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Kennedy 1


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Kennedy 1

  1. 1. Hello and welcome to my new legacy. My old legacy got eaten up in the great game blowup of the century. So, I decided to do a challenge. Seems easy enough…hopefully. Basically, the matchmaker for one challenge is as follows: Each heir can only marry whomever the matchmaker gives them, and each generation has only one child, unless twins are born. Then the one who was remembered as being born first is heir. I posted all of the rules in case anyone is interested in reading. There may be a little plottiness, but it‟s generally a regular legacy.
  2. 2. Vanessa picked up the phone quickly before her dorm mates did. She was expecting a call from Simaica. “Hello?” “ „Nessa? It‟s your Aunt Tanice. How are you?” “Doin‟ good, aunty. How‟s everybody?” “They are fine, enjoying the weather as usual. Too hot for me though.” “I sure don‟t miss that part.” She laughed. “I called you for good reason though. It‟s somethin‟ your mama and papa told me to tell you before they passed.”
  3. 3. Vanessa rubbed her chin as she prepared to listen. “You know that you are the only child that have any interest in the family, since your no good brother only wants to chase skirts and you know-” “Yes, I know how he is. But what is it you want to tell me?” “Sorry „Nessa. You know I lose focus sometimes. Anyway, Your mama and papa told me to tell you that they want you to carry on the family name and restore the reputation we once had. I would do it myself, but I‟m way too old for that kinda business. But, they want you to do it in a special way.”
  4. 4. “Special? Oh, this sounds like bad joo-joo aunty.” “No, it‟s not like that at all. Since your papa always believed in diversity, he wants you and your children to consult the gypsy woman for your spouses. That way, you get your true love and also lots of different ethnicities.” “Children? Gypsy woman?” She scrunched up her face. “Aunty, no offense, but I‟m not the family type. I‟m too busy planning parties and makin‟ connections. There is no way I could make time for a house full of babies!”
  5. 5. “How „bout this then? You and your descendants only have one child each, that way you won‟t feel so overwhelmed.” “Well…I suppose I could deal with one. Besides, I could always hire a sitter while I go party right?” “ *sigh* Yea, sure „Nessa. But the family comes first right? And make sure you wait until Junior year to pick the love of your life.” “But how will I get in touch with the Gypsy woman?” “Look her up in the book. She‟s the only Gypsy in town, so she won‟t be hard to find.” “Ok, I will look her up soon.”
  6. 6. Thus the legacy begins….with an introduction to the founder. I gave her a custom eye colour to see how long it will take to fade away through the generations. She‟s cute, huh?
  7. 7. “Well, if I‟m going to be havin‟ a family and all that, I might as well learn to cook up some food.” Let‟s just hope she doesn‟t lose any fingers in the process.
  8. 8. *A couple of years later* Vanessa sighed with relief and nervousness. She passed her finals and was now officially a junior. The last couple of years were full of pulling odd shifts at the cafeteria and being an on call tutor for the freshmen in her dorms, but she finally got enough money saved up to begin her mission that her aunt called her to. “Well, someone‟s got to do it,” she muttered under her breath.
  9. 9. Vanessa found the Gypsy woman‟s number online and immediately dialed it. She was so excited about it that she slammed her arm through the wall. Ouch. “Hey, you the Gypsy woman right? Well can you meet me at my place? I need your help….with..*ehem*..I never thought I would say this, but I need your help findin‟ a good man.” The Gypsy agreed to meet her within the hour.
  10. 10. Just as she promised, the Gypsy woman arrived at the dorms within the hour. “Ah, so you are zee one Tanice told me about. Nice to meet you my dear. I suppose you are ready for zee love of your life?” “As ready as I can be. Can you make sure he has some hair on his face? I don‟t like the boyish type.” “Yes, of course, my dear.”
  11. 11. “And….and also make sure he won‟t bring bad joo-joo. Can‟t be havin‟ that in my life.” “…bad joo-joo?” “Aunty will explain that to you. Oh! And also make sure he will make my heart beat like a jungle drum…handsome and all that.” “My, you sure do require a lot. I will do my best. But first…”
  12. 12. “…The required fee? I can only vork my magic ven my pockets are full.” Vanessa handed over the 5 thousand simoleons and watched all of her hard work disappear in her “pockets”. The Gypsy woman took out an unusually shiny ball and started reciting incantations over it.
  13. 13. After what seemed like an eternity, a man mysteriously fell out of the sky and landed under their skirts. “Mmph! My eyes! They burn!” The view of old woman underwear scarred him for life.
  14. 14. Even though he wasn‟t blonde-haired, Vanessa thought the rugged facial hair more than made up for it. “He‟s hotter than a Simaican sunrise! I have got to get me some of that!” Her face showed a bit of uncertainty though.
  15. 15. They went inside the dorms to introduce themselves. Her date looked her over with curiosity. “My name is Forrest. Very lovely to meet you.” “Like in the movie! Awesome! I‟m Vanessa by the way.” “Movie? What movie?” “Never mind. Hey, wanna go eat? I‟m starvin‟ and this dorm food sucks major bricks. So, whadda ya say?” “Sure! I know just the place.”
  16. 16. Forrest called them a taxi, and were soon taking their seats at an upscale botanical restaurant. Vanessa was pretty impressed, and she also found his conversation quite strange. A whole lifetime of this? I hope I get used to it. “Rumor has it that this restaurant was built on an ancient Simian burial ground, and now the ghosts haunt this place at night. Fascinating, huh?” “*sips* Ya, very.” *rolls eyes*
  17. 17. The conversation moved on to better things, and Vanessa warmed up to him. She learned he was really a softie at heart, but put on a rugged front to charm the ladies. She thought he could use a lesson in table etiquette though. Forrest polished off his plate before she could even get halfway through her meal.
  18. 18. After dinner came the dancing. Vanessa was actually glad he asked her to dance, since she‟s been practicing her dance moves all year. “You sure do know how to boogie, Vanessa.” “Thanks! And please….call me „Nessa.” “No problem!” His smile made her stomach do back flips. He really is cute…I don‟t know what I was so worried about.
  19. 19. “I just had to capture the memory of our first date. We look so silly, huh?” Forrest laughed. “Yea, we do. I told you I don‟t look good in pictures. My driver‟s license picture always scare the cops away.” “Oh, c‟mon. Your face could easily make the cover of Simmerican Man Magazine any day.” “You flatter me, „Nessa. Hey, let‟s blow this pop stand. Want to go bowling?” “Of course! Lead the way Forrest!”
  20. 20. Her bowling skills weren‟t too bad as a beginner. She knocked down all but a couple of pins on her first try. “Woot! Look at that! I beat those pins down!” “Do you always go bowling?” “No, this is actually my first time going.” “Very nice!”
  21. 21. Forrest cheered her on in the background as she took her second turn. He still beat her though.
  22. 22. “Thanks for showing me such a good time, Forrest. This sure does beat writing papers and making cafeteria food.” “It was my pleasure, „Nessa. You sure do know how to enjoy yourself.” “How about we head back towards the University? I know a nice park we can hang out at for awhile. Plus, we will have the place to ourselves.” Forrest blushed. “Yea…sure…I like that.”
  23. 23. After walking around the pond for awhile, they settled on the soft grass underneath a maple tree. “I‟m not moving too fast am I?” Forrest said, concerned. “If cuddling is too much we can just sit on a bench.” “No, not at all. It‟s not like we are making out and stuff. Do you see that bright star over there?” “Mmhm.” “My mama and I used to wish on it every night. I always wished to be famous like papa and have lots of friends. But now, I just want to be happy.”
  24. 24. Forrest excused himself to the restrooms, leaving Vanessa alone. All of a sudden, a strangely dressed man came over to her. He grabbed her into a strange embrace. “You see, young one, the future is waaaay ahead of you. So much to do, so much to see. You see it, young one? Do you?” “Ermm….do I know you mister?” “Don‟t worry about that, we are all friends in the universe. Right?” “Ermm…” “I hope to meet with you again, young one. Taa Taa!”
  25. 25. As the strange man walked away, she noticed her wallet was missing. “Hey! You! You took my wallet you $%$#!” “Now now, what is this accusation?” “I‟ll show you!” Vanessa attacked him with full force, determined to get her hard earned money back. Forrest rushed out of the restrooms and stared in horror.
  26. 26. Unfortunately she was pwned. “That will show you, young one, that it is not wise to play the player. Good evening.” “I can‟t believe that idiot just beat me!” *gains 1,000 points* “Are you alright, „Nessa? What happened?” “Nothin‟, just take me home,” she said, gritting her teeth and rubbing her back.
  27. 27. Forrest moved closer to her. “Don‟t worry. You are still a tough cookie to me.” “Aww, so sweet. Thanks.” “No, thank you.” He kissed her lightly on the lips. “Now, let‟s take you home. We are getting soaked in this rain.”
  28. 28. “If I find that no good woman-beating sucker I will SHOW him who‟s boss.” Vanessa vowed to never forget what happened that night, but eventually she got over it.
  29. 29. The next morning, she noticed a lovely bouquet of roses on the porch as she left for class. She smiled knowingly. “Now this is what you call romantic.” She said as she crouched down to read the note attached. Vanessa, The scent of these roses are as sweet as your kisses. I eagerly await our next date. -Forrest “Cheesy, but sweet.” She picked up the roses and put them in her room before heading out.
  30. 30. Their next date was put on hold, however. Vanessa had to study extra hard to keep her grades up, so she was limited to calling Forrest on the phone in between classes and assignments.
  31. 31. They also wrote romantic emails to each other and chatted on SimSN when Forrest got home from work. Each day, she only had him in her mind, and realized that he definitely had a place in her heart.
  32. 32. That was confirmed when she heard a truck pull up, and saw two men hauling a giant TV to the door one night. They left before she could ask what was going on, but realized it was from Forrest when she saw his handwriting on a note attached to it. Vanessa immediately put it in University Storage when she got the chance.
  33. 33. “I seriously need to consider getting new shoes,” Vanessa whined over breakfast. “I have been wearing the same sandals since freshman year!” “That‟s what being a student is all about, Vanessa,” her best friend, Hailey, replied. Besides, once you graduate you can get as many outfits and shoes as you want.” “Still sucks though. Oh Forrest is coming over tonight to visit. I can‟t wait!” “I‟m so happy for you! Spend as much time as you can with him, finals are coming up ya know.”
  34. 34. The night was going well for them until Jake the Cow came and ruined things for them. Vanessa found herself a victim of a flirting prank and slapped her boyfriend before running off to the next dorm. Forrest was pissed because he thought she was cheating on him all this time.
  35. 35. “Baby, you know I would never cheat on you. I didn‟t even know the guy. He just came out of nowhere! I love you so much.” “I love you too, „Nessa, I…you know this is all too much right now.” She watched him walk away and sighed. “If you love him that much you should go after him. I sure would,” Heather said in support of her friend. “You know what? You‟re right. I‟m not letting this go so easily!”
  36. 36. And so for the rest of the evening, Vanessa spent time apologizing constantly. Eventually, Forrest believed her, but was still a bit upset and hurt about the whole ordeal. “ „Nessa, I forgive you, but I think we need some space….to sort things out. I need to think.” “I….I understand, love. But call me ok?” “I will. Promise.”
  37. 37. Their break went from weeks to months, and the whole time Forrest fulfilled his promise and called every few days. He was slowly getting over the flirting incident, and one night he called with something important in mind. “ “Sweetheart, would you like to go to dancing with me tonight?” “Umm…yes! I thought you would never ask.” “Good. I will pick you up at 7.” “See you then!”
  38. 38. Thirty minutes later, Forrest arrived in a taxi and waved her over. Vanessa got in quickly. “I‟m glad you came. Cabbie, turn up that heat! My butt is freezing!”
  39. 39. The snow mysteriously melted when they arrived in downtown. As soon as they got out of the taxi, Forrest pulled her in for a tight hug. “Ahh...‟Nessa, so nice to see you again. I missed you.” “I missed you too, love. I‟m glad you invited me.” “Well, dining alone is no fun, ya know? Plus I really missed your company.”
  40. 40. They couple grabbed a table and caught up on the new things that were happening in their lives. Forrest was just happy to be able to talk to the love of his life face to face.
  41. 41. After dinner, Forrest pulled Vanessa near the DJ and danced close to her. “I have missed you so much.” “I missed you too.” She smiled. “Nessa, I have to tell you something…I‟m sorry for not believing you months ago. I have had bad experiences in the past, and when all of that happened, it was like the past all over again.” “Let‟s start over, „k?” “I would like that very much.”
  42. 42. As soon as she got back to the dorms, she decided to do a little stargazing. But instead she did some old man gazing. “Hey! How dare you peek into my windows while I‟m freezing my warts off! Why I aughta..!”
  43. 43. “…and don‟t do it again missy! Kids these days! They have respect. None whatsoever.” Vanessa cried instead of defending herself. Poor thing.
  44. 44. Despite the crazy old man episode, Vanessa had only one thing on her mind, and it wasn‟t the term paper. Once the token of trust is implanted between two people, the conscience send out positive influences to the receiving person kind of like what Forrest and- “Dammit! Again? Geez I think I need a break.”
  45. 45. “Hello? Hey babe, how‟s it goin‟? Oh cool! I‟m callin‟ you to see if you wanna go out tonight….you do? Ok cool! I will pick you up at 8.”
  46. 46. Tonight she was nervous. And excited. And… “I hope this makeup is ok. Should I brush my teeth again? Hmm…maybe some more perfume….”
  47. 47. She was even nervous at the restaurant, and Forrest noticed. “ „Nessa, why are you so quiet tonight? Usually you‟re very chatty….which is a good thing.” Vanessa absently played with the corner of the menu. “Oh I‟m fine. Just thinking about class.” “Ah.”
  48. 48. The crazy waitress came and disturbed the peace. “You are sooooo lucky! My good-for-nothing husband left me for some slutty tramp in Pleasantview! Oooh, if I get my hands on him…” “Pardon me, can you take our order now?”Forrest said, smiling at Vanessa all the while. “ *ehem* Oh of course. Sorry about that. Just having a bad day heheheh.”
  49. 49. Their food arrived quickly, and for once Forrest didn‟t inhale his food like it was his last meal. He even tried to break Vanessa‟s shell, but she only replied with smiles and nods.
  50. 50. But then he figured out why she was so nervous. “Forrest, I have been attached to you from the first day we met, and now I can‟t imagine anyone better to spend the rest of my days with. Will you marry me?” “Really? You mean that?” “Uh huh.”
  51. 51. Forrest gently slid the small ring on his finger. “Well in that case, I will definitely marry you, „Nessa.” She exhaled loudly, thankful he said yes.
  52. 52. “Once we tie the knot, I was thinking we could try fertilizing those eggs of yours…” “Forrest! I never thought you would be so blunt!” She laughed. “You bring the worst out in me, „Nessa.” He grinned back.
  53. 53. The newly engaged couple was so happy, they danced like it was going out of style. Even the strange looks from the other people didn‟t stop them.
  54. 54. “I should be getting back to the dorms. I have an early class tomorrow.” “Ok. I hope to see you again soon.” “Probably not until after graduation. Sorry love.” Forrest hugged her tighter. “Well…keep in touch with me online ok? I can‟t wait until we are together forever.” “Me too.”
  55. 55. The next evening, Forrest left her another gift, this time an engagement present. She put the tank in storage, and was happy that she would finally get have some pet fish when she graduated.
  56. 56. Vanessa stayed up almost two nights in a row studying for her finals. So when she took a break to play some chess with Hailey, she was convinced that her eyesight was fading away. “Hailey, why do you look so transparent?” “If that‟s a way to get my distracted from the game, you will not be successful.” “No really! It‟s like I can see right through you..” “Hmm, sure. Check.”
  57. 57. *Two weeks later* She smiled with satisfaction as she returned to the dorms one last time. “I graduated! I can‟t believe that! If only my brother could see this…he would put his foot in his mouth big time! Take that!” Before she could leave though, there was one more thing she wanted to do…
  58. 58. Have a party! Vanessa felt like she deserved that much. So, with the last of her scholarship money, she rented out a keg from the local fraternity.
  59. 59. The cafeteria lady happily did the catering, offering up a large helping of burnt rice. No one touched it though.
  60. 60. “Vanessa! Hey girl I‟m glad you graduated. I wish I was going with you.” *In the background* “No offense, but could you go take a shower? You smell like you have been rolling around in the dumpsters.” “…”
  61. 61. Vanessa even invited her professor/mentor as well. She was the only friend Vanessa had besides Hailey. “I feel like we have become very good friends over the years. Make sure you keep in touch with me.” “Of course. Don‟t forget, you‟re invited to the wedding.”
  62. 62. After all of the booze was gone, Vanessa led her friends out for marshmallow roasting. This is the last day of being irresponsible. Time has gone by too fast. But hey, I have a great man waiting on the other side for me. Things are gonna be alright. Just as long as my gown doesn‟t catch on fire. Or my dreads.
  63. 63. Vanessa changed into a conservative suit as she prepared to take a taxi to her new home. She nervously fingered the small piece of paper that had her new address on it. “Well, here goes nothing,” she said to herself as she stepped into the taxi.
  64. 64. I will leave you with an awkward picture that probably belongs in the banned 4 lyfe section. I hope you all enjoyed my new legacy. See ya soon!