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Pouring Cement on Mobile Devices


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A light and insightful look at mobile device security. When did it become acceptable to lock down or wipe a personal mobile device? In the age of user empowerment and BYOD, these practices are no longer being tolerated by the savvy employee.

So what are the implications of taking a device lockdown approach, and what are some of the alternatives? Well tell you how a company can secure its data but maintain the privacy and integrity of its employees.

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Pouring Cement on Mobile Devices

  1. 1. MDM.Cemented Security?
  2. 2. What do you see?
  3. 3. Web Browser Communication CommunityInternet in my GPSOpportunity hand ? Collaboration Camera HDTV Tricorder
  4. 4. Crisis?
  5. 5. Crisitunit Flexibility Security
  6. 6. Risks Are
  7. 7. How do wesecure these things?
  8. 8. Protect the castle 75% of employees work outside the “walls”
  9. 9. Ah Ha! What if...
  10. 10. Cement Security +Mobile Device Management
  11. 11. The MDM way Data App OS MDM DeviceNetworkLocation
  12. 12. The MDM way
  13. 13. The GoodDevice is did I mention the device is secure?
  14. 14. The not so good• Privacy concerns• Can’t mix personal & business Apps & data• Policies are draconian• Forced to use 2 devices• Inherited liability• One-size-fits-all security model• Complete device wipe upon threat detection
  15. 15. What if we used the MDM approach to
  16. 16. using old solutions to solve new (doesn’t always work)
  17. 17. A better way Data App OS MAM DeviceNetworkLocation
  18. 18. A better way
  19. 19. Every time a phone getsMDM’d, god kills a kitten