Kennedy Legacy 1.1


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Vanessa is getting ready to start her life outsie of college. How will she deal with it?

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Kennedy Legacy 1.1

  1. 1. Hello and welcome back to the Kennedy Legacy. Last time, Vanessa was told about her special legacy from her aunt, and met Forrest courtesy of the matchmaker. Jake the Cow threatened to ruin their relationship, but after a small break they were back to normal. Vanessa and Forrest got engaged, and she graduated not too long after. Let’s see what’s happening now….
  2. 2. Vanessa climbed out of the taxi and looked at the empty field. Is this the right address? She thought as she watched the taxi drive off. She mysteriously produced a pair of binochulars and scanned the horizon. “This place looks like a bird sanctuary more than a home. Well, I had better call the contractors before I wind up livin’ in a tent for the night.”
  3. 3. Five hours later, her house was finished. Although it wasn’t much, it would do for now. Vanessa stood on her new lawn and sighed. This is my new beginning…I can’t believe it. I sure do hope Forrest likes it.
  4. 4. A small tour of the legacy house. The bathroom…
  5. 5. Kitchen/Dining Room….
  6. 6. Living Room….
  7. 7. Creativity Area….
  8. 8. And finally, the bedroom.
  9. 9. Vanessa eagerly scanned the papers as soon as it arrived, hoping that there was an opening in the Culinary career. Unfortunately it wasn’t, so she decided to be all she could be in the Sim Army until her dream job popped up.
  10. 10. Mr. Humble paid her a surprise visit and delivered a top-of-the-line PC for her enjoyment. “What about my enjoyment? I roam from town to town with these heavy ass computers in my back pocket and no place to live! What kind of existence is this?” He was suffering from depression, so Mr. Humble didn’t stay very long.
  11. 11. She wasted no time in grabbing it up and putting it together in her room. Vanessa was almost positive it was another gift from Forrest. After much searching, the online job listings didn’t offer her dream job either.
  12. 12. “As smart as this outfit makes me look, this is definitely not my style,” she said as she picked up the Smegal Catalog. “Ah, this outfit is perfect!”
  13. 13. The next day, her outfit arrived in the mail. She was pleased to be in some better fitting clothes. “This is so much better. Now my sweetie will really be drooling over me.” Although her living situation was getting a little rough to deal with, and her pockets were getting empty, the thought of her fiancee made her feel a whole lot better.
  14. 14. The next door neighbors came by to say hello. Natasha Una was the first to introduce herself. “Hi! My name is Natasha. Any time you need some pottery, just come on by.” “Nice to meet you. I’m ‘Nessa. And I will keep that in mind.” After all of the introductions were made, Vanessa invited them in for lunch.
  15. 15. The invitation was a bust though. The delicious smell of homemade cheese pizza didn’t distract them from their interesting conversation. “More for me,” She said in between bites.
  16. 16. “I just graduated from Uni with honors! I am so glad to be outta there.” “What was the worst part about it?” Natasha asked. “Well, besides the mascots, the worst part was when my professor would drag her fingers across the chalk board to get our attention. That noise haunts me in my dreams to this day!” “I can imagine! That’s a horrible noise. My mother used to do that too.”
  17. 17. As the visit started to wind down, Vanessa settled down to watch some TV. Instead she got a giant view of her neighbor’s butt. *sigh* This is not my idea of a football game.
  18. 18. After the guests left, Forrest called. He was excited about moving in with Vanessa. “So, how’s everything with the house? All settled in yet?” “Yea, everything is fine. The neighbors came over to visit, and the house is all lived in now.” “Great!......I miss you a lot ‘Nessa.” “I miss you too. Are you still coming tomorrow?” “Of course! I will be there first thing in the morning, my love.”
  19. 19. Early the next morning, Vanessa went to work, nervous about getting dirt in her hair. She knew this wasn’t going to work out for her, since cooking was more of her forte than shooting at things. I am so going to the employment center soon. These hours are crazy!
  20. 20. Picking bits of sand and grass out of her hair, she smiled as she thought of the promotion that was given to her. “Not bad for a cook, huh? If only my brother could see this, he would kick himself.”
  21. 21. Just as she finished showering, Forrest and a friend of his came through the door. “Nessa? My love, I’m home!” Vanessa jumped out of the shower, quickly dressed and ran out to hug him. “Baby! I am so glad you came! Welcome home honey!” His friend busied herself with the fish tank, trying to ignore all of the mooshy talk they were doing.
  22. 22. A few hours later, Forrest and Vanessa said their vows with her old Professor as a witness. The Professor had lots of smarts but lacked a lot of manners. “I, Vanessa Kennedy, take thee Forrest-*BURP!* “ “Sorry about that. My stomach acts out when I get happy.” “Erm, yeah. Anyways, I take thee Forrest to be my husband, forever and ever, till death do us part.” The rest of the ceremony was burp free, much to their relief.
  23. 23. He was the perfect gentleman when he fed her the cake. Vanessa closed her eyes, expecting a face full, but instead he politely fed it to her. “I love you, Forrest.” I love you too, sweetheart.”
  24. 24. Here is his stats. Complete with an interesting profile of his face: Forrest Kennedy (formerly Andrews) Popularity 4-10-4-4-3 LTW: Become Captain Hero Turn ons/offs: Glasses, Full Face Makeup/Swimwear Forrest came in with 11,000 simoleons and a job as a Hall of Famer.
  25. 25. More college friends showed up to give their congratulations and to talk about old times. “Remember the time when old man Jones tried to make Hailey workout and his pants fell down? That was hilarious!” “I sure do remember that. No one saw him for a week after that!”
  26. 26. After the wedding guests left, the newlyweds cuddled in bed and enjoyed each others company. For the first time in her life, Vanessa felt like she was truly loved and appreciated. Even though her mission in life might have been odd, she felt she could get through it as long as Forrest was with her.
  27. 27. Wow! He sure does know what he’s doing! Vanessa thought as she drifted off to sleep.
  28. 28. Forrest tried to be romantic and make his new wife breakfast in bed but instead he caught the kitchen on fire. “Oh crap! WhatdoIdo whatdoIdo! Where’s the water?!”
  29. 29. There was no time to call the fire department, so Forrest grabbed an extinguisher and put the fire out himself before Vanessa woke up. It was definitely a close call.
  30. 30. Vanessa didn’t realize there was a fire, but the charbroiled pancakes made her stomach turned. Forrest is definitely not allowed to cook in this house ever again! She though as she gagged.
  31. 31. They took a trip to the Employment Center the next evening so that they could get their dream jobs.* Forrest bent over to pick up a coin. “I guess this means good luck,” he said as he shoved the coin into his pocket. “Maybe it is,” she replied. Her mind was on his behind though. *I have tons of custom jobs in my game, and the chances of them finding their dream jobs were slim, so I will be using the job board from now on.*
  32. 32. After browsing the job listings for awhile, Vanessa found a position in the Culinary career track, and Forrest found his calling at the local police station. Every now and then, he wondered if she really cheated on him with Jake, but he immediately shook it out of his head. “Are you ok, Forrest?” “Uhh..yea I’m fine. Just tired. Let’s head home.” “I can tell you are tired. You came here in your PJ’s.”
  33. 33. Vanessa discovered her husband’s kinky side that night. “How about we play cops and robbers? I got my handcuffs.” “I love that idea! Let me get my mask on.”
  34. 34. “Oh God, I knew I shouldn’t have eaten those burnt pancakes-Blaarrgh!”
  35. 35. Forrest had a feeling it wasn’t the pancakes, since he noticed Vanessa taking naps during the day. He quietly cleaned up after her episodes since she was usually too tired to clean it up herself.
  36. 36. Every so often, Jake the Cow pay the Kennedys a visit, to express his anger with Forrest. Since he couldn’t pick any fights, he stole the newspaper instead.
  37. 37. Forrest’s suspicions were confirmed when his wife rose from the table one morning and gagged. “I’m not sure why, but I think I might be preggos Forrest.” “I kind of figured you were, my love. You haven’t been feeling well lately.” Vanessa gagged again. “Well, I’m going to go to the store and get a test tomorrow.”
  38. 38. She didn’t have to wait too long. At 3 A.M. the baby decided to make an appearance. “Whoa! I wasn’t expecting this! Then again, with all that woohooing, what should I expect?” Forrest grinned and fell back asleep. His dream of being a father was coming true.
  39. 39. “Now that I’m preggos, it’s up to you to rake in the dough. Can’t be stressing myself out at work, ya know.” “Of course, my love. I will try not to work too much though. I would hate to miss our child’s birth. Make sure you rest.” “You don’t have to say that twice,” Vanessa replied as she inhaled her food.
  40. 40. The news of her pregnancy reached her ex co-worker, and he called to make sure she was doing ok. “Too bad you left the Sim Army, but I’m glad you found the job of your dreams. Congrats on your pregnancy by the way.” “Aww thanks. Don’t be a stranger though. You should come for dinner one of these days.”
  41. 41. The days came and went, and soon Forrest was bringing home promotions. He still kept his promise and made sure he came home as soon as possible.
  42. 42. There were some days that Vanessa was too cranky for Forrest to be around her, so he retreated to the lawn and wrote down all of the things he wanted to buy for the house one day. He knew that as soon as the baby was born, he would have his normal wife back. Hopefully.
  43. 43. 3 A.M. the baby decided to make its presence known even more. “I can’t wait for you to be born. You are disturbing my sleep!” Little did she know that babies disturb ones sleep even more after they were born.
  44. 44. “Our little one should be here any day now huh?” Forrest said, beaming. “Yea, and I can’t wait. This baby is stretching me all over the place.” “Don’t worry, you are still a beautiful woman to me.” Vanessa smiled. “You always know what to say, sweetie.”
  45. 45. They spoke a lot about the baby, especially the sleeping arrangements. Forrest decided to call up some contractors to build an addition to the house so the baby would have its own room. Vanessa love the idea.
  46. 46. Vanessa mood went sour during dinner, and Forrest waited patiently for her to finish her venting. “I will never get my college figure back! I’m gonna look like some crazy sumo wrestler with more stretch marks than the SimCity map!” “My love,” Forrest said patiently, “you know that’s not true. You will go back to your old self soon. I think you are just tired and cranky. A good night’s sleep should help.” Vanessa just smiled. She never understood how he could be so patient with her when she was always cranky and moody.
  47. 47. That night, Vanessa got out of bed, feeling pain all over her body. As soon as she stood up, her water broke. “Oh crap! This is bad joo-joo! Forrest! I think the baby is comin’!” “Zzzzzz….hmm? Baby? OH CRAP THE BABY!!!” He got out bed quickly and tried his best to coach her through the delivery, even ignoring all of the swear words she spat out.
  48. 48. Four hours later, Jake Kennedy was born. He favoured his dad a lot, only taking Vanessa’s eye colour. “Welcome to the world, Jake,” she said as she held him. Vanessa couldn’t believe she was actually a mother. Forrest smiled proudly at his son from the other side of the room.
  49. 49. Surprisingly, motherhood came naturally for Vanessa. She woke up during the night to feed Jake and change his diapers. Since Forrest’s work hours changed to nights, he volunteered to do the night feedings when she was too tired, much to her relief.
  50. 50. Thanks for reading my legacy. Comments are definitely appreciated. Stay tune to the next chapter! I will be trying to update more often since I have a ton of time on my hands now. Happy simming!