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Mobility Managment: Manage the growth of mobilization of the enterprise


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Presentation at Frost & Sullivan ConNEXTions 2013 Executive MindXchange
How can enterprises manage and expedite the growth of their mobility footprint.

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Mobility Managment: Manage the growth of mobilization of the enterprise

  1. 1. MOBILITY MANAGEMENT YOUR MOBIILITY JOURNEY Matured Growing Getting started@yugansikri Yogi(Yugan) Sikri, Worldwide Product Manager, Enterprise Mobility Platform (
  2. 2. Case Study: Mobilizing the enterpriseMobilizing the enterprise: Workday New Consumer Business models
  3. 3. Embracing mobility: The changing faceof enterprise technology Mobile Apps Growth Corporate devices Enterprise Applications on Personal devices  New business models Third Party Cloud(s)  Enterprises getting more efficient, collaborative.Impacted by: Enterprise Boundary BYOD: Control Private Cloud Hybrid Cloud API’s: Scale and manage Public and Hybrid Cloud for enterprise apps: Mobility Enterprise Data, API’s, Social data, Big data Data everywhere Big Big Data: Real-time Data Cloud access @yugansikri | Frost & Sullivan ConNEXTions 2013 Executive MindXchange
  4. 4. What is mobility mgmt  Mobility Management: In- Third Manage end to end house Party lifecycle of apps, data, devices, API’sConsumerMobility  Build apps fast and smart needs  Connect to enterprise data Mobility Management  Support Multiple device- (Built, tested, types deployed,  Secure the apps, data, supported, devices monitored)  As you growEmployee Mobility  Scale Needs  Social and Big Data interaction Data Apps API’s Device  Cloud integration @yugansikri | Frost & Sullivan ConNEXTions 2013 Executive MindXchange
  5. 5. Your mobility Journey What Exists Growth of mobility Apps Maturity of mobility Apps - Few Consumer apps: - Mainstream and new - New Mobile driven (eg ecommerce) models consumer apps Business models apps - Few Employee apps: - Key Employee - New Employee (eg Email, field svc) functions mobile ( CXO, collaboration apps - Few mobile web fns Sales, Marketing, Workday, etc )How is it built and managed - Limited apps - Per-app decisions: look Matured and feel, behavior - Adhoc management: common services, API’s, Growing management MOBILITY MANAGEMENT: Data, Apps, API’s, Devices - Limited data exchange - Build(Common SDK’s): Frameworks for AAA, multi-device optimization and tooling, Enterprise backend connectors, Getting Big-data integration, cloud, API integration - Test: Automated testing started - Deploy: Mobility gateway, API mgmt, Enterprise App Stores, Hybrid Cloud models -Support & Monitor: Centralized mgmt, reporting, monitoring diagnostics
  6. 6. Example of a mobility framework Enterprise Mobility FrameworkEnterprise Users Enterprise Backendand Consumers Apps Apps API and Data Services Management Development Management Native and HTML5 Apps Mobile Apps Enterprise Management Development Connectors Enterprise Data Sources External App Store Device Mobile management Management Middleware Enterprise Cloud, Hosting and Service Big-data Services Management Device Testing Composition API Mobile Security Management Third Party Cloud, Mobility Management: Common Services, SDK’s, Big-data Services reporting, diagnostics @yugansikri | Frost & Sullivan ConNEXTions 2013 Executive MindXchange
  7. 7. Summary: Mobility Management Think Data, Apps, API’s, Devices Think automation, integration, reuse for:  Build  Test  Deploy  Monitoring Build your journey: Design an open solution  Works today, extends and scales as you grow Developing  speed over features  usability over features  leverage Big data, cloud, search Managing  Control and manage access to API’s: backend, cloud, big-data (Consider API gateway)  Define and control security of data, apps, devices  Adopt Mobility management: MDM, API Gateway, App store, SDK’s, Diagnostics
  8. 8. Matured Growing Getting started MOBILITY MANAGEMENT@yugansikri Yogi(Yugan) Sikri, Worldwide Product Manager, Enterprise Mobility Platform
  9. 9. Your mobility Journey Enterprise App Store Enterprise Mobility Gateway MaturedMDM Growing API Management Getting Big Data Integration started @yugansikri | Frost & Sullivan ConNEXTions 2013 Executive MindXchange
  10. 10. My Top 10: Mobility Management Device  Track devices with Enterprise Apps  Role based policies for devices Data  Secure and optimize data in transit  Secure data on device  Freeze and restore data smoothly Apps  Manage a role based app catalog  Automate the discovery of apps API’s  Track and control the API’s exposed to service consumers  Centrally monitor, diagnose and notify the access to API’s Users  Personalized access to apps, data @yugansikri | Frost & Sullivan ConNEXTions 2013 Executive MindXchange