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5 Starting Apps for Your Business and How to Roll Them Out


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Published in: Technology, Business
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5 Starting Apps for Your Business and How to Roll Them Out

  1. 1. 5 Starting Apps for your Business and How to Roll Them Out Create, Deploy and Manage Enterprise Mobile Apps! Alan Murray! Emily Herman! Senior VP Products! Director of Software Products! Apperian, Inc.
 Big Nerd Ranch
The information and images contained in this document are of a proprietary and confidential nature. !The disclosure, duplication, use in whole, or use in part, of the document for any purposes other than !client evaluation without the written permission of Apperian, Inc. is strictly prohibited.!© Apperian, Inc. 2011. All Rights Reserved.! 1!
  2. 2. Today’s WebinarTwitter: #StarterAppsDirect Messages: “Chat Box” in Webinar SessionQ&A At the End of the Presentation Page! 2!
  3. 3. About Apperian Top tier investors Award winning product 2011 Product Finalist Company to Watch Experienced team Strong customer base Page! 27!
  5. 5. Poll QuestionHave you deployed an in-house app at yourenterprise?No - Not Yet 33%No - Planning to Soon 24%Yes - Have built and deployed app(s) 30%Yes - Starting to develop now 12%42% of you have already started! Page! 18!
  6. 6. What Enterprise B2E Apps are being built Today? Apperian, Inc. - Proprietary and Confidential Page! 19!
  7. 7. How are Apps being built? HTML Website “Holy Grail ??” HTML+Mobile CSS Kurogu Kinvey MobiFlex Antenna Stackmob/Heroku Webalo Pyxis Phonesai SAP Red Foundry PhoneGap AppCelerator Multi-Platform Support Mono RhoMobile Android SDK Feature Phones (AD 2005) Windows Mobile SDK Xcode (IOS) Functionality Page! 20!
  8. 8. Enterprise Challenges for Mobile Computing Users Why can’t you IT make business How do I apps like this? deploy and Dev manage Where do Apps? I start?  Consumerization of IT   Need a solution now!  Single personal/work device   Security is still #1  Increased mobility   Need App “starter kit”   Have to mobilize workforce   Minimal IT Apple or Android experience   Smartphone SDKs not built for enterprise Apperian, Inc. - Proprietary and Confidential Page! 21!
  9. 9. Public “Stores” vs Private “App Catalogs”iTunes App Store or Google Market   Consumer app focus   Apps and updates are “optional”   Personal iTunes or Gmail account basedPrivate “App Catalog” approach   Enterprise “in-house” app focus   Apps and updates “mandatory”   Corporate directory authenticated Page! 22! Page!
  10. 10. Apperian App Management Platform Enterprise App Services Environment (EASE)  Secure, private catalog Private, branded  Enterprise licensed “App Store”  Multi-device, multi-app install  Self-service or IT Push  Identity-based provisioning  Reporting/Analytics Enterprise Apperian, Inc. - Proprietary and Confidential Page! 23!
  11. 11. Apperian App Management Platform Apperian, Inc. - Proprietary and Confidential Page! 23!
  12. 12. Apperian App Management Platform Enterprise App Services Environment (EASE) Create Deploy Manage Developer Services IT Services Management Services  Build native mobile Apps   Configuration   Management dashboard  Enterprise SDK   App provisioning   Branded “App Catalog”  App Samples and decommissioning   Reporting analytics Templates   User management   Directory services   Help desk integration Apperian, Inc. - Proprietary and Confidential Page! 24!
  13. 13. 5 Starting Apps for your Business? Page! 3!
  14. 14. Big Nerd Ranch•  Founded 2001•  Immersive programmer training•  Programming books•  Consulting•  Software•  Locations in the US and Europe Page!
  15. 15. What are other organizations doing? Page!
  16. 16. App Development Plans Build it or Buy it Re-use it•  Identify requirement •  Identify requirement•  Develop complete app specs •  Identify pre-existing apps; spec customizations only•  Accept bids or build internally •  Use MAM to manage security for•  Build security into apps all apps at once•  Deploy and manage internally •  Use MAM to deploy and manage Page!
  17. 17. Why Re-use?•  Faster development process•  Get apps into your employees’ hands faster•  Tested code leads to shorter QA cycle•  Invest your resources in the mobile apps thatrequire true ground-up development Page!
  18. 18. Corporate Directory• Employee address book• Back-end can be customized to read contact data from a variety of web services• Full integration with iOS (email, twitter, messaging) Page!
  19. 19. Page!
  20. 20. Document Viewer• Back-end can be customized to load documents from avariety of web services• Take notes on the documents and email them• Favorites list or other “quick access” groups that canbe customized• Server side search and document thumbnails Page!
  21. 21. Page!
  22. 22. Sales Toolkit•  Demo any content (video, slides, photos)•  Pull content and formatting from server foroffline viewing and information collection•  Online sync transmits data to back-end(database, CRM, etc.)•  Other possibilities: •  Kiosk app for interactive product videos •  Step-through interactive sales process Page!
  23. 23. Sales Toolkit Page!
  24. 24. Compliance•  Sales toolkit repurposed for visual compliance•  Load ideal photo and compare in the field, eithervisually or verbally•  Information collected in the field transmitted viasync when connection is available Page!
  25. 25. Compliance Page!
  26. 26. Conference Room Scheduler •  Seeking two organizations to participate in development •  Requires EASE Platform •  Email Page!
  27. 27. Try it today for FREE! Questions? Alan Murray Page! 28!