  38. 38. But they were still furious. 
  39. 39. The dates finished at about three thirty, leaving plenty of time for free will to take place.Which for Holley and Rolley meant time stalking each other while Lark geared up for a rumble.
  40. 40. >poke shove<
  41. 41. >Slapety slap<Esme quietly takes up drinking. Esme: “Just gathering data.”
  42. 42. I don’t even know the order of this but it just went on and on. Stalk-slap-cry-stalk-shove etc.
  43. 43. Poor Lark, it was not a fun afternoon for her.
  44. 44. Rolley decided the best course of action was to go have a drink with Esme. Use your time Esme!Rolley: “I really need a drink! These woman will be the death of me! You’ll be my mate won’t you Esme?”
  45. 45. I don’t think Esme wanted to be considered one of the ‘mates’ and took off. Rolley: “Was it something I said?”Heh Rolley looks like he having a bad hair day with that palm tree right there.
  46. 46. While the angst was happening outside the other simselves entertained themselves with DWTL.
  47. 47. Pool.
  48. 48. Chess.
  49. 49. And day dreaming about Rolley’s long gone Grandmother Tina.
  50. 50. Dinner was mostly a quiet affair.Sim Me: “Do you think we could all learn to be like a large happy family? *crickets* Song ‘hic” >boing<
  51. 51. Lark: “Trying to squeeze into a size 6 are we Song? You realize plus sizes are at the other end of town.” Song: “Says the mammoth.”Rolley and I thought for sure there was going to be another fist fight, but Song stalked off to the bathroom.
  52. 52. Karima “Hic” >boing<Mystery: “Going for life as a sumo wrestler karima?”
  53. 53. Really it’s a wonder there weren’t all out brawls, but I sent both karima and Song off for the routine slim down swim. Karima: “I’m skinnier then Victoria Beckham!”
  54. 54. This must be the first time I directed Song to a bed. I knew she had some kind of sleepwear!
  55. 55. Sim me: “Good morning everyone, it’s time to announce the winner!” Karima: “Which is Holley we know.” “Well it might be someone else...”
  56. 56. Rolley: “But you’re right it’s Holley.”
  57. 57. Congratulations Holley! You have won three pregnancies on eight commands per day! Of course you also won yourself one dark haired sexy elf which should make up for the rest. At 100/100 and mutual love as well as being the only one with an engagement want to Rolley, Holley won fair and square.
  58. 58. Before we got underway I had to witchify my simself so we could stop the rain. Soon as I plan an outdoor event sure as apples it rains. Because we are of course having a wedding!
  59. 59. Everything was set up, happy faces reset and the guests invited.Reading at your son’s wedding Opal? What makes some sims do this? Lots of wedding spam to follow.
  60. 60. The guests consisted of the 14 other contestants, Peach; Opal and Chewy; Olinda and Blyth. With two extra simselves who Holley is friends with, Shadey and Gillian.I had no idea Olinda’s formal was a Kimono-How did that happen? Last wedding she had on a green formal. O_o Bad apples and simself spouses have what they chose themselves. Not too bad, although dull black does not suit Opal.
  61. 61. What are you wearing? Rolley: “My wedding suit.”Tatty jeans, oh well at least he has a shirt on.
  62. 62. I took pictures of all the guests.Lark: “Whaa! It should be me getting married!!”Ani_mei, Jill and karima. >look uncomfortable<
  63. 63. I lost count of how many guests were yawning. Jessie: “Holley is taking forever!”Ashley: “Yeah quit the move objects already.” >eye twitch< Holley is right there you know.
  64. 64. At least Amylu is smiling.Amylu: “I like weddings, especially when I don’t have to be the one filming it.” Song: *Why did I sit here? Our dresses clash.* >pretends not to notice<
  65. 65. Mystery: “My goodness is this a wedding?!”Cee: “You’re just covering up a yawn Mystery! How rude!” >stifles yawn<
  66. 66. Shadey is still in her wedding dress. Shadey: “Opps?”While Jess finds pockets in her dress and enjoys the sun.
  67. 67. Opal: “My baby is getting married!”Chewy: “Seems like only yesterday we got married.” Opal: “That it does.”
  68. 68. Olinda: “Isn’t it lovely.”Blyth: “Holley nearly won my bachelor challenge you know.” >Awkward silence<
  69. 69. Jo: “Do they have bachelor challenges on Zorg Esme? I think I’m giving up on winning a regular sim male.”Esme: “Well if you call having suction caps on your head while being zapped with 10,000 bolts and having you DNA mixed in a pod a BC; then I guess so.” Jo: *Makes note to give that a pass*
  70. 70. Sim Me: “Psst Scribbles the camera....Too late.”
  71. 71. Peach: *Oh I hope I remembered everything* Gillian: “Does it seem a little warm?”How did you get that as formal wear Gillian?!
  72. 72. I wanna make you smile whenever youre sad Carry you around when your arthritis is bad All I wanna do is grow old with you.
  73. 73. Ill get your medicine when your tummy aches build you a fire if the furnace breaks Oh it could be so nice, growin old with you.
  74. 74. Ill miss you, kiss you, give you my coat when you are cold.Need you, feed you, Ill even let you hold the remote control. So let me do the dishes in the kitchen sink
  75. 75. Put you to bed when youve had too much to drink. Oh I could be the man to grow old with you. I wanna grow old with you.‘I wanna grow old with you’ from The Wedding Singer.
  76. 76. Rolley: “Mmm smokin”Holley: >Very happy<
  77. 77. Rolley: *Song*Holley: >Family sim wedding want-Kaching<
  78. 78. Onto the cake.
  79. 79. And Holley is a bit of a shover.
  80. 80. I was most impressed when Holley and Rolley chose to eat at the Brides table.Shadey too as she is still wearing her brides dress so I guess she is still technically a bride even if she does have twin school aged children. So maybe she is the matron of honour which would make Amylu and Jess the bridesmaids.
  81. 81. Amylu: “When did we become bridesmaids?” Jess: “I don’t have to give a speech do I?”When you sat down at the brides table. Now then >rustles paper< I have two five page speeches here somewhere...
  82. 82. Jess: “Amylu I think there’s a spot over there.” Amylu: “You think we could sneak over without being noticed?”Don’t worry there is no speech, you are required to dance though.
  83. 83. It was a good party even though it actually ended before the dancing. Just as well most of the guests currently live at the house.
  84. 84. Song: “What do you think?” Scribal: “I agree she is being VERY friendly with him.”Lark: >grumble<refusestoagreewithSongevenifsheisright >grumble<
  85. 85. “Gordon!” “Esme!” So know him well do you...budding romance?Esme: “I deny all! I just met the man, and if he doesn’t take his paws off soon I’ll use some mind control to make him shove his head into the cake!”
  86. 86. Of course cake isn’t very filling, especially when it gets cleared away early. Thanks Jo! Not. Looks like the cake got it’s revenge.
  87. 87. So I moved the buffet outside as well as adding a dish of lasagne. Totally buyable and edible. Who doesn’t like lasagne right? Apart from vegetarians of course.
  88. 88. Esme apparently.Esme: “lasagne is like a little pet back on Zorg. We don’t eat it!”
  89. 89. Dancing time! The warden threw a party in the county jail. The prison band was there and they began to wail. The band was jumpin and the joint began to swing.You shouldve heard those knocked out jailbirds sing. Lets rock Everybody, lets rock. Everybody in the whole cell block was dancin to the Jailhouse Rock.
  90. 90. Spider Murphy played the tenor saxophone, Little Joe was blowin on the slide trombone. The drummer boy from Illinois went crash, boom, bang, the whole rhythm section was the Purple Gang. Lets rock Everybody, lets rock. Everybody in the whole cell block was dancin to the Jailhouse Rock.Amylu: “Dance Jess or she might just find those speeches!
  91. 91. Number forty-seven said to number three: "Youre the cutest jailbird I ever did see.I sure would be delighted with your company,come on and do the Jailhouse Rock with me." Lets rock Everybody, lets rock. Everybody in the whole cell block was dancin to the Jailhouse Rock.
  92. 92. The sad sack was a sittin on a block of stone way over in the corner weepin all alone.The warden said, "Hey, buddy, dont you be no square. If you cant find a partner use a wooden chair." Lets rock Everybody, lets rock. Everybody in the whole cell block was dancin to the Jailhouse Rock.
  93. 93. Shifty Henry said to Bugs, "For Heavens sake,no ones lookin, nows our chance to make a break." Bugsy turned to Shifty and he said, "Nix nix, I wanna stick around a while and get my kicks." Lets rock Everybody, lets rock. Everybody in the whole cell block was dancin to the Jailhouse Rock. Jailhouse Rock by Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller
  94. 94. Then it was time for the bridal waltz, which should probably come first, but who cares. Lark: “I care! Wahh!” Poor lark. Ashley: “Is he playing the violin naked?” >cranes head around<Sim Me: “Nah that’s on a CD” (So I nearly said tape >cough< Just as well I do give this a quick edit. At least I didn’t say record. Haha.)
  95. 95. And it ended like all good sim parties end. Lark: “Shooflee! I stink!” Scribal: “Eww Jo stinks!” Jilly: “Eww Lark stinks!” Sim Me “Ahh babies!”
  96. 96. While outside the new Mr and Mrs Wonglepong headed off back home. Rolley: “Nice legs ka-chow!”Thanks for all the simselves who allowed themselves to be used in this BC. None of it represented the real people.