App Lifecycle Management for enterprise mobile apps


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App Lifecycle Management for enterprise mobile apps

  1. 1. Mobility in the EnterpriseApp Development Survey and Best Practices
  2. 2. The 451 Group Today One company with 3 operatingdivisions Syndicatedresearch, advisory, professionalservices, datacenter certification Global Events 230+ staff 1,300+ client organizations:enterprises, vendors, serviceproviders, and investment firms Organic and growth throughacquisition
  3. 3. Enterprise Mobility PracticeChris HazeltonResearch DirectorMobilityCoverage: Enterprise MobilityOur Focus : Pick early stage technologies and trends, and analyze their impact on theenterpriseTechnologies: Mobile hardware, MDM, MAM, Mobile web/native app development, Apptesting and performance management tools, Mobile Virtualization, SecureContainers, Mobile malware, Analytics in Mobile, Managed ServicesVendor Coverage: Around 200+ vendors, including both small and largeUpcoming Reports: Enterprise Mobile Management Guidance, Mobile App Lifecycle :Deployment and Management, Mobile Security, Rise of Mobility Managed ServicesVishal JainAnalystMobile Services
  4. 4. Expectation for more M&A spending in coming year40% of the 366 mobile app deals, recorded in the 451 M&A Knowledge-Basesince 2000, have been announced in the past two years aloneSource: 451 Research Tech Banking Outlook Survey, *sectors not included in previous surveys
  5. 5. Mobile and Cloud Services Top IT’s Priorities This Year"In your opinion, which of the following technologies will be the top priorities foryour organization during the next year?" (Select up to three)26%23%22%21%20%16%15%15%15%14%12%11%10%10%9%7%6%0% 5% 10% 15% 20% 25% 30%Service-oriented architecture (SOA) (n=2028)Enterprise social networks (n=2028)Self-service technologies for customer service (n=2028)Unified communications (n=2028)Mobile Web sites (n=2028)Wireless data cards for laptops (n=2028)Web conferencing (n=2028)Video conferencing (n=2028)Mobile-enabled enterprise applications (n=2028)M2Msolutions (n=1519)Server virtualization (n=2028)Desktop virtualization (n=2028)Remote access solutions (n=2028)Mobile-enabled productivity applications (n=2028)Mobile cloud services (n=1519)Mobile security (n=2028)Cloud-based services (n=2028)Source: 451 Research Yankee Group’s Enterprise Mobility: IT Decision-Maker survey 2012-3 (rolled year)Sample: Senior ITDMs & LOB Managers with decision-making responsibility over IT decisions / Base: Asked everybody
  6. 6. App development and deployment has a lifecycle• Picking industrial scale in the enterprise• Enable simple to complex apps• Not just integrate but also manage• Manage and nurture the development anddeployment environment• Control multiple variables• NO SIZE FITS ALL
  7. 7. Core Mobilized Enterprise ApplicationsSource: 451 Research Yankee Group’s Enterprise Mobility: IT Decision-Maker survey 2012-3 (rolled year)Sample: Senior ITDMs & LOB Managers with decision-making responsibility over IT decisions / Base: Asked everyone who has deployed that appSoftware as a ServiceManaged ServiceOn-Premise
  8. 8. Structured approach to app development
  9. 9. Mobile is unlike web: managing layers of complexity3/19/13 Prototype Process and Tools | DoveI then  wanted  to  share  the  mockups  with  the  customer.There’s  a  few  options  here:share  screenshots  of the  mockupsthey  could  run  Balsamiq  themselves  (if they  have  it)I could  use  Balsamiq  in  Presentation  mode  and  do  a  GoToMeeting  session  and  show  them  the  apWhat I wanted  to  do  was  to  allow  the  customer  to  click  through  themselves, on  their  time, and  experienNapkeeWhen  searching  around  for  options, I found  Napkee. Napkee  allows  you  to  export your  Balsamiq  mockand  it preserves  the  linked  navigation. So, I could  simply  use  Napkee  to  export the  mockups  to  HTML, tweb  server, and  give  the  customer  a  URL. They  could  now  navigate  and  experience  the  app  from  a  mostandpoint.  Awesome.3/19/13 Prototype Process and Tools | Dovetail 2/8I then  wanted  to  share  the  mockups with  the  customer.There’s a  few  options here:share  screenshots of the  mockupsthey could  run  Balsamiq  themselves (if they have  it)I could  use  Balsamiq  in  Presentation  mode  and  do  a  GoToMeeting  session  and  show  them the  app.What I wanted  to  do  was to  allow  the  customer to  click through  themselves, on  their time, and  experience  the  app.NapkeeWhen  searching  around  for options, I found  Napkee. Napkee  allows you  to  export your Balsamiq  mockups as HTML,and  it preserves the  linked  navigation. So, I could  simply use  Napkee  to  export the  mockups to  HTML, throw  them on  aweb  server, and  give  the  customer a  URL. They could  now  navigate  and  experience  the  app  from a  more  functionalstandpoint.  Awesome.Management HR HelpDesk HR  Metrics HR ServiceDelivery HR Shared Serviceshr technology HumanResources IT knowledgemanagement rulemanager saassoa social media Web 2.0 webinarmore  tagsHomogeneous HeterogeneousLimited context Form FactorsPlatformsSpecific featuresOptimize manytimesOptimize oncePush NotificationsData sync/handlingLocationImagesIntegrationImpact on business processes
  10. 10. Best of breed for mobilizing appsNative Hybrid Mobile Web• Establisheddistribution model• Established forsecurity, sandbox, permissions and trust• Allows highoptimization for thedevice form-factorSets thebarOptimumbalance• Uses the best of webdevelopment and nativepackaging• Not highly optimizedalthough suited for lesscomplex apps• Allows enterprises to reuseexisting developerresources andinfrastructure• Good for lessperformance-intensiveapps• Evolving security modelmatures and publishingecosystem• Browser evolutionneeds to run neck toneck with the evolutionof features onsmartphonesCoverage
  11. 11. Flexibility to decide based on app use-case and requirement(adaptive)HybridHybrid
  12. 12. Assembling or using a mobile-friendly infrastructureMobile-friendlyIntegrationHostSystems/BackendData StorePaaSMBaaSSaaSAuthentication/encryptionServicesFederate
  13. 13. The app development lifecycle maturity journey
  14. 14. Need to assess, adapt or replace tools, processes and standards• Software developmentmethodology• Estimation techniques• Frameworks for softwaredevelopment• Development tools andenvironment• Version Control• Design Patterns• Quality processes• Governance processes• Purchasing and buyingNon-linear developmentFrequent iterationsGreater Design and ContextCollaborative modelForDistributed assets and resources
  15. 15. While converging the tools across the entire lifecycle
  16. 16. Predicting development and/or ownership costsFixedFixedFixedFixedFixedYear 1 Year 2 Year 3VariableDevelopment+OwnershipCost*VariableVariableCustom app developmentISV appApp PlatformVariableVariableVariableFixedFixedFixedFixedVariable* Representative TCO
  17. 17. Moving towards process-driven development has advantages• Ability to scale• Management of apps• Security• Resources required to support• Company Policies• Oversight and visibility
  18. 18. Further details in our reportsMobile App Lifecycle: Design and DevelopmentUpcoming Reports –• Mobile App Lifecycle: Deployment and Management – April 2013• Mobile Managed Service Provider Report – June 2013
  19. 19. Thank YouQuestions? Comments?