Building a Cloud Offering: Perspectives from Two MSPs


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Building a Cloud Offering: Perspectives from Two MSPs

  1. 1. Building a Cloud Offering:Perspectives from Two MSPsMarch 7, 2012 Sponsored by:
  2. 2. Welcome Joe Panettieri, Editorial Director Nine Lives Media, a Division of Penton Media E:
  3. 3. What We’ll Cover• The different types of cloud services MSPs can deliver• What factors should go in to deciding what services to offer?• Ways MSPs can differentiate themselves through a cloud offering• Your questions throughout
  4. 4. What the MSPmentor 100 Says
  5. 5. What the MSPmentor 100 Says
  6. 6. The Need for Differentiation• The opportunity: Growth of Cloud Investment – 59% of top MSPs offer SaaS – 53% offer IaaS – 31% offer PaaS• The risk: Amazon and the race to the bottom – IaaS for free• The mandate: Build a differentiated cloud offering
  7. 7. Please Welcome Wayne Kiphart Jason Carolan Tim Van Ash Vice President CTO Vice President, Prod. Man.Man. Services Solutions ViaWest Inc. Unified Solutions Logicalis Inc. Nimsoft
  8. 8. Welcome Wayne Kiphart VP, Man. Services Solutions Logicalis Inc.
  9. 9. About Logicalis• Year Founded: 1997• Headquarters: Farmington Hills, Mich. (U.S.)• Number of Employees: 2,500• Market Focus: Enterprise, Public Sector• Types of Services Offered: – Communications and Collaboration – Data Center and Cloud Services – Managed Services
  10. 10. About Logicalis (cont.)• Types of Cloud Services Offered: – Logicalis Enterprise Cloud (LEC) – IaaS – Hybrid cloud – Private Cloud – DR as a Service – ISVs moving to as-a-Service business models• Adding More Cloud Services This Year
  11. 11. About Logicalis (cont.)Wayne’s thoughts on Cloud opportunities for MSPs:•Focus Is Critical! – Clearly understand target market, customer size, etc. – Don’t over commit cloud services – think long-term and strategic – Don’t get distracted and get away from your core solution!•Do Your Due Diligence! – Don’t build solutions that don’t have long-term viability in the market – Choose wisely the cloud services you decide to build
  12. 12. Welcome Jason Carolan CTO ViaWest Inc.
  13. 13. About ViaWest• Year Founded: 1999• Headquarters: Denver, Colo.• Number of Employees: 315• Market Focus: Enterprise, SMB• Types of Services Offered: – Colocation – Complex Hosting – Cloud – Managed Services
  14. 14. About ViaWest (cont.)• Types of Cloud Services Offered:• KINECTed™ Cloud – iCloud, Xen-based – vCloud, VMware-based• Hybrid Cloud – ‘Workload Bursting’ from ViaWest Data Center (colo/hosting) to ViaWest Cloud
  15. 15. About ViaWest(cont.)Jason’s thoughts on Cloud opportunities for MSPs:•Operational/service management – Example: how to federate cloud access with HR DB – Requires user mgmt., ID mgmt., federation of diff systems to automate, esp. critical as production services in cloud•Bring your own device/consumerization of IT – Risks: regulated data on unsecured mobile devices – Virtual desktop services huge opportunity – Centralize regulated data in the cloud, better security – Opportunity: to provide enterprise “drop box” housed on premise, holistic data management for remote and local user, wrapping all together
  16. 16. Welcome Tim Van Ash VP, Product Management Unified Solutions Nimsoft
  17. 17. Software as a Service (SaaS)Delivery Model MSP PREFERENCE FOR SaaS SaaS 24 MONTHS AGO: “NONE” ON PREMISE TODAY = 1/3+Total = 813 Today Nimsoft has 450+ MSP Partners
  18. 18. Nimsoft ITMaaS Platform Mid-Market Enterprise Market MSPUsers Users Service Portal Nimsoft Nimsoft Cloud Nimsoft Nimsoft CA Service User CA ARCserve CA CloudMinder Monitor EcoMeter Clarity PPM Desk Experience Collaboration Services Business Services Metering and Billing Application Store/Marketplace Product Configuration Infrastructure Services Dynamic Provisioning Data Protection Multi- Multi-Tenant Management Service Management Identity and Access Management
  19. 19. Polling QuestionWhere does your company stand withrespect to offering cloud services?A. We’ve been offering cloud services for awhile now (longer than one year)B. We’re just getting started (within thepast 12 months)C. We haven’t started yetD. We have no plans to offer cloud services
  20. 20. Distinguishing Your Cloud Offerings 3 Potential StrategiesAbility to react on • Banking Building a clouduneven demand • Aerospace that meets Customerloads Vertical • Healthcare / Compliance regulatory•• Service Seasonality Time of the day Market Insurance requirements, i.e. Strategy•• Strategy Unpredictable events Industry agnostic Strategy • Government •HIPPA •PCI•CA Automation Suite • Oil & Gas •EU Data Privacy • SMB
  21. 21. Distinguishing Your Cloud Offerings 3 Potential StrategiesHigh-High-Touch • Banking Building a cloud‘Managed’ Cloud • Aerospace that meetsServices • Healthcare / regulatory• Security• Service Levels Insurance requirements, i.e.• Support • Government •HIPPA• Industry agnostic •PCI • Oil & Gas •EU Data Privacy • SMB Customer Vertical Compliance Service Market Strategy Strategy Strategy
  22. 22. Differentiation Strategy #1: Security and ComplianceEach vertical has different regulations -differentiate by becoming an expert incertain verticals and well-versed in othersLeverage ISO/IEC 27001 to establish ascalable security framework
  23. 23. Differentiation Strategy #2: Vertical FocusFocus on business challenges in a specificindustry, specializeMaster their language, establishsuperiorityDeliver industry-specific apps, capabilitiesAggregate different technologiesofferings, apps for specific industry
  24. 24. Differentiation Strategy #3: Customer Service Customer Needs:Service Provider Opportunity forManaged Capabilities The challenge for customers: unexpected burden of the cloud MSPs! • Service Levels • Full Service MSP • User management (Managed Service Provider) • Integration • Service Levels • Service Levels • Service Security SaaS Provider to Customer Line of • User management (Software-as-a-Service) responsibility • Integration • Service Upgrades• Dev Environment • User Management• Platform avail PaaS • App Support• Platform Upgrades (Platform-as-a-Service) • Dev & Test of Apps • Analytics • Data Integrity • Data Availability DaaS • User management • Data Correctness • Data Replication (Data-as-a-Service) • Patching & config • VM provisioning • Infra Availability IaaS • App/OS Support • Raw Compute (Infrastructure-as • Security -a-Service)
  25. 25. Differentiation Strategy #3: Customer Service• What customers care about: business, not tech. Cloud Security, Service Levels, Support Model• ‘Service-Wrapper’ as differentiator – Treat customers with urgency – Great change control/management, alerting, escalation, staff, quick isolation/resolution – Everybody will run into problems -- it’s how you deal with, isolate and solve them that set your company apart• Be High-Touch – Work with customer from initial sales through to implementation and ongoing support
  26. 26. Ask the Experts Wayne Kiphart Jason Carolan Tim Van Ash Vice President CTO Vice President, Prod. Man.Man. Services Solutions ViaWest Inc. Unified Solutions Logicalis Inc. Nimsoft
  27. 27. Where Can I Get More Information? IT Blog: http://blog.nimsoft.comFollow Nimsoft on Twitter, FB!
  28. 28. Our Next Channel Expert Hour Webcast Date: March 21 Time: 11:00 a.m. PT/2:00 p.m. ET Topic: Backup and Disaster Recovery: Cloud vs. On-Premise Considerations Register:
  29. 29. Nine Lives Media Contacts Editorial Joe Panettieri, Editorial Director E: Sponsorship Amy Katz, President E: