A Very Victorian Bachelor Challenge - Day 3


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Day 3 of Theodore Harrison's Victorian bachelor challenge. Which simself will be leaving today?

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A Very Victorian Bachelor Challenge - Day 3

  1. 1. Hello and welcome to day three of Theodore Harrison's bachelor challenge. For those of you who have not read the prologue or preceding days, I will give you a quick summary. Theo is the son of one of my generation three spares Enid and her husband Frederick. His grandfather Thomas wants to see that his bloodline will be continued after his death, and grew tired of waiting for Theo to start courting of his own volition. He therefore ran adverts for a bogus research project to find seven ladies to share a house with Theo for a week. I actually played the house for nearly two weeks. The first seven days were the challenge, and once the winner was crowned, I reset all the relationships to zero and moved everyone back in. I then shot various set scenes for the challenge to tie up with the legacy and be more era appropriate where necessary. All date activities happened as are shown. The bachelor challenge is by PA Vicky on the exchange.
  2. 2. As Theodore watched the latest evictee, Gin, walk to meet her carriage, he breathed a sigh of relief. He did regret having to send one person home each day but he just had not been getting on with her. If someone had to go, it was right that it was her, and now he could concentrate on getting to know his remaining guests better. *** GintasticNecat author of the Science of a Legacy. She left after being sixth with a second day score of 29.
  3. 3. His remaining guests were currently in the drawing room. They had finished discussing Gin's departure and were now amusing themselves whilst they waited for him to return. They are: DrSupremeNerd, writer of the Vetinari Dualegacy currently celebrating her second consecutive day in first place with 125 points.
  4. 4. Michellefobbs (Michaelfobbs) author of a Planetary Apocalyse and Not Quite a Vacation Asylum. She managed to gain an incredible 94 points on day two to move her into second place with 108.
  5. 5. Annie (tatdatcm) who writes the Doublet Legacy and the Potpal Legacy. She is currently in third place with a score of 60.
  6. 6. Jessica (Myzra) writer of the Kennedy Shufflacy and a mod at Boolprop.com. She starts day three in fourth place with a score of 53.
  7. 7. His final guest is Cee, simself of Charris, the writer of the Regacy. She didn't have a very good second day, dropping from joint second to fifth place, with a score of 33.
  8. 8. It was now early afternoon and Theo was getting hungry. As he walked through the drawing room he called to his guests, "I am going to lay out some food for luncheon, if anyone wishes to join me, you are most welcome to do so."
  9. 9. His guests didn't need asking twice, and by the time he was tucking into his lunch, several had grabbed plates of their own. "So..." said Michelle, "have you given any thoughts as to how we might spend the remainder of the day Mr Harrison?“ "Erm, well I was going to have a quick soak in one of the spa pools myself, and then I was thinking that I could spend some time with each of you individually. Tell me, do you all like chess?"
  10. 10. "I think that that sounds marvellous Mr Harrison." Responded Michelle. "Those spa pools are so relaxing, and I am very partial to a good game of chess."
  11. 11. "I agree." Said Cee looking round the table. "And let us not forget that even if we much prefer cards to chess, the conversation will, all told, be excellent."
  12. 12. As the rest of his guests offered their opinions Theo fought to suppress a smile. He was finding the more time he spent in these ladies' company, the more he was enjoying himself. One small thing though; he had meant that he wanted to relax in one of the spa pools alone.
  13. 13. With luncheon over and done with Theodore went to change into his bathing costume for his soak in one of the pools. He hadn't been in it for more than a couple of minutes when a voice asked if she could join him. Despite the fact that he had wanted to be alone, he couldn't help but smile when he saw who it was.
  14. 14. "Of course you can join me Doc Nerd.“ "Good, after all we don't want you getting lonely now do we?" she replied as she climbed in.
  15. 15. "I suppose not." said Theo laughing. "Not that I would get the chance to round here. I expect that we will be joined momentarily by another couple of my guests.“ "Oh." Doc looked slightly put out by that thought. She looked out over the garden, "I think you are right. I can see the rest of your guests approaching now."
  16. 16. After a slight kafuffle, which Theo didn't see, his pool was soon full, leaving two of his guests to retire to the second nearby pool. Doc turned to Cee and said in an undertone, "That was an impressive piece of elbow work there. You really want to be in this pool huh?"
  17. 17. "Of course I do!" She exclaimed, far louder than she meant to, "I'm lagging dangerously behind at the moment." She coughed, "Erm I mean, I have no idea what you are talking about Doc. You must be seeing things.“ "Right." Said Doc with a slight smirk.
  18. 18. Annie, who had slipped into the pool whilst Michelle had been pre-occupied with calming Jessica down, just looked at the two of them, a bemused smile on her face. Yes she wanted to have the opportunity to speak to Theo, but she didn't see the point of all this competition. What would happen would happen, no point in getting all aerated about it.
  19. 19. In the second spa pool Jessica was not happy. "She elbowed me Michelle!“ "I'm sure that it was just high spirits.“ "No, she stopped me from getting into that pool with Theo. I don't take things like this well. I can get very competitive."
  20. 20. "I hadn't noticed." Sighed Michelle. "Look, Jessica, it is not as if Theo has to decide who leaves straight after we get out of the pools." She smiled. "I'm sure everything will work out just fine."
  21. 21. Somehow Theo had remained oblivious to all that had occurred, and was now engaged in a conversation with Doc. "So Cassidy is the product of an abduction. That's how I know that extraterrestrial life exists out there.“ "Fascinating, and this Mr Vetinari did nothing out of the ordinary, just star gazed?“ "Yup, and one day they found him. Should have kept him too actually."
  22. 22. They might have been enjoying themselves, but their two companions weren't best pleased about this. "So was it like this yesterday? Did you manage to get a word in edgeways then?" asked Annie. "No, yesterday was quite different. Doc and Michelle spent most of the time discussing Mr Harrison's...physical attributes." Said Cee, a slight frown passing over her face. "Really? I bet that was an engaging conversation.“ "Perhaps, but it is hardly proper." Cee sniffed. "No I suppose not. Well we can't have Doc hogging all of Theo's attention can we?" Said Annie brightly.
  23. 23. "Mr Harrison, oh Mr Harrison, over here!“ "Yes Miss Annie?"
  24. 24. *splash* "Oh very good Miss Annie." Said Theo wiping his eyes and laughing.
  25. 25. "Hey that looks like fun!" said Doc and promptly proceeded to splash Theo. Soon everyone in the pool was splashing everyone else and their laughter rang out across the garden.
  26. 26. In the other pool the sound of laughter just made Jessica start complaining again. "They sound like they are having fun. I could be having fun if I were in that pool with them. I should be in that pool, it was only Cee elbowing me..."
  27. 27. "Oh for goodness..." started Michelle. "Jessica going on about it isn't going to change it. The only thing you can do is try to have a good conversation with him this evening whilst you play chess. You do play chess don't you?“ "Yes, but I do get competitive.“ "Why am I not surprised?"
  28. 28. In Theodore's pool things had quietened down, and he decided that now was as good a time as any to suggest that they go inside before it got dark. "Oh, do you not want to stay out here for longer?" asked Cee slightly put out that it looked like she had to go in, just as she was starting to get on with Theo. "No, it is getting late, and I do want to play chess with each of you before bed."
  29. 29. Much to no one's surprise Doc was the first of his guests to sit at a chess board and set up ready to start. "So Doc Nerd, do you like playing chess?" asked Theo as they began their little game.
  30. 30. "Hmm?" responded Doc as she contemplated her move. They had only a limited time to play their game before Theo would move onto the next guest and she wanted to impress him. "I asked if you like the game Doc.“ "Oh yes. I enjoy thinking about the strategy of the game."
  31. 31. "As do I." replied Theo. "In fact I confess myself to be quite disappointed that we will only be able to make a couple of opening moves tonight.“ Doc thought about what he had said. "Yes, it is such a pity that opening moves is all we will be able to make." She said in a deadpan voice.
  32. 32. They continued to play for three quarters of an hour, and at the end of it Doc had the advantage so Theo declared that she had won. "That was an excellent mini game Theo, but I'm exhausted. I'm going to bed.“ "Goodnight then Doc Nerd." Theo said smiling.
  33. 33. Michelle was the next simself that Theo played chess with. "It is nice to get to speak to you again Mr Harrison." She said as he took his seat. "Thank you, I enjoy speaking to you too Miss Michelle." He smiled. "In fact I must say that I am finding having all you to stay is much more pleasant than I first anticipated."
  34. 34. "Don't sound so surprised at that, we are nice people you know." She said fixing him with a look. "I did not mean it like that at all." He laughed. "What I meant was, my grandfather arranged all of this expecting me to fall in love with one of you and marry that person."
  35. 35. "And you object to that?“ "I do not object to marriage, far from it: I would like to marry one day; what I object to was the fact that he took it upon himself to try to force me to love someone I have only just met."
  36. 36. Michelle gave this a bit of thought. "Well, there is no obligation for you to marry one of us. Perhaps you should look on this as an opportunity to get to meet us and then, if you are so inclined, you can get to know at least one of us better once we have left the house.“ "That is a very sensible suggestion, thank you Miss Michelle. I am finding more and more that you have a very sensible head on your shoulders, and I think I know who to turn to in the matter of advice." Michelle smiled at Theo, a fluttery feeling in her stomach. "Now if you will excuse me, much as I am enjoying our game I do have three other ladies I have to speak to." With that he got up and walked across to the other chess board where Annie was setting up the pieces. Michelle watched him go, a thoughtful expression on her face.
  37. 37. "I must confess that I am not quite as good at this game as I could be." Said Annie, a look of intense concentration on her face. "Not to worry Miss Annie, we have not the time to play a full game anyway. I am actually using this as an opportunity to get to speak to you all again without any interruptions." He said smiling.
  38. 38. "I understand that you have not long moved to Regalton. How do you find it?“ "It's nice, a bit quiet all told, but at least there is not the dreadful pollution of the city." She replied. "Yes, my Aunt Evelyn lives in the city and from visiting her and her husband I know that the air is terrible. The last time I was there the smoke from the collective coal fires made the air quite black. It was rather difficult to breathe whilst out walking."
  39. 39. "It's a problem, and one I don't think will go away very easily.“ "But in the future we will surely have come up with a far better fuel and the air will be clear." For his time, Theo was actually a rather progressive thinker. Annie thought about inventions Theo had yet to see, in particular the horseless carriage. "I think you will find that although coal smoke might not be such a problem, we will have other sources of pollution to worry about."
  40. 40. "Really? How saddening that is to hear." He said with a sigh. "Much as I have enjoyed speaking to you Miss Annie, I fear our time is up.“ "Oh, I had better be going to bed anyway. Goodnight Mr Harrison.“ "Goodnight Miss Annie."
  41. 41. His mini game with Annie over Theo moved onto his next guest, Cee. "I see you have already dressed for bed. I hope I am not keeping you up." He said noticing that she was in her nightdress. "Not at all Mr Harrison, I am merely making sure that I am prepared to retire once our little chat is over."
  42. 42. "Speaking of our chat, I have not really got to speak to you, so I am not sure of what your interests are Miss Cee.“ "Well, I am rather fond of fashion, even if no one else here seems too keen to talk about it.“ "Really? Perhaps you should speak to my mother then. She is, and always has been, an avid follower of fashion. My sister Louisa is too but to a lesser extent."
  43. 43. He paused, "Do you mind if I ask you a question then?" "No, go ahead.“ "If you are so interested in fashion, why then do you wear clothes that can only be described as old fashioned?“ She scowled at him, not pleased by the question. "They are not old fashioned," she replied sniffily, "they are classic designs. Besides the current trend for lacing corsets so tight that one can barely breathe will soon be over: I cannot see it continuing for more than another couple of years. Mark my words by 1877 corsets will no longer be so tight."
  44. 44. As this conversation had progressed Theo had become aware of someone standing at his shoulder. "Doc Nerd," he said surprised, "I was under the impression that you were going to go to bed.“ "I was…I mean…I am, I just wanted to say goodnight to you before I did…again.“ "Well, good night then Doc Nerd." He said, a smile playing about his lips. "Pleasant dreams.“ "Good night Mr Harrison." With that she finally turned and started into the hall to go upstairs to bed.
  45. 45. "That woman is far too forward for her own good." Said Cee conveniently forgetting that she was sitting there in her nightgown, her hair loose about her shoulders. "She is very forward, is she not?" Said Theo smiling. With the exception of his sister, who wouldn’t say boo to a goose, Theo was from a family of very forthright women, but even he had never met anyone quite as forward as Nerd. He rather liked it.
  46. 46. By the time he had finished talking to Cee, Jessica, having become impatient, had already set up the board and was starting to work out her strategy. "I do hope you do not mind if I join you?" asked Theo amused. "No, of course not! I was just…doing a bit of forward planning."
  47. 47. Theo took his seat. "Now Miss Jessica we have had hardly any time to converse…“ "I know,” she interrupted, "it is most unfair. I really wanted to be in the pool with you today, but Cee just pipped me to the post. I was not pleased.“ "Well, you have me to yourself now. What do you wish to speak about?" Asked Theo, slightly astonished at what Jessica had said.
  48. 48. "Umm...well..." Now that Theo had put her on the spot her mind had gone blank. "The arts! I know that you are a scientist, but surely you must appreciate the arts too. Do you like the theatre?"
  49. 49. "Hmm, yes very much so. I find it odd that people seem to think that the two are mutually exclusive. Why can a man not take an interest in both?“ "No reason, no reason at all. In fact I am sure that you will be able to find someone who wouldn't mind going to the theatre with you once all this is finished." Said Jessica hopefully. "You might be right. I will have to make a note to find out what is on once I leave the house. Thank you for that suggestion Miss Jessica. Now I fear I am keeping you too late. I am going to retire for the night, I suggest you do the same. Goodnight.“ "Oh, goodnight Mr Harrison." She replied with a trace of disappointment in her voice. She had hoped to speak with him some more.
  50. 50. Over at the Old Observatory, myself and the other simselves were amusing ourselves with a game of billiards to the accompaniment of the piano when the telephone rang. "I'll just get that" I called. "Right." Replied Gin eyeing up her next shot. *** In the purple dress we have Circe, simself of hbcirce writer of the Geogacy. The lady in blue is Lauriempress who writes the Legacy of Jubilee and was the first to leave the house. Also living in the house are: Denise (Avidreader2466) who writes the Puritanical Green Thumb and Grafted Roots Legacies Lea (tlhs0) author of the Barsoom Legacy.
  51. 51. "Hello Riverblossom Hills…oh what's the number?...uh…319." I answered, frantically searching for the telephone number of our rented house. "Hello Miss Di, it is Charles." Said the man on the other end. Charles is one of my generation three spares and is married to my (very pregnant) friend Angela. *** Angela (thepiepers5) writes Tha' Simple Life.
  52. 52. I immediately thought of Angela and her condition. "Charles, is everything alright? How is Angela?"
  53. 53. He laughed, "Everything is wonderful and Angela is very well. She gave birth this evening to a healthy baby boy we have named Ernest."
  54. 54. "That is fantastic news. Congratulations to you both. I am so happy for you. Who does he look like?“ "His skintone seems to be in between mine and Angela's, and he has our light blue eyes and my black hair.“ "He sounds adorable. Can I speak to Angela?“ "Certainly."
  55. 55. “Miss Di wants to speak to you my love.“ "Can you hold Ernie for me then?“ "Of course. Come to Papa Ernie. I will take him and put him in his cot.“ "Thank you darling."
  56. 56. "Angela, congratulations, how are you?“ "Tired but very, very happy.“ "I am so happy for you both and I can't wait to meet little Ernest.“ "You will all have to come over when you get back home."
  57. 57. "Yes, we will have to have a party and wet the baby's head.“ "It will have to be only a small party though...“ "Of course, but we do have to celebrate this." By the time I rung off from speaking to her I had made plans for a get-together for all of us to celebrate Ernest's birth.
  58. 58. Theodore had slept soundly that night. He had started to relax about his situation and had admitted to himself that he was actually enjoying the company of his guests. He had read his grandfather's latest epistle before retiring and knew that he had to send another guest home. Thomas had once again suggested that he try complimenting his companions and spending a little time with them individually away from the others. As with yesterday he decided to do this after breakfast.
  59. 59. Unusually that morning Theo wasn't the first down to breakfast. Both Doc and Cee had beaten him to it and were discussing how things were going. "I think you are wrong Cee. First off I can't help how I am, and secondly the more you can speak to Theo, the more he can get to know you and less likely you are to go home."
  60. 60. "But it is hardly ladylike. Mr Harrison is a gentleman, he will not appreciate you being so forward.“ "Well he is about to join us for breakfast." Said Doc spotting him walking towards the dining room. "Good morning ladies." Said Theo as he walked in. "Morning Mr Harrison, I hope today finds you well?“ "Very thank you Miss Cee."
  61. 61. "You certainly look very handsome today." Said Doc. "Oh thank you." Said Theo blushing slightly. "Ah, I said that out loud didn’t I?" Responded Doc. "Yes you did, but it is nice to receive such a compliment."
  62. 62. Cee gave Doc a disapproving look before turning to Theo. "I am sure that you have something planned for this morning though, do you not?" Asked Cee, desperate to be included in the conversation.
  63. 63. "Yes, I want to speak to you all again in the library." Hearing this Doc doubled her efforts to finish her breakfast. "I think that getting to see you all away from everyone else is very telling.“ "Oh I agree Mr Harrison."
  64. 64. By this time Doc had finished her breakfast and got up to clear her plate. She was determined to get dressed and be the first to speak to Theo alone. "Have you finished already Doc Nerd?" "Yes I was very hungry this morning."
  65. 65. Unsurprisingly Doc was the first of his guests to join him in the library. "You wished to speak to me Mr Harrison?" She asked with uncharacteristic coyness.
  66. 66. "Erm yes Doc Nerd. I just wished to say how much I am enjoying having you as my guest. I find your conversation extremely engaging, and," he started to blush "I think you are uncommonly pretty."
  67. 67. "Really?" She would have preferred to be called stunningly beautiful, but she supposed that from an uptight Victorian that was a big compliment.
  68. 68. "Yes, I do." Without consciously realising it he reached out and took her hands. "I am looking forward to getting to know you better as the week goes on Doc."
  69. 69. "You are?" That sounded very promising. "I am looking forward to getting to know you better too Mr Harrison." She smiled. Theo suddenly realised that he was holding her hands. He let go quickly. "Well I had better let you get on." He stammered, "I have to speak to the other guests too.“ "Oh right, I'll speak to you later I hope." "Yes, I am sure you will.“ *** Unsurprisingly SimNerd accepted both the suggestion and the hold hands with ease.
  70. 70. Theo was sitting contemplating what had just happened, when Michelle knocked on the door and entered. He hadn't intended to take Doc's hands at all and was now cursing himself for being so forward. But at the same time there was a little voice telling him that she hadn't objected. So engrossed was he in this that he didn't notice that Michelle had sat down next to him until she spoke. "Mr Harrison, I understand that you want to speak to us all this morning?"
  71. 71. "Hmm? Oh yes Miss Michelle. I just want to speak to you all individually and say how pleased I am that I have been given the opportunity to meet you all." He stood up and motioned for her to do the same.
  72. 72. "I...I count you as a true friend even though I have known you only a few days. Your insight is valuable to me and," he faltered slightly, "your smile seems to brighten up the room. I always look forward to our little chats Miss Michelle."
  73. 73. "I always look forward to speaking to you too Mr Harrison.“ "I am very glad to hear it." He looked down at her hands. Should he take them as he had Nerd's?
  74. 74. He decided to give it a shot, and was pleasantly surprised when she didn't object. "I hope that we continue to become close as the week goes on." Said Michelle. "Yes, I certainly value your friendship. I think we would have become friends if we had met outside of this house too, do you not agree?“ "Yes I do actually." Replied Michelle. *** Again both the suggestion and the hand holding went off without a hitch.
  75. 75. Annie was the next simself to enter the library. "Miss Annie, always a pleasure to see you." Said Theodore smiling.
  76. 76. "Really? You mean that?" Asked Annie. "Yes I do. The more I speak to you the more I like you and the more I want to speak to you again."
  77. 77. He took a step forward. "I have just noticed that your eyes are the most startling shade of blue. They really are quite lovely."
  78. 78. "Well they've always been this blue I guess." She said laughing. "Maybe you just need to pay more attention.“ "I probably do, yes." He replied, also laughing.
  79. 79. He decided to try reaching for his companion's hands again. "This was a lovely little chat, and I wish we could keep talking, but I do have two more guests to speak to. I will speak to you soon.“ "Oh yes, ok then." As she turned to leave she couldn't help but smile. His parting words led her to believe that she was going to be staying. *** And we have the third double crush of the challenge thanks to these two readily accepted flirts. Theo's on a roll today.
  80. 80. The penultimate guest to speak to Theo was Jessica. "You know Mr Harrison, that there are those who would think it improper for you to be seeing us in isolation." She said coyly.
  81. 81. Theo thought about this for a brief moment. "The thought had crossed my mind," he replied, "but since your companions are so near I doubt anyone would think that I would try anything, after all I am not my cousin."
  82. 82. "Oh." She sounded vaguely disappointed. "I do however want to say how glad I am that you are in the house and that I have had the opportunity to meet you." He continued, not noticing her tone.
  83. 83. He once again decided to chance taking his companion's hands, and once again she didn't pull back.
  84. 84. "I feel sure we will become good friends over the course of time we are in this house together.“ "Oh I agree." She said, wondering just how long that time would be. *** Fourth double crush of the challenge courtesy of these two flirts.
  85. 85. The fifth and final guest to enter the library was Cee. "Miss Cee, you are looking well today. I trust you had a goodnight's sleep? You certainly look well rested.“ "I slept very well, thank you for asking Mr Harrison."
  86. 86. "That is good to hear. Now I know that we have not always gotten along over the past few days, but I would like to say that I would like to make the effort to get to know you a bit better. I hope that you agree.“ "Well...yes I would dearly love to get to know you a bit better Mr Harrison. I know that I can be very...emotional at times, but I would hope that you would see that as an amusing quirk of my character rather than anything off-putting."
  87. 87. "We all have our little quirks Miss Cee." He said smiling. Encouraged by his earlier successes, he reached to take her hands in his.
  88. 88. "Mr Harrison please!" She exclaimed drawing back. "It really is not appropriate for you to try to take my hand. Please show some decorum!"
  89. 89. He sighed and looked down at his feet. "I apologise Miss Cee. I merely was trying to make a friendly gesture. You are correct, it is not seemly. Please forgive me.“ "I will give the matter some consideration." She said making to turn away.
  90. 90. Once she had her back to him, she smiled. Unlike some of her fellow guests, she had just demonstrated to him that she had a sense of propriety. Surely that would count in her favour. *** So Cee accepted the suggestion, but rejected the hold hands, and there were no crushes. Things don't look good.
  91. 91. Whilst all this was going on Doc, Annie and Jessica had been playing at the card table. "So I think my little chat went well, what about you two?" Asked Jessica. "Definitely." Answered Doc. "Yeah I think mine went well too." Said Annie. Just then Cee exited the library followed soon after by Theo.
  92. 92. Theo made his way to the dining room. He wasn't that hungry but he wanted some time alone before he announced his decision as to who would be leaving that day.
  93. 93. In the drawing room everyone was starting to get a bit edgy: noon was approaching and although they were all hopeful that they were getting on well enough with Theo to stay, they knew one of them would have to leave.
  94. 94. At midday Theo came out of the dining room and asked his guests to convene on the settees. "Ladies, it is that time again I am afraid to say," he started, "when I have to choose one of your number to leave the house."
  95. 95. "I want to thank you all for staying first of all. When you realised that you would be spending a week in this house you could have all decided to leave. I am grateful you did not and that I have had the opportunity to get to know you all."
  96. 96. "That said, now comes the time I have to ask one of you to make sure that your belongings are packed before the carriage arrives. I get on well with most of you, and I count the majority of you as friends."
  97. 97. Theo sighed. "There is one amongst you however, whom I seem to have trouble holding a reasonable conversation with. My actions are often misconstrued and my intentions misinterpreted. That is the person I will be asking to leave today."
  98. 98. "Miss Cee," he said looking at her, "please can you make sure your trunk is packed. I will help you take it to the carriage when it arrives."
  99. 99. "Well crud." Said Cee. "And here I was thinking that you would appreciate the fact that I am better versed in the etiquette of these situations than others amongst the group.“ *** Scores at the end of day 3, going from highest to lowest are as follows: Doc Nerd: 141 double crush Annie 133 double crush Michelle 130 double crush Jessica 109 double crush Cee 63.
  100. 100. With Cee's trunk loaded onto the carriage Theo returned to the hall for his goodbye conversation with her. "Miss Cee, it has been a pleasure to meet you, but I hope that you understand why I am asking you to leave. I find it tiring to tiptoe around you, wondering if my next innocent question or gesture will be misinterpreted by yourself."
  101. 101. "I cannot help being high-strung and emotional Mr Harrison." She answered. "In fact I have tried to temper my behaviour over the past day."
  102. 102. "I realise that Miss Cee, and I do appreciate the fact that you have not grimaced at me as you did the other evening, but the fact remains I do not find being in your company as enjoyable as some of my other guests. Maybe if we bump into each other back in Regalton we can have a civil conversation, but until that time I bid you farewell."
  103. 103. So the third simself leaves Hope Springs House, her hopes of getting to know Theo well enough for him to propose marriage one day dashed.
  104. 104. Not too long after boarding the carriage Cee stood outside the front door of a mansion not far away from Hope Springs House. According to the boarding house this was where the two people evicted before her were now staying.
  105. 105. Lauri answered the door and gave Cee a hug. "Cee, you have been...?" She asked. "Kicked out? Yes, I am afraid so.“ "Well come into the drawing room. There is always a fresh pot tea brewing round about now."
  106. 106. "Soo..." said Circe, "we know Lauri didn't speak to him, and Gin was rude to him. I want to know what you did to get yourself kicked out Cee." Subtlety wasn't always Circe's strong point it must be said.
  107. 107. "It is probably best to say that we just didn't get on that well." Said Cee after a bit of thought.
  108. 108. "You didn't argue with him did you?" Asked Lauri astonished. Surely two people wouldn't make the same mistake on two consecutive days?
  109. 109. "We didn't argue, no. I was just a bit...forceful in some of my answers to questions. Then of course there was the fact that some of his behaviour was bordering on the inappropriate. I had to let him know how I felt."
  110. 110. "Oh Cee, that's not always the best course of action." Said Gin. She had already started to regret how she had behaved in the house.
  111. 111. "Well, perhaps not, but what is done is done. I can't go back now." Said Cee, even though she was starting to look like she wished she could.
  112. 112. "No you can't. I'm now wondering who will be next to leave." Said Denise. "I imagine that things are starting to get pretty close.“ "Yes I think they are." I replied. "But I fear we must wait to find out.“ *** That's it for another day people. I hope you enjoyed it and will be back for more soon. Thanks goes, as always, to the talented people who created the CC I use. I get most of it from All-About- Style and MTS2. A big thank you to all the authors whose simselves I've got running around my game. You can find them and their stories at Boolprop.com. I have to especially thank those of you who volunteered to take part in this challenge, because it wouldn't be happening without you :p. =>
  113. 113. It occurs to me that the last two days have been a bit light with respect to pictures of shirtless Theo. That is most remiss of me, so here, have a couple more.
  114. 114. See you soon for day 4.