The Mobacy chapter 18


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The Mobacy chapter 18

  1. 1. “I am so exhausted! Can you take her *Nonna?”“Nonna hmm, I guess I am” said Joanne with a smile. “Of course, go to bed Tamara; you will need all the sleep you can get with a little one.” *Nonna means Grandmother
  2. 2. “Were ours this tiny?” “Rosa is actually a good sized baby, eight pounds at least I would say.” “Only eight pounds! Are you sure she isn’t a midget?”“Oh go to bed Luigi!” laughed Joanne. “I must go dress this child before she catches her death of cold.”
  3. 3. Rosa looked up and gurgled as Joanne dressed her, not even minding the singlet going over her head.
  4. 4. “Now you should be warm as toast” said Joanne rocking the baby slightly. “I think a bottle and a warm bed are just what you need.”
  5. 5. “I’m sure your mummy will feed you herself when she is awake, but a bottle will have to do for now.” Rosa didn’t seem to mind in the least and drank the bottle down with gusto.
  6. 6. Joanne tucked the baby into her cradle and stroked her soft downy head. How lovely it was to have a baby in the house again. Little Rosa kicked her arms and legs before giving a huge yawn and going straight off to sleep.
  7. 7. She quickly grew into a very active and alert baby with curly black hair.If you think this is one giant baby picspamathon you would be right. ;) The hair is a default from
  8. 8. “Tamara, look how she’s reaching for her toys now!” Tamara clutched at her turbulent stomach “Urggh! Tell me again why I thought it was a good idea to have another baby so soon?”“Because you wanted our kids to be able to play together, and I agree. Not everyone can be a twin, but regular brothers and sisters can still be close.” “Don’t even mention twins!”
  9. 9. “I must have been mad >gag< To put myself through >urk< three whole days of this again so soon!” “She really works those arms and legs, I think she might be a swimmer, what do you think?” “Salvatore!”“What? ...Oh sorry Mara, I really do feel bad for you being sick, but it should be over soon shouldn’t it? Being near the end of the first trimester and all?” “I most certainly hope so, and if this baby is a girl I plan a large gap before trying for any boys!” “Not too large a gap though.”
  10. 10. “So you’re volunteering to look through the telescope- how noble.” “What?! Ah no thanks!”“Haha! That’s what I thought. You spend three whole days being pregnant and push a baby out through your plumbbob, and then you can have an opinionon it. As soon as I finish being sick I bet my ankles will swell like last time and I won’t be able to wear my skinny jeans. Three whole sim days of pregnancy, it’s ridiculous!” I wish pregnancy in real life only lasted ‘three whole days!
  11. 11. “What would Papà do?” Luigi paced around the kitchen wishing he was some place far away, a beach in SimHawaii sounded good right about now. But there was no getting around it; he had put this meeting of long enough with one excuse after another. The other members were waiting to see how he dealt with Scar and Igor there was no more putting it off. This was the first time his father wouldn’t be there at a meeting, the first time it all fell on his shoulders. Not having that authority to fall back on left Luigi feeling very stressed. The whole family could crumble if he made the wrong choices...
  12. 12. “You know you will do fine.”“No I don’t know that at all” snapped back Luigi. “Luigi you have been the Don for years”“You don’t understand Joanne; I’ve never really been the Don, not in the full sense. Sure I got things done, but if I suggested something andPapa didn’t like it he would interject or he would tell me how stupid it was later and get me to change it. Even after he retired it was always him running the show from the sidelines, and Ilet him because I was never sure if my decisions were right.”“This is what’s been bothering you isn’t it? Even from before your parents died.” “Yes! Does it make you happy to know what a weak man you married! Also do you ever put that child down, stop coddling it!”Joanne flinched and quietly left the room. Times like this it was better to say nothing.
  13. 13. Joanne took Rosa back to the nursery for her afternoon nap. It was true she did spend a lot of time cuddling the baby.“Don’t you worry Rosa, *Nonni will keep cuddling you. You see these cross stitch pictures and the rug on the floor? Your Great Nonna made those for you. I know if she were here she would be cuddling you lots too. Whenever I come into your room I think of her.” *Nonni a more casual and endearing term like gramma.
  14. 14. A lump came into Joanne’s throat and she laid the baby gently in the cradle before wiping her eyes.“Better not let your *Nonno see these tears or he will be even more tense and grumpy than he already is.” *Nonno means Grandad.
  15. 15. “First the good news, Salvatore acquired us a new cow plant and will now go after a bone phone. Good work son.” “Thanks Papà.”“So how did you get that? Swipe it from a Uni? Trick someone at the research lab?” asked Mick “Urm, I got a job in natural science...?” “A job, what a radical idea! Bet no one suspected that hu?” “....” “Congratulations on your son too.” “I have a daughter.”“Oh so that’s why he’s wearing a bow, he’s a girl!” “Mick.” “Yeah boss?” “Shut-up.” “Yes boss.” “Is it just me or do you guys sense there is someone else here?” said Vincent.“Where? I’ll knock em through the wall” said Scar. *Hmph young upstart; I can put myselfthrough any wall I want.* thought Al listening in to the proceedings.
  16. 16. “Now onto the sharp end of this meeting, I’m sure you knew it was coming.” “Yes boss.” I want to know why you both left your post at my son’s wedding. It was nearly a disaster because of that pair of rotting no good zombies! Your job is to ensure that things likethat don’t happen, kapeesh? If we can’t rely on you then we may as well get rid of you.” “Yes boss.” “Let’s start with you Scar. “I had to go to the jon” lied Scar. “I’ve got large muscles but a small bladder boss.” *Hehe all the better to scare it out of you* Alfloated back to the kitchen. He figured he hadbetter leave it to the boy; he couldn’t be there to support him anymore. “And you?” “Igor needed men’s room too.” Really... at the same time? Yeah...” Did you need him to hold your hand or something? There were hoots of laughter and banging of fists around the table.
  17. 17. Luigi knew full well they were lying, but theywere loyal members and the family was small right now, he couldn’t afford to get rid of anybody. They didn’t need to know that though... “Right, you both know how to dig a grave.” Both men looked shocked, graves?*Now this sounds interesting* thought Al and he wandered back in to listen.Down to the basement with the pair of you. Mick, get them a shovel each” “Yes boss.” “Papà ” “Not now Salvatore.”
  18. 18. Nothing was said as they all trailed down to the basement. “See that area; dig it out, two meters long by two meters wide.” Igor and Scar reluctantly took the shovels and started digging.“I need my basement enlarged so do a good job. If I catch the pair of you slacking off again it will be your grave.” “Yes boss!” they said in unison, both very relieved.
  19. 19. “Good meeting boy! Tell your father.” “Ahhg! Nonno?!”You may not want to eat that now... ~~~~~~~~
  20. 20. Over at *Vincent and Ray-Ray’s house Bernardo was having a little ‘moment.’ “No wife, no kids!” *Vincent is Luigi’s older brother. Second born of generation two.
  21. 21. “Not one, but two failed bachelor challenges!” >blub-squeek-urk< Poor Berni he did this soon after I loaded up the lot.
  22. 22. “What can I do Doc? I live at home with my parents, I can’t talk to woman -I’m a failure as a family sim!” “Hmm, yez I zee, you do need ze help”
  23. 23. “Now practice being zee chicken, it vill give you back your manhood.” >Bwark< >Bwark!<
  24. 24. “Thank you Doc! I know what to do now!” “You are velcome”
  25. 25. “Mamma, Papà, I’ve decided to become a monk” >crickets<“The shrink helped me see what I need to do. I’ll be home later; I’m off to commune with nature.”
  26. 26. “Should we be concerned?”
  27. 27. “Bees are my friends, bees are my friends.”“Bees are my friends! Auughh!
  28. 28. What was that you said about not worrying Vincent?! “Look Papà I’ve never had so many friends before!” “Urm...?”The bee’s really did decide Berni was their friend and glitched to him for the whole day.
  29. 29. Apart from Berni’s escapades with the bees, Vincent and Ray-Ray had their elder fiftieth birthdays. In the kind of style that only Vincent and Ray-Ray would celebrate. Hehe, no bad outfits for me!This is Ray-Ray after aging, and no I didn’t get her codingback, but I did find a hack that allows sims with enoughpoints to go naked by choice.
  30. 30. Vincent looks like another cradle snatcher.
  31. 31. Their eldest son Angelo moved in to this modest house with his fiancée Sadie.They are both focused on their careers with no plans yet to marry or have children. He wants to be media magnate and she wants to be chief of staff. This pair of knowledge sims, so quiet and reserved on the outside...
  32. 32. So different behind closed doors! Angelo chose those leaped print jocks all by himself. They roll a lot of red and purple wants. So baby, *shall Oh Austin! we shag now, I can’t or shall we decide! How shag later? about both. I think we will leave them to it... *Quote from Austin Powers ‘International Man of Mystery.’
  33. 33. While their youngest daughter Phebe continued on at Uni.Anatomy class: More than the Physics Class: The art of out coach wanted to see. burping cows. Psychology class: Trying to get 50 first dates behind your boyfriends back.
  34. 34. At *Angel and Ashley’s house the neighbours would have been wondering all kinds of things- had there been neighbours. *Angel is Luigi’s older sister. First born of generation two.
  35. 35. “I’m going to be this way forever, I know it.”“Oh shut-up. It’s your own fault anyway; you should think yourself lucky I’m working on a cure. It’s not like I’m not busy here, I have to come up with something for Nicoli as well- or have you forgotten our son is a vampire?!”
  36. 36. “Of course not. But this is not my fault. You’re the one who tried that life potion on me!” “It’s your fault because of the stupid cheese! Normal people don’t have this reaction!” “I didn’t cheese myself either!”
  37. 37. “Oh you are so not revisiting that topic again. The reason you were cheesed was your own fault and you know it. That topic is closed, done and sealed.” “Sorry dear” “Don’t bring it up again.” “I won’t” “Good, now drink up your potion- like a good cat.”
  38. 38. “This is...>urrgh< are you sure it isn’t poison?!”“Don’t tempt me. This brew better do something because I am sick of making potions and cleaning up cat hair! I can’t keep making excuses about you being ill or working. Now go to bed and we’ll see what happens by the morning.”
  39. 39. Next morning “Arrghh!”“It’s okay, I figured nothing would change.”
  40. 40. “Oh something has changed all right- and I don’t mean your stomach.”“Yeah I thought I would brush more, since you complained about my cat breath.” “You’ve grown a tail.” “What!” yelled Ashley spitting toothpaste across the basin.
  41. 41. “Time for plan B.” “No not plan B, please!”“Ashley I have tried every other option, now be a man and get down to that basement!”
  42. 42. Luigi’s and Joanne’s other children were moving along with their lives too.Alisa and Yo-Yo got married the weekend after Salvatore in the town’s small church. They decided to hyphenate their last names and become Mr and Mrs Rossi-Mobacy.
  43. 43. Then they got right down to baby making.Alisa greatest wish was to have six children and see all of them married. Yo-Yo said he would be quite content to simply reach their golden wedding anniversary. Looks like I still have the married with engagement ring glitch.
  44. 44. Soon they celebrated the arrival of their first child, a son Adriano.
  45. 45. Then immediately set to work on baby number two.
  46. 46. Across in the downtown area Lottie and Brandon had moved into an apartment together, they also had no plans to marry.
  47. 47. They often went to Bernard’s Botanical dinning on dates- mostly for the swings and the photo booth, but the steak was pretty good too. “Hey Brandon!” “What? Going to bet I can’t swing higher then you again?”
  48. 48. “Do you want to get married?” said Lottie against the autumn wind. “What? I can’t hear you.”“I said” yelled Lottie loud enough for the entire place to hear “Do you want to get married?!” “Woah really?” said Brandon quickly stopping his swing. “Sure, why not.”
  49. 49. “So you’re cool with this whole marriage gig?”“Of course Lottie, it’s not like we haven’t been engaged for ages, I just hadn’t really thought about it.” “I hadn’t until last night, and then somehow I got this big ol marriage want locked.” Strange that... “So... Spring?” “That would be nice.”
  50. 50. Tony had moved to a small house across the other side of downtown. “Sugar lips, how you doing?”“What?... Well it’s the Tonster of course. Toned and waiting for you.”
  51. 51. “Admittedly this new pad of mine is rather pink right now but ...Say what?”
  52. 52. “Ohw harsh words babe.” >click<
  53. 53. “She can’t resist me I know it.”Tony for all his swagger as a ladies’ man didn’t get any action at all. For a start no girl lived up to his expectation...
  54. 54. Florence was as Robin wasloopy as a daisy common.chain. Her assets aren’t too perky either.Marie lookedlike the back of While Lillya bus. smelt like tuna. Like a knuckle sandwich with your coffee?
  55. 55. Finding a girl with ‘star quality’ was doing his head in. ...not just yours mate.One day he was going to be the host of his own acclaimed cooking show, he needed someone who could be there with him on the red carpet. Someone who was gorgeous, sexy and preferably blond. A girl with ‘star quality’. Was that too much to ask? Yes! You picky geezer!
  56. 56. “Stop showing me these ugly, frumpy, boring, common women! I’m a star and I demand a girl with star quality!”You’re a fast food manager and if you don’t find someone at the next few places who isn’t a romance chick I’ll hook you up with Melissa Fancy and let her woohoo twenty! He’s actually heart barfing not one but two masseuses here simultaneously.
  57. 57. Well there was one girl he thought he liked. Until he realized she was on the JCUSL of most unwanted sims. (Jo’s Creepy Ugly Stalker List) Sims on the list: Her Reason: For being a creepy ugly stalker!Then of course he realized what a mistake it would have been ... get that marriage want out of your panel!
  58. 58. Of course it didn’t help that every place he went to he saw either a family member or a simself. Most gave him a wave or a wink and a knowing look. Some were there obviously just to spy.Nicoli though wanted to see family even less than Tony did. “Did we know you had become a vampire?” “Blah off!” Tony ‘blahed’ off most quickly.
  59. 59. He nearly thought he had found her... until she opened her mouth.
  60. 60. “Wahy surre, you can come back ta ma farm and av a date. There’s only me, ma Mar an Par an five brothers at ome.” “Err...” He was nearly glad to see miss creepy stalker.
  61. 61. Who decided to put her ‘brand’ on him right in front of miss cow girl, much to the coffee girl’s amusement. “Does this mean ya taken?”
  62. 62. “Woah, no offence ‘CS’ I know the Tonster is irresistible, but I’m not your boyfriend.” “So ya free then? Cause Larry me pig is wait’en in the pick-up ta get ome ya see.” “No! I’m not free for either of you! I already have a fiancée! Bye!”Tony fled the coffee shop and ran up to the art gallery. He had to get away from these crazy women!
  63. 63. Which is where he saw her. No matter that she looked a bit tough, he could tell a girl with star quality from afar. She was admiring a piece of modern art that he himself would have liked to buy- had he had the money.
  64. 64. “So baby what’s a girl like you doing in a place like this?” “Oh you are so not using that old line.” “How about, I only have eyes for you.” “Give me a break.”
  65. 65. April did quite like Tony, but she had no intention of being picked like a peach. If this guy liked her then he was going to have to work hard.And work hard he did. Many phone calls and ‘dates’ that consisted of walking around the art gallery later, she decided to finally agree to a proper date.
  66. 66. Tony wined dined and danced her off her feet.
  67. 67. But would she accept his proposal?
  68. 68. Meanwhile across at the legacy house his niece who he had never seen was having her first birthday. “Ready Rosa, let’s blow together!”
  69. 69. “I hope you get lots of friends kid” said Vincent. “Yeah, friends with benefits” winked Lottie. “So long as they have plenty of money!”“Really, I think she should make up her own mind” said Joanne.
  70. 70. Not that anyone would know just what aspiration Rosa had taken on, that wouldn’t show up until she was a teen.Rosa looked around and then immediately buried her face into her mother’s shoulder. Who were all these people and why were they so loud?
  71. 71. “Um guys, I think you are scaring her...guys? Don’t you mind them Rosa they are just your crazy family. Let’s go get you changed.”Alisa was there, but left to go blow bubble before the candles were even blown. ‘Good one’ Aunty Alisa. You can just see the bubble going up over Vincent’s shoulder.
  72. 72. As soon as Salvatore got home from work he set about teaching Rosa to walk. “This is how you walk Rosa” Rosa gave a big smile, she liked being up on two feet. “You like this don’t you?” “Morwawak!”
  73. 73. Rosa learnt not only to walk but also to run, all before bedtime.
  74. 74. Learning to talk wasn’t quite so easy as Rosa wasn’t very co-operative.
  75. 75. “Rosanowannataga!”Rosa couldn’t see the need for the difficult adult talk when toddler talk worked perfectly well- between toddlers.
  76. 76. Tamara gave up and went to do some exercises at the bar. She had been working out every day so surely she must be getting close to her goal by now?
  77. 77. Yes after being married for seven sim years she had nearly gained one whole body point! >sob< I’m so lucky she came with four already..
  78. 78. Salvatore didn’t have any more luck on teaching Rosa to talk, so he figured he’d give potty training a go. “Yah she’s using the potty!”“Papà! Go put some clothes on!” *Close your eyes child, I think your Nonno is the one who’s gone potty* Thank-you-Luigi. Scar the child for life why don’t you.
  79. 79. Joanne managed what her parents could not, both teaching Rosa to talk and to sing a nursery rhyme. Rosa however only used ‘adult’ talk when she had to.
  80. 80. Such as at 5am when no one was around to let a small bored little person out of her prison cot. That was no fun at all. “Mamma! Papà! Let me oouutt!”
  81. 81. Going outside in the snow with mummy and daddy equalled lots of fun though.“I promised you snow and here it is...even if Mamma has to dress up in the only snow coat and pants that fit and look like a wasp.”
  82. 82. While Salvatore and Tamara built a snowman Rosa set out to find all about this cold white stuff called snow.
  83. 83. It was lots of fun to toss around,
  84. 84. and lovely and crunchy to eat.
  85. 85. Rosa wondered just what her Mamma and Papà were doing, but she didn’t think she was missing out, after all she was the only one who could actually eat the crunchy white stuff and toss it around, which to her mind was way more fun than building large immovable round things.
  86. 86. Playing in the snow is quite tiring though, so both Rosa and Tamara went for a nap.“Here you go Rosa; I think you will like this little sleep mat in our room better then that large cot in the nursery. Ouch! I don’t think the baby likes me bending down like this though.”
  87. 87. Tamara never made it to the bed though as the familiar labour pains hit. “Salvatore!” “Mmm, just chatting to ‘AreYouStupidXYZ’.”
  88. 88. “Get off the >yowsa!< fricken computer!!”“Yeah, yeah in a minute...Hey she says exciting things are happening at 3 Legacy Lane, I wonder what that could be?” “The >arggh< birth of your >owch!< second child perhaps?!” Even the gardener pays more attention than Salvatore.
  89. 89. *men!* thought the gardener lady.So while Salvatore chatted to ‘AreYouStupidXYZ’ oblivious to his wife labour...
  90. 90. Tamara gave birth behind him...Even the baby thinks Papà is being a bit dense.
  91. 91. a gorgeous little baby.“Whose mamma’s little precious then?” Oh you want to know what it is?
  92. 92. A gorgeous baby girl.Ariana while she looks just like Rosa isn’t a clone. Ariana has a few meanings, one being silver.
  93. 93. To celebrate her freedom from being pregnant Tamara went and did a spot of tub pirating. “Yo ho ho no heartburn for me” “I can see my ankles and see my waist; I’ll enjoy myself all over the place.” “Yo ho ho it’s a free life for me” “Free from puking and sleeping in my plate. “Yo ho ho it’s the free life for me!”
  94. 94. “Tamara what are you doing?” “Singing Salvatore! Singing, because I’m free! Free from being pregnant.”“But we still need at least one son-preferably two. I thought we would be trying again right away?”
  95. 95. Salvatore don’t get me wrong, as much as I enjoy trying to get pregnant I don’t enjoy being pregnant and I did say if we had two girls I wanted a gap before trying again.” “I can think of a whole list of good reasons to get started straight away”“I’m sure you can, but I can think of a whole list of reasons to wait; mostly involving my stomach and ankles it’s true, but valid reasons none the less. But if you seriously don’t want to wait, that telescope invite is still open and I believe male fortune sims are accepted into the space probe programme.” “Err” Tamara grinned wickedly “Nice little green men with this probe thingame that they...” “Tamara!”
  96. 96. “So how about we compromise. You won’t mention me getting pregnant for the next three days as that is how long a pregnancy lasts for and I want a break that is equally as long, and In return I won’t mention little green men with space probes.” “You know that doesn’t sound so bad.” “That’s what I thought. Deal?” “Deal.”
  97. 97. It was quite a surprise to Rosa on waking up, to discover she had a small tiny creature called a baby sister.
  98. 98. Ariana unlike Rosa did not wiggle about so much and didn’t seem to mind who she was handed to.
  99. 99. The next day Tamara met up with Alisa down at the children’s play centre.Rosa frowned as her newly toddlerfied cousin crawled over to the block table. Her mummy had told her that he was her cousin- well whatever that was she hoped it wasn’t catching and that he wouldn’t be like some of the other toddlers there who took her toys.
  100. 100. After some minutes of very quiet play Rosa decided Adriano wasn’t so scary after all and showed him how to sort the colours. “Dat’s blue, green and red” said Rosa pointing to the blocks she was lining up. “Red” said Adriano picking up the blue block and giving it a chew.Rosa shook her head. This cousin was much younger than her and didn’t know much. He couldn’t walk or talk or even know his colours. “Want to play in da sand? We go out der” Rosa pointed to the door. “Muggado”
  101. 101. “Looks like you’re ready to give birth any moment!” “Tonight I hope.” “Bet you’ll be glad to not be pregnant and have a little me time hey.” “I’m planning on having my third right away.”“Oh right...of course, family sim.” said Tamara with a slightly condescending smile.
  102. 102. “Adriano doesn’t look much like you does he?” “We think he looks very much like me.”“I wonder where he gets that wiry hair from?” “Wiry hair?”
  103. 103. The toddlers headed out to the sandpit oblivious to the argument brewing between their mothers. “Has he learnt to potty or talk yet?” “His birthday was last night, so no.”“Rosa learnt to walk right after her birthday and to potty and talk the next day all before she turned two! She’s very forward like that though. I guess it just takes some kids longer to learn.”
  104. 104. “Excuse me? Are you implying my son is slow?” replied Alisa crossly. “There is also something called pushing which can stress kids out. I would rather mykids be happy.” Alisa was an easy going person, but she was getting angry at Tamara’s apparent mother one-upmanship. Then she realized Adriano wasn’t anywhere to be seen. “Where are the kids?!” “Well your son is right over there.” “That isn’t Adriano! You said this place was safe!” “It is!” said Tamara looking around in a panic, giving a relieved sigh as she caught site of Rosa’s snow suit outside.
  105. 105. “Cannapwaytoo?”“Only if you share” “Ahaba.”
  106. 106. The two mothers sat down on a seat near by the sandpit. Tamara was regretting the direction this get together had headed into. She had wanted to get toknow Salvatore’s twin sister better, not argue over child raising. But family sims liked to talk about family and they were just so intimidating when it came to discussing parenting. She wondered what else she could talk about. “What a good sandpit, nice to see them all sharing too.” said Alisa breaking the silence. “Rosa enjoys being outside.”
  107. 107. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to sound so snobbish. It’s just people think because I’m a fortune sim and don’t roll wants to potty train that I’m not a good mum.” “I didn’t say that.” “I know. Just that that’s what some peoplethink, and you being a family sim and all you might think I was a lousy mother too, so I figured I’d better show you I wasn’t!”“Tamara you’re married to my twin brother, we’ve always been very close. I know he wouldn’t marry someone who was going to be a lousy mother. I don’t judge people bytheir aspirations alone. Plus just because I’ma family sim doesn’t mean I’m not interested in other things.”“So err did you see Jonny Simdepp’s newmovie Pirates of the SimBahamas’?”“Oh yeah... but I forget what it was about, Iwas too busy watching his shirtless chest.”“I know right! How can anyone move theirmuscles like that?”“Like burrowing ferrets- only much muchhotter.”>giggle<
  108. 108. A bubbling noise and a smell rather like road kill crossed with rotting eggs filled the air near the sand pit. “Oh yuck what’s dat?!” asked Rosa. “Abooagoappy” “You filled your nappy and you’re sharing it!” “Awahyabayges!” said Adriano *It hurts my eyes!*
  109. 109. >cue the music<*“Wah-wah-wah! This baby came and did a poopy near the sand pit toys, and now he says his mummy is talking, not watching for the flies” “He says she has not, a spare nappy in her bag. Oh, oh oh, that is very bad!” “Oh why, why why, did he come and play? Please, please, please, make him go away!”
  110. 110. Chorus: “Oh why did this baby come into the sandpit, he smells oh so rotten.”
  111. 111. “Oh why did my mummy forget, to pack the emergency kit!”
  112. 112. “I don’t feel very well, what a terrible smell!”
  113. 113. “We don’t feel very well, oh what a terrible smeeelll!” *Inspired by the three tenor tots.
  114. 114. Agabogadoo!“Aww it’s so nice how they are all getting along, look they’re all singing some kind of nursery rhyme.” “You would almost think it was some kind of toddler language.” ~~~~~~~
  115. 115. The girl’s personalities were quite different but they seemed to understand each other perfectly. “Ari, you wake? Abeegaboo?” “Goo” “Birfday soon. Me not go to party, scary kay?” “Agoo” “See you afta, den we play.”
  116. 116. Ariana sat and watched the birthday preparations from her chair in the kitchen. Unlike how Rosa had been at this age, Ariana was still as bald as an egg andenjoyed watching these new people. It hadn’t taken her long to figure out that she only had to do a squeal or a big gummy smile and one of them would stop what they were doing and come over to talk or play with her.
  117. 117. “Come on Phebe, we want a turn too.”
  118. 118. Soon everyone gathered around the cake. “Happy birthday precious girl.”
  119. 119. A quick toss later and Ariana was a pretty little toddler.
  120. 120. As soon as everyone had gone to the dining room to eat cake, Rosa came in and gave her now larger little sister a big hug.
  121. 121. After a change of clothes and hair Ariana was ready to go play.Rosa took her straight to the newly done up playroom to show her the blocks. Arranging and building them was Rosa’s most favourite thing to do.
  122. 122. Rosa showed her sister how to build a tower and Ariana had fun chewing on the blocks.There was some kind of commotion out in the hall, but it didn’t bother the two girls any. This was Rosa’s safe haven; she knew the ladybirds would protect them from any scary people.
  123. 123. ...Hello Demi, bringer of wet blankets to toddler parties.
  124. 124. So the party had some talking, a ghost and some pool playing...It wasn’t that loud!*Al comes out every night without fail, but I haven’t seen Elle even once.
  125. 125. “Okay, this party is too LOUD! Let’s break it up people. ...Oh but hi Mr. Mob boss whose granddaughter’s party I’m busting.” Demi really has it in for toddler parties.
  126. 126. “Well it’s been three days since you were pregnant Mara...”“Crap, it is? How did that go by so fast? Baloney on a stick.”
  127. 127. “At least we can have fun trying right?” “Lots of fun.” grinned Tamara.
  128. 128. It would be more fun if it took more than one go! So I figure this is as good as any place to end the chapter.Next time: Will Ashley’s reaction to the aging potion be permanent or will plan B work? Will Bernardo remain a monk? And will Tamara ever have a boy? Even I don’t know this one, so I certainly hope so!
  129. 129. Rosalba’s stats. She is super nice, very active, but also very serious and shy! The first shy Mobacy I’ve had. She is 6 neat, 1 shy, 9 active, 1 serious and 10 nice! Hobby: Tinkering. I am now rolling for aspirations at birth, but I won’t reveal those until they turn teen.
  130. 130. Ariana’s stats. Although they look similar their personalities are in some ways very different. Ariana is 7 neat, 7 outgoing, 1 lazy, 1 serious and 9 nice.
  131. 131. April did of course accept Tony’s proposal, and they got married right there in the restaurant to avoid the whole family marriage hassle.
  132. 132. They moved into a rather nice town house- as it appears most of the inheritance money went to Tony. Tony is popularity and April is fortune, which I didn’t think mixed, but they have two bolts.
  133. 133. I’ll end on a picture of Alisa and Yo-Yo’s ever growing family. Adriano: Another shy Mobacy! 5/2/4/8/6 Braulio: boy The third is currently baking. Happy simming. 