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Webinar on Enterprise Mobility Strategy


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The Webinar held on July 21, 2011 by Endeavour Software Technologies, on "Enterprise Mobility Strategy" highlighted the 5 Important Factors for a Successful Enterprise Mobility Strategy.
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Webinar on Enterprise Mobility Strategy

  1. 1.
  2. 2. www.techendeavour.comAgenda• Introduction• Enterprise Mobility and what’s happening in the corporate world• Challenges in Enterprise Mobility Today• How can Endeavour help?
  3. 3. www.techendeavour.comEnterprise Mobility Bringing the Enterprise to the point of activity Why • A Business Necessity • Improve Operational Efficiency • Reduce Cost
  4. 4.
  5. 5. www.techendeavour.comWhat’s happeningin the CorporateWorld?
  6. 6. www.techendeavour.comWhy Enterprise MobilityStrategy? How to go about it?
  7. 7. Need for aStrategy
  8. 8. www.techendeavour.comChallengingFactors ofEnterpriseMobility
  9. 9. Security Target Backend Audience IntegrationEnterprise Security Challenges Mobile Enterprise Multiple Deployment platform and Application management Distribution
  10. 10.
  11. 11. www.techendeavour.comSecurity Architecture - Components
  12. 12. www.techendeavour.comUse case of Business ChallengeEnterprise Mobile dashboards to capture real time manufacturing data without compromising on security rightSecurity from device, to backend network.
  13. 13. Features • Two factor authentication • Secure delete • Input sanitization • SQL injection • Device attributes • User authentication Benefits and Value • Valued various factors of Enterprise security for a solution robust security, flexibility and customization capabilities, mobile platform support, an intuitive user interface, and offline functionality•All credits, copyrights and IP for•this solution belong to Kimberly Clark
  14. 14. Integration with Target Security Backend enterprise Audience Integration backend system Challenges Mobile Enterprise Multiple Deployment platform and Application management Distribution
  15. 15. Provide data access • Multiple data sources, formats and locations • Wrapper services for data accessFOUR KEY • User authentication, security usage, Offline storage and synchronization Enable Service AccessAREAS OF • -Data + Business logic (Work flows)DATA • Enable/abstract access to multiple service end points Enterprise Meta DataACCESS • Mobile applications and their data spread MEAP Integration • Custom MEAP • Multiple MEAP integration
  16. 16. www.techendeavour.comVirtual Sales Business ChallengeBriefcase – Revamping the sales briefcase solution by building and shaping the new age iPad sales briefcaseIntegrating solution to enable its sales force to get access to all the collaterals, videos & audios. Act On capabilities alongwith Backend with provision to generate invoices, work flow, inventory management.System
  17. 17. Features • Access to up-to-date content • User based customized information with security • Act On capabilities • Sybase MEAP Integration Benefits and Value • Helps sales representatives to use iPads to close deals quickly by showing the right product information instantly.All credits, copyrights and IP forthis solution belong to respective customer
  18. 18. Security Mobile OS Target Backend Audience Integration Compatibility and Challenges Updates Mobile Enterprise Multiple Deployment platform and Application management Distribution Managing Enterprise devices remotely
  19. 19. Mobile Device Management• Active Monitoring and Management on real time• Remote Lock, Remote Wipe, Remote Kill• Remote app maintenance Mobile Data Management• Delivering a high performance, data-rich application within the constraints of mobile devices• Data Synchronization Policies• Device policy• User policy• Administration policy
  20. 20. MEAP
  21. 21. www.techendeavour.comCase Study Business ChallengeMDM One of our customer was looking for solution to manage and control expenses on the mobile devices.& Solution and benefit Built Asset, Expense, Operational managementTEM modules to address MDM and TEM on multiple platform.
  22. 22.
  23. 23. Security Target Backend Deployment Audience Integration and Challenges Distribution Mobile Enterprise Deployment Multiple platform and Application management Distribution
  24. 24. www.techendeavour.comEnterprise Applications Store - Enterprise distribution through OTA to specific devices • A Web Portal as Mobile Applications catalog and download • Stricter standards for public application stores- for consumer oriented applications • Regional application stores • User based access privileges
  25. 25. Application Distribution • Software License ManagementComponents • Policy Management of App • Provisioning • LocationDistribution • Patch Management • Usage Management • Remote control
  26. 26. Security Target Backend Audience Integration Target Audience Challenges Mobile Enterprise Multiple Deployment platform and Application management Distribution
  27. 27. User Experience is the key! Exposing current tools as mobile enabled rather than developing point applicationsTarget Audience Decide based on Type of applications, user type, ease of use Reporting and BI – as applications Workflows
  28. 28. Endeavour’s Value Proposition
  29. 29. Endeavour’s Approach Recommend • Implementation Roadmap • Devices Strategize • Measurement Guidelines • Analyze all FactorsUnderstand • Mobile Infrastructure • MEAP• Goals • TCO• People, Process Technology • Build/Buy
  30. 30. Questions?
  31. 31. www.techendeavour.comThank You. +1 512 464 1218 (US) +44 20 7193 0986 (UK)