The Beach Bachelor: Day Three


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The Beach Bachelor: Day Three

  1. 1. Welcome back to the Beach Bachelor, bachelor challenge of mygeneration four spare, Forrest Wrongway!Last time, there was hottubbing, some naked hottubbing, Angie gotbored of Forrest, but everyone else seemed to get along with himokay. Rayne was looking for a violin in the walls, and then came theflirting! In which Angie said no, and Rayne just wanted to be friends. Itwas no surprise to anyone when Angie was asked to leave.So! Onto Day Three!
  2. 2. Another day, another hot tub date. This time Betria, Lute and Voguemade it to the Bachelors tub, leaving Victoria and Rayne in the othertub.“All Im saying is,” Vogue continued, “its an option if this whole thinggoes pear-shaped for all of us.”“Um...okay.” Lute agreed, hesitantly.
  3. 3. Betria, however, grew tired of Vogues conversation, and decided tosplash Forrest.“Ow! My eyes!” He cried.Betria laughed, “Come on, the views not that bad.”
  4. 4. “That is it, Betria, I am demanding revenge!” Forrest joined in with thelaughter, before splashing Betria back.
  5. 5. Over in the other tub, things werent as much fun.“This is fun.” Rayne commented, not caring that they were in thewrong tub.Victoria shook her, “No, this sucks. Were supposed to be in that tub!”“I wonder if there is a hot tub six people can sit in?” With that, Raynefell into a daydream, leaving a silence over their tub.
  6. 6. In the Bachelors tub, Forrest and Betria were still splashing eachother, leaving Vogue and Lute watching and feeling left out.“I feel like Ive crashed a couple party,” Vogue announced, “maybe theother tub would be more fun.”
  7. 7. “Aw, come on, Vogue, were not that bad. Were just having a bit offun. Besides, you were splashing Lute earlier,” Forrest paused, leaningagainst the side of the tub, “how about we play a game this afternoon!Lets play chess!”
  8. 8. “I can hardly wait.” Vogue stated, flatly.“Chess?” Betria repeated, pulling a face. Forrest sighed at theiranswers and looked at Lute.“It could be fun.” Lute smiled, encouragingly. Forrest smiled again.
  9. 9. “Why did I suggest chess?” Forrest complained, “I hate chess!”“Why couldnt you choose something like Dont Wake the Llama?”“Erm, Betria?”“Yeah?”“Theres a werewolf wandering around outside!”
  10. 10. Betria reached round, looking for it, panicked. Finding nothing, shefrowned, “I dont see anything, Forrest.”Still rearranging his pieces, Forrest grinned, “Its...definitely out there!”
  11. 11. Eventually, Betria turned her attention back to the game, “Are you sureyou saw one?”“Uh, of course! Would I lie to you?”“Lets just carry on playing, then.” Betria replied, an eyebrow raised atthe pieces on the board. Almost like she knew something hadchanged.
  12. 12. The afternoon continued, and the next person Forrest had to face wasLute.She had said she wouldnt mind playing chess, but she really madeForrest concentrate on his game.
  13. 13. Forrest eventually resorted to cheating. Again.“Are you sure theres a fire behind me, Forrest?”“Yeah, keep looking for it.”
  14. 14. Other games were almost uneventful.“Rayne, how are you holding all of those chess pieces in one hand?”Forrest asked. His only answer was a small, mystical smile fromRayne.
  15. 15. Victoria hadnt bothered to change out of her swimsuit, like Lute, butunlike Lute, Victorias swimsuit was a revealing bikini. Perhaps a tacticin winning chess.“Am I distracting you, Forrest?” She asked, grinning.“No, that is.” Forrest replied, pointing. Victoria immediately lookedround.
  16. 16. “What the hell, Forrest?! How can you just cheat like that?!” Victoriademanded, turning back from the rest of the room quicker than heexpected.
  17. 17. “Oops, sorry, it wont happen again?” Forrest tried to grin, but it fadedas Victoria scowled some more.“I dont want to play anymore.” She decided.
  18. 18. Just because Forrest had said to Victoria he wasnt going to cheatagain, didnt mean he was going to completely stop cheating.“Where did you say the Grim Reaper was?”Still, Victoria was the only one who caught him out of all of the girls.
  19. 19. By the time Forrests chess tournament was out of the way, darknesshad fallen over the beach. After a busy day, Forrest felt the need totake it easy, sitting in the glow of a campfire.
  20. 20. He was soon joined by some of the others, Lute, Victoria and Betria –Vogue and Rayne had headed back to the hot tubs instead.“Isnt the house great?” Forrest asked, “Ive never been to the beachbefore, and...well, the view is just fantastic.”“Now that I agree with.” Betria nodded.“It means we get to lounge around in our bikinis all day.” Victoriagrinned.
  21. 21. “You cant win a bachelors heart by wearing a fancy bikini,” Betriareplied, “you have to hot tub naked, instead.”“So thats your tactic!” Victoria laughed.
  22. 22. Forrest fell silent and into thought as the girls cheerily gossiped overthe warmth of the flames. He was trying to imagine his life if he tookone of these girls home.
  23. 23. After the fire had gone out, all four of them got to their feet, ready togo to bed.Forrest was keen on an early start the next morning, and the girlsknew they would struggle sleeping knowing one them would leave thenext day. ...
  24. 24. Forrest starting flirting before sunrise the next morning. First up wasBetria.“I really like you, Betria. Everything from the way you talk to me, toyour habit of hottubbing naked.”“Ha, I bet you just love the fact I hot tub naked.”
  25. 25. “Im just really happy with you, Betria.”Betria smiled, “By the way, Forrest?”“Yeah?”“I know you cheated at chess yesterday.” Betrias smile turned into agrin, which Forrest just shook his head to, and laughed.
  26. 26. Rayne wandered by next, and Forrest once again tried to make hismove.“Rayne, I-”“Seriously, Forrest. Friends. Nothing more.”“Ah...okay then.”
  27. 27. Rayne wandered away, leaving Forrest feeling awkward.“Whats wrong with me?” He asked himself.
  28. 28. The next person Forrest saw was Victoria, and their flirting went well.“For the record, I was distracted during that chess game.”“I knew it! And Betria said it wouldnt work.” Victoria grinned.
  29. 29. The rest of their conversation was a series of whispers and giggles.Victoria and Forrest got along very well.
  30. 30. Lute was shy and sweet, compared to the other fiesty women in thehouse, and Forrest recognised this as he flirted with her.“I love how youll give anything a go. Everyone was disappointed wewere playing chess, but you were willing to give it a go. I really likethat, Lute.”She didnt answer, just smiled and blushed.
  31. 31. “Promise me well stay friends, if not more at the end of this.” Forrestasked, seriously.“I promise.” Lute grinned.
  32. 32. “Hey, Vogue,” Forrest smiled, “have you been avoiding me? You canrun but you cant hide you know.”“I know. Theres no hiding from you,” Vogue laughed, “for the record, Ihavent been hiding from you.”“Good, because I enjoy your company.”
  33. 33. “Woah, I think I need some space.” Vogue decided.“What? What did I say?”“Nothing, I just...dont flirt me so much, okay?”“Oh...fine.”
  34. 34. Once his efforts to flirt with all the others were over, Forrest headedoutside for some alone time.He had a decision to make, and it was getting harder everyday.
  35. 35. “I dont know who should leave today,” Forrest sighed, miserably, “Ireally enjoy spending time with them all.”
  36. 36. At twelve, the girls gathered nervously in on the couches.“Who do you think is going today?” Vogue asked.“It could be any of us!” Betria replied, cheerfully.“Comforting thought.” Vogue responded, sarcastically. None of themnoticed Forrest enter until he started to speak.
  37. 37. “Hey, all. Having a good morning?” he questioned. There were variousmurmured responses, before Forrest continued, “Well, no pointpretending were not here for a reason. Today, Im asking...
  38. 38. “...Rayne to leave. Im sorry.”“Its fine. Honestly. Its been fun!”
  39. 39. “After this is all over, well still be friends, I promise,” Forrest paused amoment, “come on, Ill walk you to your taxi.”
  40. 40. So that was Day Three! I wasnt expecting Rayne to go yet, but thescores have switched again. Speaking of scores:Betria: 129Lute: 110Victoria: 85Vogue: 58Rayne: 50Thanks to Heather, Beth, Crystal, Faye, Rai and Jo for lending meyour sims!