12 Effective Ways to use Facebook to Drive Traffic to Your Blog


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Driving traffic to your blog is essential. Regardless of the quality of articles you write, without readers, your efforts as a marketer fail.

Facebook provides incredible opportunities to increase your blog article readership.

Here are 12 actionable, effective, creative methods on Facebook to drive traffic to your blog.

Methods include: Make your updates short, use questions and quotes, take our the link, embed blog videos, make weekly blog reviews, and more...

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12 Effective Ways to use Facebook to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

  1. 1. 12 Effective Ways to Use Facebook to Drive Traffic to Your Blog
  2. 2. Table of Contents: 1 Make Your Images Big 2 Make your Updates Short 3 Ask Questions 4 Use a Short Quote From Your Blog 5 Skip the Link 6 Share Lifestyle or How-To Blog Articles
  3. 3. Table of Contents: 7 Host Contests on Your Blog 8 Make a ‘Weekly Wrap Up’ 9 Embed Short Blog Video 10 Share Other People’s Blog Content 11 Include a Blog Tab 12 Use Facebook Ads
  4. 4. 1 Make Your Images Big
  5. 5. Make Your Images Big 1 Upload a visually appealing, related image to increase click throughs to your blog. 2 Check your Facebook and blog site metrics to analyze the success of your full sized images. Repeat the types of posts that work best for you. 3 Use a shortened link in your full sized image posts, to keep your text cleaner. Example of a full sized blog post image from HubSpot.
  6. 6. 2 Make your Updates Short
  7. 7. Make Your Updates Short 1 2 3 Follow the rule of thumb to keep your Facebook updates under 140 characters: forces you to condense your text. Make your update a teaser of your blog. ● Write out 4 or 5 short onesentence summaries choose the most intriguing ● post on Facebook Keep your mobile readers in mind. The Huffington Post uses a great short text teaser update.
  8. 8. 3 Ask Questions
  9. 9. Ask Questions 1 2 3 Keep your questions short, easy to read, and relatable to your Fan Page - use the word “you” Questions naturally invoke a response - use succinct, curiosity-invoking questions to get engagement and click throughs Mix up your question types, from opinion getting, trivia, or even problem solving. The Next Web uses a short, intriguing question for its readership.
  10. 10. 4 Use a Short Quote From Your Blog
  11. 11. Use a Short Quote From Your Blog 1 2 3 Choose a quote from your blog article that clearly summarizes a main point. Use a quote that invokes controversy to generate more engagement on your Facebook Page, and get more clicks to your blog. Personalize your quote by including a face of the author or interviewee. Mashable uses quotes to personalize their article.
  12. 12. 5 Skip the Link
  13. 13. Skip the Link 1 2 3 Keep your Facebook update more readable, without the link. You only need the actual link if you are using a full sized image. Delete your article link before you post it to your Fans.
  14. 14. 6 Share Lifestyle or How-To Blog Articles
  15. 15. Share Lifestyle or How-To Blog Articles 1 2 3 Use Lifestyle and How-To articles to share more than just your products or services with your Facebook Fans. Include questions - such as asking for your Fans for their tips - when you post the article links. Use pronouns like “you” and “us” to further create a sense of community. Whole Foods uses the lifestyle strategy very successfully
  16. 16. 7 Host Contests on Your Blog
  17. 17. Host Contests on Your Blog 1 2 3 Use interactive content on your blog to drive traffic to it. Promote your blog contests on your Facebook Page to generate click throughs, and more shares. Use images of your contest prize when you post it on Facebook. Telus hosts contests directly on their website.
  18. 18. 8 Make a ‘Weekly Wrap Up’
  19. 19. Make a “Weekly Wrap-Up” 1 2 3 Generate more click throughs to your blog from Facebook by compiling a list of your articles from the week. Post the “weekly wrap-up” on a day that works best for your business sales. Use a lookbook on Facebook to show all the images from your blog articles. Williams Sonoma uses the blog article compilation tactic.
  20. 20. 9 Embed Short Blog Video
  21. 21. Embed Short Blog Video 1 2 3 Make a short video that shows what your article is about. Embed the video directly on to your Facebook post, to entice your Fans to interact with it. Include faces, or products to make it more personalized and cool. At Wishpond, we’ve embedded Vine Videos from articles.
  22. 22. 10 Share Other People’s Blog Content
  23. 23. Share Other People’s Blog Content 1 2 3 Share other people’s content when it is from a trustworthy source, and the article benefits your consumer. Include the link to their Facebook Page - when the article is from another business. Generate potential sharing opportunities by extending your network with industry leaders and Fans. Facebook Marketing often posts blog articles from other sources.
  24. 24. 11 Include a Blog Tab
  25. 25. Include a Blog Tab 1 Share your blog articles through a tab on Facebook. 2 Use an app, such as NetworkedBlogs to simplify your tab developement. 3 Don’t syndicate your blog articles to your Page updates. Mari Smith has a Facebook tab for her blog.
  26. 26. 12 Use Facebook Ads
  27. 27. Use Facebook Ads 1 2 3 Use targeted Facebook ads to drive traffic to your blog. Facebook ads enable you to reach extremely specific, interested markets. TD Bank uses targeted ads to drive traffic back to their blog site. If you’re confused with the intricacies of developing a great Facebook ad campaign, use a Facebook ad tool.
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