DD RR 1.7


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DD RR 1.7

  1. 1. “Douglas’s birthday started out as an ordinary enough day; not that I’m saying his birthday isn’t special, but that wasn’t happening until that night. The morning was just the usual round of school and jobs for everyone.” “This is the way we make the beds, make the beds, make the beds.”
  2. 2. “There much better, although I think mummy and daddy could do with some decorating help.”
  3. 3. “Man am I glad that I’ll be getting a room to myself tonight!” “Living with you is no picnic for me either Darcy.” “Tell you what, if I don’t get rid of this nursery paper someone is going to pay.” I took this as I noticed how different the boy’s body shapes are.
  4. 4. “Or you’ll what? Paint them into a corner?”
  5. 5. “Shut up twerp.” I always thought Darcy was pale and thin, but you can really notice it next to Donald. Now I’m wondering are their body shapes determined by their traits of couch potato and athletic or just random?
  6. 6. “What are you doing?” “I’m checking the baking report. It’s on my want list.” “What kind of kid gets wants to read the newspaper you dork.” “Don’t call your brother a dork.” “Say’s mum who wears underwear to breakfast.” “Watch your mouth Darcy, this is my house and I’ll do what I like.”
  7. 7. “The snapping at each other had become a daily thing too. Things had always been a little tense between Bebe and Darcy, but they got worse after he became a teenager.” Bebe finally made it to paramedic.
  8. 8. I’m guessing bus drivers aren’t playable. Shame as she is really pretty. Douglas nearly missed the bus which would not have been a good start to his day.
  9. 9. I decided to follow them to school and Donald changed into his swimwear... on the school bus? I think he’s quite aware of his physic. *Watch out girls here I come*
  10. 10. I never tire of seeing what outfit Deaglan wears to his undercover jobs either.
  11. 11. “I was really pleased that Darcy went home with Nancy Goth, a girl he met at school. She’s a little strange, but they seem like a really good match. I’m hoping she might cheer him up from the grumpy mood he seems to be in lately.”
  12. 12. “The family seem to be a little reactionary though.” “So boy, just what are your intentions towards my daughter?” “Umm, we just met?” “Yeah so!”
  13. 13. “You’re just after our money!” “I couldn’t care less lady.” The mother or grandmother just came in and laid into him for no reason at all.
  14. 14. “Stop embarrassing me in front of my friends mum!” “I got my eye on you boy!”
  15. 15. “While the Goth’s may have money, I think they are really a bunch of red necks underneath it all.” “And furthermore your sister is a neat freak! She tried to tidy my school bag! I’d been saving that banana peel for an important occasion!” She may also be a little crazy herself as she decided to criticize Dawn who I don’t think she has even met.
  16. 16. “You crazy people are crazy. I have to go fix the school boiler- see you later!” “Bye hon.” *Mm-mm but that boy sure is cute when he’s cranky!* I think ragging on him is her way of saying she likes him.
  17. 17. Then Bebe got a message at work- her father Gus had died. Right before Douglas’s party was due too. She went over to her mum’s house to see if she could help out with cooking her dinner or something; only to be insulted.”
  18. 18. “I don’t know why you bother! You never bothered when he was alive!” “Of course I’m bothered! He was my dad and I miss him too!”
  19. 19. “My husband is gone, my heart is broken and my daughter doesn’t even care, because if she did she would come and visit us!” “I’m sorry! I have a busy job and four kids! I have rung and had you over.” “Not nearly often enough! This is why I cannot take sims seriously-honestly crossed eyes? LOL!
  20. 20. “They’re not toddlers Bebe, two of them are teenagers! Sometimes I wonder if you love us at all!” “I’m sorry!” More like my bad sims 3 playing in not keeping extended family closer. I felt bad for Bebe having her mum lecture her.  She insulted her three times!
  21. 21. “Poor Bebe couldn’t take any more of her mums lecturing and came back home and went to bed.”
  22. 22. “While I tried to make Douglas’s birthday a happy one, it wasn’t very successful with just me, Donald and Dawn to cheer him on. Bebe was so tired I thought I better let her sleep and Darcy wasn’t to be found.”
  23. 23. Douglas is Clumsy, friendly, easily impressed and charismatic.
  24. 24. “Darcy was found by one of the new constables goofing around on some playground equipment down town. It was way passed the town’s curfew so goodness knows what he thought he was doing. She brought him back home and luckily seeing it was his first offence he only got a warning. The last thing we need right now is to have our eldest son behind bars for a teenage misdemeanour.”
  25. 25. “Of course Bebe being in no mood for any teenage high jinks really let him have it. She grounded him for a month.”
  26. 26. “The next day however was momentous- in a good way. In fact I could hardly believe it. I stood outside the police station rubbing my eyes. The head had just arrived and proclaimed me to be Super Spy! I had reached the top! Yes and I missed the shot...
  27. 27. “I knew just what to do with that extra big bonus. I bought the family a TV and a couch as well as ceilings, but that’s not all...
  28. 28. “I also had the builders come and put on a second bathroom with a separate toilet and a laundry. Bebe was over the moon at ceilings and a second bathroom; while the kids were all over themselves trying to see who could work out the telly remote first. If you think that’s all my promotion got me you would be wrong, because wait there’s more!” But you won’t discover just what that is until next time. 
  29. 29. The fact Douglas grew up into jammies with bunny slippers cracks me up.