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WYDC Babies L to N


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WYDC Babies L to N

  1. 1. A Who’s Your Daddy Challenge.
  2. 2. Sun surf and sand, I wonder who lives here?
  3. 3. “Just us plants!”“This is the life Eggplant; no screaming babies, just free bananas and plenty of water.”
  4. 4. A few hours later... “What on earth...? Kala come and see what the creator person has done now!!”“If her simself is dancing with a lampshade again, don’t bother me because I’m having a snooze.” “No you will really, really want to see this!”
  5. 5. “Arrrgggghhhhhh!!!”
  6. 6. “Why!?!” “Erm... because I thought I should do something with you guys?” This is Eggplant and Engkala, whose father is the ideal plant sim. Shame there is no photo of him on the family tree. You would think he would be there,being a branch and all, and they being his little twigs... Okay enough of my pathetic jokes. ^_^ I’d love to give them plant babies too, but seeing I now know it would be with their own father it won’t be happening ever again! That squicks me out. O_o
  7. 7. These two are also so far my only twins. I checked this and they do have a joining line. So I hope that proves they are twins.
  8. 8. “Who cares about joining lines! And couldn’t we have just sold plants?!” “A garden manure store seemed like a fun idea.” >Sob<We’ll come back and see how these two get on later, but first let’s pop over to Uni.
  9. 9. I am a little ahead of myself here as Ginger in the middle hadn’t actually left for Uni when I last updated, but I forgot and took the uni shot after she had left. Apple why are you in your Pyjama’s? But anyway across the back from the left we have Daikon who is Gordon’s alien child; then Broccolini (Broc) whose father is also Gordon; (Was the burglar daddy, but became the married in daddy) then our Mountain man Coco whose father is old Magnus Jayapalan - Thanks for that name EA. (Custom hair daddy)Across the front from the left is Feijoa whose father is Destry Tsvirkunov O_o (Blond father); then Ginger whose father is Malcolm Landgraab (Playable Maxis daddy) and lastly Apple whose father is Scot Cameron (Lama Mascot daddy) I gave Apple and Broc new clothes, but since those two I decided to leave the kids in whatever clothes they arrive in. Should be fun. ^_^
  10. 10. I got a few sucktastic movie screenshots of some of the kids arriving at Uni. I missed the first two and Ginger arrived with Olinda. This is where I left my update many months ago. Wellactually my last update was Sep 09. I’ve done my best to tryand organize the pictures using the sims memories of what happened when.
  11. 11. Huckleberry “Yeeha! We’re gonna get played again!” Soon...
  12. 12. However before all that happens I’m going to back track a few days.The last time I updated I ended on the birth of baby L, Leek. This is the only picture I could find of poor little Leek as a baby. This was just before my rebuild and I quickly played him to toddler so he could be extracted in simPE, hence no shots. At least I can be sure it is Leek as he is the only child to get red hair. His father is...
  13. 13. Jessie Miguel, Islander townie daddy. Not a face to be forgotten. But thank you for those red hair genes Jessie. You may not remember, but Olinda’s natural hair colour is brown and the red she gets from a bottle.
  14. 14. You can see who Leek takes after.Apart from his mouth which you could drive a truck through he’s a cute kid.
  15. 15. Right after Leeks toddler birthday I sent Olinda and Gordon back to the holiday house Olinda had bought, and couldn’t. -The place was glitched; so she sold it and with Gordon’s bonus money they bought a new place. It even came with a gnome!
  16. 16. Now this was just plain weird. All the gravestones in Gordon’s inventory appeared next to the road.
  17. 17. Then all the ghosts came out and waved at them. O_oI just popped them back in his inventory and all seemed fine after that. These are all Cow Bell’s victims.
  18. 18. Last time Olinda was there she met a native islander called Zeeshan, it only took a phone call and a well placed hike.
  19. 19. And baby M was on the way. As you can see it was a close call.
  20. 20. “I didn’t exert you to death did I?”Except he didn’t want to wake up. I remembering getting Gordon to make dinner and go take a bath to keep him away from the bedroom.
  21. 21. I was feeling sorry for him so they had some fun and got...purple hearts? They also have the first whoohoo memory. O_o Sorry to tell you this Gordon, but I don’t think it’s Olinda’s first time.
  22. 22. I decided it was time to update Olinda’s hair to one of the new styles I had downloaded. “Not impressed lady!” Yeah, me either. I’ve become rather picky about hair.
  23. 23. “I like”Me too. 
  24. 24. Next day I sent Olinda out on a man hunt. *Oh my stars it’s that woman again*
  25. 25. Gordon did you change your clothes? This guy was way too much of a clone to use.
  26. 26. “Oh my gosh it’s Jessie! Must hide!”“You’re not very good at hide and seek are you?”
  27. 27. “Have you seen Olinda? Thought she would be joining me for lunch by now.” Erm...
  28. 28. Darn it Jessie. He just randomly grabbed Olinda out of nowhere. Either I am very lucky or Gordon really is very dense. I don’t have ACR or any kind of anti-jealousy hack.
  29. 29. “Lava is hot!”He never was too bright.
  30. 30. *Mm-mm Gordon sure is hot.*I would hate for Gordon to catch Olinda cheating because not only do I like him, but they have now developed three bolts! Arghg! I’m a sucker for a three bolt couple.
  31. 31. So now of course they are doing a lot of this...
  32. 32. And this...
  33. 33. And this! Just to make me feel worse I am sure!
  34. 34. “Were did you... um.” “Where did I what?” “Hu? What?”“You’re the one asking the question.” “I was?” >stare< He’s easily distracted.
  35. 35. Sent them out again and when they got back it was storming and the tree caught on fire. This was the fire from the day before, as Gordon is wearing his old outfit, but there was a fire both nights.
  36. 36. “It’s been_arrghhhh!_an eventful two days!”
  37. 37. “Baby daddy thirteen found and thirteen more to go. I am on my way to freeeeedom!”She seems surprisingly happy about it all. Or you know...maybe her brain was fried along with her new hair.
  38. 38. Back at home we had some birthdays. “Yuck mum how could you!”The teenagers are not impressed at their ‘parents’ three bolt autonomy.
  39. 39. Leek became a toddler as you saw earlier.Most are pictures of him are with Aunt Fuzzy- looking slightly demented.
  40. 40. I’m sure someone else must have paid him attention...
  41. 41. As he learnt to walk, talk and potty like everyone else. I just don’t have any pictures of it.
  42. 42. “Here you are, you poor starving neglected Islander child. Your Aunt Fuzzy will be around tomorrow to make sure you get your rationed daily bottle.” That’s Kale in the background his birthday was the same day.
  43. 43. “Watch me sis, watch me!” “Boo!”Such nice children this lot are. –Not.
  44. 44. “Ooof!” “Lame!”Poor kid give him a break, he only just turned five after all.
  45. 45. This amuses me. ^_^ Looks like Fuzzy is cheering on Olinda in her baby induced nausea. “Give me a gag and give me a vomit! Go team Olinda Go!”
  46. 46. Kale was a very messy...
  47. 47. and active child.
  48. 48. “This is why I wanted a holiday!” Kales colour is kaki green.
  49. 49. Next up was Juneberry’s teen birthday. It looks like cake has been his staple diet the last seven years. Aunt Fuzzy is there to feed poor neglected Leek. Ani-Mei’s simself was greeted as a walk by.
  50. 50. He grew up looking rather like a giant purple berry. Good going impersonating a berry, Berry! Seeing both Ani-Mei and Kali at this party reminds me of where some other photos fit in.
  51. 51. Ichange has incurred the wroth of both Ginger and ...
  52. 52. Kali. *Foolish earthling*I’ll concur on that. Kali really is not someone you want to annoy.
  53. 53. Along come Ani-Mei who was greeted and then stood around watching the fights. Ani-Mei’s simself really is brave as she tried to strike up a conversation with Kali. Ichange in the background: “Wah I lost a fight!”
  54. 54. “Inferior earthling you may_” “Oh but I’m a simself!”“You so did not just interrupt me.” >Hiss< Ichange: “Wahh! Kali’s mean to me!”
  55. 55. I love her face, you can see how unimpressed Kali is to find out that Ani-Mei is a simself. “Phhht I eat simselves for breakfast.” >sob< “She hit me!”
  56. 56. But Ani-Mei is undeterred and kali seems genuinely interested in the conversation about bombs.“Really...You know where to procure bombs? Yes I could drop one on my inferior half cousin’s head; that would stop his pathetic whining once and for all.” Ichange: “What?!” Kali: ”Excuse me one moment.”
  57. 57. Having no bomb to hand Kali decides she has heard enough of his crying and beats him up again. Ani-Mei knows which team to barrack for.
  58. 58. Before that Ginger also beat him up.Kali: “Boo, call that a right hook? Stick your finger in his eye!”
  59. 59. There have been other brawls around the house between these two as well.I’m not used to having siblings fighting, most are all BFF, but maybe this comes from being half siblings.
  60. 60. Ichange did win once. And see poor Berry’s shirt there, the fat morph is borked and it is not CC. Good one EA.
  61. 61. “I am one fine berry.”
  62. 62. Next up I think was Leeks Child’s birthday. I invited over the main OWBC house and greeted Mystery’s simself as another walk by. Gordon was about the top of the journalism career here, which was his third LTW toped.
  63. 63. “Another simself? How many are there?” “Lot’s”Olinda also grabbed hold of Sheldon as I wasn’t sure if she had his number. We didn’t have a mailman daddy as yet.
  64. 64. Definitely wacky. I love my bad apples.
  65. 65. Look an actual member of the house is holding Leek! Well even if it is his step dad.
  66. 66. This picture reminds me of the headmasters’ visit- or one of them, and that ugly townie in the hideous clothes. He even makes Leek’s dad Jessie seem handsome.
  67. 67. Wow, what a genetic jackpot. Make me want to do an uglacy in Woop Woop...maybe I should.This guy is game generated too, I don’t normally make townies. Tell me he is not the same face template as Jessie? Surely he is worse? I think I’ll have to get them side by side and compare the two.
  68. 68. I’m tempted to use ugly creeper guy anyway.Unhand that glitched under aged berry you pervert. “But we could make purple jam together.” Jam your ugly head in a door more like.
  69. 69. Not that he limited himself to underage teen boys. Simselves are off limits too! “Mmm simself.” “Urr... You can let go now.” Sorry Mystery, your simself had therapy after that.
  70. 70. So Leek aged up into a kid. Interesting face.
  71. 71. Berry decided to prank his cousin Rolley at the party.
  72. 72. >splat!<
  73. 73. ...
  74. 74. Now there’s a feud between these two as well.
  75. 75. So while it looks like Rolly is glaring at Mystery he is actually mad at Berry. The boy in the brown coat who looks rather like a Newson is in fact Ichange in his work outfit-his hair changes with it. Can’t you just feel the love around here?
  76. 76. Somewhere in there baby M was born.*Rawrr my wife is so hot giving birth to other men’s children*
  77. 77. This is Mango. His father is Zeeshan Kimbrell, native islander. Those brown custom eyes of Tina’s just go on and on... Apart from that he looks to be skin 3 with brown hair.
  78. 78. I changed his clothes next time I played, as his colour like Ginger’s is orange.
  79. 79. Olinda got straight onto calling over Sheldon the mail man. I know he is the father of baby N, but I don’t seem to have any shots of him at the house when he came over. This is Olinda working on her relationship with baby daddy O, but at least you can see Sheldon heart farting Olinda, which is the only proof of their interacting I have.
  80. 80. The day of one of the headmaster visits was eventful.How couldn’t forget the day the two sisters of my test family came home off the school bus. Marissa hopped off at 1pm looking like this. I think she may have been zapped in the hot tub down at the Boolprop clubhouse.
  81. 81. She then decided to stay outside and smustle until the 3pm bus rolled up.
  82. 82. “Woowawoowa!” “I dare you to run over my foot!”The door was of course blocked by dork sandal boy who just stood there and stared.
  83. 83. “You in there sis?”“What a weirdo.”
  84. 84. “Hehehe, but good view.” “Shut-up dork!”“I didn’t know this was the road for the... strip club.”
  85. 85. So while her little sister took up the Smustle.
  86. 86. Big sister beat up smart aleck sandle guy.Fear the teenage girls in this hood. the boys don’t seem to stand a chance. I notice this is getting to be a really popular spot for fights.
  87. 87. Just in time for the ambulance to cart him away before the headmaster rolled up. “So is this one of your many >cough< ‘interesting’ children Mr and Mrs Wonglepong?” “No she’s a burnt stray” “Mr headmaster, don’t you agree we should help those less fortunate then ourselves?” “Well of course. How er...noble.”How could he refuse? They now seem to have enough ‘stuff’ and cooking skills to get in. Not that Olinda is impressed, she thinks the headmaster is a snob. But points are points... nor do we have a headmaster daddy yet.
  88. 88. Isn’t that sweet, Kale is thinking about his newest little brother as he climbs aboard the school bus.
  89. 89. Kale and Leek are currently good mates, so hopefully they will stay that way.
  90. 90. Unfortunately he had to have a birthday and leave Leek as the only child.
  91. 91. Not so cute anymore, I think he’s looking a bit more like his father Toby Bruenig.
  92. 92. But Leek still has his cousin Cooper to play with.
  93. 93. Even if he is a one point mean boy.
  94. 94. Somewhere about then Gordon joined the Oceanography career which is his forth LTW. He brought Jo13 home that day.
  95. 95. Mango grew up.
  96. 96. To be a super cutie!
  97. 97. I decided to let him have a go on the tricycle outside as it hadn’t been used in ages.
  98. 98. Got distracted and realized he really needed to be potted and put to bed. Ichange was the closest so I told him to do it.
  99. 99. Let’s just say between him not seemingly able to pick Mango up in any kind of reasonable time frame and Mango being so tired he hopped off the pot. I was doing a lot of head desking.
  100. 100. After all his fighting and this pathetic attempt I won’t be sorry to kick Ichange out to Uni. In fact I think as soon as the kids have topped their teen career and drunk all their skills they can head on out. There are just too many teens in this house.
  101. 101. What do we owe this delightfully glitched picture to?
  102. 102. The birth of Nipa Palm! Yet another boy! I have all these girls names lined up that I have to keep scrapping while I hunt down all kinds of weird fruits at 12am to find any kind of halfway suitable boy type names. He should have been a girl called Nutmeg. “Leek, I know I’m your Aunt and all, but I’d rather keep my womb free of any more children-if you don’t mind. Your mother can keep that job.” Thankfully Nipa as he will be known is skin four otherwise I wouldn’t be able to tell him from Mango as I was too lazy to change his baby clothes. The Nipapalm has a sweet clear sap that is used in Thailand deserts. The fruit is also creamy and translucent inside. So his colour is white. His father is Sheldon Handby the mail man.
  103. 103. That very night... Ramone... Jessica....“We have to stop meeting like this”
  104. 104. “Sorry to inform you Mr Wonglepong, but you were burgled. No need to get out of bed, the robber has been arrested.” “Goo?”I kid not, constable Ramone or whatever he’s called, came back to the house and went up see the baby before leaving. Welcome to the world Nipa!
  105. 105. As soon as Gordon had gone off to work next day, Olinda called baby daddy O. You saw his back in an earlier shot. Elmer Byall, NPC masseuse Olinda met on holidays. I keep wanting to call him Elmer Fudd... From the Looney Tunes cartoons.
  106. 106. This was another at home baby. I’ll probably do most this way as you never know just who might turn up at a community lot.
  107. 107. Then it was time for a double birthday, Mango and Nipa.
  108. 108. Mango grew into a very handsome boy. Do I dare hope he stays that way?
  109. 109. Nipa’s cake attempt was a very glitched affair.Gordon: “Let’s play ’How many sims can you fit on one square’.” Berry: “Boo! This party game sucks.”
  110. 110. A nappy change and a second cake in the kitchen worked.
  111. 111. He takes after Sheldon.
  112. 112. Apart from birthdays, Cow Bell has been eating nonstop.“Cow Bell you have babies! No wonder you’ve been so hungry!”
  113. 113. This was a little too close for comfort.
  114. 114. Rolley! Get out of Cow Bell’s enclosure now!
  115. 115. I’m just thankful it wasn’t you!
  116. 116. “Gather round Daisy and Bluebell, this is how you end a meal.”
  117. 117. >BUUURRRPP!<“Do it again mummy, do it again!”
  118. 118. Over at the manure shop Eggplant and Engkala learn to take change...
  119. 119. Restock and sell manure.To simselves of course-that’s half the fun.
  120. 120. They do stock garden ornaments as well.What OWBC hood would be complete without being able to buy a pink flamingo some place?
  121. 121. This time I won’t forget to mention that the pink Gnome recolour was done by mountainshade1/ Shadey.
  122. 122. Talking of which, Shadey is the best buyer of the bagged manure.
  123. 123. “Ah smells like lunch.”At least it’s the bagged and not the fresh stuff.
  124. 124. Lol, Holley likes it fresher.
  125. 125. You are a good customer Holley.
  126. 126. Then there are those simselves that would rather help themselves to free coconuts.
  127. 127. “But it’s free and tasty and did I mention free?”
  128. 128. Ginger and pervy guy say “That’s all folks.”