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Facebook For Non-Profits


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We recently gave a presentation chock full of Facebook tips for non-profits in the Bouder area.

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Facebook For Non-Profits

  1. BOULDER COUNTY NONPROFITSOCIAL MEDIA USER GROUPJanuary, 19th, 2012Brandon Whalen:Twitter: @BrandonSingsEmail:
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  5. Anatomy of a FB Page | Facebook
  7. Facebook TabsFacebook custom tabs are agreat way to tell the story behindyour organization, addfunctionality to your page, and anopportunity to encourage newvisitors to become fans. | Facebook Landing Pages
  8. Best Practices•  Provide a strong incentive to like your page (free downloads, exclusive content)•  Like-Gating: A practice of restricting access to content and other page functions if a visitor is not a fan of the page | Facebook Landing Pages
  9. Things to Remember 1.Remember to change the back endsettings of your Facebook page to non-fans to your landingpage. 3.Note: You can only set a Facebooktab as a landing page for non-fans.Drive traffic to your current tabs:Link back to your tab withinFacebook status updates. This isthe best way to get current fans tovisit one of your tabs. | Facebook Landing Pages
  10. Landing Page ToolsThere are several free andaffordable tools which will help youbuild a simple custom Facebooklanding pages.Drag and Drop Builders:LujureCustomizerPre-Built Tabs:InvolverWildfire | Facebook Landing Pages
  11. iEmpathizeRoom 214 created a customFacebook tab for local nonprofit,iEmpathize.Key Elements:•  Non-fan like banner•  Ways to share with friends•  Video and interactive sections | Facebook Landing Pages
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  14. Life of a Status UpdateFacebook’s edge rank algorithmdetermines which fans and non-fans see stories from your page.What does it mean?You need engagement! The morecomments, likes, and posts fromyour fans, the more people will seeyour updates. | Engage Your Fans
  15. Status Update Stats   Posts 80 characters or less in length haveStatus updates and page posts arethe number one way people interact 27% higher engagement rates.with brands and organizations onFacebook.   Posts which end with a simple question receive 15% higher engagement.   Pages that post outside of business hours have 20% higher engagement.   “Soft sell” words are more effective than hard sell words (ex. “win” vs. “promotion”).. | Engage Your Fans | Source:
  16. Status Update Tips   Post Often: Pages that post 2-3 times daily have more fans and interactions than pages who post onlyThere are a few general guidelines a few times can follow as you write yourpage updates, which can help you   Don’t Over-Post: Time your updates to be at leastkeep your fans engaged. 3-4 hours apart so as not to overwhelm your fans.   Be Timely: Updates that refer to holidays and current events are more likely to gain interactions.   Ask Questions: Ask your fans questions to get them talking.   Give Fans a Call to Action: Give your fans specific directions on how to respond to your post (example: “Do you enjoy cake? If yes, click like!”).   Go Beyond Text: There are several of ways to enagage your fans. Post photos, albums, links, videos and event invites. | Engage Your Fans
  17. Respond to EverythingWhen someone posts on yourpage, they want to know there is ahuman on the other end of theconversation. Respond to everycomment and question and yourfans will be more likely to enagage.Comment Tagging:•  Within a comment stream, type “@” and a commenter’s name. It will allow you to tag specific fans in your response. It also notifies the commenter that you have tagged them in a comment | Engage Your Fans
  18. ContestsRun a simple trivia or photo contestto get your fans excited about yourpage.Beware:Facebook doesn’t like to see pagesgiving away prizes in order to havepeople click like, or comment. | Engage Your Fans
  19. Management ToolsCommunity management tools canmake the life of a communitymanager much easier. You canschedule posts for times when youare out of the office, managemultiple accounts from the sameinterface, and set up monitoringsearches.These are our favorites:•  Hootsuite•  Tweetdeck | Engage Your Fans
  21. OfflineIf you are ready to dive in withsocial media, you should be readyto integrate it into all of your efforts.Promote Everywhere:•  On-location promotions (show us your like receive a free gift)•  Signage at events and locations•  Social links on business cards-  Use Facebook places and events checkins | Grow Your Community
  22. OnlineIf you are ready to dive in withsocial media, you should be readyto integrate it into all of your efforts.Every Brand Touchpoint:•  Website Home Page•  Contact Forms•  Thank You Pages•  Blog•  Other social pages•  Newsletters•  Email signatures•  Event Invitations | Grow Your Community
  23. Within FacebookFacebook allows you to login asyour page, and interact with otherpopular Facebook pages.Be active:•  Tag other pages in status updates•  Like similar pages•  Comment on other pages | Grow Your Community
  24. PaidFacebook advertising can be an affordable and easy way to grow your page. You can target a specificaudience who is local, and interested in your organization.Interested in Facebook ads?Check out this best practices guide. | Grow Your Community
  26. Step 1: GoalsWhen it comes to measuring socialmedia efforts, always start with youroverall goal.Sample Goals:•  Increase awareness•  Increase donations•  Grow email subscribers | Analysis & Measurement
  27. Sample Measurement System:Step 2: Benchmarks 1.  My goal is to increaseNumbers and charts are useless awareness of my organization.without some sort of measuringstick. Define a system that worksfor you. 2.  Within a set of 10 competitive Facebook pages, I have a 17% share of voice. 3.  Facebook share of voice will be my KPI, measured in page likes. 4.  I will track & report on my Facebook share of voice monthly. | Analysis & Measurement
  28. Step 3: Define Metrics   Goal: Increase salesOnce you know your overall goal,and you have an acceptable   Benchmark: 20 online sales per monthbenchmark for measuring your   Metric: Clicks to site from social media,progress, it’s time to find themetrics that will define your visits to sales form from social mediasuccess. | Analysis & Measurement
  29. Step 4: Strategize!Now that you know your topperformance indicating metrics,plan and strategize some socialmedia tactics which will helpimprove your KPIs. | Analysis & Measurement
  30. Measurement Tools   Facebook Insights: Track page enagagement,There are a plethora of tools which fan growth, and people talking about your pagecan help you track your socialmedia progress.   Google Analytics: Amazing set of free web analytics tools which will track reffering sites like Facebook and Twitter.There is an amazing WIKI page ofmeasurement tools here.  Shortens your URLs and tracks clicks on links posted to your social communities   Radian 6: Measures online mentions, identifies influencers, pos/neg sentiement, and much more.   Crimson Hexagon: Define specific types of online conversation and track changes over time. | Analysis & Measurement