Chapter 5 a


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Chapter 5 a

  1. 1. Chapter 5A
  2. 2. Welcome back to The NEW Pokémon Legacy, which ofcourse has been around over a year and really isn’t new atall. As everyone probably knows there over six hundred oddpokémon names and I’m bound and determined to namethem all. This chapter the Quads are off to college, yippee!
  3. 3. Last chapter my beloved Anna grew into an elder and I’mbeginning to regret my one way street handicap. TaraKody the witch also tried her hand at influencing the kids.Fortunately none of them seemed to be interested inbecoming witches as of yet. Since Tara seems to havesomething up her sleeve. Anna, Ani-Mei and Pony arewatching the witch closely in case she causes anymoremischief.
  4. 4. “You do know how much I love you, right?” Reias saidteasingly kissing the inside of Ani-Mei’s arm.“At least in this verse.” Ani-Mei snorted.“It is a little odd isn’t it.” He shrugged.“Don’t worry about, Reias. I’m glad Pony brought youhere. I half wish she had brought Solan as well.”“I agree, but we’ll soon have a little one of our own toworry about.”
  5. 5. “Talk about timing.” Reias sniggered.“FRAMMIT REIAS! DON’T WALKAWAY!!”
  6. 6. “I’m right here.” Reias smiled looking at thetiny creature in his wife’s arms.“Orion.” She said tickling the baby’s belly.“That’s what we’ll call you. I suppose weneed to call Pony now. She’ll want to hereabout our son first.”
  7. 7. It was daylight when they finally arrived at Sim State.Bulbasaur stepped out of the taxi and took a deep breathof pizza scented air. Thanks to Ivysaur and Venusaur theywere able to barely afford a house on Peanut Street insteadof spending the first few semesters in the dorms.“Bulba! Get out of the way!” Charrie called, “The rest of uswant to grow up too.”
  8. 8. Ivy, Venu, and Charrie all piled out of thecar as Bulba made sure she was firstinside.“Who picked out our outfits!” Venugasped shocked, “This is way too low cut.”“I think it’s about time you loosen upVenu.” Charrie smirked, although shewasn’t too happy with her oufit, but theydidn’t have the extra funds to gets newclothes just yet.
  9. 9. Bulba left her sisters downstairs and went straightfor the upstairs bathtub“Captain Bulbasaur ahoy!” She couldn’t resist alittle tub pirates, it had been so long since sheplayed in the bathtub.
  10. 10. “Hey Mom, it’s Ivy. Yeah we got here okay.Bulbasaur is playing tub pirates already.” Ivy rolledher eyes at her sister’s antics. Her mother chuckledand made Ivy promise to behave and study hard.“Of course.” Ivy snorted, “I love you, I’ll call againsoon.” She hung up the phone and went to declareher major in political sciences. It would best choicefrom her dream of being the head of the SCIA.
  11. 11. Bulba had beat her to the computer and was chatting away with othercollege students.“Hey you have to share that you know.” Ivy said poking Bulba.“Oops, sorry Ivy let me declare my major really fast and then it’s all yours.”“What are you picking?”“Drama. And yes I’ve already been warned about the drama professors. Ican handle them.”“I wasn’t going to say anything actually, just hurry up.”
  12. 12. Venu made a quick breakfast since they hadn’t gotten to eat onthe plane.“So what do we do now.” She asked Charrie, feeling a little oddwith no parents to direct how they spent time.“Study I guess.” Charrie shrugged sharing her sister’s feelings.But they were adults now, they didn’t need parents to watchover them anymore.
  13. 13. Not long after they arrived other students beganto walk to see the new arrivals. Bulba wasted notime greeting them whenever she could.Eventually if she could get her sisters on boardshe wanted to make the place a Greek house.
  14. 14. Ivy sat in silence while Bulba talked to thestranger like they were old friends. It wouldtake some getting used to, having strangers inthe house.
  15. 15. “Did you get any sleep?” Ivy asked Venu after they woke up after their firstnight at school.“A little, it’s so weird not all being in the same room.” Venu said with a yawn.There wasn’t enough room in one bedroom for four beds so Ivy and Venuclaimed one room and Bulba and Charrie slept in the other.“I know, I almost couldn’t fall asleep without Charrie’s snoring.”“I DON’T SNORE!!” Charrie shouted through the joint bathroom.Ivy and Venu just laughed.
  16. 16. Still laughing, Ivy and Venu headeddownstairs to play catch before it got hot.
  17. 17. Strangely Ivy was the first one to sit down andwork on her term paper. Of course her sistershad skill points to earn before they couldcomplete theirs. Ivy knew she had the wholethree days to complete it but she oddly enoughjust wanted to get it out of the way so she wouldonly have to go to class the rest of the semester.
  18. 18. Bulbasaur followed suit. Might as well get it donewith. Now she could spend her time socializing.
  19. 19. Which meant greeting everyone to happened towalk by. Though she wasn’t so sure if Carmen wasGreek house material.
  20. 20. Charrie and Venu both managed to completetheir term papers too. Though Charrie couldn’twait until she had enough influence to makeBulba’s walk bys do her papers.
  21. 21. Before they knew it, they had been there a secondfull day. Ivy and Venu didn’t have as much troublefalling asleep, exhausted from a day of studyingand classes. Charrie however did snorefortunately Bulba was used it.
  22. 22. Ivy called her mother as promised. She didn’t thinkbefore she left that she would miss her parents andyounger sisters this much. She kept wishing thatMel and Rizzi could go ahead and skip high schooland just come straight to college. Her motherdisagree wanting Mel and Rizzi to spend a littlemore time at home.
  23. 23. Two people were standing outside in the rain,and Bulba was at class. Ivy invited them inanyways. No sense in making them wait outsidein the rain until Bulba got home.
  24. 24. “Hi I’m Bulbsaur, but please call me Bulba” Bulbaintroduced herself to the guy that was on their couch whenshe got home. He was a cutie.“Greg. Your sister? Let me in.”“Yeah, there’s four of us. Ivysaur, Venusaur andCharmander are my sisters.” She explained, “We have twoyounger sisters too. Charmeleon and Charizard.”
  25. 25. “Those are some interesting names.” Greg said trying to turn his laugh into a cough.Bulba narrowed her eyes, “Well at least they’re more interesting than Greg.”“Oh no, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to offend you Bulbasaur.” Greg blushed ashamed, “Ithink they’re nice names. Your family must be a legacy.”“Yes, though my parents never made much about it.”“It was nice meeting you Bulba. Though I can understand if you don’t want me tocome around anymore.”“Actually, Greg.” Bulba said feeling a little shy, “Feel free to come by anytime you like.”He was cute after all.
  26. 26. “Finals today, you think we’re ready?” Venu askedshoving her feet into her slippers.“Venu you worry too much, we went to class did ourterm papers, of course we’re ready.” Ivy yawned,“Did you have to get up so early, the sun isn’t evenup yet.”
  27. 27. Ready or not it was time for their firstfinals.
  28. 28. “Ivy did you go to exams in your pajamas?” Bulba asked in shock when they gotback.“Pssh, my professor didn’t care as long as I showed up.” She shrugged.“I swear my professor was looking down my shirt the whole time I was takingthe test, we all made the Dean’s list, can’t we get new clothes now.” Venucomplained trying to pull the fabric of her shirt higher.“I guess at least you should.” Snigger Charrie, “Mustn’t get the professor tooworked up.”
  29. 29. The fund for making the dean’s listwas quickly spent on expanding thehouse and buying another computer. Charrie also got a womrat namedMojo because everyone needs awomrat.
  30. 30. Venu was the first to try out the new computer. Shefound a place that sold clothes online to avoid thehassle of going to the campus store.“Getting out of that outfit eh?” Bulba askedrepressing giggles.“Yes, I can’t believe you guys stole all the goodclothes, all the boys in my class look down my shirt.I’m putting a stop to that.”
  31. 31. Bulba waited until Venu had left beforeabandoning her painting and pouncing onthe computer. She could skill later shinynew computer games were calling hername.
  32. 32. “Oh no!” Charrie yelled, “Help! The stove’s onfire!!!!”
  33. 33. “Holy Mew!” Venu screamed coming into thekitchen. “Charrie what did you do?”“Doesn’t matter shut up and grab andextinguisher.” Charrie yelled back, coughingbecause of the smoke.
  34. 34. The fire was safely put out. Venu went upstairs tobathe, but Charrie stubbornly sat down and ate theburned mac and cheese. Nothing wrong with alittle Cajun style.
  35. 35. Venu’s new clothes finally arrived and she used the lastof their extra money to purchase a clothing rack. Therewas not point in throwing away her old clothes,someone in the future want to at least wear the pants.She was sorely tempting to just burn the top.
  36. 36. Greg paced nervously on the front porch, Bulbasaurhad said he come over again. He rubbed his sweatyhand on his pants. He was normally good at talkingto people but tonight he was nervous. What if shewas still upset about him laughing at her name.Legacy sims always had strange names right.
  37. 37. “Greg!” Bulba exclaimed, seeing him outside,“What are you doing here, it’s freezing out herecome inside.”“Umm, okay.” Greg said sheepishly.
  38. 38. “See it’s warmer in here.” She said with a smug smile.“Yes, thanks.” Greg blushed.
  39. 39. She decided he was feeling too nervously to makethe first move and she took the chance. Feeling alittle nervous herself, she pecked him on the lips.“Wow.” Greg laughed, “I guess you feel the sameway.”“Yeah.” Bulbasaur grinned, “So I guess we’re goingsteady now?”“Yeah.” Greg grabbed her hands, “Yes we are.”
  40. 40. Soon it was term paper time and the girls sat down to crank throughit. Bulbasaur found it hard to stop chatting to Greg online longenough to finish. She would ask him a question only to getdistracted.
  41. 41. When she wasn’t chatting online she was on thephone. Mainly with Greg, but she called Carmenand Kendal sometimes too.
  42. 42. “Finally I catch all of you at once.” Ivy said with some relief, “I normallydon’t pay attention to these things, but it’s only halfway through thesemester and we’re out of funds.”“Maybe we can call Mom and Dad?” Bulba suggested.“And let them know we can’t take care of ourselves?” Venu snorted.Ivy sighed, “I’ll think about and find a way.”“Of course you will.” Charrie grinned, “You’re the brains of this outfit.”
  43. 43. “I got it.” Ivy said later in the day, “Digging.”“Digging?” Venu asked, “You can’t be serious.”“As cardiac arrest.” Ivy nodded, “Mom said she usedto dig for extra cash. Apparently a pirate hid histreasure on Laguna Isle. I looked it up and he mayhave hid some more here too.”“Brillant.” Bulba said, “Let’s do it then.”
  44. 44. With only a few mishaps they manages to scrape up enough fundsto last until finals.
  45. 45. Not that is was very much further away. The nextmorning found the girls playing around upstairs to killtime.
  46. 46. A few hours later they came back all on the Dean’s List and officialSophomores.“Nice not having them look your shirt Venu?” Charrie smirked.“Oh Mew, don’t even mention that, I had actually forgotten.” Venusaid heading inside.“Not nice Charrie.” Ivy frowned.“Lighten up, I didn’t mean anything by it.” Charrie shrugged.
  47. 47. The moment Bulba got inside she called all herfriends to throw a party. She was a popularity sim,and phone calls were not enough.
  48. 48. It wasn’t the most exciting party thereever was. But with the mascot, Erickaand Kendal it was a pretty good time.“Thanks for the good time, Bulba.”Kendal said as her and Ericka got readyto leave, “You ever think about makingthis a Greek house.”“No.” Bulba said, “But there’s athought, I’ll have to talk with mysisters.”
  49. 49. She didn’t get a chance, every one was skilling. It’sbetter to ask forgiveness than permission right. Withall the family friends the Greek House was alreadylevel 5.
  50. 50. She named the house Oresha Urele. She didn’t knowwhat it meant, Ivy probably would but she liked the wayit sounded.
  51. 51. Bulba gave Mojo a little extra treat in her food tocelebrate their success.
  52. 52. Ivy was the first one to finish her term paperagain. Now all she had to do was attend classes.
  53. 53. “Hey, Yvette, would you help me with my term paper.” Charrieasked the cheerleader that was always over.“Yeah Charrie, I’d love to.” Yvette grinned.Charrie called Thai to chat while Yvette worked on her paper,there was perks to having a Greek after all.
  54. 54. Ivy had to agree, whenever she was hungry a shortwalk to campus and the pizza place was giving themaway.
  55. 55. “So what do you guys think about getting some pledges to move in?” Bulbaasked as they relaxed.“Pledges? Is there really room?” Venu said.“We did add on a bedroom for Mel and Rizzi. I guess we could build another.”Ivy shrugged.“Who do you have in mind?” Charrie asked taking a big bite of pizza.“Kendal, I think she’s the best fit for us. And she’s really smart too.”“Fine by me.” Charrie shrugged.“Sweet I’ll ask her tomorrow.”
  56. 56. “So what do you think Kendal, want to join our Greek?”Bulba asked as soon as Kendal came over.“I’m flattered Bulba, but are you sure, I’m not exactlyGreekie.”“Neither is Ivy or Venu, what do you say?”“I guess. I have to do the whole pledge thing don’t I?”“Yeah, but we’ll be nice I promise.”“Fine, no pain no gain right?”
  57. 57. Venu did pounce of the chance for someone else towrite her term paper. But she stood and dictated whatKendal should type. So it wasn’t that much work at all.
  58. 58. Kendal finished the term paper none too soonbecause the next day was the final exam. Again allfour girls passed it with flying colors.“One more semester and then we can get Mel andRizzi up here.” Ivy cheered.“Yeah, I know, I miss them” Bulba admitted.
  59. 59. To celebrate it was time for a toga party! The Greek waslevel six now, it was past time for a toga party. Sheinvited everyone she knew.
  60. 60. “Ivy, that’s not a toga.” Bulba sighed.“Neither is what you’re wearing.” Ivysniggered.“I have one under go change.”“Aww come on Bulba there was no moresheets.”
  61. 61. The party was a bit unorganized but fun. Everyoneended up smustling for most of the evening.
  62. 62. “Are we going to have more parties like this whenMel and I get here?” Rizzi asked corneringCharrie in the bathroom.“Of course, at least until Bulbasaur graduates.”“Umm, I like you guys and all, but I really need topee.” Thai interrupted.
  63. 63. “Greg, I know we haven’t been dating very long. But willyou marry me?” Bulbasaur asked kneeling down on theground.“Really, you really want to marry me?” Greg stammered.“Yes, I wouldn’t of asked otherwise.”“Yes, of course I will.” Greg grinned.“I want you to move in the Greek House too.”“Done!”
  64. 64. The party was a success, Bulba changed back into her regular andcaught Kendal before she left.“You can officially move in you know.” She said, “I know you haven’tbrought everything over from your dorm yet. ““Sorry, I just wanted to make sure you didn’t change your mind. Youhave little sisters coming next semester, I didn’t know if you wantedme to be a placeholder.”“Nah, let them choose their own placeholder. You’re our friend.”
  65. 65. After the party, life settled to some what normalroutine of school work and skilling. Kendal wasrelieved, she finally had a place to study withoutbeing harassed by boy at the dorm. And having twoother knowledge sims in the house was a blast. Ivyand Venu were more than willing to brainstorm with.
  66. 66. At Bulba’s suggestion she tried a differenthairstyle. She declined the offer of a newoutfit, she liked her dress. Bulba would haveto accept it.
  67. 67. Spring was on its way. Venu made a smallgarden plot in the front yard. She had alwayswanted to try her hand at gardening. Shevowed the little plants that she would takebetter care of them than the tree at home.
  68. 68. Greg finally completed his pledge period and moved in.Bulbasaur talked her sisters into allow her to have a doublebed. Charrie willing escaped to share Kendal’s room.
  69. 69. “We did it, we’re officially Juniors.” Bulbasaur cheeredafter they returned from final exams.“Yep, I can’t believe it’s been so long.” Venu said.“Quit being so sentimental Venu, you were all buthoping to come to college early.” Charrie laughed.“Nevermind that, Mel and Rizzi will be here soon, we gotto get their room built.” Ivy said going inside.
  70. 70. Night was falling in Laguna Isle and a crowd gatheredin front of the Starr household.
  71. 71. It was a very special night for a very specialboy.“Everyone be quiet, it’s time to blow out thecandles.” Ani-Mei said calling everyone around.
  72. 72. “Dadada.” Orion cooed trying to catch the confettiaround his head.“Aww Reias he looks just like you.” Pony grinnedthumping her friend on the shoulder.
  73. 73. “Don’t worry about a thing, Orion, Aunt Ponygots big plans for you.” She said snuggling thesquirming child.
  74. 74. Ani-Mei stole her young son away from Pony andredid his hair.“Blue hair is cute Orion, but this way people won’t getthe two of you confused.”‘Dagoo.” Orion laughed not caring.
  75. 75. Orion’s birthday party was a hit. All the guest stay wayuntil late. It was midnight before Orion was settled in hiscrib and Ani-Mei and Reias got to spend some timetogether.
  76. 76. That’s it for this chapter, I’m leaving you with Bulba’sscary tub pirate face. I had a bad moment when I sawher face. *shudders*