Pokemon legacy chap3 b


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Pokemon legacy chap3 b

  1. 1. Chapter 3B
  2. 2. Welcome back to the NEW Pokémon Legacy. Cause ifyou did it once you can do it again better! Or at least I hope so, doesn’t matter I’ve having fun.
  3. 3. Last chapter Anna gave birth to twin girls, rounding Gen 2nicely with six. Only 643 names left. My simself also finally decide to lay down the restrictions of One-Way Street, Storyteller, No Work on Sundays, and all children must be born in evolutionary sets.
  4. 4. “Reias, wake up!” Ani-Mei called in a hushed voice.
  5. 5. “Already? I just got here.” Reias grinned wickedly, rubbing Ani-Mei’s tummy.“Stop it.” She scolded, “We’re going to have to moveout, there’s not enough move for a baby here. Pony won’t like it.”
  6. 6. “Don’t worry about Pony, Ani-Mei. She had to know the consequences of bringing me here.” Reias kissed her, “She probably has a house built just for us.” “That would be something she would do. Though to think of her and Thai alone in the beach house. This poor thing will never be the same.”
  7. 7. “Since we’re up anyways, Ani-Mei, will you marry me in this verse?” “Yes, Reias. You had to do it while we’re in our pajamas.” She laughed hugging his neck.
  8. 8. Potty training was not what Anna wanted to be doing at three in the morning, but the twins had managed to wake both Cleve and her up with their screaming.It was a wonder that the older girls were asleep still at all.
  9. 9. Anna went back to bed after the twins were settled.Cleve felt restless, although he was firmly establishedin his political career. He still worried if his past career as a pickpocket would ever could to light.
  10. 10. He didn’t have long to wonder before Charizard, or Rizzi as her twin called her, woke up again.
  11. 11. Luckily there was Dad to the rescue.
  12. 12. It wasn’t long before the older girls woke up.“Venu do we have to watch sports?” Bulba scoffed, “It’s always so violent.” “Yes, it’s all fake, or that’s at least what Momma says. I still think it’s cool.” Venu replied.“I want to watch something else.” Bulba protested, “I’m the eldest.” “By all of like thirty seconds.” Venu pointed out.
  13. 13. “Girls!” Anna warned, getting Charmeleon a bottle. Venu sighed and gave Bulba the remote. Luckily the Giant Servo Attack show was on Bulba’s favorite channel. It wasn’t sports, but not bad.Bulba just sighed. Why couldn’t the Social Bunny Hour be on.
  14. 14. Cleve soon left for work and the bus came for the girls, leaving Anna alone with the twins.
  15. 15. Not that Rizzi and Mel were hard by any meanscompared to the Quads. Anna just plopped down at the activity table and they were entertain for hours.
  16. 16. Then it was time for Anna herself to go to work. Shefretted about leaving the girls home with the nanny. But Elle had had no more mishaps.
  17. 17. Mel and Rizzi weren’t worried the least bit.Auntie Elle let them play all they wanted.
  18. 18. The older girls return home from school, surprise to only find Elle. They settled downfor some fun before they did there homework.
  19. 19. “Mom!” Venu ran outside as her parents arrived home, “Mom, Mom, can we get a dog? I saw one on TV and it was doing all sorts of neat tricks.”“I’ll have to talk with your dad on that one. We really don’t have room for a dog.” “Okay.” Venu sighed, “I’ll clean up after and take it for walks.”“Your dad and I will talk.” Anna hid a grin, she remembered bargaining with her parents, “Is your homework finished?” “Maybe” Venu blushed guiltily and ran back inside.
  20. 20. “So Venu wants a dog too then.” Cleve smiled, waiting on Rizzi to finish. “Who else wants one?” Anna looked over to him surprised “Ivy, I told her that they were a lot of work. She didn’t seem as interested after that.” “Do you want a dog?”“I think it would be fun, but now’s not the time.” Cleve shrugged, “We have six kids and are barely making bank. A dog would be too much right now. What about you?”“Not really a big fan of dogs. Pony’s is nice enough, but I’m just not a dog person. Now if they asked for a cat I might have to cave.”
  21. 21. Little did they know, but the girls already had big plans for a dog. “I want a black one with lots of spots.” Ivy announced. “We could name it Spot.” Charrie agreed.“And teach it cool tricks, like Play Dead. And then it’d be a TV star.” Venu added.
  22. 22. “DADDY!!!!!!!!!”Once again, Cleve was woken up in the wee hoursof the morning. He couldn’t wait until Rizzi could sleep through the night.
  23. 23. After he got Rizzi settled he used the quiet moments to play chess. He needed to getsome logic points to get another promotion.
  24. 24. “Cleve? Honey, are you okay?” Anna asked, “The carpool will be here any minute.” “Huh?” Cleve blinked, the sun shining right in his eyes. He didn’t even remember laying down. “Did you sleep here all night?” “I guess I did.” He sighed, his back sore, “We need a new couch.”“Get ready for work, silly.” Anna laughed, “Elle and I will take care of the girls.
  25. 25. “Who are you?” Charrie demanded.“The new bus driver.” The man replied, “You coming?” Charrie narrowed her eyes, “I don’t like you.” “I guess that’s up to you. Look do you want to get to school on time?” “Fine.” Charrie stomped up the stairs, then stopped, “Make sure you go down the hill really fast.” “I’ll do that.”
  26. 26. A promotion went she got to go to work late in theafternoon. She sent lots of time with the twins. Theirbirthday was growing ever closer and they still needed a few skills. But she finally squeezed some time topaint when she put them down for a nap. It was nice to be able to slow down a second and enjoy her favorite hobby.
  27. 27. “I did it! I got an A+” Charrieshrieked getting off the bus. A;; her sister had gotten it, but finally she did too.
  28. 28. The girls did their homework quickly. Tomorrow was Saturday and they didn’t want to have to worryabout then. A whole day to play they couldn’t wait.
  29. 29. “Hey funny lady, you got time for a busy man?”Cleve grinned when Anna and him returned home. Their offices were close together so most days he could pick her up on the way home. “Any more funny business and this funny lady’s gonna punch you.” Anna poked him.
  30. 30. Anna and Cleve tried to squeeze in a date before Elle left. The kids were determined to find out was the dating thing was all about and played catch on the sidewalk.
  31. 31. The date energized Anna and Cleve. After they sentthe older girls to bed, they spent the night teaching Mel and Rizzi the last of their toddler skills. And playing with them enjoying some of their last moments with toddlers.
  32. 32. The night passed quickly and it wasn’t long until everyone was awake. “NO SCHOOL NO SCHOOL!” Bulba shouted gleefully has she bounced up and down on the bed. Charrie and Venu were already playing on the floor. Ivysimply put her pillow over her head and tried to get some more sleep.
  33. 33. Anna made the girls breakfast and laid down for a short nap. Only Charrie skipped breakfast to finished her homework so she could play later.
  34. 34. Anna and Cleve soon had to leave for work. Anna no longer had any fears about Elle, the older woman had proven herself again.
  35. 35. After breakfast, Ivy started a water fight. The girls didn’t even bother to change out of their pjs.
  36. 36. Much to Elle’s chagrin, they continued in the rain.
  37. 37. Though she had started the fight, Ivy was the first to come back inside. Playing with Mel was muchbetter than getting rained on. She couldn’t wait forher little sisters to grow up, then they could be real sisters.
  38. 38. Cleve came home just after the rain stopped.“Honey you’re soaking wet!” He exclaimed when Bulba tackled him. “We had a water balloon fight in the rain. It was fun!” Bulba grinned.“I see.” Cleve ruffled her hair, “Go change clothes, your sisters birthday is tonight and you can’t eat cake soaking wet.”
  39. 39. Anna wasn’t coming home until late so it was up to Cleveto get the birthday party organized. He managed to find a new type of cake hopefully everyone liked them.
  40. 40. Cleve invited Pony and Ani-Mei. Pony insistedthat her friend Thai and Ani-Mei’s fiancé came along. Cleve’s best friend Tara Kody was already there.
  41. 41. A random passerby also joined the party, but Cleve didn’t have the heart to kick the old woman out, what harm could she do.Pony spent some time with the kids, she hadn’t been as diligent as she should have getting to know the kids.
  42. 42. First up was Mel.
  43. 43. “Look I have hands!” Mel exclaimed after the sparkles faded away.
  44. 44. Anna got home just in time to help Rizzi to the birthday cake.
  45. 45. “I’m huge!” Rizzi shouted excitedly.
  46. 46. “Hi.” Rizzi cornered Thai as the others went to grab cake. “Hello.” “What’s on your face?” “Glasses. I need them to see.” “Are you blind?” “No.” “Can I have glasses?” “You have to talk with your mom.”
  47. 47. “I’ll trade you all my toys for your glasses.”“Then how am I suppose to get home if I can’t see.” “Momma will take you.”
  48. 48. “I thought I told you to keep your distance Tara.”Pony murmured to the witch so that Cleve wouldn’t hear.“I remember nothing of the sort.” Tara said blandly, “Cleve and I have been friends a long time.”“Don’t mess with my family, Tara. This is a different island.” “You can’t own families Pony, they’re not even related to you.”
  49. 49. “Do you like puzzles?”“Isn’t it your bedtime?”
  50. 50. “It’s finally your turn isn’t it Ani-Mei?” Anna cooed at Ani-Mei’s growing belly. “About time.” Ani-Mei smiled. “Do you want a boy or girl?” “Doesn’t matter as long as it isn’t quads.” “They’re not all that bad.” Anna grinned.
  51. 51. “Thanks again Anna.” Pony hugged her suddenly, “I’m so happy to see all the girls growing up so well.” “I should thank you Pony for bring me here.” “How about we call a night before we end up in tears?” “Sounds like a plan to me.”
  52. 52. Soon all the guest had gone and the girls were allow to stay up late as long as they played quietly.
  53. 53. Rizzi left her sisters to play and stood in front of the bathroom mirror. She needed a new look. After anhour playing with her hair she decided on a hair style. “Perfect.”
  54. 54. Anna took the time to paint while the girls talked quietly in the kitchen.
  55. 55. Cleve renovated the nursery for Mel and Rizzi trading out the cribs for beds.
  56. 56. Anna hung up the finished paint to complete the décor.
  57. 57. Sunday began quietly, the girls all tucked into their beds after a long night playing.
  58. 58. Cleve snuck off to put some extra hours at the office. A/N: Bad Cleve, he snuck off to work when Iwasn’t looking. That’s breaking the rules! I shall have to think of a suitable punishment.
  59. 59. With the house eerily quiet Anna entertained herself by painting. She smiled thinking back to that lonelyfirst week when she painted her first picture. Things had changed immensely in so short of a time.
  60. 60. All too soon it was time to haul out the birthday tables and bake cakes.
  61. 61. All the usual guest came over including the strange elderly woman who always walked by at the right time. Thai even brought his friend Hollie along.
  62. 62. As soon as Cleve got home, it was birthday time.Bulba made a wish and blew out her candles. She couldn’t wait to be a teen.
  63. 63. “Mom you couldn’t have picked out better pjs?” She sighed, black wasn’t her color.“They were on sale.” Anna shrugged. “Trade with your sisters.” “Bulba it’s my turn.” Ivy shooed at her sister.
  64. 64. “Perfect.” Ivy ran her hands down her sides, “When can we go to college?”
  65. 65. “Aw, Ivy and I have the same gown.” Venu whined, “Not cool Mom.” “Trade me Venu!” Bulba begged.
  66. 66. “Do you guys have to be so loud?” Charrie demanded, “It’s my turn!”
  67. 67. “Aunt Ani-Mei, you’re cool and all, but you’re standing on my toes.” “Oops sorry.”
  68. 68. “Thai I have something really important to tell you.” “What would that be?”
  69. 69. “I’m potty trained.”
  70. 70. That’s a rap for this chapter. Sorry for the long wait. Some quick stats for you Bulbasaur-Popularity- 20 Besties Ivysaur-Knowledge- Head of SCIA Venusaur- Knowledge- Max 7 skills Charmander- Fortune- 6 pets to top careers
  71. 71. “Pony when are you going to fix the weather. It’s weird to go from the beach to walking in a blizzard.” Thai asked as the simselfs relaxed after a long week. “I wasn’t, I like the warm weather here.” Pony shrug, “Why deal with a blizzard if I don’t have to, you how annoying it is to get snow in your shoes.” “Yes, but..”“Can I interrupt a sec, Thai, Pony.” Ani-mei interjected before her friends got into a heated discussion.
  72. 72. “Hm?” Pony and Thai stopped talking. “It’s hard to say, but Reias and I want to find our own place.” Ani-Mei began, “We like it here, but there’s not really room for a baby.”“I suppose you’re right, Ani-Mei. I should’ve thought about that when I invited Reias here.” “I’ll be the only man in the house again.” Thai sighed. “Bane will be here silly.” Pony laughed, “I should be the one whining.”
  73. 73. “I’ll never forgive you for leaving me with Thai, though.”Pony laughed giving Ani-Mei a hug, “Check around Anna’s place, I heard of some developments over there.” “Developments?” Ani-Mei asked skeptically. “Fine I made you a house.” Pony sighed, “At least Anna doesn’t break the fourth wall.” “Oh Pony.” “Just don’t forget to call or write or send a pigeon.”