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The Wrongway Legacy: 4.1


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The Wrongway Legacy: 4.1

  1. 1. Welcome to generation four, part one of the Wrongway Legacy!Last time, Robin and Lavender snuck into the abandoned house of Ralph because Robinsancestors used to live there. Inside, they found Ralph and Ariel, and it quickly became a hostagesituation. Hex could feel the power shift of two heiresses in the same room as he studied withPhillip on his magic. Many members of the family got involved, Aphrodite and Austin showed uplate, Hex and Grace showed up, Orlando went to defend his wife and didnt realise Forrest hadfollowed him. Orlando was killed by Ariel, and Hex managed to banish Ralph and Ariel for ageneration. Shortly afterwards, Forrest celebrated his birthday, Liam passed away from old age,and the first wave of generation four headed off for college!Also, I didnt include Ashley and George passing away in the last chapter. I felt itwould have been two deaths too many. However, I am planning to give them both asend off, soon. :) Onto the current chapter!
  2. 2. Shenene Grove aimed her shot in the silence of the Wrongways Greek House. Sinceredecorating the house, Shenene had found herself with nothing to do while she waited forthe Wrongways to arrive at university.Aiming her shot with extra care, Shenene went to move her cue. Her concentrating silencewas interrupted by the door bashing open as the first wave of Wrongways entered.
  3. 3. The Wrongways had made quite an impression in their small time on campus. Austin andRobin had made appearances at all the latest parties, throwing themselves into stereotypicaluniversity life.
  4. 4. Aphrodite had avoided the party scene, and avoided Austin – their friendship had turned intosomething more as teenagers, but clearly it hadnt meant as much to Austin, as he was outflirting most days.Instead, Aphrodite threw herself into new hobbies – pottery, painting, sports, gardening.Anything to distract her from Austins new lifestyle.
  5. 5. Especially as Austins new lifestyle meant Aphrodite often heard stories about affairs she didntwant to know about, let alone recognise.She wanted Austin to herself, and she knew that wasnt likely.
  6. 6. Lavender, meanwhile, had been easing herself into university life slowly, starting by meetingknew people, such as a guy she had literally bumped into.Once she was finished blushing, she waved, “Hi, Im Lavender Wrongway!”“Mark Davison,” the man said, before pausing and smiling.
  7. 7. “Has anyone ever told you how pretty you are?” Mark asked, breaking the silence. Lavenderblushed again.“No. But I dont expect them to.” Lavender tried to smile, feeling a little embarrassed.“Im in a band, girls like musicians, dont they?”
  8. 8. “Girls might,” Lavender laughed, “but I am a woman. A woman who knows not to fall for the Ican serenade you with my guitar line.”“Well, I cant serenade you with a guitar anyway. I dont play an instrument.”“So how are you in a band?”
  9. 9. “Im lead vocals. One day, Im going to strike it big, and youll remember this conversation asmy music video plays on your TV.”“Really?”“Yes, really,” he grinned, “dont worry, Ill dedicate one of my songs to this moment.”
  10. 10. “What will you call it?” Lavender asked, interested.“I dont know, doesnt the title of a song usually come last?” Mark shrugged, “Hey, Lavender, Igotta dash, but how about you come to my concert next week?”“Next week? Sure, where?”
  11. 11. “Campus Club, next Wednesday, about nine. Ill be the one on stage with a microphone.”With that, he turned and walked away, leaving Lavender smiling to herself. ...
  12. 12. After they had interrupted her perfect shot, Shenene sent the Wrongways to the sofa, whileshe neglected to clean up the pool table.“Welcome to Wrong House. Dont ask me why it isnt call Wrongway House, but Im yourplaceholder, Shenene Grove,” Shenene began, grinning, “first thing you should know is, Iredecorated this place, so if you dont like it, I dont care. Placeholder always redecorates.Secondly, Aphrodite cant stay here.”
  13. 13. “Why not?” Austin demanded, “Shes like our best friend!”“Those are the rules, kid,” Shenene shrugged, “first circle Wrongway and placeholders arethe only students accepted by Wrong House. Some dumb rule made up before we wereborn.”“Where will you go, Aphrodite?”“Same place Robin went,” Aphrodite sighed, “Spare House, the Greek on the other side ofcampus.”
  14. 14. “Im sorry, Aphrodite,” Shenene frowned, “its honestly nothing personal. Its just therules.”“Its no trouble. I had better go pack. Again.”Shenene still felt awful about having to ask Aphrodite to leave, though everyone insistedit was fine. She was pretty sure things would lighten up sooner or later. ...
  15. 15. Things did lighten up at the Greek House as the semester continued, but they hadnothing to do with Aphrodite, or cheering her up. Shenene and Austin discovered therewas a little weak chemistry between them.Austin, being the fun-loving romance sim he was, decided it would be worthwhile tospend some quality time with Shenene.
  16. 16. Lavender was extremely tired of it by the end of the week. Afterall, there is only so muchbad kareoke you can take in one sitting.What made it worse was the fact Lavender knew Austin wasnt serious about therelationship, if you could call what was happening between Shenene and Austin arelationship at all.
  17. 17. So Lavender went round, complaining, to the house of Aphrodite and Robin.“He doesnt even like her that much! Why bother?” She demanded, waving her arms inthe air for emphasis.“Because thats how he is, Lavender. You know that. Hes your cousin.” Aphroditeexplained, raising her eyebrows. She was in complete agreement with Lavender.“Its a bit of fun, at the end of the day,” Robin laughed, earning a glare, “its what uni is allabout!”
  18. 18. Silence fell over the three women as they contemplated Austins recent behaviour. Therewas nothing any of them could do to stop him.Aphrodites focus was on how different things were. Once, she was Austins girlfriend,the only one he kissed and held. But that was before everything – her parents beingbanished, before locking the door to the house for the final time.She would never go back. She held onto the key, though, on her necklace, as an option.Aphrodite always wanted the option.
  19. 19. Robin and Lavender got so distracted trying to wake Aphrodite from her thoughts thatthey didnt notice Hercules wandering in.He had moved into the house after everyone else, still irritated that his friends left foruniversity without him. Thats when he noticed Lavender sitting on the sofa. It was theperfect chance to talk to her once again.
  20. 20. “Lavender,” he called, unsmiling, “its been awhile, hasnt it?”
  21. 21. “Hercules, you said you werent going to be home for a few hours.” Aphrodite said,surprised. Why did he pick now to come home? Why couldnt it wait until after Lavenderhad gone?
  22. 22. “Its alright, Aphrodite, Im now about to head off.” Lavender smiled, reassuringly. Shereally didnt want to see Hercules, especially not now when they had a fresh start. Hewould drag up the past again.“How about we talk outside, first?” Hercules asked. His voice was firm, and Lavendercouldnt argue with it.“Five minutes.” She decided.
  23. 23. “Isnt this house just beautiful?” Hercules asked as he stepped outside with Lavender.She smiled a little.“Its very nice. But dont get off subject. What is it you wanted to say?”Hercules turned to face her.
  24. 24. “If this is about the sort-of relationship moment as teenagers, forget about it.”“I wanted to tell you why things happened the way they did.”“I dont care. Its over, isnt it? Dealt with!”Hercules paused for a moment, and Lavender turned to go inside, “Hows life,Lavender?”
  25. 25. “My Dad died recently and youre asking me how life is?” Lavender asked, incredulously.“Hey, my Dads gone too. Your family bodyguard or whatever got rid of him before I couldmeet him.” Hercules could feel anger building inside of him now.“Yeah? Our bodyguard raised you, Hercules. Like a Dad. Your real Dad got mine killed.Still want to meet him?”“Well, I wont get the chance to now, will I?” Hercules snapped.
  26. 26. “I cant believe you still want to know your father after learning that he is a murderer, aliar and the causes of our troubles.” Lavender shook her head in disbelief.“Lavender, you dont understand. You knew who your family was. You knew what theywere like as people.”“Want to know more about Ralph? Ask your twin! Im sure she will have plenty of storiesto tell you about that man!” Lavender turned on her heel, and left, feeling frustrated andlonely.
  27. 27. Lavenders misery took her to a Downtown bar. Austin drank juice to forget his troubles,and Lavender was about to try the same.At some point in the evening, Lavender reached that point where the bartender refusesto sell them any more drinks. Lavender had passed that stage, and was now sulking insilence, mind cloudy from the juice.A familiar face spotted her across the dance floor and wandered over, “Hey Lavender!”
  28. 28. “Need a drinking buddy?” Mark Davison asked, fidgeting a little as he took a seat on thebarstool next to Lavender.Lavender rolled her eyes, “Dun need you. Go way.”“Lavender?” Mark raised an eyebrow at Lavenders slurred statement.“No. Go way, Mark. Leave me alone.”
  29. 29. “Someones in a sour mood,” Mark commented, and Lavender swore violently at him.“Go away, Mark!” She said again, leaning on the counter.“You know what? I will. I shouldnt leave you on your own, but you clearly dont want me,or my help.”“No help.”“Exactly. See you around, Lavender.” And with that, Mark got up from his seat and leftLavender on her own again.
  30. 30. At the Wrongways house in Rubix, Rose was sending some papers through to the printer,while her cousins argued lightheartedly.“Youre always so happy! Why is that?” Will Shahan demanded.“Youre so keen on being cool all the time, Will,” Owen Thompson laughed, “its funny.”“You two, shut up. Im trying to print off the final chapter of our Wronglands story,” Rosesmiled, “we can send it to a publishers tomorrow.”
  31. 31. In the living room, Forrest was hanging out with his best friend and cousin, MeadowWheeler.“Im bored of watching bad movies,” Forrest grinned, “how about we head out tonight orsomething? Do something that would shock the older teens!”“Is that really such a good idea?” Meadow asked, getting up from the sofa.
  32. 32. “Oh, come on! Lets go dance, see a bit of Rubix at night!”“Forrest, there arent any clubs in Rubix now. The nearest ones are in the city or theuniversity campus...”“So we go to the city! Itll be fun!”“No. Austin will spot me or something. Hed be disappointed.”“He would be thrilled!” Forrest argued – he never admitted that he admired his oldercousins attitude to life, “Ill call a cab.”
  33. 33. Meadow looked unsure, Forrest smiled, “Come on, itll be fine. We wont have any juice,well just go and soak up the atmosphere.”“Alright. Let me call the cab, then.” Meadow replied.“Hooray!”
  34. 34. “This is not what I was expecting.” Forrest stated, as he stood at the door of the Rhythmclub with Meadow. The bar was a lot quieter than the pair thought it would be.“ that your sister? Looking juiced up at the bar?”
  35. 35. “We have to help her out,” Meadow decided, “we cant call her a taxi, what if she throwsup in it? They charge more for that. We need to call someone we know.”“Mum? Austin? Uncle Eli? Take your pick. They are the three coolest people who willunderstand a little bit of juice-drinking.”“We cant call any of them, theyll be so disappointed.” Meadow sighed.“So we call Hex. He helps out the family, right? Hell probably have nothing to do nowthat Ralph is gone for a while.”
  36. 36. “Will she thank us for that in the morning?” Meadow asked.“Doesnt matter, she cant stay here all night.” Forrest stated.“Alright. Ill go make the call. Wait here.”
  37. 37. Hex wasted no time breaking the speed limit to get to the bar as quick as possible. Heentered the club just as Forrest released Meadow from a noogie.“Ouch, Forrest!” Meadow complained.“Oh, hey Hex!” Forrest grinned, cheekily. Hex rolled his eyes – he knew all aboutForrests nature.“Where is she?” He asked, simply.“At the bar.”
  38. 38. “You know, Lavender, it would break your mothers heart if she saw you like this,” Hexsaid with a smile, sitting on the stool next to Lavender, “but, let me guess, its the studentlifestyle right?”“No.” Lavender replied, in a small voice.
  39. 39. “Well, you dont have to tell me why youre drinking, but we do have to go home now,”Hex paused, “come on, my cars outside.”“I dont wanna go, Im having too much fun!” Lavender announced with a grin.“Lavender, Ive got to get Forrest and Meadow home, too. You need to work with me.”“No.”
  40. 40. “Dont you want your brother and cousin home safe?” Hex questioned, “They want youhome safe, Lavender.”“Fine, fine, Ill go.”“Glad to hear it.”
  41. 41. The group didnt get very far before having to pull over, thanks to Lavender feeling ill.Hex leaned on his car door, tiredly, “I cant believe she threw up in my car!”“Didnt you expect it?” Meadow asked, trying not to laugh. Hex threw her a look, andshook his head.“Dont mean to worry you guys, but I really need to get home,” Forrest reminded them,“its already one in the morning.”
  42. 42. Lavender shook her head, “Cant go. Feel ill.”Hex studied her briefly, “Im not letting her throw up in my car again.”
  43. 43. “You can both drive, right?” Hex asked, turning to Meadow and Forrest. They both nodded,silent, “You two need to get home, so take my car.”“Yay, I get to drive!” Forrest cheered.
  44. 44. “Forrest, your mother and I are friends, we talk quite frequently. There is no way Imletting you drive my car,” Hex said, with a sweet smile, “Meadow, you take the keys.”
  45. 45. Once Meadow and Forrest were gone, Hex joined Lavender on the pavement, and sat inthought while Lavender continued to complain about nausea.“No taxi would be able to find us. Were in the middle of nowhere,” Hex stated with asigh, “and Phillip will be asleep by now.”“Why did I do this?” Lavender asked, tiredly. She tried to get up and move, but fell downon the other side of Hex. Lavender laid down, and pulled Hex down with her, “Im tired.”
  46. 46. “Get some sleep, Ill call Phillip in the morning to come pick us up.” Hex said, as Lavendermoved closer.“Im cold.” She murmured. Hex rolled his eyes and reluctantly pulled Lavender closer,noting the slight smile on her face as she closed her eyes.
  47. 47. “Youre lucky you drank too much. I dont do this normally, you know,” Hexs expressionchanged into a small smile, “get some sleep, Lavender. Youll be home before you wakeup, okay?”“Night, Hex.” Lavender yawned. ...
  48. 48. The morning after Lavenders night at the bar, thesecond wave of generation four headed touniversity.Rose, Will and Owen were ready for the challengesuniversity would bring them, as well as thecountless parties and opportunities for new friends.
  49. 49. Rose, Will and Owen gathered at a table in the dorms cafeteria.“So I sent the manuscript. I cant wait to see what they think of the Wronglands!” Rosegrinned.“Excuse me a moment, I see a girl I want to flirt with.” Will announced, getting up fromthe table.
  50. 50. “Dont worry, Owen, hell pay attention to the Wronglands when its available in thebook shop.”“Yeah, of course.” Owen agreed. ...
  51. 51. At Wrong House, Lavender was still sleeping after her night out. Hex and Phillip hadmanaged to drop her off there without waking her up.Austin and Shenene had moved round the house quietly and left Lavender to sleep.
  52. 52. But Lavender eventually woke up, confused and with a headache.“What...” Lavender paused, “What did I do last night?”She tried to remember the previous night, and one image came into her mind.
  53. 53. What? Lavender thought to herself, Hex and me...what were we doing last night?!
  54. 54. Lavender got up, still contemplating what little she remembered of the night before.“I need to go apologise to Hex,” she decided, “Im pretty sure it cant have been funlooking after me last night.” ...
  55. 55. “From the bar last night to the park? Were just too awesome for words, Meadow.”“Oh shush. We can still hang out normally, we dont have to be so grown up and go tobars all the time.”“True, true! What shall we spend our time doing, then?”“Wait a second...I dont know that guy over there...”
  56. 56. “Why do you feel the need to know everyone in Rubix?”“I dont feel the need to, its just weird seeing someone I dont know.”
  57. 57. “Im going to go talk to him, Forrest, stay here.”“Oh great. You get a new friend, I get to stay here, bored.”“Oh shut up, Forrest.” Meadow laughed.
  58. 58. “He better not steal my best friend,” Forrest decided, and fidgeted by the tree Meadowhad left him by.
  59. 59. “Hey, Ive never seen you around before,” Meadow grinned, “Im Meadow Wheeler.”“I just moved to town with my Dad,” the boy replied, “Im Henry Santander.”“Oh, cool. Never heard of the Santander family in Rubix before.”“Apparently Dad lived here with my Mum years ago,” Henry shrugged, “Mum didnt moveback with us. Moved to the city instead.”“Oh? Shes not with your Dad anymore?”
  60. 60. “Actually, I dont remember them ever being together, really,” Henry replied, “we used tolive in the hills together, but their arguments got so bad...”“Thats not great, but at least things will be happier now, right?”“Exactly,” Henry grinned, “I take it your family is pretty much perfect, right?”“No way,” Meadow chuckled a little, “my brother is my cousin – his Dad is my uncle andhis Mum left town ages ago.”Henry and Meadow continued talking about their families, without Forrest.
  61. 61. Forrest didnt mind the lack of attention too much. He was too busy having a bunch offun on the roundabout. ...
  62. 62. In the garden behind the Supernatural Court, Hex was basking in the sunshine. After thestrange night by the roadside with Lavender, Hex was very contemplative.Moments later, he noticed someone was approaching. Hex got up and smiled, “Feelingbetter?”
  63. 63. Lavender wandered up to Hexs side, smiling, “I wanted to apologise, Hex. I dontremember a lot of what happened but...”“Hey, I was the same at uni. We all hit the juice a bit too hard.” Hex chuckled.“I cant imagine you as a student, really.” Lavender replied.
  64. 64. “Im telling you, theres a few days of my uni years that I cant remember,” Hexmurmured, “so, no hangover?”“Just a headache,” Lavender responded, “I wont be doing that again though. I justwanted to thank you, Hex.”“Youre welcome.”
  65. 65. “I mean it, Hex, thanks. There was no way I was going to get home,” Lavender said, “Imgoing to be late if I stay much longer.”“I understand. Stop by any time, okay?” Hex answered, as Lavender kissed him lightlyon the cheek.“I will. See you around.”
  66. 66. Hex felt a little uneasy as Lavender began to wander away, no doubt to the place whereshe had parked Austins car. Something told him he wasnt supposed to get this involvedwith the Wrongways.But surely he was just doing his job? ...
  67. 67. Hercules was miserable as night fell. No one understood his need to know more abouthis real parents. Sure, hed heard stories, but there wasnt anything to tell him whatkind of person he would have been had he been given the chance to grow up with hisfamily.
  68. 68. Aphrodite had fallen asleep in her room, still fully-clothed. A key hung on the chain roundher neck. A key that could unlock the house containing the answers Hercules wanted. ...
  69. 69. Aphrodite met up with Lavender the next morning.“Im really worried, Lavender,” Aphrodite said, quickly, before she had even taken herseat.“Whats wrong?”
  70. 70. “The key to Ralphs house is gone!” Aphrodite complained, “It wasnt on mynecklace when I woke up this morning, its not anywhere...”“Calm down, Im sure itll show up.”“But I didnt want anyone to be able to go in there. How can I stop them now I donthave the key?”“Aphrodite, itll be-”
  71. 71. Mark Davison sat down at their table, “Sorry to interrupt, I just wanted to ask Lavender ifshe was feeling better.”“Huh?” Aphrodite looked questioningly at Lavender.“Didnt I, er, mention I went out drinking the other night?” Lavender said, in a small voice.“She wasnt happy to see me that night, for some reason.” Mark shrugged.
  72. 72. “You didnt mention the drinking. At all.” Aphrodite raised an eyebrow.“Im not proud of it. I have no idea how Austin gets away with it every night, orthereabouts,” Lavender replied, “Im sorry I yelled at you Mark. Let me know if I canmake it up to you.”“Well, how about you come to my concert, then?”
  73. 73. “Your band got a concert? Thats pretty cool.” Lavender grinned.“Yeah, were playing next week at the Campus Club. You should come to theconcert,” Mark winked, “consider it repayment for getting rid of me before.”“Sure, it could be fun.” Lavender replied. ...
  74. 74. Hercules, meanwhile, was outside Ralphs house, the home he should have grownup in. He hadnt admitted to Aphrodite that he had taken her key...but it was curiositythat had caused him to come here.“I wonder what my room would have looked like if Id grown up here.” Herculeswhispered to himself.
  75. 75. With a deep breath, Hercules started to move towards the door, ready to explore thehouse his twin grew up in.-------------------------And this is where I leave you this time!Join me and the Wrongways again next time!