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From the Hart: An OWBC - 1.2


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The second chapter!

Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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From the Hart: An OWBC - 1.2

  1. 1. From the Hart An OWBC Part 1.2: Practise Makes Parents
  2. 2. Welcome back! You should recognise this guy – in the last chapter we watched him burp and stink his way into a relationship with Countess Kana Jalowitz, a rich vampire who seemed to find his sloppiness charming.
  3. 3. And here she is, enjoying the bubble blower like the Pleasure sim she is, while her first born, Blossom, dances the night away. Blissful family life, right? Hold on, because it won’t stay that way for long.
  4. 4. With a vampire mother who sleeps all day, and a lazy hippie father who stargazes all night, Blossom was left on her own a lot during the day. Sometimes, it was fine. She’d just dance and be merry, and that was nice.
  5. 5. Other times, this happened. Randy has a permanent fear of changing nappies, plus he desperately needs to sleep, and so poor little Blossom got forgotten about. A Romance sim father and a vampire Pleasure sim mother wasn’t the best choice for founders!
  6. 6. Still, Kana seemed overjoyed when she noticed she was expecting baby number two. This one will be the Bad Apple.
  7. 7. Parents have to make sacrifices for their children – Randy had to get over his fear of dirty nappies and help his daughter out. So she was able to at least learn one skill! It was hard work, though, with neither Randy nor Kana happy enough for smart milk.
  8. 8. I think Blossom agrees about it being hard work, you know.
  9. 9. At this point, days passed quickly, and nights arrived, progressing Kana’s pregnancy. Which is pretty exciting, I like seeing the differences between the kids!
  10. 10. Randy, however, spends most nights with his eye on the sky, because I’m quite desperate to get the alien abduction out the way. It’d make Monster Mash a little easier while we have a vamp in the house, is all.
  11. 11. “Peek-a-boo!” Oh look, Kana remembered she had a daughter to play with! It was nice to watch for a little while.
  12. 12. Especially since Blossom grew up the next day, and won’t want playing with quite so much. “I’m big now, and it is AWESOME! I’m going to do SO MANY things!”
  13. 13. I think Kana might be re-enacting a horror movie by shoving her fist through the coffin.
  14. 14. I was very apprehensive, but I decided to try the Bug Nut mini-challenge. If Blossom doesn’t complete the bug collection, no worries, I just won’t try again next generation. It’s something I’ve never done, so I thought I should at least give it a go. Plus, Blossom loves nature! “All the little bugs are my friends!”
  15. 15. “Oh! Hi aliens!” Randy finally got abducted, and he seemed quite pleased about it, despite being a Romance sim.
  16. 16. Nothing much happened for a few hours – well, nothing much on earth, anyway – and soon it was time for the aliens to bring Randy back.
  17. 17. With a graceful landing and a lullaby, of course!
  18. 18. “Oh man, that was totally groovy!” At this point, I discovered Randy had glitched his face up, and probably wasn’t as excited by aliens as he looks. Oh well!
  19. 19. “Randall, darling, did you have to make such a ruckus? You will wake the entire neighbourhood.” “Woo! Aliens took my Dad, and that is AWESOME!”
  20. 20. “Bees are not as awesome! HELP!” Apparently being the Bug Nut has a downside to it. Though so far, it’s going well!
  21. 21. At the exact same time Blossom got attacked by bees, Kana went into labour. Everything always happens at once. “I AM NEVER DOING THIS AGAIN, RANDALL!” And with an alien bun in the oven, she won’t have to!
  22. 22. Kana’s labour and Blossom’s bees meant I wasn’t sure where to look! So much happening at once! “Seriously, BUZZ OFF! I know I said I love ALL bugs, but I need to go see my new baby brother or sister! Leave me ALONE!”
  23. 23. It’s another girl! This is our Bad Apple for the generation, so I won’t be able to click on her or command her in anyway. “I think I shall name her Orchid, after my favourite flower.” Sounds good to me.
  24. 24. The Harts are a very creative bunch. Kana came with a bunch of creativity points stashed away, and Blossom was able to grab at least three off the xylophone. Pretty nifty if you ask me, and definitely matches Randy being your stereotypical hippie- type, right?
  25. 25. With all this chaos of pregnancies, abduction and bees, the garden started to die. I guess I’m going to have to give up hopes of getting a wishing well, they just don’t have time to tend the garden! Blossom has also found that it’s a good place to dance.
  26. 26. Ugh, he’s even sloppy when he vomits! And yes, that toilet has been that colour for the entire duration of this chapter. Randy has zero neat points, and Kana just can’t keep up with his messes.
  27. 27. Mostly because she’s too busy having fun, like a typical Pleasure sim. I don’t remember the last time I bought a family a toy helicopter, but the Harts are loving it.
  28. 28. “Dude! What the heck happened to my rockin’ bod?!” Yay! I’m so excited! I didn’t expect there to be an abduction this early :D
  29. 29. “Oh, Randall! You positively reek!” “It’s not me…SLURP…it’s baby.” “How dare she soil her nappies! This is an outrage!” Kana then proceeded to lecture Orchid on her poor hygiene, which was quite funny, if a little crazy.
  30. 30. “Oh no! The fire’s going to kill ALL my bug friends! What will I do then?! OMIGOSH, Somebody HELP!” The fire can only have been lit for about five minutes, but Blossom still needed a shower afterwards.
  31. 31. “The bees are SO TOTALLY not my friends anymore!” I swear this happens more than Blossom actually finding a bug.
  32. 32. Later that night, Kana decided to demonstrate the proper way of holding an infant. “This was the correct way to celebrate infant birthdays back in my day. None of this ‘support the head’ nonsense.”
  33. 33. Kana eventually did decide to hold Orchid in the new modern way, just in time for cake. Which both Randy and Blossom were very interested in eating.
  34. 34. Aw, look at this adorable little girl! As per the Bad Apple restrictions, I can’t tell you anything about her – we’ll just have to try and work it out for ourselves. Good luck, Orchid.
  35. 35. “STINKY! HALP!” Luck didn’t really help Orchid, did it? She’s having the same problem Blossom had – her mother’s asleep and her father’s afraid of dirty nappies.
  36. 36. “You TOTALLY stole our gnome. You’re going DOWN.” “Please. You have eight nice points, I’m going nowhere.” Blossom is so popular at school she keeps bringing kids back, who get very chummy with the gnome. How dare she try to have friends!
  37. 37. “Who’s the grooviest little apple?” “ME!” “That’s right, Orchid! You’re, like, a totally groovy little apple!” I feel Randy might be getting better at parenting. His first born was just practise?
  38. 38. Despite their photo booth picture, both Randy and Kana now have portraits painted, so there’s no disputing that I’ve fulfilled that part of the Family Scrapbook requirement! I’m going to wait for the last baby before sorting out the kids.
  39. 39. “I may have eight nice points, but that girl is going DOWN!” I didn’t realise eight nice points was mean enough to steal back gnomes. Hooray for Blossom!
  40. 40. “ARGH! Somebody, like, help me! I don’t know where the baby’s going to come out!” I am so excited for this :D
  41. 41. It’s a boy! Ladies and gentlemen, meet Onyx Hart! He’s also the only one of the generation to get recessives – blonde hair! :D
  42. 42. “Randall, darling, we should celebrate your newest arrival!” “How, babe?” “With vampirism, my love!”
  43. 43. The next morning, and Kana is having a bad day’s sleep. Orchid keeps crawling into her room and sobbing about dirty nappies and other things, and Kana just can’t sleep through it. Bad apple indeed, trying to get her mother killed.
  44. 44. “Dad, LOOK! I TOTALLY got an A+! I am the GREATEST!” The kids don’t seem to get much attention from their parents. Quite frankly, I can’t wait for a teenager to help out with this madness.
  45. 45. What the heck? “It’s fashion, you would not understand.”
  46. 46. “ I adore Randall so much, I’m willing to risk the sunlight to display my affections!” That’s great, get back to your coffin!
  47. 47. Later that evening, after several appreciative kisses over the flowers Kana nearly died over, it was time for Onyx’s birthday!
  48. 48. Isn’t he just the cutest little thing?! Onyx Hart 1/10/4/10/10 (Libra)
  49. 49. Once Onyx had transitioned, it was like the couple remembered they had another toddler, and their platinum moods from all the dating meant both could have smart milk. Just in time, really, I’m sure Orchid’s due a birthday at some point soon.
  50. 50. Asdfghjkl look at him! He’s just so adorable!! When he grows up, Onyx will be going for the Monster Mash mini-challenge, meaning he’s going to become all of the creatures!
  51. 51. Right, back to the birthday girl!
  52. 52. “Slouch.” Well, she’s lazy, I can tell you that much! She also didn’t grow up too badly, either, which is nice! Good luck with childhood, Orchid!
  53. 53. Oh, and this is what she grew up in. It matches, in a way, doesn’t it? So Orchid is rather fashion forward.
  54. 54. “Aw, my little green dude. Do you, like, miss your sisters?” With both Blossom and Orchid at school, Onyx now gets all of the attention he could possibly want. And with those cute little cheeks and large eyes, that is all of Randy’s attention.
  55. 55. Another night, another birthday! This time, our little Bug Nut is becoming a teenager! The time flies when you’re busy trying to keep everyone alive and reasonably happy.
  56. 56. “Check ME out! I’m ADORABLE!” I think Blossom takes more after her mother than her father, now. My opinion has changed! Blossom Hart Romance Become a Rock God Brown Hair/Cooking – Grey Hair
  57. 57. “Hey babe, we should like, cuddle in our pants outside!” “What a wonderful idea!” I’ve never known ACR to have sims woohoo on a bench before – a first time for everything, right?
  58. 58. To be fair, the only reason my founding couple were outside ‘hooing on a bench is because their uncontrollable daughter had clambered into the double. I could wake her up with the radio, but let’s face it, Kana’s not exactly using her side of the bed regularly enough to call it hers.
  59. 59. A new day, and Blossom’s outside raking at the dirt. Apparently she has to reach level eight in enthusiasm for nature if she wants all the bugs. Another new thing I’ve learnt!
  60. 60. Orchid is being a typical bad apple, and dancing in the street. Also, at this point, the gnome is lost to another school friends, and no one’s grabbed it yet. I hope someone does.
  61. 61. Look, a wiggling toddler! We all know what that means! Let’s see how cute Onyx is as a child!
  62. 62. N’aw, look at his little face!
  63. 63. “Look, Orchid! I grew up! We can totally play together again, just like we did as toddlers! Did I ever tell you my favourite game as a kid, it involved crayons. I really like crayons ‘cause they come in kooky colours like Dad’s hair and-” “You talk a lot, brother.” “Do I? I thought you just talked less than everyone else. Blossom is just as happy as I am to talk, and she’s big so she has to know what she doing.” Anyway, after a toddlerhood on the activity table, Onyx grew up with SIX creativity points! Freaking incredible!
  64. 64. “Teehee! This is great fun! I’ll tell you what else is fun, that time I played in the toilet as a toddler. It’s a bit gross now, but it was like, the best fun I’d ever had as a kid. Like drawing! But splashier! Teehee, I love bubbles!” I think Onyx should probably lay off the bubbles.
  65. 65. Following Onyx’s birthday, Randy decided to take the kids away for the generation vacation. Kana’s staying behind because there’s no coffins on the campground – supernatural injustice! Anyway, I think I’ll leave you here. Oh wait, one last thing 
  66. 66. Ever seen someone finger-gun in mittens? “KACHOW!” See you next time 