The White Legacy--Generation 4, College (Part 2)


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The two young adult White children deal with vampires.

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The White Legacy--Generation 4, College (Part 2)

  1. 1. I Sacrificed For You The White Legacy: Generation Four, College (Part Two)
  2. 2. Remember how the last chapter was 155 slides? Remember how I opened that chapter with a warning that it was going to be a long one and you‟d better buckle your seatbelt? Well, this chapter is 172 slides. You have been warned.
  3. 3. Isis: “Hello Jade. Oh, and Callie too? Are you on speaker? …No, we haven‟t found her yet. Yes, Callie, we‟re looking for her, don‟t use that tone with me! You‟re not the only one who‟s worried!”
  4. 4. Isis: “Your father has been inconsolable. I haven’t hardly seen him, he’s spent so much time out looking for Gizmo! He’s out back right now—he says that’s where her ‘signature’ disappeared, whatever that means. He says he’s suspecting vampires, because there’s an overwhelming aura of nothing back there. The only other time he’s ever felt something like that, he says, was when he was near William, though it was on a much smaller scale. It’s looking like there was a lot of them involved. This whole thing is driving him crazy, because they didn’t leave enough of a trail for him to follow. They’re not human enough to have an aura, and it’s hard to follow ‘nothing.’ I think that’s what Dez said, anyway.”
  5. 5. Isis: “I wouldn’t want to be any one of those vampires when Dez finds them.”
  6. 6. Jade: “There‟s something else you should know, Mom. William‟s probably involved.” Isis: [What? Why?] Callie: “He played us both. Bit us, too. Got mad when Jade refused to marry him. The jerk.”
  7. 7. Isis: [I didn‟t know you two were that serious.] Jade: “…neither did I.” Isis: [I‟m sorry, sweetie. I‟ll tell your father, he might be able to do something with that info. Thank you for telling me. Don‟t worry, we‟ll get Gizmo back. …and, girls? None of this is either of your faults. You hear me?] Callie: “Yes, Mom, we heard you. We‟ll get back to you on that.”
  8. 8. Another burglar. This is the second one in a single span of college. Are we trying to set a record here or something? Sorry to disappoint if you were hoping for a self-righteously indignant reaction from me. At this point, I am no longer surprised or even really irked. Maybe I should start keeping count of how many times Burglars United attempts to steal from the White family. Burglar: “Oh, this is the sixth time in four generations.” Shuddup. No one asked you. Burglar: “Just trying to be helpful.”
  9. 9. This is not a picture of the same burglary. This makes seven. Three for Jade and Callie‟s tenure at Sim State. Burglar: “I WILL SUCCEED. Someday.”
  10. 10. Secret Society Member: “In my expert opinion, the secret society counts as a group of NPCs. I thought you might find that interesting, Miss Hot Legacy Heiress.”
  11. 11. Right. Ahem. Moving on…
  12. 12. Cow Mascot: “What?” Oh, don‟t you “what” me! You just hit on Jade! Cow Mascot: “She‟s cute, and she‟s not dating anybody anyway!” Yeah, like you care! I‟ve got my eye on you, buddy! You‟re lucky she rejected you! Jade: {I hate mascots.}
  13. 13. Callie: “What do you say we go downtown and take a look around? This whole waiting thing is killing me.” Jade: “They‟re not going to be out where we can see them during the day.” Callie: “Would you rather be out where they can see us at night?” Jade: “Point taken.”
  14. 14. So what makes the two of you think vampires would live in a graveyard? Callie: “They‟re dead, aren‟t they? See anything, Jade?” Jade: “No.” Just make sure the two of you are home before the sun finishes setting, okay? We don‟t need to lose you too. Callie: “We know, we know. Quit nagging.”
  15. 15. Girls… Callie: “This wasn‟t my idea.” Jade… Jade: “I made a friend here once. I want to see if he‟s still here.” Callie: “So long as we don‟t stay here too long. It‟s called „Sunshine Park,‟ but it‟s pretty creepy at night.”
  16. 16. Gabie: “Hi there Callie! Isn‟t it so much fun to wander about downtown at night when there are vampires out and about?” Callie: “Are you trying to make some kind of point? Who are you, anyway?” --------------Gabie (i.e. muffinsgirl14) writes Deeper, a Sims 3 Alphabetacy.
  17. 17. Jade: {This wasn‟t a very good idea...}
  18. 18. Sun: “Groovy. Hey, Star. I was hoping you‟d, like, come back to this scene.” Jade: “Hi, Sun. Callie! He‟s here!” Sun: “Callie? Who‟s Callie?” Shelby Barret: *stare*
  19. 19. Callie: “So this is him, huh? You didn‟t say he‟d be a vampire.” Sun: “Somethin‟ wrong, dudette? I‟m getting some negative vibes here.” Callie: “Yeah, you could say I‟ve got a problem! For one thing, I‟m tired of dead goa—” Jade: “Callie.”
  20. 20. Callie: “Fine. You‟ve got five minutes.” Sun: “For what?”
  21. 21. Jade: “Our younger sister was kidnapped. We think it was the vampire loathe. We were hoping for your help.” Sun: “Aw man, that blows. Sorry. Anything your boyfriend can do? You said he was, like, vitamin D challenged too, right?” Jade: “He‟s probably part of it. We‟re not together anymore.” Sun: “What a drag.”
  22. 22. Jade: “Can you help?” Sun: “I would love to, Star, but I‟m not, like, part of the loathe. I don‟t have no pull with them anymore. They don‟t listen to lone wolfers. None of my business.”
  23. 23. Callie: “I knew it. Come on Jade, let‟s go. Your „friend‟ doesn‟t care about anything.” Sun: “Now, like, hold on right there. I didn‟t say I didn‟t care. Don‟t be so uptight, dudette.” Callie: “Stop calling me—”
  24. 24. Sun: “Listen, Star, Callie, I‟ll help where I can. You need to contact the loathe, or break in, or whatever, I‟ll help. You just give me a call, or wait for me here, or something. Don‟t go in by yourself, you follow? If it was the loathe who took your sister, then they‟ll, like, let you sit and wallow for a bit, then tell you what they want. For now, mellow out and stay calm. They‟re tryin‟ to make you nervous.” Jade: “They succeeded.” Sun: “They, like, won‟t do anything permanent to your sister right now. But call me before you do what they want. People who‟re vitamin D challenged aren‟t real honest. Always a hassle dealin‟ with „em.”
  25. 25. Jade: “Anything… permanent?” Sun: “They just, like, lost a war to the Pleasantview loathe. They‟re few in numbers and short on reputation. Easiest way to build power and influence? Infiltrate a legacy. That‟s not just, like, influence and wealth, that‟s ten generations of descendants to make vitamin D challenged, too.” Callie: “And just how do you know all this!?” Sun: “Seriously, dudette, mellow. You don‟t have to trust me. I‟m just, like, giving you the scoop. Do what you want with it.”
  26. 26. Callie: “Alright, that‟s it. We‟re going, Jade. I‟m not staying another minute here with the leech.”
  27. 27. Jade: “Sorry.” Sun: “It‟s cool. Hope to see you again, Star.” Jade: “Me, too.”
  28. 28. Callie: “…why was he calling you „Star‟?”
  29. 29. Callie: “I am tired of all this vampire business.” Jade: “I think he‟s cute.” Callie: “Who, the hippie in the park? You have no taste, sis. Besides, they kidnapped Giz. Do you have no loyalty to your own family?” Jade: “They can‟t all be bad.”
  30. 30. Callie: “Whatever. At least we‟re almost home. Being out here in the dark is giving me the creeps.”
  31. 31. Callie: “Wait, Jade, hold on. Are those… bats?”
  32. 32. Redhead Vampire: *hiss* Ponytailed Vampire: “Nice of you two to go walking out at night. It‟s been an awfully long time since I‟ve had anything to drink. Care to donate?” --------------Romi, the ponytailed vampire, is on loan from Jessie (ichigomccoy). Thanks, Jessie!
  33. 33. William: “Don‟t be overzealous, ladies.” Callie: “I hate that guy.” Romi: “You‟re not the only one. Self-centered chauvinist, that one.” William: “Please, shut your mouths for just two moments and let me speak. Callie, Jade, come with me. Gismondine is waiting.”
  34. 34. Sun: “STAR!!”
  35. 35. William: “Fabulous. What are you doing here, Count?” Sun: “Dude, I‟m not a Count anymore.” William: “Yes, so I noticed. Get out of the way.”
  36. 36. Sun: “No. You get out of my way. I am these girls‟ proxy. Deliver your message and leave.” William: “You make a terrible hippie, Count. The very nature of a vampire is violence and death. No matter how you act, that will not change!” Jade: “SUN!!”
  37. 37. Redhead: “I‟m the loathe‟s best hunter, honey. You‟re not my usual kind of prey, but I think the old-fashioned graband-run should work just as well as my normal methods.” Callie: “HEY! Get away from her!” Romi: “WILLIAM! Witch! She‟s got a wand!” Callie: “Hm? Oh… yeah! You want some of this!? Come and get it! Leave us alone!”
  38. 38. William: “For the love of—you‟re all such wusses! FINE! Fall back! Back to the nest!”
  39. 39. William: “Listen up, Jade. Present Callie and yourself to the Contessa at midnight tonight. The Count over there can show you the way. We have your sister as leverage.” Jade: “You wouldn‟t DARE—” William: “Goodnight, Jade.”
  40. 40. Callie: “That was terrifying!” Jade: “Are you okay?” Callie: “Fine... I think.” Sun: “Not to bust up the happy vibes around here, but don‟t you two, like, think it would be safer inside?” Jade: “Oh. Yes.”
  41. 41. Sun: “Well, um, I‟m, like, glad you‟re both safe. I guess I‟ll just be…” Jade: “Come in.” Callie: “Jade—” Jade: “He‟s more than proven himself, Callie.” Callie: “I know, but—”
  42. 42. Jade: “So… what now?” Callie: “I’m calling Dad.” Jade: “Use my cell phone.” Sun: “That‟s, like, a good idea. Your parents need to know what‟s going on, too.” Jade: “There‟s more to it than that.” Sun: “What do you mean?”
  43. 43. Callie: “Hi, Daddy.” Sun: “OH. Father figure‟s a warlock. Righteous.” Dez: “…”
  44. 44. Jade: “Sun, this is my father. Daddy, this is Sun.” Dez: “…vampire.” Sun: “Vitamin D challenged, man.” Callie: “He’s cool, Daddy. He just saved us from some vampires. William was one of them.”
  45. 45. Dez: “That man is dead.” Callie: “We know, Daddy. He‟s a vampire.” Dez: “He is NOT going to get away with hurting my girls! I‟ll kill him!!”
  46. 46. Jade: “Okay, Daddy. Calm down. We have two hours to come up with a plan to rescue Gizmo.” Callie: “Without giving me and Jade to the vampires. I‟m not going to go quietly.” Jade: “Where‟s Mom?” Dez: “…coming.”
  47. 47. Sun: “I‟ve, like, got an idea. It might not work. But at least it‟s, like, a thought.”
  48. 48. Sun: “…and that‟s it.” Callie: “That‟s a sucky plan.” Jade: “Do you have any better ideas? We‟ve only got an hour left.” Dez: “…”
  49. 49. Isis: “Hello, everyone! What have I missed?”
  50. 50. Dez: “…if you hurt them, I‟ll hunt you down.” Sun: “I won‟t, man. Your daughters are, like, far out. …Hey, Dez?”
  51. 51. Sun: “Can‟t help but notice your aura, man. Takes, like, a powerful warlock to have a visible aura, right? And you‟re a warlock of light, right?” Dez: “…” Sun: “Right on. Look, full disclosure. There‟s a reason why Romi, one of the ladies who attacked Callie and Star, freaked out at seeing her take out her wand…”
  52. 52. Callie: “Jade, I don‟t like this.” Jade: “Don‟t let her out of your sight, Sun.” Callie: “I wasn‟t talking about me—” Jade: “Remember, wait five minutes before going in.”
  53. 53. Callie: “I„m just grateful they don‟t believe in windows.”
  54. 54. Dez: “…be safe.” Jade: “I‟ll be careful, Daddy.” Sun: “…Star.”
  55. 55. Sun: “Full disclosure. I dig you, and my name isn‟t really Sun. It‟s Jimmy.” Jade: “Sun… Jimmy… I love you, too.” Sun: “Don‟t worry. I won‟t let anything happen to you. We‟ll save your sister, and get you out fast as lightning. They won‟t have time to hurt you.” Dez: “…”
  56. 56. Jade: “Okay. Here I go.”
  57. 57. Fricorith: “You‟re late. This way.” --------------Fricorith was donated by Ani-Mei. In this form, he comes from her “The Quest For Peace.”
  58. 58. Callie: “She‟s in. They should be distracted long enough for us to grab Gizmo, right?”
  59. 59. Dez: “I do not like this!” Sun: “That‟s totally understandable, sir. But they might‟ve put Gizmo in a trance, or used compulsion on her, and we, like, need someone she loves to get her out of it. It would have been good to have you go in, but we need you here to teleport anyone who comes out of the nest safely back to your home estate.” Dez: “You protect my daughters. If just one of them gets hurt, I will have your head!” Sun: “Understood, sir.”
  60. 60. Perseus: “So why do we have to be the ones to guard the sheep!? We should be in the conference room, where all the action is!” Kali: “Because I‟m low in rank, and you killed the last one that came through with witch heritage.” Perseus: “Can I help it? There aren‟t any demigods around here. What am I supposed to drink!? At least there‟s magic in the blood!” ----------Kali is donated by Mystery, and Perseus is from Ani-Mei. Much thanks to the both of you!
  61. 61. Perseus: “Guard duty is so boring. The sheep never do anything but whimper. Why do guards need to be posted anyway? You know, why don’t you go join the others, I can do the job alone…”
  62. 62. Kali: “If you think I’m going to leave you alone here with the witchling, you are out of your mind.” Perseus: “Kali, she’s just a sheep. Besides, her blood… the magic in it… it calls… it’s been so long…” Kali: “Perseus, no. The warlock’s daughter is here as a hostage. There’s a reason why she’s still alive.” Perseus: “Kali…”
  63. 63. Callie: *whispering* “Where would they be keeping her?” Sun: *whispering* “We have very good hearing, Callie. Don‟t talk. I know where the sheep rooms are.” Callie: “Sheep? You mean you actually keep sheep? The internet was right?” Sun: “SHH!!”
  64. 64. Kali: “Did you hear that?” Perseus: “Hmmmm? Sorry, I was listening to the hearts on the other side of this door… Are you sure…” Kali: “Perseus. Don‟t make me call Gabriel.”
  65. 65. Sun: “Callie, the door behind us goes to a bathroom. Go in there and lock the door. I‟ll let you know when I‟ve taken care of the guards.” Callie: “I am NOT going to—” Kali: *hiss* Perseus: “Count! You brought a witch!”
  66. 66. Contessa: “Jade. Have a seat.”
  67. 67. Contessa: “So Jade, tell me.”
  68. 68. Contessa: “Where is your charming sister? I thought I said to bring her, too.”
  69. 69. Sun: “Kali Vijayakar, I know you.”
  70. 70. Gizmo: “GET AWAY FROM ME!!” Callie: “GIZMO!!” Sun: “Kali, I know you were killed by your father, Count Edward. I know that being what you are disturbs you.” Kali: “SHUT UP!!”
  71. 71. Gizmo: “No… no… not again… please…” Perseus: “Stand still.”
  72. 72. Gizmo: “Callie!?” Perseus: “A witch! Excellent timing!”
  73. 73. Contessa: “I clearly ordered that both you and your sister come to me.” Jade: “You are not in charge of me.” Contessa: “No, I am not.”
  74. 74. Contessa: “William, however, is. Or did he not taste you?” William: “I did, Contessa.”
  75. 75. Sun: “I know you cringe every time you don‟t see your reflection in a mirror! I know you starve yourself for weeks before you go to hunt! I know you wonder what would have happened if you had met someone you could care for!” Kali: “You know NOTHING!!”
  76. 76. Kali: “Say one more word and I will rip your head off!!”
  77. 77. Perseus: “Hold still, little witch.”
  78. 78. Jade: “You have no idea what you‟re doing. If I don‟t come out of this alive, none of you will live another week.” William: “Ah, but we don‟t intend to kill you.” Contessa: “Continue on with the sentence, William. Don’t dawdle about it.”
  79. 79. Isis: “Please… let my family come out of this in one piece… don‟t let any of them get hurt…”
  80. 80. Kali: “Oof!” Sun: “I am done with you, Kali!” Kali: “How did you do that!? I had you! I had you in a rip-hold!”
  81. 81. Sun: “If undeath has so hardened you that you cannot have pity for the normal, frightened people behind that door, you are not worth my time. I have found someone to care for, and if you stay here, like this, you never will. Now get out of my way.”
  82. 82. Sun: “…and here I was thinking you needed help.” Perseus: “Hahahaha!! The magic, the magic in the blood!! It‟s almost, almost like that of a god!!” Callie: “Shut up, you pathetic excuse for a vampire!”
  83. 83. Callie: “That should hold him for now.” Sun: “Cool effect. Is this your sister?” Callie: “Omigosh, Gizmo!!”
  84. 84. Sun: “Right. You take care of her… and I‟ll try to calm these people down.”
  85. 85. Callie: “Gizmo, are you alright!?” Gizmo: “Fine… I think…” Callie: “Let‟s go. Dad‟s waiting just outside.” Perseus: “One taste… just one taste…”
  86. 86. Gizmo: “I… I can‟t move… he told me not to… he told me to stand still… they told me not to leave this room…” Callie: “Giz, listen to me.”
  87. 87. Callie: “You have to trust me on this one. You are stronger than they are, than he is. There is more to you than what‟s on the surface. You can laugh and you can cry, you can spin and twirl and feel the rain and the sun on your skin. You can love. You are a great person with a great attitude about life, and you can rise above what they‟ve done to you. You can walk out that door whenever you want to.”
  88. 88. Callie: “We‟re going to take a step now. Are you ready?” Gizmo: “Y-yes…”
  89. 89. Sun: “Ready to go?” Callie: “Yes, I think we are.” Gizmo: “Definitely. Let‟s get out of here.” Perseus: “Just… just one taste…” Sun: “Callie, is he supposed to be able to put his arms down?”
  90. 90. Sun: “Callie, behind you!” Callie: “Huh!? What are you—” Gizmo: “CALLIE!!”
  91. 91. Perseus: “Oof!” Kali: “I am worth your time, Count Jimmy. I hope you appreciate how much I just sacrificed for you.” Sun: “I do.” Kali: “Then get your charges and get out of here. I don‟t ever want to see any of you here again.”
  92. 92. Gizmo: “Daddy!!”
  93. 93. Dez: “…” Sun: “Get Callie and Gizmo out of here, man. I‟m going back in after Star. That took way longer than I thought it would.”
  94. 94. Dez: “…I am so glad you‟re safe.” Gizmo: *sniff* “I love you Daddy.” Callie: “Are we going or not?” Dez: “…I can only take one at a time.” Callie: “Go with Giz. I‟ll be fine. Hurry back.”
  95. 95. Isis: “Gizmo! Oh, you‟re here! You‟re safe!” Gizmo: “Mom…” Dez: “…I‟m going back for Callie.” Isis: “Be careful.”
  96. 96. Sun: “Out of my way, Romi!” Romi: “Sorry, Count. You‟re not allowed in the council room anymore. Besides, you‟re a bit too late.”
  97. 97. Sun: “GET OUT OF MY WAY!!” Romi: “Oh, so is it a fight, then?”
  98. 98. Callie: “Sun!”
  99. 99. Sun: “Callie! What are you doing here!? You were supposed to go back with Dez!” Romi: “A human!? Do you realize how long it‟s been since I‟ve eaten!? Get out of my way, Count!” Sun: “Not this one, you don‟t!”
  100. 100. Romi: “Ugh…” Sun: “Door behind you, Callie!”‟ Callie: “Which one!?” Sun: “The one on the corner!” Callie: “Gotcha!”
  101. 101. Callie: “Where now!?” Sun: “Double doors!”
  102. 102. Callie: “Sun, she‟s not in here! There‟s no one in here!” Sun: “Oh no…” Callie: “What was that for!?” Sun: “Check the holding cell. It‟s where they put prisoners and rogues.” Callie: “Well, where is it?” Sun: “Follow me.”
  103. 103. Callie: “Jade…”
  104. 104. Callie: “Jade, are you okay? Can you hear me?” Sun: “Star… Callie, we don‟t have time for this right now. Come on, we need to go. I‟ll carry her.” Callie: “But—” Sun: “NOW!”
  105. 105. Dez: “…………………………..…CALLIE!!”
  106. 106. Sun: “We‟re almost there, Star. We‟ve almost made it.” Callie: “You know, Sun, I had my doubts about you, but you‟ve turned out to be a pretty good guy so far… wait, is that…”
  107. 107. Callie: “Sun, incoming!” Sun: “I see him… Callie, look around you.”
  108. 108. Callie: “…we‟re doomed.”
  109. 109. William: “An astute observation, Callie.”
  110. 110. Contessa: “Jimmy, it‟s good to see you again. Are you finally coming back to us?” Sun: “Nope.” Contessa: “Pity. Kill him, William.”
  111. 111. William: “Callie. You are still mine. The Count is helpless while he is using both arms to hold Jade. Use your magic and kill him now.”
  112. 112. Callie: “There is no way in heck am I going to do anything you say!!”
  113. 113. William: “What!? I tasted you! You are mine! You cannot cheat me of this!” Callie: “The genie gave me the power to cheat death! Sorry to break it to you buddy, but you‟re dead!” William: “No! It doesn‟t work like that! You are mine! You are both mine!!”
  114. 114. William: “What are you doing here!?” Sun: “Dez, now would be an excellent time.” Dez: “…”
  115. 115. Dez: “…” William: “What are you doing with that wand!? NO!!”
  116. 116. Callie: “…where did they all go?”
  117. 117. Callie: “Dad, can you magivestigium with Jade back home? I promise, this time I‟ll run and get as much ground between me and this place as I possibly can.” Dez: “…be safe.” Callie: “I will be.”
  118. 118. Gizmo: “Jade, come on. Can you hear me? You‟re better than this, than they are. Please, at least look at me.” Isis: “So what do we do now? If this continues, there is no way Jade will be able to get through school.”
  119. 119. Callie: “What did they do to her, anyway!?” Gizmo: “It‟s gotta be something like what those goatstacks did to me to make me stay put, right? Except, she‟s completely unresponsive. And I can‟t seem to reach her at all, like you were able to help me with, Callie.”
  120. 120. Callie: “What about Sun? He could help, right? He‟d be able to snap her out of it, right?” Dez: “…incinerated.” Callie: “…That‟s right. I guess he got the full blast of it, huh?”
  121. 121. Isis: “Callie, we need you to be ready to take over from Jade as heiress if she doesn‟t get better.” Callie: “But—” Dez: “…we might need you.” Callie: “…okay. Anyway, I can help Jade get through school for a little while. But I‟ve only got one semester left, and she‟s still a junior. She‟ll be all alone in this house. What can we do after I graduate?”
  122. 122. Isis: “Drop her out?” Callie: “No way. She‟d never forgive us. She loves school, she‟d be devastated to find out she hadn‟t been able to finish her degree.” Isis: “Callie, what else could we possibly do?” Callie: “I don‟t know! I‟ll think of something!”
  123. 123. Gizmo: “Jade… please…”
  124. 124. Callie: “Alright, Jade, time for class again.” Callie: “…I just have to trust that you can still hear and register what‟s going on around you, because otherwise taking you to class all semester has been a complete waste of time.”
  125. 125. Callie: “Come on, then, up you get.”
  126. 126. Callie: “I just completed my lifetime want. …great.”
  127. 127. Callie: “So how does turkey sound for dinner? You know, I heard that turkeys fly up into trees at night to sleep. Did you know that? I wonder why they do that?” *doorbell* Callie: “Hold on just a second, Jade, while I get the door.”
  128. 128. Callie: “What are you doing here? I thought you got incinerated with the others.” Kali: “I was inside, „taking care‟ of Perseus at the time, remember? Look, let‟s not mince words. I want to help your sister.”
  129. 129. Callie: “Jade!? …I‟ll bring her out. But if this is a trick…” Kali: “No tricks. I saved your behind back in the nest, remember? You can trust me. And I won‟t stay long enough to cause any trouble.” Callie: “Alright.” {But only because we‟re completely out of options.}
  130. 130. Callie: “What are you going to do?” Kali: “I can‟t take away what the more powerful vampires did, I can only alter it. You see, I haven‟t tasted her, and I don‟t plan to. Even if I did, it wouldn‟t do much more good than I‟m about to do right now. She‟s going to have to do most of the battle herself, and she needs some hope to do that.” Callie: “So… she could recover?” Kali: “If she wants it badly enough, and if there‟s people she loves nearby. Particularly, someone she romantically loves.”
  131. 131. Kali: “Jade. Count Jimmy Taylor is alive. He survived.”
  132. 132. Callie: “He‟s what!? And he hasn‟t gotten his sorry butt over here!?” Kali: “Jade, your father‟s spell created magical sunshine, not real sunshine. Yes, it incinerated Count Jimmy and the vampires who were threatening you, but given time, they will be able to reconstruct their bodies and live again. Until then, I am going to give you some orders. Are you ready? You need to sleep when you‟re tired. Eat when you‟re hungry. Shower when you need to. Go to class and take your tests. In the meantime, I‟ll help Count Jimmy recover, and the minute he has, I‟ll send him to you. He‟ll be alright, Jade. You both will.”
  133. 133. Callie: “Wait, where is she going?” Kali: “Probably to eat or sleep. She looked tired.”
  134. 134. Callie: “Did you mean all of that?” Kali: “Every word I said was true. Now, I‟ve got to go. I‟ll be true to my word. I‟ll help Count Jimmy rebuild his body, and I‟ll try to keep the rest of the loathe as ashes, too. It won‟t work forever, but you‟ll at least have a few generations before you need to worry about us again.” Callie: “Thank you, Kali. I mean it.” Kali: “Don‟t thank me yet. The minute the loathe rebuilds itself, I am skipping out of this town faster than you can say „banana split.‟”
  135. 135. Callie: “Where will you go?” Kali: “Probably back to my home neighborhood. When I left, there was this really cute guy named Glyndwyr there. I had three bolts for him, but when I left I was too nervous to approach him. I think I‟m going to give it a try this time.” Callie: “Good luck.” Kali: “You too.”
  136. 136. Callie: “…I‟m so sorry, Jade. Sending you in alone was the worst idea we‟ve ever had. I hope you can forgive me.”
  137. 137. Callie: “Oh, come on, June. Is it really so unusual for someone to give you a nice, friendly phone call, just to talk and ask how you are?” Blizzard: {Yes. The woman is made from the fabric of pure evil.} Callie: “Say, do you want to come to my graduation party? It‟ll be fun!”
  138. 138. You look great, Callie. Callie: “Aha! Author, you DO still exist!” Well, sure. I try to back off during dramatic moments and let you guys take care of yourselves. It just so happens that this entire chapter has been one big dramatic moment. Callie: “Chapter? …whatever. I managed to get June to come to the party. This should get interesting. Right, Jade?”
  139. 139. Let us take this moment to compare Dez with Callie, hmmm? Every time I click somewhere while I‟ve got Callie selected, I see Dez‟s distinctive cheekbones on her and think, “Awww, she‟s Dez‟s daughter!” I‟ve been looking for an opportunity to show you guys. I think it‟s so very cute just how many features Callie inherited from Dez. Cheekbones, eye shape, nose… sorry, genetics freak here. Moving on.
  140. 140. I forgot that my new mod that forces all graduates on the lot to wear their robes also forces guests into formal wear. Cool. That‟s much more appropriate. And don‟t look so enthusiastic, Gizmo. Yes, Dez, Callie has graduated. No, she‟s not getting married right off the bat. Put that thought bubble away.
  141. 141. Hey. The party‟s inside. Go inside, people.
  142. 142. Callie: “Hey, June! Glad you could make it!” June: “I‟m sure.” Callie: “Aren‟t you going to go get some food?” June: “What for? I‟d just have to clean it up after the party anyway.”
  143. 143. Callie: “Look. I‟m trying to be nice, because I need a favor.” June: “Oh, great. Here it comes.” Callie: “I need you to move in a year early.”
  144. 144. June: “…what.” Callie: “Jade is still pretty much comatose. She can take care of herself for the most part now, but I‟d feel better if there was someone here to look after her. Please, June. I‟m asking you this as a fellow Oresha-Annya-Var sister.”
  145. 145. June: “Hmmm… let me think about this for a sec…” Callie: “Oh, and did I forget to mention that if you don‟t do this for us, I‟ll punch out all your teeth?” June: “Done.” Callie: “Good. I‟ll be checking in every day.” June: “Will I get paid for this?”
  146. 146. Isis: “I‟m so proud of you, sweetie.” Callie: “For punching June?” Isis: “Well, that too. You‟ve sacrificed a lot for us and for Jade, and we wanted to tell you we appreciate that. We love you, and we‟re so excited that you‟ve graduated, and good luck in your life as a spare.” Dez: “…” Callie: “Thanks Mom, Dad. Love you, too.”
  147. 147. Transition clothes. Don‟t you love being a witch, Callie? Callie: “Yes, I really do. Now get these horrid things off me!”
  148. 148. June: “…now what?”
  149. 149. So at this point, I said to myself, “Keika (because I always call myself by my Boolprop username), you‟ve got a few options here. You could treat your readers to a bunch of slides of Jade being a zombie, eating and sleeping and that‟s about it. You could try to crack a few jokes with a constant barrage of June‟s incessant complaining. Or, you could just skip ahead a semester and a half and show Jade graduating.”
  150. 150. Happy graduation day, Jade! Isis, Dez, and Gizmo came to take Jade home (Callie was at work). To call it a party would be a bit of an exaggeration, but there was certainly celebration involved. Dez: “…” So, that‟s a wrap! I‟ll be seeing all of you back at the home lot in chapter one! Before we go, though, I have a brief stop to make.
  151. 151. Pony: “Name?” SimMe: “Pony, it‟s me. My picture is hanging above your head. My name is on the sign outside the door. Remember? „Keika‟s Guest House‟?” Pony: “Oh yes, the simself Keika. Do you have an appointment?” SimMe: “I don‟t need an appointment! I‟m in charge around here! I‟m just going in to see Ani-Mei!” Pony: “Please shower off any dangerous chemicals before going in and fill out a name tag so that everyone knows who you are. Have a nice visit.”
  152. 152. SimMe: “Hi, Ani-Mei.” Ani-Mei: “Oh. It‟s you.” SimMe: “Look, I‟m really sorry about what I did to Perseus. He was a hero in your legacy, but I turned him into a villain in mine. A rather unbalanced villain, too.” Ani-Mei: “Not listening.” SimMe: “I brought you a present.”
  153. 153. Ani-Mei: “…an empty box with an „IOU‟ tag on the top?” SimMe: “Right. To be filled whenever you like with whatever you like. Forgive me?” Ani-Mei: “Hm. I‟m going to have to think about this.” SimMe: “In my defense, we did talk a little bit about how Perseus might act in an alternate universe, if he had never been saved from his addiction to godly blood.” Ani-Mei: “I didn‟t think you were going to take it that far!”
  154. 154. Ani-Mei: “Fine. I‟ll take your empty box. Does what I want have to fit inside it?” Keika: “Nope. It can be whatever you want.” Ani-Mei: “Cool.” You hear that, Real Ani-Mei? My apologies for re-writing Perseus‟s personality, and please accept this gift of whatever you want. Also, once again, many thanks to everyone who donated vampires to the Riverblossom Hills loathe! I much appreciate it! Now that that‟s taken care of, we can finally end this chapter. But first… one last joke?
  155. 155. June: “Looks like it‟s just you and me for another generation, Blizzard.” Blizzard: {Unhand me, vile harpy.}