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From the Hart: An OWBC - 3.3


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Generation Three, Part Three of my attempt at the Sims 2 Officially Wacky Boolprop Challenge.

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From the Hart: An OWBC - 3.3

  1. 1. From the Hart: An OWBC Part 3.3: Leaf Explosion
  2. 2. Welcome back to my OWBC, where generation three has just arrived! Last time, we saw some uni antics from generation two! Jared got himself a date with simself Esme, and it went well. Strawberry decided she didn’t need to be tied down to a single man and explained this to some of her boyfriends. She then added to her list of boyfriends by woohooing Jonah Powers. Everyone finally graduated in a mess of slap- dancing and fun, and Strawberry moved home to takeover the family. She quickly got pregnant with her first born (father: Gavin Newson) and gave birth right at the end of the update to a little boy named Oli. I think that’s just about everything, but if you’re new, I recommend taking a look back. Also, a thank you to Keika for letting me shamelessly steal respectfully borrow her simself for the generation one spouse. Keika writes Clitheroe: A BaRKC. 
  3. 3. We rejoin the family to find Onyx being a good grandfather. Oli doesn’t seem bothered that his grandfather is pale, blue, sparkly, shiny and growing leaves. But then, I guess he has no idea that that’s typically abnormal for a sim.
  4. 4. Onxy then stumbles back out in to the living room, trying to read as he does so. It looks kind of painful, based on his facial expression. Must be his zombie brain trying to process the big words.
  5. 5. Here is one of those moments where it’s late at night and you think “You know what would be a REALLY good idea right now?” And you know what I decided would be a good addition to the challenge? A freaking Quad Pod.
  6. 6. So Onyx shakes himself up four new plant children. This little lady is Canary. (All members of the Quad Pod have the same personality – 0/4/2/1/0 – which is identical to the remainder of Onyx’s personality, now that he’s done collecting life states.)
  7. 7. This little lady is Sunset.
  8. 8. The only boy of the group, Inchworm.
  9. 9. And last, but not least, Cerulean. Their names are all crayola colours. No idea how I reached that name scheme for the pod. So these four wonderful little additions to the family are going to grow up, become vampires on top of their plantsim-ness, and each top the slacker career. For points, but also for fun and chaos.
  10. 10. “Why is my living room suddenly a supernatural crèche?” Here’s a fun fact, the addition of the quad pod means Onyx is the father of nine children – Basil, Lennon, Paul, Ringo, Strawberry, Canary, Sunset, Inchworm and Cerulean. I almost want him to have one more, to make it a solid ten. Maybe later.
  11. 11. This is essentially what the kids did the entire time – they were either at the activity table, or dancing, because these kids can already walk and talk. Plus I think there’s several sun lamps in that room.
  12. 12. “A toast! To there being kids everywhere!” “Here, here!”
  13. 13. Oh, hey Jonah, otherwise known as “Randomised Dad #2” He’s next on Strawberry’s list of baby daddies. Plus she has a couple of wants he can help her take care of.
  14. 14. Like singing a duet! In hindsight, she probably could have managed that with one of her parents. But where’s the fun in that?
  15. 15. Elsewhere in the house, everybody who doesn’t need sleep is dancing! It was pretty fun to watch.
  16. 16. The following evening, it’s time for Oli to grow into a toddler! Strawberry looks so interested. I love her, but she really wasn’t built for heirship. I have no idea which one of her siblings would have been better, though.
  17. 17. And here’s Oli! There’s no denying his father is Gavin Newson. He’s got a few of the traditional Hart personality – sloppy, outgoing – but he’s missing the nice points. But then again, so is Strawberry. Oli Hart 2/10/10/7/1 (Gemini)
  18. 18. He fits right in with his aunts and uncle! …this family tree is getting pretty messy.
  19. 19. Maximum enthusiasm at two days old, what a kid. …I think that’s Canary, but I’m not sure. It’s a little easier to tell them apart as adults, honest.
  20. 20. And suddenly, pregnancy! Baby two is on the way!
  21. 21. Do you want a messy bathroom? For best results, have five toddlers in your house. Works every time!
  22. 22. And suddenly, a massive leaf explosion! “Kids? Kids? Are you in this enormous pile of leaves?”
  23. 23. Inchworm was somehow in a worse state than his siblings, and I have no idea how that happened.
  24. 24. The gang’s all here! L-R: Inchworm, Cerulean, Canary and Sunset! Canary rolled Family, and wants to Marry Off 6 Kids (yeah maybe not) Sunset rolled Fortune, and wants 6 Pets to top their careers (definitely not) Inchworm rolled Family, and wants to become Captain Hero Cerulean rolled Popularity, and wants to be a Hall of Famer
  25. 25. So next up, Onyx vamps them all…
  26. 26. …and they head out into the night! The next update will be an interlude focusing on the Quad Pod, and their journey to the top of the Slacker career. 
  27. 27. They got their own picture for the Family Scrapbook bonus, too. Pretty sure I need a picture of Rainbow & Dazzle, but I will double check next time I load the lot.
  28. 28. “…I don’t want any more kids.” There’s not much I can do about that, unfortunately. But it’s all good! No husband, and slowly working towards your LTW of being Captain Hero!
  29. 29. Onyx taught Oli everything he needed to know. Thank goodness for Onyx. Strawberry’s not a bad parent exactly, she’s just not interested in being a parent. Or heir, at all.
  30. 30. And here comes the second baby! I’ve decided this one will be the Bad Apple, because the second born has been the Bad Apple twice in the past, and I’m a sucker for tradition.
  31. 31. Little Patrick shortly joined the family!
  32. 32. That same night was Oli’s birthday! How time flies when you’ve got a house full of toddler. And Onyx seems slightly shocked that his daughter works in Law Enforcement. Or something.
  33. 33. Well, there’s no denying who his father is. I don’t think there’s any of Strawberry in there at all, which is a little disappointing.
  34. 34. And for no reason at all, here is a picture of Onyx. He’s just so delightful. He is definitely one of my favourite sims of this challenge.
  35. 35. See, Strawberry isn’t totally useless as a parent. :D Bless her. She tries, even though she doesn’t always want to.
  36. 36. And suddenly, Sanjay appears. Why might Sanjay be visiting at this hour?
  37. 37. To gift Strawberry a free TV of course! They kept it. The family has a fairly big pot of money right now, but no TV. So they kept it.
  38. 38. He’s actually here because it’s time for baby number three. Sanjay has some interesting genetics so I’m excited about this. On the other hand, he looks mildly concerned.
  39. 39. For some reason, “Try For A Baby” kept dropping out of Strawberry’s queue in the hot tub, so I had to send them upstairs. I have since replaced the hot tub, but I do think the lot’s a little glitched up. Onyx beeps his horn when he drives back from work for about an hour because apparently he can’t get to the drive, even when he can. Good thing we’re getting the last baby in, really.
  40. 40. My goodness. Look at this mess!! The family isn’t allowed to hire service sims, which is probably how this garden got so gross.
  41. 41. So I had Alon, the bigfoot living with Basil, to build the family a new servo. This is Mad Cat, named after a company who make ridiculous computer mice. I don’t know. It was late at night. Mad Cat Hart Popularity Own 5 Top Level Businesses 7/10/1/7/1 (Leo)
  42. 42. Mad Cat is going to make my life so much easier. Most of the sims living at the Love Shack aren’t brilliant for chores. Onyx can’t go outside during the day, Strawberry couldn’t care less about anything that isn’t karaoke or the guitar, and Keika is barely controllable. This robot is my hero. Hopefully.
  43. 43. The next morning, Oli finds himself a new hobby – the same hobby as his mother!
  44. 44. Onyx has taken to drinking juice everyday, as I found a bunch of eggplants in his inventory. He’s a Knowledge sim, constantly rolling wants for skill points and he needs plenty for work. This seems easier than doing it the old fashioned way, what with him being a zombie. Plus he looks adorably confused whilst making juice.
  45. 45. Mad Cat is my hero <3 He was eventually given Family as a secondary aspiration, but that was more because I needed Comfort Soup. He was great with the kids before I did that, though.
  46. 46. Strawberry is now Captain Hero, and permaplat! …she doesn’t look very excited by this, does she?
  47. 47. The family still have a shower on their porch. It makes it easier when Onyx comes home from work.
  48. 48. Time to add an uncontrollable toddler to this madness! I have no idea why Mary Gavigan is there. The family rarely throws parties this generation. Maybe it’s because the extended family is getting so enormous.
  49. 49. Patrick’s dad is pretty face one, other than his mouth, so I wasn’t expecting much from Patrick’s genes, but he looks a little interesting? Maybe his eyes ? I don’t know. Patrick is the bad apple, so I can’t tell you his personality. All I can do is wish him luck!
  50. 50. The first rule of Supernatural Garden Club is… I’m thinking of having these guys try for a wishing well. Most of the plants are in good nick, and there’s plenty of money for random statues and stuff. It’s mostly the flamingos making me hesitate, and the fact there’s no one to talk to the plants during the day.
  51. 51. Looks the last member of the generation is on its way! I can’t imagine Strawberry having anymore after this, if I’m honest.
  52. 52. “Kachow!” Weird how the rain doesn’t upset robots, but showers and things do. Thank goodness, really, otherwise Mad Cat would never get anything done.
  53. 53. There’s two free showers inside, but sure, use that one. Mad Cat is nearly always cleaning up puddles on the porch.
  54. 54. With three permaplat adults in the house, Patrick’s got a good chance of learning some toddler skills!
  55. 55. Or not. What a waste of smart milk!
  56. 56. I decided to give Onyx that 10th kid I mentioned earlier. I need someone to help out in the garden during the day if we’re ever going to get that well.
  57. 57. Onyx had a little boy, named Nettle. Nettle got his massive eyes <3
  58. 58. The next day, all of the cousins who were the same age as Oli were invited over. I like to introduce all the cousins, and these boys have loads. Let me introduce you to the kids of the spares quickly. Prepare yourself, there are 11 of them… 
  59. 59. Dazzle Hart Dazzle is actually generation one – he’s Randy & Kana’s last child. He and Kana live at the commune with Blossom, Beth, Jasmine, Binaree, Dominic and Sean. Dandelion “Dan” Huffington Son of Basil, Onyx’s first plant son and one of the oldest of the generation. I think Dan is Basil’s plant son but cured. I can’t remember why I did that. Hannah Huffington Basil’s youngest, his daughter with his wife Heather.
  60. 60. Dobie Rai Lennon, Onyx’s oldest son with Keika, married Daisy Rai, adopted daughter of the family’s old servo and Jasmine Rai. Dobie is their oldest son. Murphy Rai Lennon & Daisy’s youngest child. Nora Ottomas Ringo, Onyx’s youngest son with Keika, married Ryan Ottomas. They adopted Nora.
  61. 61. Kimberly Couderc Paul, the bad apple of last generation, married paper girl Jenna Couderc. Kimberly is their only child. Bonnie and Marcie Cwik Bonnie and Marcie are the twin daughters of a member of the quad pod. Seeing as the next chapter will cover who their parents are, I won’t tell you here 
  62. 62. Marie Royce Marie is actually a more distant cousin. Her father is Kurt Royce, cousin to the previous generation. Her mother is Jane Stacks. Kitt Wolosenko Kitt is the daughter of a member of the Quad Pod. As with Bonnie & Marcie, I’m going to let you find out who her parents are in the next update. That’s a quick who’s who, in case you were interested when they show up in the background over the next generation. 
  63. 63. Only the kids who were children were invited over to meet Oli. It wasn’t long til they started a smustle on the porch.
  64. 64. Smustle with your grandad! Onyx is good friends with a lot of his grandkids. He’s often rolling wants to phone them.
  65. 65. And that’s where I think I’ll leave it for this time – with this dramatic picture! An example of pausing the game accidentally at the perfect time!  See you next time – for the Quad Pod Interlude!!