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From the Hart: An OWBC - 2.3


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Generation Two, Part Three of my attempt at the Sims 2 OWBC challenge!

Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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From the Hart: An OWBC - 2.3

  1. 1. From the Hart: An OWBC Part 2.3: Operation Wolf Party
  2. 2. Welcome back to my OWBC! Keika’s happy to have you here! Last time, we had a spares update. But before that, there were weddings and parties, woohoo and slap-dancing. A genie lamp was delivered, meaning Randy could be permaplat in time for his elder birthday. Onyx got the same treatment so he could focus on his goal of becoming a monster mash up. There was business with the bigfoot, and romance for the robot. Onyx managed to become a warlock and a vampire. Oh, and the next generation arrived – baby Lennon. Phew, lots happened! I recommend catching up if none of that lot seems familiar to you! And a special thanks to Keika (author of Clitheroe: A BaRKC, among others) for selflessly donating her simself for this generation’s spouse. Thanks Keika!
  3. 3. And we rejoin the family to find Randy and Keika whining. “Oh man, not groovy…I’m a vampire again!” “Forget that! I’m PREGNANT again! Ugh!”
  4. 4. Elsewhere, Brian is hugging Kana, which is good – because they don’t have the warmest of relationships. She never tries to bite him. Wait. Can vampires even bite bigfoots? (bigfeet?) “Brian loves you, Night Human!”
  5. 5. FINALLY. I spent most of the last update trying to turn Onyx into a plantsim, and now it’s finally a reality!
  6. 6. “I feel…different-y. My hat isn’t askew, is it? How peculiar! Am I still adorable?” Very. His face still amuses me now he has ‘proper’ eyes instead of alien eyes.
  7. 7. Moving on, I think now would be an excellent time to show you how the Love Shack is shaping up. Pretty nifty, right? The heart lights are so you can see this family from the other side of the neighbourhood. I think it works.
  8. 8. The next morning it’s raining, so Onyx can spent some time outside, getting natural sunlight, without burning away to a crisp. It also seems like a perfect time to expand the family!
  9. 9. “My like, grandbaby senses are tingling.” Randy’s part family sim now, seeing as he’s good with the kids, and immediately comes out to meet the new family member – a little boy. “What should I name you, plantbaby? Should I name you after something outdoors-y? How about Eggplant? Or Compost? Fungus?” “How about Basil, son?” “Ooh, I like it!”
  10. 10. Welcome to the family, Basil Hart! He pretty much only resembles the Ideal Plantsim – I don’t think there’s any of Onyx in there. Basil Hart 1/10/4/10/10 (Gemini)
  11. 11. A new arrival was a cause for celebration – which of course meant bubbles! “Teehee, aren’t we just the best parent and grandparent? Like totally 100% the best?” “I, like, couldn’t agree more, dude.”
  12. 12. At that point, a black wolf-ish dog walked onto the lot – and with it being daytime, he had no yellow eyes. I took a chance – he could be the dog we’re after – and had Onyx immediately interact with him.
  13. 13. Unfortunately, the elements chose that moment to stop raining. “Who’s a good boy? Who’s a good boy? (sniff) …What smells like burning?”
  14. 14. And that’s the story of how the Hart family got their porch shower. I tried taking it out later, but it was just too convenient, and I ended up putting it back in.
  15. 15. Anyway, another night arrives and it’s time for another birthday! “Keika, please! You are in my way!” “But I have to stand here…to help Lennon grow…” “You’re mighty selfish, Keika!”
  16. 16. And here we have little Lennon! Did your heart melt? Because mine totally did! He’s also quite a bit different to your usual Hart – I mean, he has enough nice points to sink a ship, but he’s shy and reasonably neat?! Lennon Hart 5/2/4/7/10 (Aquarius)
  17. 17. Onyx picked that night to come home from work with the flu. He works in the Paranormal career track for the bone phone, which he has now, and also the cash is nice. Of course, the only reason I’m telling you this is because Onyx’s big eyes and blue hands cracks me up. That sparkly comfort soup also meant he put on a fair bit of weight.
  18. 18. “Hey, little guy! Aren’t you cute! So unbelievably adorable, you take after your daddy, don’t you!” “Me cute!” “Let’s introduce you to your brother, shall we?”
  19. 19. Aren’t they cute? Even though Lennon is technically older, Basil’s going to grow up first – and also into an adult. Weird how that works, right?
  20. 20. How can you resist his adorable little face?! Okay, enough of the cute pictures now. Let’s move on with the update.
  21. 21. Like Keika bumping again! This baby will be our bad apple. Also Keika got her old hair back, albeit in a different colour. She looks more like Keika with the hair.
  22. 22. I didn’t think it was going to be this hard to have a vampire plantsim. Boy was I wrong. It was probably at this point I put the porch shower back in.
  23. 23. It turned out that the last wolf Onyx met, the one he nearly died over, was not a glow-y wolf – however, a glow-y wolf did eventually show up. Would you believe his name is Klutz?
  24. 24. “Hey there little guy! Aren’t you awesome? All furry and glow-y…with these funky glasses, I’m glow-y too! Isn’t that neat?”
  25. 25. You invite them in, and they destroy furniture. Typical, really. And he left shortly afterwards. It’s going to be a while before we get ourselves a werewolf.
  26. 26. Apparently Jasmine Rai, who married Binaree in the spares update, had been on an awesome outing with someone in the house. I think she means a dream date with Binaree, but I don’t know why that means the Harts get the stereo. Either way, they’ll accept the generous gift!
  27. 27. “Who’s a groovy little dude?” “ME! Haha!” I told you Randy was a good grandpa, right? I have so much fun watching him with the kids.
  28. 28. I can’t remember if I showed it before, but the downstairs of the house got a few adjustments, making it more open for parties and gatherings. And of course, slapdancing. I’m pretty pleased with it, though I imagine there being more adjustments to make in the future.
  29. 29. Shortly after I edited the room, Keika went into labour. Hopefully they’ll all be able to crowd round a little easier!
  30. 30. “Hello little one! Welcome to the world!” It wasn’t long before Keika brought another little boy into the world. Not that Brian seems in the least bit bothered. “Oh yes. Another tiny human to take care of. Yippee.” Ignore him, he’s secretly thrilled. “Well, it’s my turn to choose a name…this is Paul, everyone.”
  31. 31. As you can see, it wasn’t long before Paul ended up on the floorboards in favour of interacting with the toddlers. “Come on, Basil, just sing twinkle twinkle with me!” “What that over there?” “Basil, pleeeease!”
  32. 32. So, there’s this super fun feature in the game where you can invite animals to parties. And we need a werewolf, so naturally that means it’s party time! “Who’s ready for a birthday? Is it you, Klutz? Is it? Good boy!”
  33. 33. It’s time for the middle child of the generation to grow into an adult way ahead of the others. Yeah, I know. Really messes with the timeline, doesn’t it?
  34. 34. “I sense some people having fun without my express permission!” Aw jeez, couldn’t you at least wait ‘til he’d blown the candles out, Officer Buzzkill?
  35. 35. “Hey. Check me out. I’m handsome.” Wow, he really did grow up well. Basil Hart Romance Professional Party Guest 1/10/4/10/10 (Gemini) Fitness/Blonde - Undies
  36. 36. Onyx set about teaching Basil a Hart family right-of-passage – the slap dance. Although I’m not sure either of them are doing it properly, and I don’t think Lennon’s going to be happy when he finds his blocks everywhere. Good try, though.
  37. 37. Seriously look at his little face! Okay, no more handsome-spam, I promise.
  38. 38. “Yay! Organic Human is hugging sized now!” “Brian! I was huggable before!” “Jeez, chill out, boys. Keep it casual, alright?”
  39. 39. With everyone preoccupied by Basil’s transition, and the slap dance, it fell to Randy to teach little Lennon how to walk. Well, he’s permaplat so might as well, right? “Looking good, little man! You’ll be like, toddling everywhere in no time, dude!”
  40. 40. “You are a harlot, altering your hair to such an alarming colour!” “Ouch, Kana! You also dye your hair you know!” “Yes but I choose a natural colour because I am respectable! Hmphm!” I have no idea how this happened, but I hope they don’t keep it up for too long. This is the Love Shack not Fight Club.
  41. 41. “Oh! I’m expecting again!”
  42. 42. “Oh. I’m expecting again. .” Don’t look so down, Keika! You’re a Family sim apparently! And this is the last forced pregnancy – you don’t have to go through anymore after this!
  43. 43. Outside, Basil was making new friends. “Hi there! I’m four days old, and I think it’s time I got a girlfriend.” “That logic seems odd to me, but who cares! I’m not fussy when it comes to my clients!”
  44. 44. “So I got a treasure chest for my birthday, but I sold it, and I hope it’s enough…” “WOWZA, full payment?! …I mean, cough…this’ll do I guess.”
  45. 45. “This is Heather Huffington, the love of your life!” Apparently I took no more pictures of their date, because it ended pretty quickly after this so Basil could go to work. Bad timing or what!
  46. 46. “I got a promotion. Whoop-de-doo.” I have no idea where Brian’s enthusiasm went, but it’s really amusing me having him around. Also, I love his hat.
  47. 47. Oh look, his enthusiasm came back! “Night Human! Is it really party time again?” “Of course! You know how Onyx is.”
  48. 48. “Hey there, Klutz. I threw a party for you tonight! Well…also for my sons, but mainly for you! Will you bite me now?”
  49. 49. “So I’m guessing my husband is outside chatting up a dog, let’s get to the cake, shall we?”
  50. 50. “Come on, Lennon, blow out the candles!” “Hey, I thought we were going to grow the boys up at the same time!” “You took too long getting down here, Brian, just blow out the candles. Sheesh.”
  51. 51. So here’s Lennon! He’s still ridiculously adorable. “What a wonderful compliment.”
  52. 52. And our bad apple, Paul, who got Onyx’s big alien eyes! As per tradition, I can’t tell you anything about Paul’s stats. All we can do is wish him luck!
  53. 53. Well, it just wouldn’t be a Hart family party without everyone in the local area slap dancing, would it? Although, I think Binaree should probably be a bit careful about where she dances.
  54. 54. “Another party. Another noise complaint.” From who? The Harts nearest neighbours are the spares – and they’re here partying! “I need everyone to clear the area right now.”
  55. 55. “You too, readers! Move along!” Well, Officer Buzzkill has spoken, you’d better come back next update. See you soon! 