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451 Research Apperian Webinar


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We’re calling it: 2013 is the Year of the Enterprise Mobile App!

Are you prepared to transform your business with increased mobile productivity? Mobile management solutions are proliferating: MDM, MAM, MBAAS, Virtualization, Containers, NAC, SDN. Which makes the most sense for your business and when?

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451 Research Apperian Webinar

  1. 1. Are You Ready?2013 Is the Year of theEnterprise Mobile AppChris HazeltonResearch Director, Mobile & Wireless451 ResearchStephen SkidmoreDirector of Product MarketingApperian
  2. 2. Welcome  Chris!   Chris Hazelton Mobility Analyst Mobility  &  Wireless  Research  Prac6ce  
  3. 3. Company  Overview   §  One  company  with  3  opera6ng   §  200+  staff   divisions   §  1,300+  client  organiza6ons:   §  Syndicated  research,  advisory,   enterprises,  vendors,  service   professional  services,  datacenter   providers,  and  investment  firms   cer6fica6on,  and  events   §  Organic  and  growth  through   §  Global  focus   acquisi6on  
  4. 4. Bonus  for  AOending  Today’s  Webinar!   •  Abstract  of  key  findings  in   the  “Mobile  Management   Disorder”  Report   •  30-­‐day  free  trial  of  451’s   Market  Insight  Service  
  5. 5. Mobile  Strategies   MAM MDM App e Devic nt Manageme nt me Manage Mobile Strategy MBaaS Container s Virtualization
  6. 6. Methods  for  managing  enterprise  mobility   Server/Backend   Network   Device   App  High   Mobile  VPNs   Applica6on   virtualiza6on   NAC   Level  of  Adop6on   MAM   MDM   PIM  container   MBaaS   App  container   Mobile  virtualiza6on   Low   Range  of  Control  
  7. 7. Poll  What  mobile  strategies  are  you  using  or  interested  in?     •  None  Yet   •  Mobile  Device  Management   •  Mobile  App  Management   •  Virtualiza6on   •  Containers    
  8. 8. MDM  and  BYOD  considera6ons     Privacy           Power  of  IT             Relevancy  to  core  business    
  9. 9. BYOD  considera6ons  for  apps  1.  Access  and  iden6ty  management  –  app  should  integrate  or   support  an  access  management  setup  2.  Apps  should  have  logging,  event  trigger,  and  error  repor6ng   mechanisms  built  into  the  app  3.  Data  storage  key  to  app  architecture-­‐  how  much  data  do   organiza6ons  want  stored  within  local  app  database      
  10. 10. Poll  Do  you  plan  to  support  BYOD?     •  No   •  Yes,  with  MDM   •  Yes,  with  MAM   •  Yes,  with  no  restric6ons    
  11. 11. Poll  Sanc6oned  BYOD  ac6vi6es?     •  Access  to  corporate  email   •  Access  to  web-­‐based  tools  &  apps   •  VPN  into  corporate  networks   •  Remote  access  to  company-­‐owned  PC   •  Use  of  company-­‐specific  Apps  
  12. 12. 451  Results  Source:  451  Research  ChangeWave  –  Q1  2013  Corporate  IT  Spend,  November  2012  n:  783  
  13. 13. Enterprise Mobility Growth Curve Innovation & ROI Phase 1 Phase II Phase III Phase IV “Device Management” “Build apps” “Deploy apps” “Secure & Manage apps” Devices Apps time© 2013 Apperian Inc. All rights reserved.
  14. 14. MDM?Source: 451 Research,Mobile ManagementDisorder, Dec 2012© 2013 Apperian Inc. All rights reserved.
  15. 15. and MAM?Source: 451 Research,Mobile ManagementDisorder, Dec 2012© 2013 Apperian Inc. All rights reserved.
  16. 16. Mobile  Management  Area  of  Applicability     Data  Classifica+on   Public   Private   Regulated   Classified                           Cri+cal         Fully  Tiered                 Essen+al           Comprehensive      Relevancy   Mobility       to  Core   Primary     Management         Business   Mobile  Virtualiza6on   Maturity           Targeted           Secondary   Container               None   MDM   Unsupported                               High   Medium   Low   Risk  Tolerance  for  Mobility  
  17. 17. MAM  Area  of  Applicability     Development   App  Store   Custom  External   Internally  Developed                           Highly   Cri+cal       Vola+le     ach             Future  Re       Essen+al             MAM  Area  of  Applicability    Relevancy           Data     To  Core       Primary   Fluid   Format   Business                       Secondary                         None   Sta+c                           Public   Private   Regulated   Classified   Data  Classifica+on  
  18. 18. Poll  In  this  map,  where  do  you  see  your  company  ?     B   E   C   D   A  
  19. 19. Next  Steps  •  Iden6fy  where  you  are  in  these  maps  •  If  just  bringing  in  devices,  begin  to  think  about  Apps  •  If  just  a  few  apps,  star6ng  thinking  about  how  you  will  deploy  •  If  more  mature,  have  IT  be  central  to  the  control  and  acquisi6on   process  of  your  app  strategy.    •  Of  course…   •  Read  the  abstract   •  Sign  up  for  your  30  day  free  trial!  
  20. 20. Poll  What  topics  would  you  like  to  see  next?     •  Scaling  a  mobile  solu6on  quickly     •  Developing  a  mobile  strategy   •  Reducing  BYOD  concerns  &  complexi6es   •  Protec6ng  Apps  and  Data   •  Driving  high  levels  of  adop6on  
  21. 21. Ques6ons?  Comments?