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Hands-on training at Sterling Library, Sterling, IL

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  •'t #1:SuggestthatPinterestsponsorsorendorsesyourbrandorthecontest.This is pretty self explanatory; Facebook requiresthesamething. Make sure youneversuggest in yourcontestcopyorcontestrulesthatPinterestendorsesorsponsorsthecontest.Don't #2:Requirepeopletopinfrom a selection—letthempintheirownstuff.Thisnewrule is a bigonebecausealmostall of thePinTo Win contestsrequiredpeopletopin a specificimage, piece of content, orchoosefrom a selection of things in ordertoenterthecontest. Under thenewguidelines, you can nolongerrequirepeopletopinspecificcontentforyourcontest.Don't #3:Makepeoplepinorrepinyourcontestrules. This is a biggie.Thismakes sense: Pinterestdoesn'twantitsusers' pinboardsfloodedwithcontestrulesfromallthedifferentconteststheyareentering. Re-pinningcontestrulesbringsnothingcreativeorinterestingtoPinterestand it can technically be seen as spam.Don't #4:Run a sweepstakeswhereeachpin, repin, board, like, orfollowrepresents an entry.This is anotherbig hit tothemanybrandsandbloggersthatrunPinTo Win contests. You can nolongerusetheseactions as a method of entryor as a form of awardingentriestocontestsbeingrundirectly on Pinterest.Don't #5:Encouragespammybehavior, such as askingparticipantstocomment. Again, thisgoesbacktoPinterestwantingtokeeptheir service clean of spam. Theywanttosteerclear of anythingthatdoesn'tbringcreativityandvaluetothePinterestcommunity.Don't #6:Ask pinnerstovotewithpins, repins, boards, orlikes. Thisrestrictionbasicallyeliminatesanyothertype of contestthatyou can run on Pinterest, since you can nolongerusePinterest as a voting platform wherethemostpins, repins, likesorcommentswins.Don't #7:Overdo it: contests can getoldfast.Thisneedsnoexplanation: don'tusePinterestsolelytoruncontests. Run fewercontestsandgiveawaysthatfocus on a highervalueproposition (withmoremeaningfulandsignificantprizes).Don't #8:Require a minimum number of pins. One is plenty.You can nolongerrequirepeopletopin a minimum number of items in ordertoenter. Again, Pinterestwantspeopletopinbased on inspirationandcreativityand not haveuserspinningmultiplepieces of contentjustbecause a contestrequires it.Do #1:RememberthatPinterestisallaboutpeoplediscoveringthingsthatinspirethem. Rewardqualitypinningoverquantity.Thisgoeshand in hand with many of the dont'smentionedabove. Pinterestisallaboutsticking to theirroots and they want people to rememberthat. Theydon't want it to become a hub for spam, sothey want people to staycreative, especiallywhenitcomes to choosingyourwinners.Do #2:Makeiteasy to getinvolved with clear and simpleinstructions.I'mgladtheymentionedthis one. Too manypeoplearestumped as to whytheircontestsfail (a post coming on thatlater), and the mainreasonisbecausetheycreatesuch a high barrier of entry.People want a quickway in and a quickway out, theydon't want to jumpthroughhoops in order to enteryourcontest. Follow the KISS methodwhenrunning a contest and youwillseeanincrease in participation.Do #3:Read Pinterest'santi-spam measures to keepyourcontestfun and useful.As Pinterestgrows, the population of spammerswithinPinterestgrows as well. Be sure to check out their blog post on fighting spam.Do #4:Check out theirbrandingguidelinesifyou'regoing to referencePinterest in anyway.The Pinterest branding guidelines are very specific, so if you plan to use the Pinterest logo or badge in any way, be sure to use them properly.ChoosingWinnersWith Pinterest'snewguidelines, youcan no longerchoosewinners of yourcontestatrandom. Pinterestwants to keepeverythingfocused on creativity, soyouwillhave to comeup with judgingguidelineswhencreating the rules for the contest. Remember, youcan'thaveothersvote on a winnereither by usingpins, repins, boards, orlikes.ContestRulesNowthatyoucan no longer run a Pin To Win contestwhereyouchoose a winneratrandom, yourcontestruleswillhave to be extremelyclear on the judgingmethods and criteria of how a winnerwill be chosen.Goals with a Pin To Win contestAs we consistentlysay, youneed to have a set of predetermined goalsin mind before running your contest. If you want to run a Pin To Win contest on Pinterest, your goal is probably going to be getting more followers and pins to grow your reach on Pinterest.Though, with the newguidelinesthiswill be tougher and itwillrequire a lot morecreativity on your part—whichisn'talways a badthing.Allroadslead to yourwebsiteUltimately, allroads in social media shouldleadback to yourwebsite. Thereis a current trend aroundgrowing a following on all the social networks in order to growyour business, but youdon'thavefullownership of yoursocial media profiles. However, itisgreat to leveragethese networks in buildingyourownaudience on yourwebsiteor mailing list.Thisiswhat we preachatViralSweep. Contestsshould be hosted on yourwebsite, and youshould be utilizingsocial networks likeFacebook, Twitter, and Pinterest to drivetraffic to yourwebsite in order to growyouraudience.A simpleway to start is by utilizing the available Pinterest buttons on your website and in your contests to grow your following.
  • Pinterest for Business

    1. 1.
    2. 2. Who Is Rebecca? Local Google+ Ambassador Social Media Speaker, Trainer & Consultant Teach social media courses for Kishwaukee College Continuing Education Web Design & Development eCommerce Project Manager Google+ eBook (www.RebeccaWardlow) Proud mom of 5 kids
    3. 3. Today’s Agenda What Is Pinterest Pinterest Statistics Why Use Pinterest for Business Pinterest Lingo Branding Your Business on Pinterest What To Pin When To Pin How To Pin Pinterest Tips & Tricks Pinterest Tools
    4. 4. What Is Pinterest A social network Allows users to visually share, curate, and discover new interests by posting, also known as ‘pinning,’ images or videos to their own or others’ pinboards (i.e. a collection of ‘pins,’ usually with a common theme). Users can either upload images from their computer or pin things they find on the web using the pinterest bookmarklet, pin it button, or just a url.
    5. 5. Why Use Pinterest for Business Over 12M monthly US unique visitors! Average time spent is 72 minutes! Drives more traffic than YouTube, LinkedIn & Google+ COMBINED! More exposure for your business!! 10M connected Facebook users
    6. 6. Why Use Pinterest for Business It’s EXTREMELY viral in nature! Over 80% of pins are repins! It’s is entirely visual so people can consume info quickly and share it even more quickly. 47% of U.S. online consumers have made a purchase based on recommendations from Pinterest.
    7. 7. Pinterest Lingo Pin: An image posted to Pinterest Pinning: The act of visually sharing content Pin Board: A set of theme-based pins. Repin: Reposting somebody else’s pin Pin It Button: Button that can be place on websites Pinner: The person who does the sharing
    8. 8. Categories Left of Search Bar
    9. 9. Red Pin It Button
    10. 10. Website Button & Related Pins
    11. 11. Settings Page
    12. 12. Convert Your Personal Account Step 1: Go to, a nd click the red ‘convert your existing account’ button. Step 2: Input Basic Information Step 3: Profile Info Step 4: Agree
    13. 13. Branding Your Business on Pinterest Set-up A New Business Account
    14. 14. Create Business Account
    15. 15. Next Steps Follow 5 Boards then…
    16. 16. Verify your Business Account
    17. 17. Current Web Analytics Will Show:
    18. 18. Pinterest Boards
    19. 19. Pin Image Size
    20. 20. What To Pin Visual Content You Already Have Strong Visuals from Blog Articles Infographics and Data Charts eBook and Book Covers Photos of Your Customers Create a Video Gallery Feature Off-line Events Showcase Your Business’ Personality
    21. 21. When To Pin Infographic source:
    22. 22. How To Pin builder/#do_pin_it_button NEW! Rich Pins Pin It Button Follow Button Pin Widget Profile Widget Board Widget Add Links in the description of your pins Use Hashtags
    23. 23. Other Ways to Use Pinterest
    24. 24. Contests on Pinterest pinterest/
    25. 25. Examples of Brands doing it Right Chobani Kitchen Oreck Mashable Etsy Drake University General Electric Peapod
    26. 26. Pinterest Tools PinAlerts: PinReach: Pin Search (Google Chrome App) Pinerly: Pinfluence: PinWords: PinBooster: PinPuff: Shopinterest: Pinalytics:
    27. 27. Survey Your feedback is valuable! Please help us improve our presentations and offerings. We appreciate you taking the time to take this brief survey.
    28. 28. Questions & Answers CONNECT WITH REBECCA on other social media platforms... • Website • Google+ dlow7 • Twitter dlow7 • Facebook etSocialSolutions • Pinterest m/SocialSolutions