The Beach Bachelor: Day One


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The Beach Bachelor: Day One

  1. 1. Welcome to the Beach Bachelor – Forrest Wrongways BachelorChallenge!Im very happy to be bringing this out, and thanks to everyone who letme borrow their sims for this! Also, one or two of them may look a bitdifferent because the CC that came with them didnt work in my game.Hopefully you approve of their makeovers!Also, I recently got a new laptop, and I havent got used to takingpictures on the new resolution yet. The pictures arent too awful, butsome of them arent great. Sorry about that.Lets get started!
  2. 2. The first thing Forrest Wrongway did when he arrived on a beach forthe first time in his life was smile at the sea. Never before had he seenit, and he understood how beautiful it was.Thinking about it, Forrest realised he would quite like to go swimming.
  3. 3. But instead, Forrest bent down to the sand, and began sculpting apalace made out of sand.This was Forrest Wrongway, the troublemaker from Rubix. No waywas he going to spend his first time on a beach doing somethingconsidered normal.
  4. 4. It was by pure chance he was there, anyway. An encounter with astrange woman in a bar in Three Lakes had led to Forrest findinghimself at a beautiful oceanview house, participating in a socialexperiment, with seven women for company.Speaking of which, where were the seven women? He hadnt seenthem yet.
  5. 5. Within moments, all seven ladies were posing on the beach next tohim.“Hey Forrest!” One of them called.“Hang on a sec, I want to finish my sand castle.” He called back.
  6. 6. “Now what?” one of them demanded, “do we have to hold these posesuntil his castle is built?”“I guess so...”Forrest knew very little about each woman. He wasnt sure how theyhad all been invited to the beach house, either, but he didnt want toask in case they left – he knew he had to choose one to leave eachday.
  7. 7. As Forrest tried to finish his castle, he tried to remember what heknew about each woman.The blonde one in blue was Angelica Cook, but he had been firmly toldby the landlord that he was to call her Angie. He also knew she was aninsomniac.(Angie Cook, A Spicy Legacy, by Raiboy)
  8. 8. Forrest remembered the alien girl from his discussions with thelandlord earlier, but he figured she probably wouldnt like being calledthe alien girl.He knew her name was Betria Hollinter, and that she liked flying andhelicopters.(Betria Hollinter, An Astronomical Alphabetacy, Heather)
  9. 9. Forrest also recognised another one of the women from the landlordsdescriptions. He knew her as Laura Wonglepong.One thing the landlord had been very clear about Laura was never toget on her bad side. Forrest wasnt sure why he had been told this,and he wasnt sure he wanted to find out.(Laura Wonglepong, Fair Dinkum Flamingos, JoandSarah77)
  10. 10. He recognised Lute Abel by her funky hairstyle, which he decidedsuited her really well.The landlord had said Lute was a nice young lady, a triplet from arather wacky family.(Lute Abel, The Abel OWBC, bethkeeblelegacy)
  11. 11. Rayne Olthylwell was the next lady to catch his eye. He could tell whoshe was by her playful smile.Forrest grinned. He knew Rayne was a unique descendant of elves,and the youngest of three daughters.(Rayne Olthylwell, The Olthylwell Legacy, Fayesfei)
  12. 12. Victoria London was the romance sim smiling on the end. Herattention never left Forrest as he built his castle.From what the landlord had said, Victoria had quite the reputation asfar as men were concerned.(Victoria London, A Loving Legacy, Crystal5533)
  13. 13. Forrest knew that meant the last person on the beach was VogueSuper.All he knew about Vogue was that she was conscious about fashion,and that she grew up in an insane household with no father.(Vogue Super, from my ISBI. I didnt really want to throw one of mysims into the challenge, but didnt have a lot of choice when one of thepeople I contacted over potential-contestants didnt respond)
  14. 14. Once Forrest had finished his sand castle – which looked more like asand mound – he wandered over to some of the women.“Your sand castle could use a little work.” Betria remarked, smiling.She was trying to be friendly, but Forrest took her comment the wrongway.“If you can make a better castle, go ahead and make a better castle!”Forrest replied, sharply, while Lute stood smiling behind them.
  15. 15. “You know what,” Betria grinned again, “I will do that. Ill make a bettercastle than you.”“Id like to see you try.” Forrest said, deliberately starting a challenge.“Wait and see, its going to be amazing.” Betria turned her attentionaway from Forrest and looked out to see, while Lute edged a littlecloser.
  16. 16. “Youre pretty awesome, Forrest.” Lute announced, cheerfully. Shedidnt notice Betria listening in.
  17. 17. “I am pretty awesome, thanks, Lute.” Forrest grinned. Lute smiledback, shyly.“Way to inflate his ego.” Betria told Lute, under her breath.
  18. 18. Once she was certain Forrests attention was on someone else, Luteturned to Betria, “Hes nice.”“Nice? He got really defensive when I pointed out his castle wascrappy.”“I still think hes pretty cool.”“Cool, yes. Nice, no,” Betria cast a glance at Forrest, “its going to bean interesting week.”
  19. 19. Down by the surf, Angie had started building a sandcastle of her own,not bothering to try and capture the attention of anyone on the beach.“Mind if I join you?”
  20. 20. Forrest bent down beside Angies sand mound, and starting helpingher form a castle from it.“Thanks,” Angie replied, “but I can make a castle on my own, youknow.”“Well, yeah, but...its pretty fun making castles with other people.”“I guess. Just dont mess it up.”
  21. 21. “Its a piece of art.” Forrest decided, studying the lump of sand.“Its ugly,” Angie remarked, “you dont make sandcastles a lot, doyou?”“Truthfully? This is the first time I have been on a beach.”The pair of them continued to exchange stories – Angie telling Forresta story about the time she went to the beach with her heavily pregnantcousin, Forrest nodding, adding to the conversation here and there.
  22. 22. Elsewhere on the beach, Vogue was losing at rock, paper, scissors, toLaura.Who knew, maybe it was the start of a long friendship between the twoof them.
  23. 23. After finishing her castle with Forrest, Angie discovered the hot tubson the balcony of the house.She was a day too early for the hot tub dates, but Angie got into thetub anyway.
  24. 24. “Im at a beach, therefore, I am on holiday.” Angie decided.
  25. 25. Downstairs, Forrest found someone else to talk to – Rayne Olthylwell.“Isnt this beach great?” Rayne asked, grinning.“Its the first time Ive been on a beach,” Forrest replied, “itsawesome!”
  26. 26. “Do you think there are musical instruments in the house?” Rayneasked, smiling a little.“What can you play?” Forrest inquired, “There might be an instrumentin the house.”“Violin.”“Really? Thats so cool! I cant play anything.”
  27. 27. “Theres still time to learn!” Rayne grinned.“True. I suppose I could have learned something while I was in HighSchool, but...too busy having fun, I guess, to think about it.”“What were you like as a teenager?”“Crazy. Ill have to tell you about some of the things I got up to sometime.”
  28. 28. After his conversation with Rayne, Forrest tried to talk with some ofthe other women. It didnt go so well.“Hey, you must be Laura!”“Dont come over here and interrupt my conversation just becauseyoure the only guy on the beach!”“Er...sorry?”
  29. 29. Eventually, everyone headed inside for some lunch. It was anotheropportunity for Forrest to talk to some of the other women.“Hey, youre Victoria, right?”Victoria looked up from her gelatin, “Yeah.”“You like to party?”
  30. 30. “Yeah, nothing quite like a party, and some guys!” Victoria grinned.“Some guys?”“Well, sure! Parties are a great way of meeting a face to share thenight with!”“Oh...really...”
  31. 31. The brief conversation ended, and Forrest noticed that almost all ofthe others had joined the table too.“Angie still in the hot tub?” Forrest asked, with a smile.“Yeah,” Vogue replied, “I think Ill join her in a moment.”“Really? You dont want to hang out with us?” Rayne questioned.“Theres plenty of time for that later.”
  32. 32. After lunch, Rayne headed down to the shore, despite the rain, andwatched the waves rolling in.
  33. 33. Also down by the sea, Betria was working on her castle. Just to proveForrest wrong.Afterwards, Betria headed back up the beach.
  34. 34. Which is when she found the puddles on the beach to be a bunch offun.She wasnt on her own for much longer.
  35. 35. “I see someone is enjoying the beach, even in the rain.” Forrestcommented, with a friendly smile.“Its fun! You should try splashing in puddles, Forrest.”
  36. 36. “I see you built your sandcastle,” Forrest cast a glance over at thelumps of sand near Rayne, “I thought you said it would be better thanmine.”“It is.” Betria insisted.“It looks exactly the same as mine. How is it better?”“Because I built it.” Betria answered, and Forrest laughed.
  37. 37. In the hot tubs, Vogue and Angie were getting on well.“Do you think we should be talking to Forrest?” Angie asked.“Nah, this is much more fun,” Vogue laughed, “so tell me more aboutyour family.”
  38. 38. Inside, Lute had found somewhere to paint as darkness began to fall.She was a little worried about who would have to leave in the morning,but she was pretty sure she got on well with Forrest.
  39. 39. After an exhausting day of meeting and greeting people, Forrest finallyheaded to bed.
  40. 40. Angie was an insomniac, so by the time she had gotten out of the hottub, Angie was ready to head down to the main beach again – hoursafter everyone else had gone to bed.
  41. 41. “Hmm. Where is everyone?”
  42. 42. Forrest woke up early – mere moments after Angie had decided it wastime for bed – and decided to go for a swim.Theres nothing like swimming in a chilly sea to wake someone up.
  43. 43. Swimming head first into a wave, Forrest tried to forget about the facthe had to send one of the women home later.
  44. 44. Angie may have been the last one to bed on the night before, but shewas the first one up the next morning.She headed down to the beach, and started sunbathing.
  45. 45. Laura was also up, ignoring Forrest and adding to the collection ofsandcastles decorating the shoreline.All was very peaceful until twelve pm arrived.
  46. 46. At twelve, the seven ladies gathered on a set of sofas in the livingroom, a space perfect for making announcements.“Why are you so angry, Angie?” Someone was asking.
  47. 47. Angie frowned, her bikini exposing her new tan.“I want to spend time relaxing by the sea, and instead, Im stuckinside, waiting for some stupid announcement.”As Angie concluded saying this, Forrest entered the room.
  48. 48. “Well I cant alter the rules of the house, Angie,” Forrest apologised,light-heartedly, “as for the announcement, Im not so great atemotional I think Ill just announce whos leaving.”“Ive enjoyed getting to know each of you, but someone has to go...”
  49. 49. “Laura, Im afraid you have to leave.”“Damn, my holiday is over already.” Laura sighed.
  50. 50. And this where I shall end Day One! In case youre curious, here arethe stats for day one:Betria – 39Lute – 35Rayne – 35Victoria – 25Vogue – 10Angie – 0Laura – -1Thanks for reading!