Reality Bites: Chapter Five


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Reality Bites: Chapter Five

  1. 1. Reality Bites: An OWBCChapter Five: The Sparkling Heiress
  2. 2. Previously on Reality Bites...Logan became a law-breaking dragon in childhood games with hisbrother, Rhapsody was born, and determined to break traditions, abunch of birthdays happened, we said goodbye to the founder, ElijahMirror, and in an attempt to cheer everyone up, Birch and Cara taughtthe hula to the generation. It was then that Rhapsody discovered hertalent for dancing. She decided she was going to go dancing withGeorge McCarthy, a local cashier.And then you lovely people decided Rhapsody was going to be ourfinal heiress!
  3. 3. Charlie and Matthew were talking in their studio, their televisionswitched off from the constant activity of the Mirror family.“Matt, our reality show needs more glamour!” Charlie announced.Matthew frowned, “How? Its a bunch of sims going insane in thedesert...”“We should put a glitzy star in there to marry the heiress. WhatsMatthew Picaso up to these days?”Matthew rolled his eyes.
  4. 4. “You cant mess with who people love, Charlie.” Matthew pointed out.Mentally, he thought of Ben and Meadow, or Edith and Elijah.“Watch me.” Charlie grinned, making plans for Rhapsody to have abeautiful wedding.
  5. 5. We rejoin the Mirror family to find them partying. All of the usualguests were there, Birch, Cara, the family, along with some uninvitedguests...
  6. 6. death.“Who invited you?” Meadow demanded, rudely.Death didnt answer.
  7. 7. “Edith,” Death called, raising an arm, “the afterlife is this way...”“Oh right...goodbye everyone! Enjoy the rest of the party!” Edith smiledand offered one last wave, before leaving the party forever.After that, the party and the tears continued.
  8. 8. Goodbye, Elijah and Edith.Youll both be missed.
  9. 9. Night began to fall on the party, but Peter was determined not to letthe earlier events put a mood over the party.“Isnt that right, kitty?” Peter smiled, “Were going to party, becausethats what grandma would have wanted.”
  10. 10. It was all very well saying that the party had to go on, but that did nottake away the emotion that everyone felt.Rhapsody was the first one to slip out of the party for a cry.Heartbreaking, really. Its always sad when sims die.
  11. 11. So to cheer everyone up, Birch and Cara decide to take thegeneration to Twikki Island for a bit.Cara is thrilled, as a Twikki Island Native. “Look what I can do! This ishow we carry luggage on Twikki Island!”
  12. 12. This native is always on my holiday home lots when my sims arrive. Ithappened in my legacy as well. I have no idea why she feels the needto enter their houses on Twikki Island when theyre not home.“Hey...I got lonely...”
  13. 13. Then I had a problem. Cara showed up for the holiday and headeddown to the beach. The others didnt show up at all.Their thumbnails were there, but they werent. So I had to send Caraall the way home again.
  14. 14. “That was the quickest holiday ever.” Birch decided.“Yeah,” Cara agreed, “It was a quick oh look, they went to TwikkiIsland! before a they went home immediately.”Glitch!vacations, huh? Fun for all the family.
  15. 15. Also, for some reason, Bella Mirror – Beatrices daughter with BrandonJones – decided to stop by and stand in the middle of theconversation her cousin was having with his significant other.“Its because you dont pay attention to me.”Dont worry about that, youre about to get a lot of attention.
  16. 16. At the end of the last chapter, Rhapsody had decided to go dancingwith George McCarthy. She had been heartfarting him – despite theirnegative chemistry. Yeah, I dont understand it either.Bella, um, kind of took a shine to him as well...“So, George, youre a cashier? Well, Im a romance sim! How aboutwe make out?”“Excuse me?”
  17. 17. “Oh I see, youre the kind of guy who likes dating,” Bella chuckled,“Well, its your lucky day! Me and my cousins are going dancing, later,and Im inviting you.”“But I-”“Great! Glad you can make it! Well have a great time!” Bella grinned,“My names Bella, by the way.”
  18. 18. “Bella, heres the thing-”“Is that a sale I see? Hold that thought, George! See you later!”With that, Bella disappeared, after making things extremely difficult forGeorge.
  19. 19. After night had fallen, Rhapsody began having doubts about theevening her cousin had suggested.“This club looks a little...loud...” Rhapsody said, quietly.“Thats the idea!” Bella replied, enthusiastically, “You can dance, right?Youll be fine! Besides, theres cute guys in there!”“Itll be fun.” Logan added, “Lets just go and have a look.”
  20. 20. Of course, the entire Mirror family knows the hula (except maybeLogan. He knows it but he fails at it so much), and pretty soon, theyteam up and start dancing up a storm...“See, isnt this fun, Rhapsody?” Bella asked, stepping in time with hercousins.Rhapsody didnt reply – she was too busy having fun with her cousins.
  21. 21. There is definitely something odd about a bunch of teenagers hula-dancing in a busy club, but it doesnt matter, right?Its officially wacky! Hooray!
  22. 22. Of course, the Mirrors timed display didnt go unnoticed by the otherteenagers in the club.“What are they doing?” One girl demanded, “I want to join in!”
  23. 23. Their dancing definitely attracted attention.Especially as Logan couldnt keep up. But hes never been good atdancing.
  24. 24. As more and more people joined the hula, no one noticed GeorgeMcCarthy slip into the club, still wearing his cashiers uniform.From the corner, he watch both of the girls who had asked him here,dancing up a storm.He watched for a bit before deciding to join in with the hula.
  25. 25. There is nothing quite like a massive group of sims all dancing in time.
  26. 26. Once the hula had broken up, the Mirrors planned to leave when Bellafinally spotted George.“Oh, hey! You came! Just as we were leaving...” Bella grinned, “well, Iasked you to show up and you did. How about you come backtomorrow, earlier, because well all be here again?”Peter watched nearby, frowning slightly, “I thought Rhapsody hadasked him here?”
  27. 27. The next day, before Ben was due to grow up, Rhapsody invited overone of her strange friends over.“Then I get the handcuffs and I...”I dont want to know what witches do with handcuffs.
  28. 28. “Haha, handcuffs are funny...did it just get more sparkly out here?”Yay! Witch!
  29. 29. “If magic is real, why didnt I get to go to Hogwarts?”Im glad Rhapsodys a good witch, not an evil witch. It just seems moreRhapsody-like, if you ask me.
  30. 30. “Check me out. Pointy hat and everything.”Too bad Bens not looking through the window. His only humandaughter just became a witch.
  31. 31. “Father senses”Try not to pass out, Ben. The partys about to start.
  32. 32. “I dont want to grow old.”Well, we cant all live forever. Just the quad pod, apparently.“If I get Ivy to bite me then-”Theres no time. But Im sure Ben will be a funky elder, anyway.
  33. 33. Ben grew up in a cloud of leaves rather than a cloud of confetti. Thatspretty cool.
  34. 34. Afterwards, Logan decided to show his mean side for a bit.“Ready to go partying, sis?” He laughed.“I would be if you stopped messing up my hair!”Ah, family love. Theres no love quite like it, is there?
  35. 35. Ben and Meadow, meanwhile, decided to continue their were thecutest couple in oddity behaviour, after Ben had replaced his leafdress with a Hawaiian shirt.Also, theres the secret bookcase that leads to a secret room, but Illshow more of that at some other point...because right now, its empty.
  36. 36. There was no hula at the club this time around, but more fun to behad. Logan found himself talking with a very pretty girl named TinaTraveller.
  37. 37. Bella demanded George danced with her, but he didnt mind. Orcomplain about it.
  38. 38. While Peter slapdanced by himself in the quiet part of the room.Finally! Some spontaneous bad apple behaviour!
  39. 39. Rhapsody decided to ignore the fact that Bella was dancing withGeorge – the boy Rhapsody liked but hated at the same time.“Pfft, who needs a boy to dance?” Rhapsody asked herself, cheerfullystepping up to the music.The track then changed, from the high speed dance music to a slow,dreamy number. Most of the girls squealed and grabbed a partner.Rhapsody sighed and went to sit down.
  40. 40. Nobody noticed Rhapsody leaving the dancefloor, their attentionswere focused entirely on their partners.
  41. 41. Which lead to Logans first kiss.The day before his adult birthday, too. That must be a new record forme.
  42. 42. No one noticed Rhapsody heading for home early, either.
  43. 43. The next day was Logans birthday, and it began the same as anyother. With a glitch of some kind.That cant be a good sign. A genie lamp, a puff of smoke...and nogenie...
  44. 44. Logan finally finds the guitar I bought for him ages ago.His totally lack of rhythm in dancing follows him into instrument-playingas well. When he moves out, I am not buying him a guitar.
  45. 45. But then six in the evening rolls around, and its time for the eldest togrow older.
  46. 46. A business suit? Odd choice for my law-breaking dragon.“Woo! Hes not a teenage delinquent any more! Look at that classysuit!”Clearly, everyone is thrilled.
  47. 47. Except Logan. He changes into something more his style and movesout, ready to take on the world.
  48. 48. Thats it for this chapter!Join me next time for more birthdays, more teenage romance, moreangst, and another try at the glitch!vacation.Thanks for reading!