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From the Hart: An OWBC - 2.4


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Gen 2, Part 4 of my attempt at the Sims 2 Officially Wacky Boolprop Challenge.

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From the Hart: An OWBC - 2.4

  1. 1. From the Hart: An OWBC Part 2.4: Come Together
  2. 2. Hi! Welcome to another update! Last time, Onyx became a plantsim and added little Basil to the family. A shower was installed on the porch. Onyx met a wolf and began throwing several parties to befriend said wolf. There were birthdays – Basil grew into an adult, Lennon into a child. Paul, the bad apple, was born. Basil spent his pocket money on a gypsy date and got Heather Huffington. Brian became very unenthusiastic. And Officer Buzzkill paid us a few visits. Sound familiar? If not, you may want to consider taking a look back! Just a thought  Oh, and a special thanks to Keika, for graciously lending me her simself as this generation’s baby machine spouse! (Keika writes Clitheroe: A BaRKC!)
  3. 3. Let’s check in on each of the kids, shall we? This cutie is Paul, if you remember, our uncontrollable bad apple. He’s the only one with Onyx’s big eyes so far.
  4. 4. And then there’s newly child-ified Lennon. “Smile if you wish to slap dance!”
  5. 5. And finally, Basil. I suppose technically he’s not a kid, but he’ll be part of the heir poll for the generation, so he counts. “Blub blub blub! Help me, I can’t swim!” To be fair, he’s pretty much a big kid, being all of five days old, but he has mature aspects to him, too. Like his attempts to woo Heather Huffington…
  6. 6. “Heather! How about another date?” “I suppose…if you can call that first thing a date.” “Was it not? I mean…the matchmaker said it was…” “I just meant the fact it last five minutes and we never actually did anything.” “Oh, well I can fix that!”
  7. 7. “See? Romance!” “You’re such a goofball, Basil. What am I doing with you?” “Dancing? I think?” Heather laughed.
  8. 8. Her amusement of his antics led to their first kiss, surrounded by sunshine and greenery. I really like the pair of them together, for some reason!
  9. 9. They were still kissing when the school bus pulled up to drop Lennon off “Oh! How I wish I had not seen that!”
  10. 10. “Where are you going, Basil?” “Hot tub, kachow!” “…You think I’m going to woohoo on the second date?” “Is that what people do in hot tubs?”
  11. 11. Heather ended up getting in the hot tub anyway – she’s a romance sim too, afterall. “So, Heather, tell me more about this hot tub woohoo thing.” “How about I just demonstrate?” Let’s move on, shall we?
  12. 12. Another night, and another party to go with it. Got to get that werewolf transition somehow! “Hello again, Klutz! Is tonight the night, little man? Nibble me, go on. Just a little bit. A teeny bit. Go on…”
  13. 13. Hey, you’re not Officer Buzzkill! “No ma’am, I’m Officer Deadparty.” I feel cheated.
  14. 14. Inside, Basil is chugging down elixir. I want to keep him in the running for heirship, but I’ve got to keep him young – preferably without vampirism. I don’t remember the last time I used elixir, you know.
  15. 15. Jeez, Brian even looks unenthusiastic when he’s exercising! Where did his enthusiasm go?!
  16. 16. The next morning, Keika went into labour for a third time this generation. “Where’s Onyx when you need him?!”
  17. 17. Keika gave birth all alone in the nursery, to a little boy she named Ringo. (I take it you guessed my naming theme for the generation now right? Lennon, Paul, Ringo… :D)
  18. 18. Basil was completely smitten with his youngest brother. “You’re so small and cute! I’ll love you forever, little Ringo!”
  19. 19. The gnome’s been missing for almost a generation now, and with this many nice points, chances are, it’s never coming home. So the family now has a rooster to take his place as the head of the pink flamingo army.
  20. 20. “Come on, buddy, please say tonight’s the night…At least develop telepathy with me, that would be cool.”
  21. 21. “You’re a good boy, Klutz, but you really should bite more strangers.” Looks like you’re out of time for the evening, Onyx. But at least we have Officer Buzzkill back now! “Just doing my job, ma’am.”
  22. 22. “Father, why must you ignore me in favour of a rabid dog?” “He’s not rabid…say, did your Grandma Kana teach you to talk.” “Quite possibly.” “That would explain a lot.”
  23. 23. “Did you hear something, Randall? Like a pleasant song…almost like a lullaby…” No. Dammit, guys! No! Ugh. Looks like there’s going to be a late member to generation one, who will be raised alongside generation two. UGH. I hope Randy lives long enough to at least raise the baby a little.
  24. 24. “Look how like, totally good I am with kids! How could I resist another baby?” D’aw, he is good with the kids. Which is a vast improvement if you remember – Blossom, Randy’s firstborn, was largely ignored.
  25. 25. “Alright guys! Here’s Barbie Girl!!” It seemed unjust that the family didn’t own a karaoke machine, and so I fixed it. I mean, they have all of the other neat Pleasure-sim toys, so why not this as well?
  26. 26. “Mother, look! I am a high achiever!” “And I’m home from work. Everything is AWESOME!” “Mother, I am behind you…” Basil looks like he wants nothing to do with this little scene, bless him.
  27. 27. Oh, would you look at that – ANOTHER double birthday  This time, it’s Paul and Ringo. Basil, seeing as he loves kids, got to bring Ringo to the cake.
  28. 28. Randy had the honour of bringing Paul to his cake, and smile delightedly about it the entire time. “Did you know I’m, like, going to be a dad again? I love kids!” “We know, Dad. Everyone knows. Even the woman who delivers the groceries knows.”
  29. 29. Asdfghjkl the kids this generation! They’re all so freaking adorable! Ringo Hart 5/4/1/10/8 (Capricorn)
  30. 30. Paul is also still a cutie pie. “I like birthdays!”
  31. 31. Honestly, it wouldn’t be a birthday party at the Love Shack without a visit from a cop. Preferably, this cop. “Oh, good evening, Officer Buzzkill. Should we turn down our music again?” “Yes ma’am. And put me on the guest list for a future party.” “I shall consider it, Officer Buzzkill. Goodnight.”
  32. 32. “Oh my, I’m pregnant?!” “You didn’t know? Dad did. He already told everyone, too, even the human statue in the park.”
  33. 33. Dawn arrives again, and Basil invites his girlfriend over, who continues to teach him what love is. They’re really nice together, one of the rare times the gypsy gets it right!
  34. 34. That evening, and we’ve got a visit from the headmaster. “What like, happened to the last dude from the academy?” “Oh, he’s like, fine dude. There’s just like so much work to do at the academy, he sent me instead.” “Oh good, I liked him. Hey did you know, I’m going to be a father again?”
  35. 35. The family pulled out all the stops for this headmaster visit, and Brian even made lobster. And while I know the sparkles come from the bland tomatoes in the yard, I still like the idea of Brian going out and catching each lobster himself – for that authentic, organic taste. But the real gem of the visit: I never saw him get in the hot tub, but I’ll happily take the points! I think it’s incredible!
  36. 36. “No! Ringo was supposed to be the LAST ONE!” Well, if you and Onyx would stop woohooing daily maybe… I did put Keika on birth control via ACR after this. There’s already so many sims in the house, I sometimes feel like my eyeballs are going to melt from the stress of keeping them all alive.
  37. 37. The kids that the family already has? Well, obviously choosing optimal places to dance. “Look, Lennon! I’m a jazz hands dragon!” Oh yeah, and Paul decided his everyday clothes would be a dragon costume. And I’m more than okay with this.
  38. 38. “I’m pregnant with my fourth child! I can’t cope!” …I’m going to hope that’s a bottle of water or lemonade or something. Keika might be losing her marbles a little, but she is a Family sim, afterall.
  39. 39. Oh yeah, the other pregnancy we have going on. Just a reminder of how many sims live in the Love Shack: 1. Randy 2. Kana 3. Onyx 4. Keika 5. Basil 6. Brian 7. Lennon 8. Paul 9. Ringo It’s going to be ELEVEN sims soon! (sobbing)
  40. 40. For Onyx, things are progressing nicely with his magic – he’s got the sparkly complexion to prove it! I figured it’d be most fitting of Onyx, given that he’s the proud owner of 10 nice points.
  41. 41. I can’t remember why I took this picture.It probably has something to do with Basil being handsome, so I guess we’ll go with that. I really like Basil, can you tell?
  42. 42. As for the monster mash, well, it’s still a work in progress. We’re so close! Just werewolf and zombie, and we’re done! If only Klutz would cooperate. “Come on, buddy. Please. I’m begging you. My wife is sick of the constant parties.” Well, seeing as you asked so nicely…
  43. 43. “Oh! It’s really…GRR…happening!” About time! I’m so excited!
  44. 44. “Thank you, friend. I’ll always leave a bowl of kibble out for you from now on.” Or, you know, you could invite me to your parties. “I love you too, buddy.”
  45. 45. “Alright! I came as quickly…as I could…man am I out of breath…BREAK IT UP PEOPLE!” Go ahead, officer-who-isn’t-my-favourite. We’re done with constant partying for a little while.
  46. 46. “Onyx? Are you furry now? As well as glowing?” “Yep! Isn’t everything awesome? The dog finally bit me, and now I’m all hairy, and there’s only one thing left to do, and it’s gonna be great to be done and-”
  47. 47. Leaving Onyx to talk his wife’s ear off, I decided to check on the kids. They should probably get more attention than they do, to be honest. Paul’s working on his latest masterpiece. “Green is my favourite colour, but I don’t want to make the other crayons sad by not using them!”
  48. 48. Lennon, meanwhile, was demonstrating he has more neat points that two thirds of the previous generation. Why?
  49. 49. So he can jump on the bed, of course! Is there any other reason to make a bed when you’re that small?
  50. 50. “Ringo, wake up! Daddy’s got fur!” I don’t know why he chose to interact with the only sleeping kid, but oh well. Ringo didn’t seem bothered. “Rawr, Ringo! Look at me!”
  51. 51. “Second pop! That means I’m almost there!” It does! I’m pretty excited about this last baby, despite complaining about how full the house is.
  52. 52. That’s all I have for this time, folks! I’ll leave you with the picture of Basil juggling! See you soon! 