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Social Media Club of New Hampshire (SMCNH) presentation on using Pinterest for Business. Presented by Melanie Burger (@melsieburger)

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  1. 1. All You Need ToKnow About PinterestMelanie Burger
  2. 2. What is Pinterest? 3rd most popular social networking site as of February 2012 Users “pin” images which create links back to original content
  3. 3. Who’s Using It?
  4. 4. Who’s REALLY Using It? 1.36 million users per day 68% female / 32% male Avg. income > $100K 50% of users are age 25-44 50% have kids George Takei
  5. 5. Why Does Pinterest Matter? Traffic  Pinterest provides more website referrals than LinkedIn, Google+, and YouTube combined.  In Oct 2011, Time Inc.’s Real Simple magazine got more traffic from Pinterest than Facebook (source) Leads  Pinterest lead to customer conversion rate is 15% (inbound marketing average is between 1-3%) Social Sharing  Integrated with Facebook and Twitter
  6. 6. Creating Your Account Request an Invitation from Pinterest Ask a friend to send you one Ask me:
  7. 7. Linking Your Social Networks Facebook links to your personal profile only – Pinterest doesn’t link to business pages yet Twitter can be linked to your business account and is the method you should choose
  8. 8. Your Pinterest Profile Once your account is activated, optimize your Pinterest profile under the settings tab. Choose your company name as your username and complete your profile information, including a company description, logo, and a link to your website. Set the Hide button to Off so search engines can find you.
  9. 9. Build Your Following Establish several boards with pins before you start promoting yourself Become the best resource on a specific topic  Create resourceful boards filled with keywords that best fit your brand Promote your boards through all of your channels Engage with other users  Repinning, liking, and commenting on others’ pins is a great way to get yourself noticed
  10. 10. Board Management
  11. 11. Following People You can follow users or individual boards
  12. 12. What Do I Pin? Feature visual content  Content you already have  Pictures from gatherings or team building events to show company culture  Employee headshots to personalize your brand  Images from your blog  You should already be using images in your blog, so use them to pin your blog posts  Infographics& data charts  These are perfect for sharing on Pinterest: if you have data you can turn into a visual, go for it
  13. 13. More on Pinning Create a “Just for Fun” board for random things that strike your fancy. Not all boards need to be on-topic. Pin using different methods  Repin other users’ pins  Pin directly from your website  Upload images
  14. 14. Contests on Pinterest Brands can create contests to encourage users to pin their content. The Lands’ End Pin it to Win it contest below is an example of how this works:
  15. 15. Make It Easy Add the Pin It button to your web site to make sharing easy
  16. 16. 3rd Party Services Pinstagram  add locations, music, quotes, calendar dates, Twitter profile links, sticky notes and websites to Pinterest PinReach  Measures Pinterest influence and analytics Share as Image  Allows you to highlight text and convert it to an image
  17. 17. Thank you! Questions?
  18. 18. Melanie Burger Keep in touch!     @melsieburger