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Thomas Gronbach, Tobias Dreyschultze

Veranstaltung: M-Days 2013
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The Enterprise Goes Mobile

  1. 1. The Enterprise Goes MobileThomas GronbachTobias DreyschultzeKeynoteFebruary 6th 2013
  2. 2. February 8, 2013 About Keynote • Founded May 1995 • Revenue: FY2012 – 124M / Q1FY2013 – 34M • Public, NASDAQ: “KEYN” since Sept, 1999 • 450+ employees • 4,000 customers Keynotes Leadership• On-demand infrastructure of over 7,000 measurement computers and mobile devices in more than 275 locations around the world.• DeviceAnywhere: #1 Mobile Testing Platform• Named by Forbes as ‘One of the Best 100 Companies in America’ with Under $1 Billion in Sales. © 2013 Keynote Systems 2
  3. 3. February 8, 2013Agenda Mobile is a TOP Priority for Enterprises Who are Enterprises? What does it Mean TOP Priority? What does it Mean for Mobile Development? Effect of TOP Priority on Mobile Development The (formerly Web) and now Mobile Developer Mobile Development Puzzle Enterprises adopting Mobile Testing© 2013 Keynote Systems 3
  4. 4. February 8, 2013Who chooses this as a TOP Priority? Who is an Enterprise?Some Mobile Enterprise Profiles Type of Company Consumer Applications Internal Applications Main website (HTML) Internal corporate website (HTML) Financial Institution Mobile-optimized website (HTML) Mobile-optimized corporate website Tablet-optimized website (HTML) (HTML) Commercial banking app Trading app (Native: BB) (Native: iOS, Android, BB) Expense app (HTML) Investment app (Native: iOS, Android, BB) Mobile payment app (Native: iOS, Android) Retailer Main website (HTML) POS app (Native: iOS) Mobile-optimized website (HTML) Time tracking (HTML) Mobile app (Hybrid – native with some Inventory tracking (HTML) web content: iOS, Android) © 2013 Keynote Systems
  5. 5. February 8, 2013What does it mean TOP Priority?Enterprises Investments Secure Mobile Apps Qualitatively Sound Mobile Apps Reliable Mobile Apps Available Mobile Apps Mitigate Mobile Risk© 2013 Keynote Systems 5
  6. 6. February 8, 2013What does it mean for mobile development?Get S, Q, R, A, M into your work Good quality development Test before production Test well before production Test a lot before production Test during production Test before development Don’t forget that testing gets S,Q,R,A,M into your work© 2013 Keynote Systems 6
  7. 7. February 8, 2013The Mobile DeveloperDevelopers are facilitator for Enterprise’s TOP Priority Thought leader Differentiated developer do things first Real world testing Real device testing Simple, easy access for everyone© 2013 Keynote Systems 7
  8. 8. February 8, 2013Mobile Development PuzzleTesting in a highly heterogeneous and diverse environment App type: native, web, hybrid OS variety QA Effort Portion of Development Timeline Device variety Differing display sizes Effort (Total Hours Spent) Differences in processing speed, memory Android customizations Device life cycle – 12 to 18 months vs. 2 – 3 years Connectivity Traditional Products Mobile Products Network latency Requirements/Design Development QA Connectivity fluctuation© 2013 Keynote Systems 8
  9. 9. February 8, 2013Keynote’s DeviceAnywhere Platform © 2013 Keynote Systems
  10. 10. February 8, 2013Market Leader in Devices SupportedDeviceAnywhere platform has over 1,000 devices* on all OS’ including…• Android• iOS• Windows Mobile• BlackBerryJust announced…• Support of iPhone 5• – available now!• Windows 8 – coming soon!• BlackBerry 10 – coming soon!*Number of devices available includes duplicate models.© 2013 Keynote Systems 10
  11. 11. February 8, 2013How it Works - Keynote’s DeviceAnywhere Mobile Testing Datacenter© 2013 Keynote Systems 11
  12. 12. February 8, 2013How it Works Live Mobile Device Rack mountable tabs Power Switch Status/Service Indicators Hardwiring Harness Device Standard I/O RF Antenna Data Cable Server Connection SIM Switcher (USB) Power SIM Card Slot Connection (USB) (USB)© 2013 Keynote Systems
  13. 13. February 8, 2013DeviceAnywhere FreeChanging the Mobile Testing landscape • Lets users spot check mobile websites on real, remote smartphones. • Eliminates the cost of device ownership, management, and data plans. • Introduces development and QA teams to capabilities of cloud-based testing solutions. • No cost. No commitment. © 2013 Keynote Systems 13
  14. 14. February 8, 2013Large US BankThree Years Experience in Mobile Testing Consumer Banking division’s QA team initially signed up for annual subscription on shared testing environment Later added other divisions and replaced cloud service with a licensed dedicated enterprise system Also added test automation for enterprise style testing of multiple test cases integrated with their QA tools Strategy powered by having a portfolio of testing products – delivering in both cloud and systems configurations.© 2013 Keynote Systems 14
  15. 15. February 8, 2013Humana: Improving the Quality of their Mobile Apps & Websites Humana Fortune-100 healthcare company with over 40,000 employees Healthcare operations in all 50 US states Goal Provides consumers and businesses with mobile access anywhere any channel across various healthcare operations HTML5-based web apps, mobile websites and native mobile apps Approach Technical drivers Support emerging mobile technologies 150 different test cases Licensed 50 different devices/OS Business driver Humana corporate initiative: expand mobile access to patient information Develop mobile process improvements to support upcoming mobile web and applications portfolio additions Device flexibility supporting changing market and project requirements Provide reliable and expedient access to consumers’ health information whenever needed © 2013 Keynote Systems 15
  16. 16. February 8, 2013TomTom: Monitoring their Solution • Keynote’s DeviceAnywhere TCE Monitoring platform provides remote access to TomTom devices, including its latest generation devices and the iPhone 4 • Connection to a live mobile network in France • Housed in a data center in Paris, Keynote created a customized environment, providing GPS connectivity supporting functionality and performance monitoring scenarios Benefit • TomTom’s operations receives real-time alerts about software, hardware and network issues that could affect the end-user experience. • Alerts are pre-defined and require no additional involvement from TomTom’s development team • Focus on developing the next-generation features and services © 2013 Keynote Systems 16
  17. 17. February 8, 2013Meet Keynote and get hands-on experience with DeviceAnywhere Keynote at M-Days Hands-on demo at booth IN15 Humana case study – request 3 pager for details Sign up for DeviceAnywhere FREE Free Mobile Testing Event in Munich, February 19th 2013 Hands-on Sessions Sign up today: Mobile World Congress, Feb 25-28, 2013, Barcelona Booth 6C71 © 2013 Keynote Systems 17
  18. 18. February 8, 2013Demo Thank You Thomas Gronbach© 2013 Keynote Systems
  19. 19. Appendix
  20. 20. Mobile is a TOP PriorityCIOs provided their feedback in a survey at Gartner’s 2012 CIO Leadership Forum, themedAmplify the Enterprise Mark P. McDonald, Ph.D, Group VP & Head of Research, Gartner Executive Programs – January 2012© 2013 Keynote Systems 20
  21. 21. Elements of a Test Strategy Testing Platform Real device testing platform Remote access to enable geographically diverse teams Flexible device deployment options Security and management Devices Rationalization Device Optimize coverage (or minimize risk) Control costs (time, equipment) Test Automation When and where to automate Efficient automation of web, hybrid, and native apps Flexible scripting options to enable QA engineers with different skillsets© 2013 Keynote Systems 21
  22. 22. Real Device Testing Platform: Remote Access to Real DevicesBenefits Enables management and storage of test assets and test results Collaboration environment for QAWhat device input and output capabilities are required? Keys; tapping and swiping touch screens Opening and closing devices, connecting/disconnecting the battery, accelerometer support, audio, backlight, camera Viewing the LCD with accurate pixel-by-pixel displays© 2013 Keynote Systems 22
  23. 23. Multiple Options for Accessing Real Devices Shared Devices Devices access to hundreds of smart devices 24X7 Use for compatibility testing, “untrusted device” testing Private Devices 24X7 access to your devices Enables geographically diverse team Inside corporate firewall or external Local Devices Plug your smart devices on hand directly into your local computer Make use of existing assets, great for local teams© 2013 Keynote SystemsKeynote Confidential 23
  24. 24. Approach to Rationalizing Test DevicesReduce required test devices by defining key criteria (e.g. OS version, screen resolution, CPU, etc.) that willimpact the performance of your application and optimize for popular devices that provide coverage acrossthese criteria Device Planner: a free tool by Keynote Prioritize key criteria Choose the target # of devices The Device Planner generates a device list based on device popularity, by finding devices Device Planner: that provide coverage across key criteria Key Criteria Example: The Samsung Galaxy SIII is chosen first as the most popular Android device. The Galaxy Nexus is another popular device, but as its OS is also Android 4.0, it moves to another device, e.g. the LG Spectrum on Android 2.3, to maximize coverage across OS versions. Device Planner: Optimized Device The Device Planner can be found at List © 2013 Keynote Systems
  25. 25. Test AutomationAs with software QA, test automation of mobile apps both savemoney and improve the effectiveness of your QA test process Save Money Automate smoke tests and regression tests to reduce cost of manual testing Find bugs earlier in the process when it is cheaper to fix them Execute more tests in less time, improving time to market and/or increasing test coverage Execute 2.5 – 3X faster than manual tests Schedule tests to run offline; utilize up to 24 hours of each day Improve Quality Find more bugs: increase test case coverage, reduce tester fatigue Offload testers from repetitive tasks, allowing them to focus on product quality (e.g. exploratory testing) Increase device coverage Address quality in an increasingly fragmented device market The more models you test against, the more efficiency you gain© 2013 Keynote Systems 25
  26. 26. February 8, 2013Mobile Application Testing Stages: Where to Automate? Smoke New Feature Regression Compatibility Exploratory Testing Testing Testing Testing Testing Deep testing of Functional testing Exploration of Goals Basic acceptance, Compatibility new areas of across all existing functionality from build acceptance across devices functionality areas of product customer viewpoint Test Cases Frequency Methodology Very high value Low value to High value to Medium value to Not automated to automate! automate automate automate # of Devices Optimal Test Automated Manual Testing Automated Manual or Manual Testing Strategy Testing Testing Automated Testing© 2013 Keynote Systems 26
  27. 27. Use Case: AutomationOne customer had a series of 100 test cases run across one Android and oneiOS device that were required to verify each new build. Two QA engineerswere effectively completing 40 test cases per day, or requiring 1 week ofelapsed time (10 man-days) Customer utilized DeviceAnywhere Test Center Enterprise Automation to automate all 200 test cases, which can now be scheduled to automatically run overnight when a new build is generated. As a result, the customer improved time to market by 1 week, while freeing up QA resources for other testing efforts.© 2013 Keynote Systems 27
  28. 28. DeviceAnywhere Platform – Enabling Testing of Mobile AppsTest hybrid and web applications, from a single platform, allowing you to: • Test on real devices, ensuring test accuracy • Enable all of your remote and local employees, with or without existing scripting skills • Save time by automating native, web, and hybrid application testing © 2013 Keynote Systems 28
  29. 29. THANK YOU!