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Chris O'Brien - Intro to Power BI for Office 365 devs (March 2017)


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A high-level view of Power BI as it relates to Office 365, SharePoint and developers. Potentially useful to help consider Power BI against custom development options.

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Chris O'Brien - Intro to Power BI for Office 365 devs (March 2017)

  1. 1. A quick guide to getting started with Power BI…. …from someone else who isn’t an expert either 
  2. 2. You want easy visualisations (charts, maps etc.) You want easy sorting/filtering You have drilldown or parent/child scenarios You want to support mobile Your client has E5 or Power BI Pro licenses Your data is in SQL, SP lists, or a file (e.g. Excel, XML etc.) Easier than with D3 for example..
  3. 3. Make sure you get the right bits Power BI *Desktop* Consider licensing, even for your “dev environment” E5 Power BI Pro
  4. 4. Easy options Bit more involved
  5. 5. 1. Generally “brought into model” 2. Direct Query
  6. 6. Tables and columns now detected Can use “Edit Queries” button to bring in extra columns/change detected relationships etc.
  7. 7. 1. Use “New Visual” button to add a shape 2. Select the type 3. Bind it to data
  8. 8. “Jobs by zone” - -
  9. 9. Drag fields to the “Filters” section of the control to make it act as a filter
  10. 10. Use the Edit Interactions button to control which other visualizations should react “Filter” or “do nothing” buttons will appear on other filterable visualizations:
  11. 11. Use filter visualizations with Table visualization Select item in chart –> filters items in table
  12. 12. The Slicer is a special kind of visualization – it acts as a filter depending on data type:
  13. 13. Cannot select item in (the standard) table Slicers can be inflexible CUSTOM VISUALS TO THE RESCUE!
  14. 14. Investigate to see if they meet your requirements Original Microsoft control Custom controls Table Grid (by MAQ Software) Slicer Chiclet slicer Attribute slicer Timeline slicer Obtain from
  15. 15. Typically will publish to an Office 365 Group ..or use “My Workspace” when in dev/testing..
  16. 16. SPFX web part
  17. 17. Publish to web
  18. 18. Pull tiles/dashboards/reports into custom app JS “embed report” option (but now also have SPFx web part) Develop custom visuals