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The Beach Bachelor: Day Four


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The Beach Bachelor: Day Four

  1. 1. Welcome back to the Beach Bachelor, where it is now day four!Weve already said goodbye to three of the ladies, Laura Wonglepong,Angie Cook and Rayne Olthylwell, which leaves just four in the housewith Forrest – Vogue Super, Victoria London, Lute Abel and BetriaHollinter.Last time, the scores changed again, there was more naked hottubbing, chess games and cheating, camp fires and discussions, plusflirting and sandcastles, after which, Rayne was asked to leave.Now! Time for Day Four...
  2. 2. “So, ladies, kissing today?” Forrest suggested, as three of the girlstook their places in the hot tub.“Nope.” Vogue replied, simply, trying to ignore the fact Betria wasnaked – again.“Not today,” Victoria grinned, “though if you asked me tomorrow...”
  3. 3. Lute, meanwhile, was completely relaxed in a hot tub that she had toherself. No splashing and conversation to distract her from a littlerelaxation.Besides, there was plenty of time to talk to Forrest later.
  4. 4. There were much louder topics being thrown around the conversationhappening in the other tub.“Seriously, do you even own a bathing suit?” Vogue demanded.Forrest grinned, as Betria said, coolly, “I dont see the point in aswimsuit.”Vogue just stared at her in disbelief.
  5. 5. “Lighten up,” Betria laughed, splashing Vogue, “its fun!”Vogue shielded her eyes, and Betria couldnt tell if it was from thesplash, or her view.
  6. 6. “So how are you today, Victoria?” Forrest asked, ignoring thesplashing match taking place between Betria and Vogue.Victoria smiled, “Happy. Nothing better than spending time in a hot tubwith a nice guy.”“Nice?” Forrest chuckled, “You think Im nice?”
  7. 7. “Thats it, Im jumping out of the tub,” Vogue announced, “Im tired ofbeing splashed in the eyes.”And just like that, hot tubbing time ended.
  8. 8. After everyone was dressed again, Forrest decided he wanted to talkto each of the girls again.“Hey Lute, hows things?”
  9. 9. “Its such a nice day! I cant wait to head out to the beach and make aton of sandcastles.”
  10. 10. “Sounds interesting,” Forrest replied, feeling rather bored of makingsandcastles, “let me know how your castles turn out.”“You dont want to join me?”“No, Im going to spend the afternoon just talking to people.”“It is a nice day for it.”“Absolutely!”
  11. 11. As Lute was leaving the room, Betria wandered in, “Whats up,Forrest?”“Just trying to get to know you guys a bit more,” Forrest shrugged,“Lute seems very enthusiastic about how nice today is.”Betria grinned, “Enthusiasm. Effort. Meh.”Forrest laughed, “Guess so. So, Betria...what do you fear most?”“Werewolves.” Betria replied, without hesitating. Forrests eyeswidened.
  12. 12. “But yesterday...when I cheated at chess-”“Its cool, Forrest,” Betria cut him off with a smile, “you didnt know.”“So why didnt you tell me?”“It doesnt matter. That happened yesterday, Forrest, its over.”Forrest shrugged, “I wish you would tell me when Im about to put myfoot in it.”“Like I said, its fine,” Betria laughed, “come on, lets dance!”
  13. 13. “Good idea!” Forrest grinned, and the pair of them began moving to astereo that was always switched on.
  14. 14. Once night had fallen, Forrest decided it was time he gave someoneelse his attention, and started talking to Victoria.“So, Victoria, tell me something about yourself.” Forrest smiled.“Like what?” Victoria grinned, “My love for partying? Or the fact I neverhide anything?”“You dont get tired of partying?”“Its fun, isnt it? Isnt that was life is about? Having fun?”
  15. 15. “I can agree with that, life should be fun.” Forrest replied.“Absolutely! Right, the upstairs hot tubs are empty, and Im in themood to relax, so Ill catch you later, Forrest.”“Oh, okay. Talk to you later.”
  16. 16. Betria was sitting on the sand, watching the waves roll in, whileForrest moved around the house behind her.For some reason, she was slightly worried.
  17. 17. She didnt want to leave in the morning, and in the last few hours,Betria had managed to convince herself she was next to go.
  18. 18. Forrest, however, wasnt thinking about who was leaving as he spoketo Vogue.She laughed, “So my niece practically raised herself. Funny, huh?”“Not really. I wanted to know more about you.”“Me? Why do you want to know more about me?”
  19. 19. “How about because weve been living together for almost a weeknow, and I still hardly know you?”“Chill, Forrest. This whole week is supposed to be fun.”“Yeah...but Im really starting to like you guys...I want to know who youall are, I want to know about the tricks you played as teenagers, whatyou fear, what you want from life...”“Right now, I want to be jumping into that hot tub upstairs,” Voguegrinned, “you know where Ill be if you need me.”With that, she was gone.
  20. 20. Forrest ended up outside, playing catch with Betria.“Why did you throw the ball at my head?” She demanded, fiercely.“Im sorry?” Forrest offered.“Not an excuse!” Betria laughed, and threw the ball as hard as shecould at Forrest.
  21. 21. He returned her fierce throw with another one of his own, whichnarrowly missed her head.
  22. 22. “Im sorry,” Forrest offered again, “Im distracted. Maybe we shouldntplay catch anymore?”Forrest offered his biggest grin when Betria glared at him.“Come on,” she replied, “lets go inside.”
  23. 23. Inside, they tried to play a game of punch you, punch me, only to findthat it didnt work out either.“Seriously! That punch hurt! You intended for that to hurt!”“Im sorry? Again? Maybe we should just not play games...”
  24. 24. “Im going to bed,” Betria told him, “I want an apology when I wake up.”She winked at him, and left the room, leaving Forrest grinning tohimself in the darkness.
  25. 25. The next day, Forrest arranged to see each of the girls on one of thebalconies, each at different times. Betria was first up, as the datesran in alphabetical order.“Im sorry I punched you,” Forrest told her, “I didnt mean it in a nastyway.”Betria laughed, “I was joking when I asked for an apology, you know.”
  26. 26. “Then let me take this opportunity to tell you that this beautiful morningdoes not compare to your beautiful face.”“Forrest, thats cheesy, even for you.”“What? Should I sing about you instead? Would that be moreappropriate?”
  27. 27. “Betria is a beautiful!” He sang, cheerfully.“Forrest, get up,” Betria said, though she was giggling, “Im goingdown to the beach. Want me to send Lute up?”“Please.”
  28. 28. “How has your day been so far, Lute?” Forrest asked when shearrived.“Perfect, thank you,” Lute grinned, “how about yours?”“Not bad at all,” Forrest winked, “just admiring the beautiful view.”
  29. 29. “You dont mean that,” Lute blushed.“Of course I do, Lute,” Forrest replied, “I really, really like yourcompany. And you are beautiful.”
  30. 30. After that, it started to rain.“Thanks, Forrest.” Lute smiled.“Youre welcome.”
  31. 31. Down on the beach, Betria was grinning and dancing.“I really like him,” she grinned, “but I wont tell him. Not yet, anyway.”
  32. 32. “Victoria! Im sorry its raining just in time for our date.” Forrest smiled.“Not your fault,” Victoria shrugged a little, “we can still hot tub later,right?”“Yeah, theres some downstairs hot tubs that are covered by a roof.”
  33. 33. “Besides, I wouldnt pass up an opportunity to see you in a bikiniagain.”“Well, I cant blame you for admiring the view.” Victoria laughed.
  34. 34. “So Ill see you at the hot tubs after twelve right?” Forrest smiled, “Thatis, if youre not leaving today.”“Try and stop me.” Victoria told him, with a smiling, before dropping hishand and leaving.
  35. 35. “I see someone has already been hot tubbing this morning.” Forrestnoted.“Yeah, then it started raining, so I didnt think it would be a good ideato continue.”“Nevermind the fact you had to come and see me, too.”
  36. 36. “Well, theres that, too,” Vogue replied, “why would I want to miss anopportunity with you?”“Hey, Im supposed to be the one doing the flirting.” Forrest laughed.“Honestly, if we ever got together, do you think youd be the man inthat relationship? No way.”
  37. 37. Forrest leaned and whispered into Vogues ear, “Well, maybe well findout.”Vogue grinned, and reminded him, “Its almost noon.”Sadly, Forrest stepped back, “I know.”
  38. 38. The atmosphere as the girls waited for Forrest was grim – the roomwas almost silent.“I dont want to go.” Betria admitted.“Me either.” Lute agreedThe other two didnt get to add their opinions, as Forrest wanderedinto the room.
  39. 39. “Well, you know why were here,” Forrest smiled, “no point dressing itup with a fancy speech. And its not because I dont like you, when Iask you to leave. I do. Well be great friends afterwards.Anyway. Today I going to ask...”
  40. 40. “...Vogue to leave.”“Its okay, guys, honestly. Now you be nice to the poor boy, Im out ofhere – Im going shopping with Rayne and seeing if Angie haslightened up yet. Maybe Laura will wanna hang out...”
  41. 41. So thats it for Day Four! Were now down to our final three contestants!And Ive already played through most of Day Five, so expect an updatesoonish.Anyway, the final scores:Betria: 158Lute: 154Victoria: 139Vogue: 120Thanks to the simmers who let me borrow their sims – Heather, Beth,Crystal, Faye, Rai and Jo! :)