The Shoe Legacy 1;1


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The Shoe Legacy - Sims 3.

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The Shoe Legacy 1;1

  1. 2. So this here is Belle, our founder for all intensive purposes. And you are? Well me, you can call me Kitty. And what do you want with me? Technically I’m only here to make you happy..
  2. 3. Can you find me a unicorn? Sigh, that’s what I’m aiming for. Yay! Belle wants to adopt a unicorn as her lifetime wish, little did I know when I began this that it would drive me absolutely mental.
  3. 4. First things first, a source of income. So we chose playground monitor considering Belle’s maturity level would be about the same as the children she would be supervising. Hey!! What? It’s all written in your simology.
  4. 5. And this here is Hero on the left, and Damsel on the right. I’m planning on breeding them to produce cute little, Himalayan Persian kittens just like the one I have at home.
  5. 6. Whose a cute, little unicorn? I am, I am! Belle, you’re not a unicorn..
  6. 7. After putting the princess to bed, our search began. I looked up on the internet how to find a unicorn, and unfortunately I didn’t make Belle an animal lover sim, therefore I was going to have to search for the unicorn without guidance.
  7. 8. So all I know about unicorns is that they appear after 8pm until 5:30 am, and in Apploosa Plains they most commonly occur at this little pond. So I decided this was where our search would begin.
  8. 9. Upon arrival I nearly wet myself seeing this horse on the lot but then..
  9. 10. The “unicorn” was in fact my dodgy graphics card..
  10. 11. I checked all the rivers, fisheries and lastly the park, but sadly the unicorn was no where to be found and I knew Belle would not be happy about it.
  11. 12. So. Where’s my unicorn? I couldn’t find one Belle, I looked all night and.. I thought you were here to make me happy? I tried but.. Then where’s my unicorn? Ugh, I'm too tired for this nonsense.
  12. 13. Uhh, Kitty.. Uh oh. I know exactly what that worried look means partnered with a frying pan..
  13. 14. Yep, you guessed it!
  14. 15. I don’t understand why I have to do this.. Because you were the one who started the fire! But still, I don’t understand why I have to do this.. Why do you have to be so childish! What? I thought you said it was written in my simology.
  15. 16. I don’t understand why I’m having juice for dinner.. Because you burnt down half the kitchen! Buy me a new one, you’re supposed to make me happy! I honestly regret saying that line. Just go to bed.
  17. 18. BELLE! BELLE! GET OUT OF BED! What do you want Kitty? UNICORN!
  18. 19. So Belle got to meet the unicorn, and let me tell you, after every interaction she was jumping up and down in excitement.
  19. 20. So uh, supidly I made Hero and Damsel the same gender and well, basically biology suggests they can’t mate.. Therefore I created Socks and Deakin to be their counterparts in order to have my little kittens!
  20. 21. To make meeting easier I sent the crew out to the park, across from where they live, but Belle took my urgency with a little too much enthusiasm. Belle, what’re you doing? You told me to hurry! I’m hurrying! You’re scaring the locals!
  21. 22. What is wrong with that girl?
  22. 23. Whilst the cat’s interacted I made some extra dough by having Belle use her enthusiasm to catch some butterflies.
  23. 24. Then, as she was chatting on the phone along came Shaun Kiffle.. And boy do I have some plans for him. They exchanged numbers and Belle made her way home.
  24. 25. Unfortunately Damsel got stuck mid-action in the park, and unfortunately we had to give her up for adoption in order to save her from being taken away.
  25. 26. Then to schmoozy up to Socks’ owner in order to lay some groundwork, Belle agreed to fix her TV set. And the little extra cash on the side didn’t hurt our pockets either.
  26. 27. Then I had her call Shaun, whom she is already very fond of. I can see that wish you've got missy.. Kitty shut up! I’m on the phone!
  27. 28. So I had Hero stay at Barb’s so that he could continue to woo his mate in the morning and save me having to track her down tomorrow. I like that once cats are invited inside they can make themselves at home, good work EA.
  28. 29. Things are moving smoothly between Shaun and Belle! Kitty! What have I told you about snooping on us? I was just letting everyone know tha.. Kitty. Go.
  29. 30. Tired and exhausted Hero makes his way home after making a lot of progress on his cute little partner. I can smell the kittens already!
  30. 31. I think I like this one. He cleaned the entire house while Belle was sleeping.
  31. 32. Then they became an item, Shaun agreeing to move in as well, bringing with him absolutely nothing, except a run down old car. What a choice..
  32. 33. And, err, as all couples do..
  33. 34. Hello.. While I was caught up in my match making I apparently “neglected” Hero, but I don’t know in what universe the council would take away a cat purely because it’s owner didn’t pat it for a whole day.
  34. 35. But Belle was heartbroken just as much as I was. Why didn’t you play with him? You were the one too busy with Shaun! But you were here with him all day and you didn’t play with him! Belle, I’m not actually inside the gam.. Never mind.
  35. 36. And just to top off a wonderful day, a burglar. What are the odds, a fire, a pet taken away, a unicorn and a fire all in a couple of days?
  36. 37. But this is where we leave you guys, with a cliff hanger. Will the police make it on time? Will Belle lose all her belongings? Yeah well, it’s not much of a cliff hanger if you know what the polices’ reaction time is.. But, until next time, happy simming! Kitty 