The White Legacy--Generation 4, College (Part 1)


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The two oldest White children go to college and begin dating vampires.

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The White Legacy--Generation 4, College (Part 1)

  1. 1. Unfeeling The White Legacy: Generation Four, College (Part One)
  2. 2. Alright, we have now hit Gen Four! Jade, our generation four heiress, has officially taken over from Dez as the reigning heir by entering college. Then why, I hear you ask (as well you should), are we looking at a summary slide of the main household, of which she is not currently a part?
  3. 3. SimMe: “Well, I ran into a bit of a synchronization problem. By the time Gizmo will be old enough to go to college by my usual system, both Callie and Jade will have graduated. Since that‟s the case, this is what we‟re going to do. We‟re going to go a little untraditional with this college chapter. We‟re still going to focus on what‟s going on at Sim State, but we‟ll take a break once in a while to see what‟s happening with Gizmo, Dez, and Isis in the main household.”
  4. 4. SimMe: “This means that this chapter will probably be a bit longer even than the last college chapters…”
  5. 5. SimMe: “Well, that‟s the way the cookie crumbles. Ready for this? I suggest you get any food or drinks or pillows you need right now, before we dive into the meat of this chapter. Stretch your legs. Eat some popcorn. Whatever. Seriously, this chapter is long. …and since this is going to be a long chapter anyway, how about we check out what the spares and other characters hanging around here are doing? It certainly can‟t hurt, can it?”
  6. 6. This is what the simselves are doing, all the time. Come on now, move it! I want to see some updates to your challenges! *whip crack!* Ani-Mei: “My wrists are killing me…” Gabie: “Hmmm… this is really interesting…” Oh yeah? Well, let‟s see what you‟re doing, Gabie…
  7. 7. Gabie: “That‟s okay, you don‟t have to come look—” HEY! Aren‟t those MY spares!? Gabie: “I‟m not doing anything with them, I‟m just looking. You‟re not exactly making it easy on them, you know.” Pony: “Yeah, we have noticed that it seems like you‟ve been torturing them. I mean, what did Par ever do to anyone?”
  8. 8. Nothing at all. In fact— Gabie: “Shh! Neffy’s dancing!”
  9. 9. Zircon: “Don‟t stop on my account, Neffy. You used to dance a lot more often.” Gabie: “Oh come on, Zircon, what are you coming in and interrupting her for? She would never have known you were there if you’d just turned around and left!” Pony: “Gabie, pipe down! We’re trying to hear what they’re saying!” Neffy: “…” Zircon: “…well, happy birthday, little sis.”
  10. 10. Neffy: “Arctos White, you goatstack. Where are you…”
  11. 11. Spar: “Dad, where are you…”
  12. 12. Calcite: “Hey, mountain man. Are you going to come help me repaint the car or what?” Spar: “Sorry. Coming.”
  13. 13. Spar: “What was Sulfur thinking when he chose this color, anyway?” Calcite: “I swear, he‟s colorblind and doesn‟t realize it. Alright Spar, I have to admit, I had an ulterior motive for getting you down here.” Spar: “Shoulda known. What‟s on your mind?” Calcite: “You‟re moving out tonight, right?” Spar: “Yeah.” Calcite: “Mom wanted me to get you to shave before you go.”
  14. 14. Alright, alright. That joke wasn‟t that bad.
  15. 15. OH.
  16. 16. I swear, Skip wasn‟t that old! I mean, I wasn‟t watching his life bar, but really, he only had, like, a week after becoming an elder before he died! Not fair! At least he‟s not a creepy pet ghost. He‟s still as cute in death as he was in life.
  17. 17. A few days after Skip passed, Calcite went out to buy the household a new pet. Since he‟s a warlock, it seemed only right that he purchase a black cat. I messed around a little bit with create-a-pet, and settled on Hex here. She‟s not as cute as Skip was, but she‟s quirky and seems to compliment Calcite very well.
  18. 18. Spar moved out to this house. I just knew you wanted to see it. Alright. See? I didn‟t even spend twenty slides on the spares. Off to college we go!
  19. 19. It‟s Blizzard time! Anyone else remember that show?
  20. 20. Callie: “Hey, Author?” Yeah? Callie: “I‟ve got a bit of a problem here.” No, wait. Don‟t tell me. Let me guess.
  21. 21. June: “And when I am recognized in my rightful place as Queen of the World, the sun shall be blacked out and the world will be plunged into eternal night. Everyone will have to pay me an exorbitant tax for the use of the electronic sun I shall build. Without me there will be no sun, and so there will be no rebellion. And even if some peasant is dumb enough to try and incite rebellion, I will simply take the world‟s caffeine away. All the population of the world will pass into a caffeine-deprived state and become zombies, and it will be all the peasant‟s fault, and they will execute him themselves to get their caffeine back. I am brilliant! No one shall defy me!”
  22. 22. Callie: “Hey, Your Majesty. Unlock this door. The Author says it‟s time for you to hit the road for another generation.”
  23. 23. June: “I‟ll go quietly… this time. But first I‟ll break the computer.” Move it, June, before I cowplant you. You bother me. June: “And when I am Queen of the World, that won‟t be an issue, because I will have you publicly executed by decaffeination.” I don‟t drink caffeine in the first place. Can‟t be decaffeinated when I‟m already not addicted to it. June: “LIES!!”
  24. 24. Bye-bye, June. Have a nice year. June: “I WILL HAVE MY DAY!!”
  25. 25. Now that that‟s squared away, it‟s about time Callie got her official introduction, don‟t you think? I love that she pulled out her wand while she was posed. Chalcedony “Callie” White is the oldest of Dez and Isis‟s three children, and one of our spares. She is a 5/10/9/2/1 Gemini Knowledge Sim. I have by now realized that it must be a family trait to have at least one maxed-out personality category. Her LTW is to Max Out 7 Skills. *jaw drop* My sims never roll that Want. There must be some mistake. That‟s much too easy. Chalcedony is a form of silica that includes quartz and moganite. It has a waxy luster, and can be semi-transparent. There‟s several semiprecious gemstones that are actually forms of chalcedony, including carnelian, agate, and onyx. It comes in a very wide variety of colors, including but not limited to red, orange, white, black, and green.
  26. 26. Llama Mascot: “Hi there. I hear your family has set a precedent for marrying in mascots. I‟m a llama mascot, and you are smoking hot. Mrowr.” Callie: “Um, ew. Get away from me!” Llama Mascot: “But I—” Callie: “OUT!!” Last year it was the cheerleader hitting on the family, this year it‟s the llama mascot. Methinks we need to lock the door.
  27. 27. Callie: “Willy! What are you doing here?” William: “I‟m here to welcome you to Sim State University, Cal—Miss White. I even brought you a housewarming gift. …Forgive me, Miss White, but becoming a young adult truly agrees with you.” Callie: “…Thanks. Here, there‟s a bench outside where we can talk.” William: “I would be much obliged.”
  28. 28. William: “You have a lovely home, Cal—Miss White.” Callie: “Willy, we‟ve known each other long enough, you can call me Callie. It wouldn‟t offend me.” William: “Callie… forgive me, I‟m not used to being so informal.” Callie: “You‟re just fine.”
  29. 29. Callie: “So… tell me more about vampires.” William: “About vampires, Callie? What possible curiosity could drive you to ask such a question?” Callie: “You can only learn so much from the internet. Especially nowadays, with everybody dreaming about falling in love with one and all that, ever since that book Jade likes came out. Every blog out there is putting out all this romanticized garbage about them. I want to hear about them from the horse‟s mouth. Ergo, from you.” William: “Do you?” Callie: “Huh? Do I what?”
  30. 30. William: “Do you dream of falling in love with a vampire?” Callie: “What? I…” William: “Never mind. My apologies, Callie. It was an impertinent question.”
  31. 31. William: “The night grows old. I ought to be going. It was truly a pleasure to see you again, Callie. I greatly look forward to meeting with you again.”
  32. 32. You‟ve been looking a little dazed for the past few days, Callie. Callie: *sigh* “He kissed me.” I didn‟t even know you liked him. Callie: *happy sigh* This is most unlike you.
  33. 33. That‟s more like it. Any ideas on your major? Callie: “Glrfanythingbutpsychologysnrf” Alrighty then.
  34. 34. Llama Mascot: “I don‟t get it. What does the vampire have that I don‟t?” Let‟s see. Manners. Chivalry. Looks. Lips? Llama Mascot: “Pssh. Lips aren‟t everything.”
  35. 35. *sniff* I‟m so proud. She makes such a great good witch. Callie: “Wait, I‟ve got it!”
  36. 36. Callie: “Mathematics is my true calling!” O~kay, whatever you say. Math certainly isn‟t my true calling. Thanks for fixing the computer, by the way. Callie: “Eh, it was easy. All June did was plug a few wires into the wrong places. All I had to do was untangle them.” William: “Callie?” Callie: “Hold on, did you hear that?”
  37. 37. William: *muted* “Hello, Callie.” Callie: *startle* “WILLY!” William: *muted* “I apologize, do you mind coming outside? It‟s not easy to speak to you through a window.”
  38. 38. Callie: “Sheesh, Willy, you startled me!” William: “I wish I could truthfully apologize, but that was the intended effect. How are you this evening, Callie?” Callie: “Fine, except for that heart attack you gave me. What gives?”
  39. 39. William: “I do enjoy listening to your heart thump. …May I?” Callie: “…May you what?” William: “I‟m afraid I can‟t stay long, and I am rather thirsty this evening… but I‟m afraid I may not have time to carry out a proper hunt tonight…” Callie: “…Oh. I think I know what you‟re getting at.”
  40. 40. William: “Don‟t worry… you won‟t feel a thing…”
  41. 41. Jade: “Callie? You look terrible.” Callie: “Oh… hi Jade. You‟re already here…?” Jade: “It‟s almost noon. …Come on, Callie. Let‟s get you dressed. I‟ll make breakfast.”
  42. 42. Callie: “…okay... I feel kind of dizzy...”
  43. 43. Alright, Jade has made it to college! Jade White is our Generation Four heiress. She is a 10/2/3/2/9 (no, really) Virgo Family Sim. She should really be a Knowledge Sim, but I guess Family works well enough that I‟m not willing to reroll and risk her getting Pleasure or Popularity. Her LTW is to---wait for it—Become Education Minister! You know what that means? Another education bookshelf for me! Jade is a metamorphic gemstone composed primarily of nephrite. It comes in lovely shades of green and has been used for gorgeous art for thousands of years in China and other Asian countries. It‟s commonly used today as an ornamental stone, and I am quite sure that everyone already knew all of that about it. It‟s not exactly an obscure rock, after all.
  44. 44. Jade: “Hello, Mom. Yes, I‟ve arrived. Yes. No. She seems to be sick.”
  45. 45. Isis: “What!? Is she alright? Dizzy, lethargic, pale? Hm. I don‟t know. If she doesn‟t recover in a day or two, take her to the doctor, alright? She doesn‟t sound very good. Okay, sweetie. Love you. Take care.”
  46. 46. Dez snores like an old man, by the way.
  47. 47. So, Dez. I can‟t help but notice that you‟re running pathetically low on reagents. Dez: “…nowhere to put my cauldron.” Oh, that‟s not exactly true anymore. Step outside, dear buddy. Dez: “…dishes.” Right. Wash your bowl, and then step outside.
  48. 48. Dez: “…?” Don‟t be confused, that brick shed really wasn‟t there five minutes ago. Go inside, I think you‟ll like it.
  49. 49. The magic shed is little tiny so it‟s not easy to get good pictures, but as you can see, there‟s room for Dez‟s cauldron, a few of his reagents, and in the corner you can‟t see, a faerie fire lamp standing by the door (because I really love those magic light fixtures). The door‟s locked so only he can get it in, ostensibly so there‟s no accidents, but really because I just think it‟s cool for Dez to have his own private little magic space. So, Dez? I know it‟s a bit late, but what do you think? Dez: “…” I‟ll take that as a positive sign.
  50. 50. Also, that lamp the family got a few chapters ago got relocated from behind the wedding chapel to the floor in here. Where else am I going to put an unused genie lamp than in a magic shed? Really.
  51. 51. Gizmo: “Yeeesss… I have been looking forward to this all week…” So is this my cue to delete the pool ladders? Gizmo: “Nope. You can rate my dive if you‟d like, though.” Alright, let‟s see it, then.
  52. 52. Gizmo: “Hahaha… it‟s a lot more wobbly up here than I thought…”
  53. 53. Gizmo: “I think I‟ll just… climb in. Yeah.” Oh, come on. That is the lowest diving board in the world. Get back up there! Gizmo: “No! You can‟t make me!” Wanna bet?
  54. 54. Gizmo: “Alright, alright, here I go. Watch me, Author!” I‟m watching, I‟m watching! Let‟s see it!
  55. 55. Psssh, a cannonball. Anybody can do that. Four points. You get those four points for not belly-flopping like I thought you were going to, Gizmo. Think she can hear me? No? Well, that‟s probably for the best.
  56. 56. Isis: “You call that a dive, little girl? Watch your old mother teach you how it‟s done!” We interrupt this scene of familial bliss to bring you more college drama.
  57. 57. Jade: “Breakfast.” Callie: “Jade, for the last time, don‟t baby me. I‟ve recovered. I‟m fine.” Jade: “I‟m a Family Sim. Humor me.”
  58. 58. Callie: “I‟m off to class, Jade. See ya.” Jade: “Bye. Be careful.” Callie: “Jade, really. I‟m fine!”
  59. 59. *ding dong* Jade: *sigh*
  60. 60. William: “Hello, Jade. Welcome to Sim State University.” Jade: “Hello. Thank you.” William: “And I heard you won the heirship. Congratulations. I thought that surely your elder sister would be first in line, especially since Desmodus gave her a portion of his magic.” Jade: “…thank you?”
  61. 61. William: “I‟m afraid I cannot stay long, for I have other obligations this night, but I came in the time I could to offer you congratulations. I find, however, that I am transfixed by you. You are breathtaking, Jade. I cannot imagine how I never noticed it before.” Jade: “Oh… thank you.” William: “Thank you. Good evening, Ja—Miss White.”
  62. 62. Blogging, Jade? What about? Jade: “Science!! I mainly blog about astronomy, but I recently discovered abiology and azoology, but the one I‟m really excited about is zoöphagy!” Okay, you got me. What‟s zoöphagy? Jade: “Studying animals by eating them!” …okay. Carry on.
  63. 63. Jade: “Author.” Yes?
  64. 64. Jade: “I don‟t want William to ever become a warlock.” O…kay. I think I could promise you that. I wouldn‟t want to see that, either. Any ideas on your major yet? Jade: “No. How can I choose? There are so many fields to explore…”
  65. 65. Jade: “Hi William. Sure. I‟ll meet you there. Bye.” Callie: “Was that Willy? Where are you going?” Jade: “Crypt O‟Night Club.” Callie: “Did… did he ask for me?” Jade: “…do you want to come? He probably just forgot.”
  66. 66. Callie: “No. Go. Have a good time.” Jade: “…are you okay?” Callie: “Fine. Just peachy. Get going or you‟ll be late.”
  67. 67. William: “Thank you for agreeing to meet me here, Jade. I haven‟t stopped thinking about you since we first met. Now that you are no longer a teenager, I can tell you how much I feel for you.” Jade: “William… Author?” Jade, come on, you‟re on a date. Don‟t talk to me. William: “It‟s alright. I will just head inside and reserve us a table.”
  68. 68. Jade: “I don‟t want William to stink. Make it so.” Look, Jade. You can‟t expect me to do everything for you. Jade: “Why not?” Well… because… go inside. Your date‟s waiting for you.
  69. 69. William: “This has been a magical night, Jade. You are stunning.” Jade: “I‟ve had a good time, too. I never knew dancing could be such fun. I suspect having the right partner had something to do with it. I‟ll have to look into this.” William: “Haha, you do that. …Jade, I hope you will forgive my forwardness…”
  70. 70. William: “…but I was wondering if I could officially court you? I can speak to your father first, if you‟d like.” Jade: “You don‟t have to do that. It‟s my decision. I… I really like you.” William: “Haha, I „really like‟ you too, my darkling.”
  71. 71. Waitress: “Forgive me for interrupting, sir, but are you William Valentine?” William: “I am.” Waitress: “There‟s a call for you, sir.” William: “Now!?” Waitress: “Yes sir. She said it was important, the lady on the other line.”
  72. 72. Jade: “Do you have to go?” William: “Yes… I suppose so. I think I know who is trying to contact me, and she is not the type to be patient.”
  73. 73. William: “I think I know what the matter is, and I might not be able to make it back to you. I am deeply, deeply sorry. Will you be able to find your way back to your home by yourself?” Jade: “Yes.” William: “I truly am sorry, Jade. I bid you farewell, then.”
  74. 74. William: “Until tomorrow night, my sweet.” Jade: “Goodnight, Will.”
  75. 75. Jade: *sigh*
  76. 76. Oh, come on, Jade. You‟ve been up all night. You only just barely got home. What are you going to research now this late? Jade: “Um… logic.”
  77. 77. Isn‟t that the romance novel you read as a teenager? I don‟t suppose… is that the one about vampires? Jade: *startle* “No!”
  78. 78. Oh, look who it is. Looks like Meadow Thayer grew up to be a burglar. Burglar Who Looks Like Meadow: “I am not Meadow. Even if I was, I wouldn‟t have become a burglar just to become an NPC so I was eligible to marry into this family one day. That‟s silly.” Yeah, yeah. Trigger the alarm, and then GET OFF THE LOT.
  79. 79. Callie: “William.” William: “Callie? Excuse me, I was expecting Jade.” Callie: “Yeah, so I figured.” William: “Is she in?”
  80. 80. Callie: “Just what is your game, Willy? I thought you loved me, and then my sister comes in and you just completely forget about me!?” William: “With all due respect, Chalcedony, your sister is the heiress.” Callie: “And just what does that have to do with anything!?” William: “Nothing you need concern yourself with.”
  81. 81. Callie: “You know what? You are a—” William: “Calm yourself, Callie. And I expect you not to go telling Jade about anything we‟ve spoken about tonight.” Callie: “If you think I‟m going to listen—” William: “But I do. Don‟t you remember the night I tasted you? We made a deal then, though I suspect you weren‟t entirely aware of the implications.” Callie: “What impli—”
  82. 82. William: “Go inside, Callie.” Callie: “Oh…” William: “Go inside and get some sleep. You‟re tired.” Callie: “I‟m sorry… I‟m kind of tired. I think I‟m going to go to bed.” William: “Goodnight, Callie.”
  83. 83. Jade: “Will! …Callie?” Callie: “Night.” William: “We were just talking, darkling. Come, I want to speak with you.”
  84. 84. William: “I have missed you dearly, my darling. Has it truly only been twenty-four hours since we parted?” Jade: “Less than that. We left at three o‟clock last night. It‟s only eleven now.” William: “How time feels long when we are parted from those we love.” Jade: “Love?”
  85. 85. William: “Jade, my one and true, I came tonight to make an impertinent request. I am filled with shame to even suggest it now that I see your face. I think I ought to turn and leave now rather than ask.” Jade: “What is it?” William: “Well… there is a custom among vampires, in which we exchange blood with those we intend to spend their rest of our undeath with. Since you are human, it could not truly be an exchange, but…” Jade: “…you want to bite me?” William: “…yes, that is more or less the summary of it.”
  86. 86. Jade: “I don‟t know…” William: “I will not pressure you. I merely wanted to suggest it because it is custom. If you do not want to suffer it, I understand.” Jade: “…alright. But only this once.” William: “Only this once, then.”
  87. 87. William: “If you‟re sure…”
  88. 88. Jade: “Ugh…” Jade, are you okay? Jade: “No…” Stay in bed today, alright? Jade: “I need to go to class…”
  89. 89. Llama Mascot About To Be Cowplanted: “Bada su la gorp! Bada su la grop!” Jade: “Haha, you‟re funny. Go away.”
  90. 90. Callie: “Booo llama mascot! Go cow!” I would act surprised about this, but quite frankly, I‟m not. In fact… GO COW MASCOT!!
  91. 91. …Jade. Jade: “Yes?” Put the box down. Please.
  92. 92. Callie: “I hate homework.”
  93. 93. Callie, why in the name of all that is sim are you standing outside the bathroom instead of going in? Callie: *grumble* I didn‟t catch that. Repeat it. Louder. Callie: “The cow mascot is in our bathtub.”
  94. 94. … … … …why? A bubble bath, no less.
  95. 95. Callie: “Author, I have a bone to pick with you!!” *wince* I‟m sorry, Callie, I know this is painful, but I thought it would be a good plotline… Callie: “I‟m been in this Greek House for three years and we‟ve never thrown a party!” …yes. Yeah. That‟s exactly what you have grounds to be complaining about. Callie: “I‟ve got two Wants for a toga party—two!—and one for a sports party. Just throw a party, dangit!!”
  96. 96. Gypsy: “They shall never know where that old dusty lamp came from, or how it came to be on their front porch, for I am mysterious. I am stealthy. I am the wind!” Callie: “Hey, gypsy lady! Thanks for the lamp!” Gypsy: “THE WIND!!”
  97. 97. Genie: “BEHOLD!! I am the great and powerful GENIE OF THE LAMP, and I am here to offer you THREE WISHES!!” Callie: “Hey, Mr. Great and Powerful, I‟m over here.” Genie: “…right. I knew that. Hold on just a moment, Master, while I extricate my arm from this wall…”
  98. 98. Callie: “Okay. First wish. I want William Valentine sent back to his death.” Genie: “Sorry, no can do. We revoked the „any wish you want‟ articles of the genie constitution after we had one too many mishaps. You have a very limited list of wishes you can make now, which are all guaranteed not to cause Genie and Co. any harm.” Callie: “That‟s dumb.” Genie: “Suck it up. Here‟s the list. Pick three.”
  99. 99. Callie: “Okay, I‟ve got it. I want Power to Cheat Death—you never know what‟s going to happen around here, between the vampires and the witches and everybody. I want wealth, so we can finish decorating the upstairs.” Genie: “It‟s fourth generation and you still haven‟t done that?” Callie: “We don‟t cram eight people into the house every generation, so we don‟t get as much grant money. I also want Peace of Mind, so I can be permaplat right now.” Genie: “All granted.”
  100. 100. Genie: “See ya. Well, probably not.”
  101. 101. Jade: “Crypt O‟ Night again? Honey, isn‟t there anywhere else we can go?” William: “Really Jade, where else is there?” Jade: “Downtown is a big city…” William: “Jade, I am not going to go to some goofy museum or sappy hedge maze. We are here, we are not going anywhere else, and you will be happy about it.”
  102. 102. Jade: “I love you, you know.” William: “Hm? Oh, yes, I love you too, my darkling.” Jade: “…”
  103. 103. William: “Well, I am sorry to cut this date short, Jade, but there is urgent business I must attend to.” Jade: “Is that why you‟ve been distracted all evening?” William: “Distracted? Of course I wasn‟t distracted, Jade. You are my everything. You are mistaken.” Jade: “…” William: “Goodnight, my sweet. Rest well.”
  104. 104. Jade: *sigh*
  105. 105. Jade: “…”
  106. 106. Jade: {…he doesn‟t really care, does he?} *sniff*
  107. 107. Tie-Dye: “Hey.” Jade: “Hello…” Tie-Dye: “Mind if I join you?” Jade: “…” Tie-Dye: “I‟ll take that as a „yes.‟ Cool. Thanks, dudette.”
  108. 108. Tie-Dye: “If you don‟t mind my saying, dudette, you look, like, kind of bummed out.” Jade: “I‟m fine.” Tie-Dye: “Whatever you say.” Jade: “Are you a vampire?”
  109. 109. Tie-Dye: “You could say that. I prefer, like, „vitamin D challenged.‟” Jade: “Okay… though my boyfriend probably wouldn‟t like me talking to you.” Tie-Dye: “Your boyfriend vitamin D challenged, too?” Jade: “Yes.” Tie-Dye: “What a drag. He‟s one of those loathe guys then, huh?”
  110. 110. Jade: “No.” Tie-Dye: “You sure? I haven‟t heard of any other lone wolfers but me…” Jade: “…Positive.” Tie-Dye: “Cool. I can dig that.” Jade: “Are you part of the loathe?” Tie-Dye: “Nah. That loathe, it‟s just, like, The Man wearing a different suit.”
  111. 111. Tie-Dye: “Yowch. There goes my queen. …you sure you‟re okay, dudette? You look kind of uptight.” Jade: *sniff* “I‟m fine.” Tie-Dye: “Nothing you, like, want to talk about?” Jade: “No.” Tie-Dye: “If you want to, I‟m listening. The name‟s Sun. You‟re like, great at this game.”
  112. 112. Jade: “Thanks. It‟s my favorite. I‟ve spent a lot of time studying the various plays and strategies. Did you know that it‟s possible to checkmate someone in three moves?” Sun: “No kidding? Far out! You have to teach me!” Jade: “I‟m Jade, by the way.” Sun: “Jade, huh? That‟s not really you.” Jade: “Excuse me?”
  113. 113. Sun: “Like, a jade is a rock. It‟s pretty, but it‟s cold. Unfeeling. You‟re brighter and warmer than that. Like… a star. Yeah. I think your name should be Star.” Jade: “O…kay. No one‟s ever accused me of being „warm.‟”
  114. 114. Jade: “Checkmate.” Sun: “For real? Man, I‟m no good at this game. Listen, Star, full disclosure. When I sat down, I was kind of hoping for a handout. I haven‟t had anything to drink in, like, three weeks, you see. I‟m getting kind of hungry.” Jade: “…oh. I see.” Sun: “I like you too much, though. I think I‟ll, like, go ask one of the other chicks here. You‟ve got enough to deal with if your boyfriend is vitamin D challenged.”
  115. 115. Sun: “Later, Star.” Jade: “Bye.”
  116. 116. Callie: “Jade! Finally! I‟ve been looking for you everywhere! Do you realize how late it is!? It‟s almost morning! What are you doing out here alone? Where‟s Willy? You know it‟s dangerous to be out here alone!” Jade: “Sorry, Callie.” Callie: “Yeah, yeah, you‟re sorry. I‟m sure. Come on, let‟s go home.”
  117. 117. Cheerleader: “Vooooooo gerbitz!!” Llama Mascot: “Shuddup, Luciana. I‟m trying to watch the game.” Cheerleader: “Just warming up for when the rest of the mascot and cheerleader club gets here!” Jade: “Get. Out. No one invited you or your club.”
  118. 118. Cheerleader, Llama Mascot: “Gerbitz, gerbitz! Vo gerbitz!” Jade: “Kill me now…”
  119. 119. Llama Mascot: “You know, Luciana, you are really very beautiful.” Cheerleader: “Aww, thank you, Adam!” Jade: {I wonder what the child of a llama and a cheerleader would look like. …I hope they adopt.} They really did autonomously flirt, these two. I missed the picture, though, so we‟ll have to settle for the autonomous admire. Mascot/cheerleader romance, d‟awww! {Gross.}
  120. 120. Callie: “Hey, Jade, I‟m back from class… what are they doing here?” Llama Mascot: “Adda su la gorp!” Callie: “Jade? You gonna explain this?” Cheerleader: “Oh, don‟t bother. She stopped responding hours ago.”
  121. 121. That‟s it. The cheerleader has officially gone insane.
  122. 122. I mean, look at this face.
  123. 123. Callie, I don‟t understand you. Callie: “Quiet, Author. I‟m trying to write my term paper.” But you don‟t have to! I‟m a dirty cheater and set all of Sim State‟s seasons to Fall. Getting an A+ is as easy as going to class every day. Why on earth do you want to write your term paper? Callie: “Knowledge Sim.”
  124. 124. Callie: “Oh, I‟m so stiff. Stewing reagents is so boring.” It‟s either stew reagents or not be able to cast spells, Callie. Your choice. Callie: “Man, I love stewing reagents!”
  125. 125. Jade gets the sparkle bubbles when she cleans. This makes me happy. I don‟t often get sims with enough neat points to autonomously go around cleaning and shedding bubbles everywhere.
  126. 126. Callie? She likes to autonomously argue and annoy. Whenever there‟s someone around who she‟s not already friends with, she zeroes in on them like a heat-guided missile and attacks. She used to have a nice point. I don‟t know where it went.
  127. 127. Jade… Jade: “Yes?” Why did you just let yourself default to philosophy for your major? Jade: “Did I default? I thought I had already declared philosophy…”
  128. 128. William: “Good evening, Jade.” Jade: “Hi, William.”
  129. 129. William: “I‟ve been thinking about you. The moon reflects brilliantly in your eyes.” Jade: “I‟ve done some research on that. I was wondering why eyes are so reflective, and so I checked out this book on optometry in the library…” William: “Jade, I have something much more important than optometry to talk to you about. Please stay on topic.”
  130. 130. William: “Jade, I love you more than anything, for as long as I‟ve known you. I had hoped to do this at a classy restaurant or somewhere else romantic, but I cannot wait another moment.” Jade: “Will, I—” William: “I know you‟re excited, Jade, but please wait until I‟m done.”
  131. 131. William: “Jade White, will you marry me?” Jade: “…” William: “Jade, this is your cue to say „yes.‟”
  132. 132. Jade: “William, I can‟t. I‟m not ready.” William: “Not… ready? What do you… oh, I get it. You‟re joking. This is in very poor taste, Jade, I‟ll have you know.”
  133. 133. Jade: “I am not joking, William.” William: “What!? This is impossible! Jade White, you WILL—”
  134. 134. Jade: “I am not doing anything, and I‟m going inside. Goodnight.” William: “But—”
  135. 135. William: “JADE!!”
  136. 136. Callie: “Morning, Jade.” Jade: “…” Callie: “You okay?” Jade: “…Will proposed last night.” Callie: “Oh. Congratulations.”
  137. 137. Jade: “I said no.” Callie: “You said no!? Really!? Why?” Jade: “I‟m not ready to get engaged yet… but the way he reacted… I‟m not sure I want to marry him at all.” Callie: “Well… he is pretty controlling. And kind of arrogant. I can see why you wouldn‟t want to be leashed to him.” Jade: “Yeah…”
  138. 138. Jade: “…but what am I going to do now? I loved him…”
  139. 139. Toro: “Hello, son! Quit snoring, I‟m trying to rest in peace!” Dez: “…!!”
  140. 140. Isis: “So are you about ready to go to college, Gizmo?” Gizmo: “‟Course, Mom. Just because I‟m Popularity doesn‟t mean—AW, DANGIT!!” Isis: “What? What is it?” Gizmo: “The pinball went into the wrong hole!”
  141. 141. Isis: “Okay, then. Goodnight, sweetie. Don‟t stay up too late.” Gizmo: “‟Course not, Mom. Night.”
  142. 142. William: “Hello, Gismondine.” Gizmo: “Who are you? Wait… William? Egads, what are you doing here?” William: “You invited me in.” Gizmo: “When? When I was a kid?”
  143. 143. William: “Why don‟t you accompany me outside, Miss White? There‟s something I‟d like to show you.”
  144. 144. Gizmo: “So, Willy, what‟s up? What did you want to show…”
  145. 145. Gizmo: “…me…”
  146. 146. *scream* Stupid graphics card, cutting out like that… hold on, let me see if I can get the lights turned back on, sorry about that, technical difficulties you know…
  147. 147. I am dead. Well, what do you expect after writing all that? I‟ll get to the next chapter when I recover. Until then, happy simming! One more slide… ------------------------------------------------------->
  148. 148. Jade: “What is that…?” Nooooothing…