DD RR 1.9


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DD RR 1.9

  1. 1. “Another day, another bus race.” “I’m going to get you kid, you and that pretty little pink bike.” You can just see Dawn on her bicycle at the top of the hill.
  2. 2. “Just try and beat my new rocket fuel! Mwhaha!” “I think the bus driver is a phyco.” “Yeah, she even makes me look nice.” >Smoosh<
  3. 3. “You gas guzzling, carbon monoxide monster!” The bus driver ran Dawn over. O_o Just as well they bounce right back again.
  4. 4. “Tonight my eldest was becoming a man. Can you believe it? Well I certainly couldn’t that’s for sure. Wasn’t he born only a few days ago?”
  5. 5. “As the sparkles took over I wondered at what he would become. I kind of hoped he would take after his mother and become a Doctor, even though Bebe said she thought he would make a great scientist.” This is what Deaglan and Bebe rolled as wants for Darcy. Never mind that he already wants to be a painter and guitarist.
  6. 6. “Yes! Suddenly that algebra is all clear to me!” Darcy gained the trait of genius. They grow up into Deaglan’s hair. Every.Single.Time.
  7. 7. “Now that I was retired with a lot of free time on my hands I also had a lot of time to think, and thinking about Twyla was what I had been doing. It never use to bother me, but since retiring what she said was constantly playing on my mind. I started asking around town, which wasn’t at all well received. Everyone I asked seemed like they were scared or just downright angry that I would mention her name.”
  8. 8. “Eventually one of the young constables came to talk to me.” “Sir we have had a complaint. I know you were Sunset Valley’s super spy, but you’re retired now; you need to leave the policing up to us.” “Surely you can tell me if Twyla has been seen lately”
  9. 9. “We haven’t seen or heard of any activity from her in a long time. Maybe she left town. We don’t know and if you get my drift, we don’t want to know.” “But...” “I’m sorry Sir, but I think I’ve told you more than enough already.”
  10. 10. “I’m trying to be friendly here because of who you were, but keep meddling and things we will stop being friendly if you get my drift. Please just leave it alone and stop asking questions. My advice is to go take up golf or macramé or something.” “I understand.” “Good” *Something else is right, Twyla and what she knows*
  11. 11. “Seems like every time I talk about a burglar outside of work one comes calling. Maybe it was another warning to butt out. Obviously he wasn’t Twyla, maybe she had gotten old and retired like I had.”
  12. 12. *You bother us and we’ll bother you.*
  13. 13. “Crabsticks!”
  14. 14. “Before I could even get there to confront the man, Darcy had tackled him and the police were already inside the house. Makes me wonder if they have a surveillance on our place with the speed they got here.” “Ahh the sweet music of a brawl.” Maybe because he’s old, but Deaglan just stood in his bedroom.
  15. 15. “Take that you weakling! Just because I’m skinny doesn’t mean I’m not strong.”
  16. 16. “Sorry old man, but you were too slow.” “What could I say? I am old and I am slow. I could see the time to hand the reins over to the next generation had come.”
  17. 17. ”I’m even wondering if staying in this house is for the best. The burglar may have been caught, but the gleeful look on his face even after being handcuffed worried me. But if I’m not in charge who should be?”
  18. 18. “My eldest Darcy certainly proved he can take care of a threat to the house. While he may be a couch potato his evil trait gives him the ability to fight. He is also a genius so is unlikely to make silly decisions. Only thing is I don’t know how his dream of busking in the park with his guitar and selling his paintings will do. Even though he is artistic, will he be able to support the family and be a good father to the next generation?”
  19. 19. “Then there is my second born son Donald. His birthday is only a few days away, but who knows what trait, good or bad he will gain? He is certainly good looking, athletic, charismatic as we all are, and good. They make him a good negotiator and popular too. Good qualities for a leader to have, but he is also insane and talks to his hand.”
  20. 20. “Next is my third born and often overlooked son Douglas. Douglas is a nice boy and I love him of course, but he is clumsy and easily impressed by things. I don’t really see him as a leader, but like Donald he still has a trait to gain, maybe this will make the difference.”
  21. 21. “Last but certainly not least is my beautiful daughter Dawn. What a jewel she has been amongst my boys. A real outdoors girl is my Dawn. I can see her growing into a strong woman able to lead. Being a girl though, will she be able to protect the family? I may have to question grill all her suitors.”
  22. 22. So guys that’s a wrap up from me. Hope you enjoyed seeing Deaglan and the first generation grow and develop. As for Twyla, she hasn’t been seen since the night she tried to rob the Landgraab’s mansion. What happened with Twyla and just what does she know? Did she just grow old and retire? Maybe she left the country and went to live in the Bahamas with Pixx. Or maybe she is buried in Landgraab’s back yard...
  23. 23. “Ahhh! They have an alarm!” Million dollar mansion plus alarm- kind of goes together I would have thought... Now it’s your turn to decide who shall take on the next generation of Discourses. Go vote!