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Timelines of the Open Access Movement

ลำดับเหตุการณ์ Open Access

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Timelines of the Open Access Movement

  1. 1. ก F F F ก F F ʽ (Timelines of the Open Access Movement) F Open Access Resources / Literatures : Open Access Literatures F ก ก ก F (Alailability) F F F F F F / F F ก ก F F F F ก ก F ( Peer Reviewed ) ก F ก F ก กF Open Access ก F F F ก F ก F ก ก F ก F ก F ก F ก F ก F ก ก F ก ˈ ก กF F ก (OA) ก F / ก ˈ F กก F F กF ʾ 1990 ʾ 1966 US. Dept of Education ʽ ก F ERIC ʾ 1966 US. Nat. Library Medicine (NLM) ʽ ก F Medline ก 1997 ʾ 1969 US. Dept of Defense ʽ ก F ARPANET (Advanced Research Project Agency Network) ʾ 1983 F NCP Protocol ˈ TCP / IP Protocol ˈ F F F ˆ ʾ 1970 US. National Agriculture Library ʽ ก F AGRICOLA AGRICultural Online Access ʾ 1985 Ronald Reagan F ก F National Policy On the Transfer of Scientific Technical And Engineering Information ʾ 1987 ก Perseus ʽ ก F CD-ROM ʾ 1987 New Horizons in Adult Education F ก Syracuse ˈ F ก F ก F ก
  2. 2. ʾ 1989 Psychology F ʾ 1990 2000 Oct. 1990 Tim Berners Lee ก Web Client and Server ˈ ก F F World Wide Web : Proposal for a Hypertext Project 13 ก 1990 F ก ก ʾ 1991 ʽ ก Gopher May 1991 www ก ก CERN Tim Berner-Lee Aug. 1991 ʽ ก arXiv. ʾ 1992 National Center for Biotechnology Information ʽ ก Entrez GenBank ʾ 1992 Fก CERN ʽ ก Preprint Server ʾ 1994 US. National Science Foundation (NSF) ก Digital Library Initiative. ʾ 1994 F Stanford ʽ F ก High Wire Press ʾ 1994 ก Human Genome Project ʽ ก ˈ Open-Access Web Site ʾ 1994 ก F National Academies Press F ก F F ก ʾ 1994 F ก Self-Archiving ˈ ก July ʾ 1995 D-Lib Magazine ʽ F ก Sept. ʾ1995 ʽ ก Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy ʾ 1996 ʽ ก F F Network Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations. (NDLTD) ʾ 1996 F F The Nordic Journal of Philosophical Logic ʽ ก ʾ1997 F German Research Society ʽ ก ก F F ʾ 1997 ก F ʽ ก SciELO (Scientific Electronic Library Online) ʾ 1997 F PubMed ʽ F ก F F ʾ1998 African Journal Online (AJOL) ʽ F ก ก Fก INASP
  3. 3. ʾ1998 F CiteSeer ʽ F ก NEC Research Institute ʾ 1999 BioMed Central ก ก F ก F ʾ1999 UNESCO-ICSU ก World Conference on Science Declaration on Science and the use of Scientific Knowledge ʾ2000 Fก UN : Economic & Social Council ก Universal Access to Knowledge and Information F ʾ 2001 ˆ Jan ʾ 2001 15 ก 2001 ก Wikipedia Jimmy Wales Sept ʾ 2001 Fก Australian National University ʽ ก E-Print Repository ˈ OAI-IR ก Feb. ʾ 2002 ก ก Budapest Open Access Initiative (BOAI) ʾ 2002 F Michigan ʽ ก OAIster ʾ 2002 F ก ACRL ʽ ก Scholarly Communication Initiative Oct. ʾ2002 F F ʽ ก DARE Nov. ʾ2002 MIT ʽ F OAI ก DSpace Open-Source E-prints Archiving ก ก ʾ 2003 ก decided that legislation retroactively extending the term of copyright or pirating from the public domain is constitutional. April ʾ 2003 Royal Society released Report Keeping Science Open Advocating Intellectual Property law reforms (in copyright patent, database rights) to widen access to scientific publications and remove obstacles to the process of scientific inquiry. May ʾ2003 ก FEDORA (Flexible Extensible Digital Object and Repository Architecture) Version 1 Virginia &Cornell May ʾ 2003 Lund ʽ ก DOAJ (Directory of Open Access Journal) Oct. ʾ 2003 The Wellcome Trust ก ก OA SOAN Oct. ʾ 2003 PubMed Central ˈ OAI-compliant Oct. ʾ2003 ก The Berlin Declaration on Open Access to Knowledge in the Science and Humanities.
  4. 4. Jan. ʾ 2004 Fก OECD ก Declaration on Access to Research Data From Public Funding Feb. ʾ 2004 IFLA ก IFLA Statement on Open Access to Scholarly Literature and Research Document. April ʾ 2004 Google and CrossRef ʽ ก F CrossRef Search. June ʾ 2004 ก F Elsevier ก F F F F F F ก F F F / ก F (Institutional Repository,IR) F June ʾ 2004 DOAJ F ก F ก F July ʾ 2004 ก F Springer ʽ ก Open Choice Hybrid Journal Program Oct. ʾ2004 Google ʽ Google Print F ˈ ก eventually differentiated 2 ก Google Publisher ก ก ก ก ก F Google Library ก ก F ก ก F F F ˈ F ก ก ก F Nov. ʾ 2004 Google ʽ ก Google Scholar Dec. ʾ2004 US NOAA (National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration) ก OA Dec. ʾ2004 Google ก ก ก (Digitize) ก F F Public Domain / Copyrighted ก F F 5 F ʾ 2005 Jan. 2005 F Creative Commons ก F ˈ ก ก ก OA Science Commons Feb. 2005 ก F Blackwell Publishing ʽ ก Online Open Hybrid Journal June 2005 F ก OA June 2005 F Research Council, UK. F OA ก ˈ F F ก F ʽ OA July 2005 ก F Oxford University Press ʽ ก Oxford Open Hybrid Journal
  5. 5. Sept. 2005 CODATA ก ก ก Global Information Commons for Science Dec. 2005 ก ก ก ก American Center for CURES Act of 2005. ʾ 2006 Jan. 2006 ก Indian Science Congress ก Optimal National Open Access Policy Jan. 2003 Nottingham University (UK.) F ก Lund University (Sweden) ʽ ก Open DOAR (Directory of Open Access Repositories) F ˈ ก Jan. 2006 MIT F Copyright Amendment Form F F F F ก F OA Jan. 2006 German Research Foundation, GFG ก F F F F F F OA Feb. 2006 F Informatics ʽ ก Open-J-Gate Mar. 2006 South Africa, Academy of Science ʽ ก OA Green / Gold OA April 2006 Microsoft ʽ ก Live Academic Search May 2006 ก F F F Self-Archiving ก F F 6 F May 2006 ʽ ก National Open Access Initiative ˂ F ก F ก F May 2006 ʽ F The Finnish Council of University Rectors ก ก OA F ก May 2006 National Institute of Technology ก OA May 2006 ก F Elsevier ʽ ก Hybrid Journal Model May 2006 The Wall Street Journal F F ก F F F OA F F F June 2006 Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS) ก OA ก F F OA HAL (The Central French Open Access Repository)
  6. 6. Aug. 2006 BMJ ʽ ก ก BMJ Unlocked Hybrid Journal Aug. 2006 ก F John Wiley & Sons ʽ ก Funded Access Hybrid Journal Aug. 2006 ก F Cambridge University Press ʽ ก OA Hybrid Journal Aug. 2006 American Chemical Society ʽ ก OA. Hybrid Journal Aug. 2006 American Physical Society ʽ ก OA. Hybrid Journal Sep. 2006 4 ʽ ก Information Platform Open Access Sep. 2006 US. The Institute of Physics ʽ ก F ʽ ก F 73 OA Sep. 2006 The European Commission 9 ʽ ก DRIVER (Digital Repository Infrastructure Vision for European Research) F ˈ ก F OA Repositories Sep. 2006 Digital Universe ʽ ก OA Encyclopedia of Earth. Oct. 2006 ก ก ก OA Oct. 2006 ก ก ก OA Nov. 2006 ʽ ก ก OA Repository Open Archives Nov. 2006 ก ก ก Declaration on OA Dec. 2006 Google ก ก ก กF Dec. 2006 IFLA UNESO ก F Internet Manifesto Guideline F F OA Dec. 2006 Dep. Of Education, Science + Training 25.5 F F OA Repository ˈ F Research Quality Framework (RQF) ʾ 2007 Jan. 2007 US. ERIC ก ก OA ก ก ʽ 40 F F F ˈ Jan. 2007 US. Dept. of Energy (DOE) F ก British Library (BL) ก ก F OA Portal F F World Science
  7. 7. Feb. 2007 Fก CERN ก F ก 1,800 Fก F ATLAS Experiment F OA. Apr.2007 Middle east Technical University ก ก OA mandate May 2007 F F ก F OA 2 ก Norwegian Open Research Archive (NORA) Norwegian Digital Library F ˈ Fก F ก May 2007 ก ˈ ก OA ก F June 2007 F F ˈ F June 2007 Nature ʽ F ก F3 F ก 1 Nature Reports Climate Change / Nature Reports Stem Cells Nature Precedings F กก / CC licenses, DOIs, RSS feed Web 2.0 F F F ˂ tags F ratings discussions June 2007 US. Department of Energy (DOE) ʽ ก ( ก Science.World ) Aug 2007 German Research Society (DFG) ก F F OA Journal Sept.2007 ก F Elsevier ʽ ก F OncologySTAT F ก 101 Oncology Oct 2007 WorldSciNet ʽ ก OA F 133 F ก 8 ก ก F Imperial College Press Nov.2007 F F F F ก ʽ ก Kiwi Research Information Service (KRIS) ก F ก Institutional Repositories Nov 2007 National Agency for Research (ANR) OA mandate ก F ก ก ANR ก ก F PeterSuber TimelineoftheOpenAccessMovement available at January 2008