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Fair Dinkum Flamingos Chapter 11


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Fair Dinkum Flamingos Chapter 11

  1. 1. “There you go little Oz, sleep well.” “Goo?”
  2. 2. “Nighty buzz Night.”
  3. 3. I’m sure the poor child thought the kitchen floor was his bed.
  4. 4. The one and only time Holley interacted with Oz as a baby. Still not sure I like the *breastfeeding without the blur, it looks weird. Why couldn’t you have had the baby on its side Maxis? Maybe sim babies can take their sustenance through their ear? *While this is a hack it was pulled from the base game and is a Maxis interaction. It can be found here:,8084.540.html for anyone that wants it.
  5. 5. I invited the family over for Oz’s birthday and also greeted Pixx’s simself who was a walk by. We remember you Pixx! You stole norm and broke the water barrel back when Tina was young!
  6. 6. This time she just blocked one bathroom while smustling the day away.
  7. 7. “Pixx, lunch is served!”
  8. 8. Wasted a command as it didn’t work. Pixx stunk up the house and stole fake norm.“Oi! Less of the fake, I’m Norms brother, *Blue. If you think she stinks you should take a whiff under my arm pit! That’ll put hairs of your chest!” Also thanks to a handy simPE tutorial, I found and removed the cc plant covering the flamingos. Now we have real stretched galahs!
  9. 9. “Are you sure you want to eat that?” “Very sure.” “Just keep it away from me.”*Olinda has been pregnant with baby O for about five sim years now.*
  10. 10. “This cheesecake is delicious peach.” “No trouble Holley, hope it helps.”You want six kids? Then we are going to pump out six kids as quickly as possible. Shame I didn’t think to twin the first pregnancy.
  11. 11. “The stock exchange went up! How dare people make money!” “I know! They should be broke without a brass razoo, like we were as kids!”Blyth and Olinda can always commiserate with each other on the evils of making money.
  12. 12. Peach does the honours.“O oh I think we had a little oopsey didn’t we Oz?”
  13. 13. “You earthlings are gross!”Oh what’s a bit of flying poop at a party.
  14. 14. One nappy change and spin later and we have an interesting toddler. I have checked on the sim blender and he does grow into his features.
  15. 15. Some better hair always improves things. His stats are similar to Rolley’s. 10 neat! 9 outgoing, 9 active, 2 serious and 3 mean.
  16. 16. I don’t know what is up with kali. Since moving out she’s been positively nice.
  17. 17. She loves to smustle. She danced by herself and then with her Aunt Olinda.
  18. 18. Then with her Aunt Opal.The few days I did play over at Blyth’s house she was smiling, playing red hands with her half siblings and trying to take care of her brother as well. O_o You’re supposed to be mean, ornery and cantankerous! “All the better to deceive you with.” >smirk< I wouldn’t put it past her.
  19. 19. Opal still doesn’t leave Oz alone.
  20. 20. She’s a wonderful grandma.
  21. 21. Teaching him to both go potty
  22. 22. and to talk.I’d look that that if my grandmother sat around in her underwear too
  23. 23. Chewy taught him to walk and Holley took care of the nursery rhyme. I like independent tots, now he can be happily left to skill on his toys while the next two get the attention.
  24. 24. If only you lot would leave the little carpet grub get some sleep!Poor kid kept waking up and getting out of bed because they wouldn’t leave him alone! “But we want to get him up so we can put him to bed.”
  25. 25. Holley has put on a little weight.“A little? I think my duckies have grown to look more like giant frogs!”
  26. 26. Unlike someone else. “Looking good.”This has to be one of Rolley’s favoured pastimes. He doesn’t clean anymore, only checks himself out in the mirror. He did this three times in a row. Conceited much?
  27. 27. Of course with a hobby of fitness and a liking to work out without being told, Rolley keeps trim. “You want something?” “Umm I must have come in here for something... Oh yes I had to check the wallpaper!” “Okay...?” Which may not last that long...
  28. 28. “Blyth recons something real interesting will happen if I put a torch on here.”
  29. 29. “Holey-dolley! What’s that?!”I wasn’t going to, but he is a knowledge sim and any pregnancies count towards the three. Plus there is a chance we may get elf ears too. That only took something like 7 hours <_<
  30. 30. I’d forgotten that Holley was due soon. Twin two will be this generation’s bad apple.
  31. 31. First up we have another boy, and yah for genetic diversity, Paddington got Granddad Chewy’s green eyes.
  32. 32. While his twin Paisley got the grey/blue eyes. I’m surprised we keep getting brown hair.
  33. 33. Paddington is an old Sydney suburb, best known for its markets and heritage buildings. It’s often referred to as ‘paddo’ I also chose it because I like Paddington Bear. :P Paisley I couldn’t find much about except it’s in South Australia. Her name reminds me of paisley prints. Yes our bad apple is a girl.
  34. 34. *Waah! Nobody loves me, not even my twin. Left out like a piece of junk for bin day*
  35. 35. Wonders if Paisley will have a fear of being squashed by large objects now. Peach was on her way out to pick her up when the aliens returned.
  36. 36. “Go Rolley!”Chewy: *What’s going on? Why am I out here? Why do we have so many flamingos? Why, why, why?* Senility is setting in I’m afraid.
  37. 37. “It’s not, go Rolley! I’m severely traumatised! Never to recover! Thank you very much Peach! Let me tell you something, those aliens do not play rugby league like uncle Blyth said, they made be play >sob< baseball!”
  38. 38. “Hey Dad, how’s it going? Nice night to stare at the street, kachow.” Chewy *Maybe I’m waiting for a bus...yeah that must be it.*
  39. 39. One thing I can be assured of is that no baby will ever starve.
  40. 40. Or want for attention. Sleep though, they might need.
  41. 41. Now that Holley has finished being pregnant I bought a warm up bar in the hopes she would use it. Luckily Holley does. Opal of course continues to be Opal and ignores all exercise opportunities. She came and clapped for it though. “Good girl Holley, move those pounds!” “Would you like a go mum?” “No, no I’ll just go overfeed the babies and play with Dad.”
  42. 42. Which is what they both spend most of their time doing.
  43. 43. Synchronized smustle, they have it down pat.
  44. 44. “Chewy are you sure I’m meant to stand out here?’ “I don’t see how else we will flag down a bus.” “But we don’t get a bus service.” “Exactly! Now it has to stop.”I’m very glad my senile elders cannot jump on a bus!
  45. 45. *I’ll just take a quick bath in between trying to flag down a bus*
  46. 46. Chewy also uses the bar but doesn’t know when to stop.“For some reason spending the night out here is tiring.”
  47. 47. Holley looks after most of her own needs, but has trouble knowing how to find a shower. She stood there complaining at least five times. There’s an empty en suit just behind you Holley!
  48. 48. Peach being overworked, uses the only means at her disposal of seeing her crush. “He is not my crush! He’s a piker who’s as ugly as a bag of spanners!”
  49. 49. A quick spy on the telescope ensures a visit, but this is not the way to meet guys. “I don’t care!”Poor peach, I will try and fix things up later, but right now I need you to clean up some bottles, compost the contents of a potty, talk to some plants, catch some bugs and oh yeah, bake a cake.
  50. 50. I am not counting Mingo on your short list of who is hot.
  51. 51. Rolley’s brain fried on becoming pregnant. He can’t seem to find the fridge, the toilet or his bed.
  52. 52. He hasn’t slept with his Dad since he was a teen.
  53. 53. I had to watch him like a hawk for signs he needed directing. Opal was a way better pregnant bad apple and she did it three times. I’m glad Rolley is only doing it once.
  54. 54. Of course she didn’t have twins.Babies four and five on the way.
  55. 55. I thought before we get even more flamingos, we should get a garden club inspection. “What a lovely bush, don’t you think so Matthew?” “It is Katie, but what are those?!”
  56. 56. “It’s trash is what it is!”“Eww, disgusting! It shows a lack of effort when one leaves garbage about their yard.” You snob Allyn, you should be thankful you’re wearing a default.
  57. 57. They were impressed by the vegetable patch, so I had hopes...when this happened.
  58. 58. “Flipping dunny boxes!”
  59. 59. “I can see you have an emergency on your lot, call us another time.” Nooo! Get back here you flamingo snobs!
  60. 60. Nope, she would only come over and act like she lived here. Because: “Your garden hasn’t had time to grow yet.”
  61. 61. “Ugg that baby stinks!”“Well seeing you sleep and bath here now, why don’t you change him?” “Ugg, as if!”
  62. 62. For the most part Opal and Chewy’s obsession with holding the babies is a good thing-except when they need changing.
  63. 63. “Oh yes I want to hear your joke Flo, just let me hand Paisley over to Chewy.” “Buzz-a-beep!”Trying to interact with the one holding the baby, to get them to put the baby down, simply gets the baby swapped over to the other.
  64. 64. Then it was time for a triple birthday. “So do you think Scribbles will be successful?”“Not a chance, she’s holding her fingers all wrong. Just watch and learn Blyth.”
  65. 65. Buzz-a-beep I’m watching you Fuzzy!” “Why? Is my hair colour fading? I was just thinking about buying some flamingos for my yard.” “Really buzz?”“Well of course, why else would I be admiring them? Just look at that pink plastic, so pink and...plasticy. How can you beat that?” “Very buzz true. Glad to know you were not beep thinking of taking Blue.”
  66. 66. Fuzzy: *You can leave anytime you want Peach...anytime* “Peach do I smell burning cake?” “Oh no! I better go check the oven!”
  67. 67. *That’s it, that’s it! One down and one more to go!* “Nice day isn’t it Flo.” “Oh yes, a lovely beep day for a birthday.” “Maybe you should go make sure the kitchen is clean.” “I was told to buzz stay here.”
  68. 68. “Good grief woman, can’t you stay away for one minute!”Then it was cake time and everyone behaved like a good guest and came inside.
  69. 69. Peach did the cake for Oz first.
  70. 70. I think his looks have improved; he just needs to grow into his nose and chin a bit.
  71. 71. “Full soccer kit, you beauty!”He may look like his mum, but he’s his father’s son all over personality wise.
  72. 72. Mingo gave Paisley a quick bath before her birthday to make sure she started off life as a toddler all nice and clean. Funny how servos can use the water in the sink and tub to bath kids, but not fix one!
  73. 73. Decided to use a command each. I think they should spin one of their own kids at least once.
  74. 74. Paisley went first. I think she is a female version of Oz, at least in looks. Stat wise I don’t know as she is the bad apple for this generation.
  75. 75. She looks better with some nice hair. Hopefully this will stay and I won’t need to change it again.
  76. 76. Then went Paddington, who not only looks different, but also got the freckled skin! I let him keep the hair.Stats: 5 neat, 10 outgoing! 6 active, 2 serious and 3 mean. Where have all the playful points gone?! It’s starting to become a very serious, mean and neat household.
  77. 77. Aren’t they cute?  I’m hoping by having the bad apple as a twin I can use Paddington’s needs to guess hers.
  78. 78. “Had enough yet?””Oh no, I want to play all night!” *Crab sticks. So darn close*
  79. 79. “Mission accomplished creator person. The purple menace has not, I repeat, not taken Blue.” Good job Oz! Blue 1 Simselves nill! Scribbles, Fuzzy, Blyth and Gillian all tried and failed!
  80. 80. This house is going to get quite squishy when it comes to sleeping space. So Oz will have to sleep in with peach for now at least.
  81. 81. Of course it might help if people slept in their own beds.“Why is my wife sleeping here? I’m still a hunk of spunk aren’t I?” This is the first time Holley has taken someone else’s bed.
  82. 82. I don’t think you need worry about that Rolley. As if to prove the point they stayed in Peach’s room making out and flirting with each other forhours. I think it was more a case of Chewy sleeping in her bed. I had to get Holley and Oz up as well as Chewy, as Peach needed her bed. First time I’ve had to use the radio this generation, although I’m sure lots of radio moving will be happening soon.
  83. 83. Oz also got an easy bake oven for his birthday. “Fair go, cooking’s for girls!”
  84. 84. Right and your bunny slippers are so butch.
  85. 85. Wow Rolley, that is just... wow. Well it is an important day coming up. Oz is heading off to school for the first time, a child is being adopted in, the garden club is coming around again, and you’re...
  86. 86. Going to go to sleep in your food.
  87. 87. Watches and waits patiently....
  88. 88. “Oi! I think I have a hernia!”
  89. 89. “Has he been bitten by a green ant?!” “No! He’s giving birth!”
  90. 90. First up we have Clover Park. Which I can find zip all on apart from it being a place in NSW. I thought she’s green like a clover, maybe she will be good luck in this house of mayhem.
  91. 91. Then her brother Coal Point. Coal Point is a place down in Tassy known for its surfing. *Whatsup dudes?* I’m really excited to see how he turns out as his eyes look more the normal shape.
  92. 92. Holley is so impressed she walks on past and goes to bed.
  93. 93. As does Chewy,
  94. 94. then Rolley. In fact everyone is asleep in their own beds.
  95. 95. Even the twins. It’s a rare occurrence.
  96. 96. Of course the fact that it’s actually day time as the twins were born at about 6am doesn’t bother anybody here. “Fair dinkum mate; even more flamingos?” May as well put out all 33 of them...
  97. 97. Because if you didn’t notice not only is the garden club lady due this morning but so is child number six, and this time I am being lazy.
  98. 98. This time I had them adopt a child. This will be a whole lot less work, but give Holley the six kids she wants. Also it will give Oz an ‘almost twin’ so he doesn’t feel left out. Adopting isn’t something I do very often as it seems kind of pointless to me to just generate new sims who in the past have mostly been either A) Ugly, B) Boring or C) Both! Beverly here does not look ugly-thank you plumbbob! Only time will tell if she is a B. We now have, including the cat and servos 14 sims in this house! You will have to see how it goes next update.
  99. 99. Aussie GlossaryBlue or Bluey- These are popular as dog names-and now for gnomes. ;) Mostly from the Australian breed of dog, the Blue Healer.Brass razoo- meaning no money at all. It was introduced by the soldiers in WW1. Brass being the cheapest base metal for coins and the razoo beingan imaginary coin of trivial value.Carpet grub – Small child.Holy-dooley- An exclamation of surprise.Piker- Someone who doesn’t want to fit in with others ugly as a bag of spanners – Very ugly.Bin day- the day the garbo’s pick up the wheelie bin. Bin being the outside ‘trash can’. The wheelie bin is plastic and has of course wheels. I have noidea if Americans have the same.You beauty- Really great.Green ants- delightful creatures they will bite a hole in your skin into which they squirt formic acid. They will then hang on as they continue to bite,chewing your skin to mix the acid, like a baker mixing dough.Tassy- slang term for the island state of Tasmania.