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5 Pinterest Secrets that Get You Leads


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5 Pinterest Secrets that Get You Leads

  1. 1. 5 Pinterest Secretsthat Get You Leads Presented by: Chris Marentis February 26th Webinar
  2. 2. Why Pin ? Sell more without actively selling Repurpose content to get more leads Can be more powerful than other social media platforms Reach buyers while they're shopping Get more leads from your website
  3. 3. ------Common Question-----What makes Pinterest different from other social media platforms? Can I use it to benefit my current social media accounts?
  4. 4. ------Common Question-----How do I get sales from Pinterest?
  5. 5. ------Common Question-----How can I use it to drive traffic to my website?
  6. 6. Secret 1
  7. 7. 4 out of 5 Pinterest users are women, and women make the purchasing decisions in 75% of America households
  8. 8. Pinterest Sells… Pinterest users spendmore than users on any other social media site. Nearly ½of all U.S. online shoppers have made a purchase based on a Pinterest recommendation.
  9. 9. Secret 2
  10. 10. Boards for Your Business Content Categories:           Staff Centric Images (ex.The Team at Work) Specific Project Photos (ex.Townhouse repair, before and after) Tips (ex. 5 Ways to Winterize your home) Products (ex. Our Favorite Energy Savers) Blogs Infographics – produced in-house & from other sources Video – webinars, testimonials, Slideshows Podcasts Local Board (ex. Our Community Projects) Make it Count: When deciding on content to pin: Imagine you are posting to a public bulletin board… Relevance is the name of the game, so create content your audience will benefit from.
  11. 11. Pinterest Boards: Before & After
  12. 12. Pinterest Boards: Current Trends & Holidays Tip: Take advantage of the impact seasons have on your sales & create boards that reflect your customers seasonal interests.
  13. 13. Pin Glossary  Product Pins- display product info including price, dimensions, description, color etc.  Article Pins- include the headline, author, description & link to increase exposure for your writing  Place pins- include an address, phone number & map (great for local businesses) Product Pin Place Pin Article Pin Article Pin
  14. 14. Secret 3
  15. 15. Want potential buyers to look at your content? Then Remember this: Pinterests layout is visual so your images are what set you apart.
  16. 16. Pinterest Makes All Content Visual Your business is where it is today due to a vision. Show what inspires your business by making “idea” boards to represent the attitudes, influences, locations, & leadership behind your business.
  17. 17. Use Visuals to Inspire Pin-ers to Buy Visual means: color & high quality images. Enticing image descriptions are icing on the cake (but keep them short).
  18. 18. Images That Get the Most Repins  Bright, light Images (not dark)  Vertical Images (w/ 2:3 ratio)  Images w/ warm color palettes (reds & oranges instead of blues & greens)  Saturated Images  Images w/ less empty background space VS.
  19. 19. Incorporate Marketing Collateral Make coupon boards & Use hashtag #coupons
  20. 20. Secret 4
  21. 21. SEO Amplified – Build Links to Your Website In your Pin Descriptions: Incorporate links, including links to your website, use hashtags& keywords In your Board Titles: Include keywords (ex. Virginia Dental Office) Integrate your Pins: With Facebook& Twitter
  22. 22. 2-Steps to Optimize Your Images… 1. Name images using keywords + hyphens – so search engines can find them and bring people to your boards who are interested in your services or learning about a topic you cover in a blog post, etc. 2. Use descriptive file names and alt text to make your boards more findable in Pinterest + Google search (Alt Text: text equivalent of a photo) ex. gutter-replacement
  23. 23. Pin Your Blog: Promote the Categories & Topics You Write About  Write blogs on topics users frequently pin  Feature an image for each blog pin  Include a link to the original blog article The Most Popular Pin Categories 17.2% Home 3.9% Holidays/Seasonal The Most Popular Names for Boards 3.15% For the Home 1.86% “Products I Love” Pin Boards From Google Search
  24. 24. Pin to Your Blog Pin blog posts to Pinterest and people will click on the pins & be taken directly to your website
  25. 25. Secret 5
  26. 26. Be Social Pin from your other Pinterest boards and from external websites, Repin other users pins, and Like + Comment on other’s pins. The Goal: Be a contributing part of Pinterest’s community by sharing content. 80% of All Pinterest Pins are Repins 1,345 repins 119 likes
  27. 27. Build Awareness Around Your Business  By Repinning content that your followers will find interesting or useful you can build your account to become a resource of information for you niche.  Another reason to repin- A notification is sent to the original owner of the content, attracting their attention.  Last but not least, the account you repinned from could return the favor by repinning your pins & exposing your content to their followers, potentially leading to more repins and more traffic to your site.
  28. 28. Summing it Up! 1. Use Pinterest to reach household decision makers 2. 3. 4. 5. while they shop Use Rich Pins & Organized Pin Boards Be Visual SEO optimize your pins and pin to your blog Be Social: Repin, Comment, and Share other’s content
  29. 29. Talk to Us Chris Marentis is the Founder and CEO of Surefire Social. With over 25 years of experience leading traditional and interactive marketing businesses, Chris is a leader in helping businesses use new technology to enable dramatic growth. Need help or want to find out more? Come see us to get your FREE Online Visibility Checkup now at or call 888-804-8685
  30. 30. Who is Surefire Social? Surefire Social delivers personal, comprehensive strategies for effective local Internet marketing. To learn more about ourPinterestServices, visit us